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 The Adventures of Tifa Twilight Season 2

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Tifa Twilight

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PostSubject: The Adventures of Tifa Twilight Season 2   Wed Apr 29, 2009 10:27 pm

ok guys here is season 2 just in case u guys want to catch up

Chapter 7. Alone

Tifa awoke to the sun’s rays coming into through the window of the room. She slowly yawned and stretched her arms out as she welcomed the new day. For a second she forgot where she was. Then she remembered that she couldn’t have been dreaming. As she sat up on the bed she pulled the covers off of her legs. Her legs trembled as she made her way to the bathroom across the hall to change. She was still sore from the long day before.

She searched through the shelves behind the mirror above the sink. She pulled her hair back with the brush she found and put it in a ponytail. The brush was pink… “Since when did Mandy like pink?” Tifa thought to herself. The previous night had a major effect on Tifa: she made her way back down the street from the nuclear plant and found the entire neighborhood empty so she decided to stay at Mandy’s empty house, but she knew she shouldn’t ever tell Mandy, afraid of what she would do to Tifa.

When Tifa turned around she noticed something that caught her eye. Hanging on the back of the bathroom door was a beautiful shirt. It was a white, thin, long sleeve shirt with open-shoulder cuts and a uniquely designed red ribbon on its chest. It was elegant and Tifa again try to imagine Mandy with such a girly item, but Mandy does wear a pink dress after all. Tifa put the shirt on. It was comfy, soft and pretty. And she still looked like a warrior as she gazed at her reflection in the mirror. Of course there was a pair of matching, lovely heels on the floor. Tifa slipped into those and felt complete (Tifa felt that Mandy wouldn’t mind, or that Mandy wouldn’t want to admit she minded to such an outfit).

The kitchen was surprisingly clean and full of food. Tifa guessed that Mandy didn’t let anyone into her house. She had a great meal. She cooked up eggs with bacon. The smell filled the air and hugged Tifa with comfort. The orange juice melted in her throat with delight. She was comfortable even though she was more alone than ever. It felt like forever since her mother made her breakfast.

To Tifa’s surprise, she saw drops of water fall on her empty plate. She noticed that her shoulders were shaking as she breathed hard. She was crying. The tears blurred her vision. Tifa wanted to be home. She wanted to wake up to her mom in the kitchen making breakfast and the sounds of the morning news that her dad would watch before he put his tie on to go to work. But Tifa didn’t know where this was coming from. She used to love going away for missions in the KND. But then she realized that she always knew that her parents were home safe before.

Tifa didn’t know where her parents were this time. And under the conditions, she thought of the worst possible situation that they could be in. “They always made sure they told me where they were going,” she thought to herself. She looked out the kitchen window to the sky. “Mom, dad…where are you?” But she had to be strong. She took a deep breath and wiped her tears from her face. She got up and washed the dishes and when she was done cleaning she found an unopened toothbrush in the bathroom and used it to refresh her mouth.

Tifa stepped out of the house to the bright sun that warmed Endsville. She looked around knowing that she wouldn’t find anybody. But the streets were in bad condition. She looked to her left and saw the debris and collapsed tree that was caused by the explosion the day earlier. Numbuh 5 must have led a victory here, for there were no monsters in sight. She made her way down the opposite way heading toward the buildings of the city in the distance. The town was empty and Tifa would have even considered some alien monsters to be around just to let her know she wasn’t alone in the world. But she didn’t receive any company in Endsville.

The city gave off an entire different essence. She knew things were stirring. The sign welcoming her to City Point was untouched. That gave her the hint that this was a place waiting to be attacked. Tifa made her way down the street with her sword in her hands, ready for anything to pop out. The shadows between the buildings tricked Tifa’s eyes. She felt she was being watched. The invisible eyes washed their gazes all over her. She shivered.

“Whose there?” Tifa asked aloud as she turned around. She swore she could have heard something run behind her. Right when she turned something ran behind her again. Tifa quickly turned to see the empty street. “Relax girl,” she said to herself. She stood up tall and put her sword in its strap. As she was about to step, she felt something behind her breathing a warm gust down her back. She closed her eyes to quickly think of what to do. She breathed out and at that moment she jumped forward as she twisted around to see what was behind her.

