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 Proto's Story Season 2

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Proto Plasmabear

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PostSubject: Proto's Story Season 2   Fri May 01, 2009 5:11 pm

Heres ch 7.

Chapter 7: Welcome To The Jungle

Proto woke up in the familiar smells of a sterile hospital room. He looked around and saw the bland white washed walls and tile floor. As he thought of what had been happening in the last few days a nurse with blond hair walked in.
“Hello Mr. Plasmabear,” she said in a kind voice, “ You had a bad fall but we’ve fixed you up. You’re free to go anytime.” She walked out of the room and Proto went into the bathroom and changed into the clothes that she had brought for him. He walked out of the room and down the hall. The rest of the hospital seemed to be packed with kids. He walked towards the main entrance and saw a girl who looked depressed. Proto went over and sat next to her.
“You okay?” asked Proto, “My names Proto” He stuck out his hand for her to shake but she jus stared at it. “Oh sorry.” said Proto laughing, “It’s new.” She began laughing and finally answered,
“ I’m Tifa. A lots happened these last few days. But I’m ok.”
“ A lot more is coming,” replied Proto “ This war isn’t close to over.”
“I know,” Tifa said, “I love the thrill of action, but right now I wish that I was home with my parents. I actually wish I was at school.”
“Yeah,” Proto replied, “this war has that effect. It’s bigger than anything I’ve faced.”
“But it has its ups,” Tifa said, “I have met new people, and I’ve been reunited with two…friends.”
“That’s a good way of thinking,” he said, “looking at the bright side.”
“It helps when you’re down.” answered Tifa.
“You’re right,” he replied as he examined his arm, “I do have bright sides for this new thing.”
“See,” Tifa pointed out, “Yay you.”
“Thanks.” said Proto as his nanocom beeped. He looked and it said he had gotten a email from Dexter. He turned it off and said, “I have to go but it was nice meeting you. I hope to see you again.”
“Thanks.” said Tifa as Proto stood up and walked towards the main entrance of the hospital. He stepped into the fresh morning air and went over to a bench. Proto opened up the email and read what it said: Proto you are needed for an urgent reconnaissance mission at Mt. Blackhead in the Wilds. There will be a Scamper sent to pick you up. You will be accompanied by a Plumber named Rod. Be ready for anything. Proto clicked his nanocom off and looked up into the sky as a Scamper flew a bit haphazardly toward the landing pad behind the hospital. Proto walked around the side of the building where many kids and doctors stood around talking about the invasion. He walked on to the landing pad where several Scampers were already parked. Rod stepped out of the nearest scamper toting two PM-1s. He handed one over to Proto and instructed him to get in. Once they were in the air they began heading North towards the suburbs.
“So here’s the deal” said Rod, “There’s some weird reports of a creepy fusion monster hanging around Mt. Blackhead and the Twisted Forest. Dexter sent in a crew to exterminate it like all the others but for some reason they went missing. We believe that this creature may be some kind of super monster. It’s our job to find it and kill it.” They rode on towards the forest that everyone knew as the Wilds. It was a huge area that sharply contrasted the Downtown area and was well known among explorers for it’s incredible sights. Proto could remember how when he was little he and his family had gone there on a camping trip. They had gone mountain climbing and there had been an accident. He had gotten separated from his family in the cliffs along the canyon and hadn’t seen them since. Now as they flew over a giant cardboard castle Proto thought back on that day. He could hardly remember what they looked like he had been so young. They passed a big house surrounded by Imaginary Friends and in the distance a huge Mountain appeared. Proto knew that on the top of it lied the KND jungle outpost. The place was a large area that had been used for a log time as a hub to get around the wilds. Below he could see a huge kid with a green jacket and short hair running insanely fast into the jungle. They passed a camp and began circling over the mountain that was famous for it’s large Bauxite reserves. They landed on a makeshift wooden platform that had a few other Scampers landed on it. They stepped out into the paneled flooring and Rod led him towards a large tree that appeared to have a face. They got closer and Proto was awestruck to see a strange magic man arguing with a tree with a face. Rod walked up to the magic man and pulled him towards where they had been standing.
“Unhand me you insolent child!” shouted the magic man as he shook off Rod’s hand.
“Hex we need one of your amulet things.” said Rod.
“Why would you need my amulet!” shouted Hex in a ridiculously comical way.
“ We just do.” said Rod.
“Fine.” said hex handing over a round stone with runes written on it. They walked towards a tree and began climbing up the steps that jutted out of the sides. They reached the top and stepped out onto an elaborate tree house.
“Grandpa Max wanted a amulet from Hex to do some spectral scans.” explained Rod as he walked over to a teleported like device and stuck the stone inside. The small machine flashed and the stone was gone instantly.
“Where we gonna go first?” asked Proto as he looked around the room casually.
“Well there’s an old mine that the monster is suppose to be hiding in. Were gonna go there. It’s right under the mountain so it won’t take that long to get there.” said Rod. They walked out of the tree house and down the stairs. They went over to the entrance of the mountain base and headed down the slope. Walking around the mountain they encountered several monsters that resembled trees which they destroyed quickly.
“We’re almost there.” said Rod “This mine was built around 75 years ago in order to retrieve any Bauxite from under the mountain. The only problem is that the miners dug too deep and now the mine is structurally unstable and likely to collapse.” They rounded the corner and up ahead Proto could see a large hole in the ground that looked like it had been trampled by equipment and even beasts over a long period of time. They went in and began descending a staircase that seemed to extend infinitely. They walked and walked until they came upon a small mining cart which they climbed into. Rod pushed off the wall muttering something about rust and they were sent flying down a passageway into the heart of the mountain. They went on for what seamed like a mile Until they came to a slow stop. Stepping out of the creaking cart they saw a dark tunnel leading off into the mine.
“You ready to go in?” asked Rod as they began walking across the rocky floor.
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PostSubject: Re: Proto's Story Season 2   Mon May 04, 2009 6:40 pm

O i already read this on the FF forums and i think i responded but anyway yea this story is great keep it up Very Happy
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Blaze Coral
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PostSubject: Re: Proto's Story Season 2   Thu May 07, 2009 2:47 am

Yay! I like this story. Great Job. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Proto's Story Season 2   

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Proto's Story Season 2
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