This big rat-like alien was looking at her with a cold stare. Tifa grabbed the handle of her sword to strike but she wasn’t fast enough. The rat swiped its massive tail and Tifa was launched back and she tumbled to the floor. For a second she blacked out. She could hear its massive paws scampering towards her. She turned to sit up and saw that her sword was out of reach. “No,” she whispered.

But she would never give up. “I gave a promise to Violet!” She yelled at the rat, “I gave a promise to Ultimos! I will never give up!” She forced her body to take the pain as she stood to her feet. Tifa put her fists up and her feet apart ready to take it on hand to hand. But just then she saw the familiar sight. The rat stopped, put its claws to the concrete and dug into it. Then the ground below Tifa began to crack and shake. Green light was visible through the cracks as they grew bigger. This was how Ultimos was attacked!

“NO!” Tifa yelled. She used all her strength to jump back as far as she could but the force of the geyser of fusion matter pushed her to the ground as she hit the back of her head hard on the ground and rolled over with her back against the floor and arms spread out. “I can’t give up,” she whispered in pain, “I will never give up…I will always have hope.” But the rat was closing in on her.

Tifa looked up but her vision was blurry. Her head was throbbing and she fought to stay awake. She saw the hazy figure of the rat right in front of her. But just then she saw a figure in red fly in. Tifa saw that this figure had jet shoes. It used its gun to shoot at the rat. The monster pulled back and more figures (Tifa knew that they were kids) ran towards the monster and ended its life as it screeched out bone chilling cries.

The figure that flew in now turned to Tifa. It was a bald boy wearing thick sunglasses. But Tifa’s vision was becoming groggier and she was unable to make out who this boy was. Then she heard him speak with his British accent. “Hello there,” he said with authority, “are you alright?”

Tifa was unable to answer. She couldn’t withstand it any longer. She dropped her head. “Mom…dad,” she whispered to the air as tears rolled down the side of her face and the last thing she saw was the big, round, shiny head of the boy who saved her with the clear blue sky behind him giving Tifa warmth that put her to sleep.
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Tifa Twilight

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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Tifa Twilight Season 2   Wed Apr 29, 2009 10:32 pm

Chapter 8. Clueless (part 1 cuz it was too long)

Tifa awoke to find herself on a warm breezy beach. She could hear the waves rushing onto the shore. The warm sand curved to Tifa’s shape. She sat up and smelled the salty air. The blue ocean was beautiful. It softly rushed onto the shores as the waves gave off a cold mist. She looked back and saw a tall cliff behind her. Where was she? It looked like the beach her parents used to take her to when she was younger, but it had a different aura about it.

“Tifa,” a lovely voice called out. Tifa looked down the shore to her right and saw her mother. “Hello dear.”

“Mom,” Tifa breathed as she got up and ran to her with open arms with tears in her eyes. She hugged her mother and didn’t ever want to let go. “You’re alright.”

“Of course I am Tiffy,” her mom said with comfort.

“And so am I,” a man said behind her. Tifa turned her head to see her tall father.


“We are here and you’re safe now,” he said as they all hugged each other and Tifa felt safe and not alone. She smelled the scent of lilacs on her mother and the strong cologne her dad always wore. She could not have had it any other way.

“Hey Tifa,” a sweet voice said. Tifa lifted her head to see a pretty blonde girl smiling at her.

“Daisy!” Tifa yelled with excitement. She let go of her parents and ran to her friend.

“You kept your promise!” A strong voice yelled from overhead. Tifa looked up to the top of the cliff and Ultimos stood watching over the ocean. She smiled and felt that everything was going to be alright.

“Where’s Violet?” Tifa asked Daisy. Then Daisy gave her a frown.

“Well she’s not dead,” Daisy answered. Tifa’s heart stopped. She was clueless. What did Daisy mean?

“What?” She asked in confusion as she drew apart from Daisy.

“Where do you think you are?” Daisy asked her. Ultimos jumped off the cliff and landed perfectly behind Daisy with a triumphant smile.

“You’re in heaven Tiffy,” her mom said. Tifa stepped back from them all.

“What?!” Tifa couldn’t believe it. The others gathered together and the mood became ominous. “But you guys can’t be dead!”

“Oh Tif,” her dad said, “We are together now. That’s all that matters.” But Tifa felt that something was wrong. Their smiles weren’t welcoming anymore. She slowly walked backwards and she felt her feet touch the cold water. She realized that she was barefoot. The more she walked back the closer the others got to her.

“Don’t worry,” Daisy eerily assured Tifa with a smile, “Violet will be joining us soon.”

“No,” Tifa whispered. “She won’t!” At that moment a long green tentacle bursted out of the water. It wrapped around Tifa and pulled her into the air. It was hurting her. She was feeling the horrible burning sensation that she felt back at the cemetery.

“NO!” She screamed, “Someone help!”

The others laughed in unison. “Oh what can it do to you dear,” her mom said, “you’re already dead.” They laughed some more. Then their skin began to turn green. Their eyes glowed red and their smiles became evil. Tifa was scared and didn’t know what to do.

“NO!” Tifa screamed as the she was pulled into the water. The tentacle pulled her deeper and deeper into the ocean. The light of the surface was becoming darker. “You promised,” she heard a muffled voice say. Tifa saw Violet swimming down towards her. “You promised me Tifa,” she said in the water. “You promised that we would see each other again.” Violet swam faster and held out her hand the way Tifa did for her when they were in the pool of fusion matter.

Tifa reached out to Violet. But she couldn’t get a hold onto her. She was being pulled too deep and Violet was becoming smaller in the distance. “You promised!” Violet yelled as she disappeared.

“VIOLET!” Tifa yelled as the air bubbles flew from her mouth. She felt as if
she was choking. Then the tentacle let go of her and she was floating in the now peaceful water. “I’ll keep the promise,” Tifa said. “I’ll keep it…I’ll keep it…” She repeated quietly as her eyes became heavy. The water began to feel soft on her back as if I was a bed and she could hear other voices. Then she woke up.

Tifa could hear the soft sounds of people moving around and speaking. “Do you need anything else?” She heard a young girl ask.

“Oh no, I’m fine thank you,” said the voice of a boy. Tifa would have opened her eyes but she felt the soft blankets beneath her and relaxed away. But she remembered of the previous incidents and the nightmare and was glad to be in the presence of other people. She slowly opened her eyes to see a wide white room. Beds were lined up in rows and most of them had kids laying in them. Some were asleep and some were sitting up, either eating food or being attended by the kid nurses.

“It was just a dream,” she thought to herself as she hugged herself and shivered, “but it felt so real.” She rubbed her eyes and felt that she had tears.

Tifa slowly sat up as she looked around the white room that gave her comfort. As soon as she sat up one of the nurses saw her and made her way to her. Tifa worked with the nurse as she checked her status. The nurse unwrapped the bandage around her head, which Tifa did not realize she had on. All Tifa needed was rest but she would not waste time.

Tifa got herself together, thanked the nurse, got up and made her way through the door. In the hallway there were more kids. Most of them were dressed in white and some were being taken into the room in stretchers. Tifa asked herself where the grownups could be and laughed (They didn’t need most of them anyway).

To her right was a counter with a pre-teen girl with her dark hair in a bun. Tifa turned and leaned over the counter to address the girl. “Um excuse me,” Tifa said, “do you have records of the people who were here?” The girl did not even look up from the computer in front of her as if she was always asked that question.

“Yes I do,” she answered, “is there something you would like to know?”

“Well I would like to know the status of a few friends of mine,” Tifa
continued, “one is Ultimos of the Galactic Enforcers.”

The girl did not have to look to the computer or at Tifa, she remembered the huge alien. “Well,” she said as she looked down at her paper work as if she was bored, “he’s gone.” For a second Tifa’s heart stopped as she felt a chill crawl down her back.

“He was taken back into space,” the girl continued, Tifa was able to relax a little, “he along with the other Galactic Enforcers had to return. They said he would get better care from where they came from.”

Tifa looked down and tried to hold herself together. “Oh,” she breathed, “and did a girl name Daisy come here?”

“Oh yes,” the girl answered as she typed on the keyboard, “the blonde one? She left here this morning, before you came in. This other girl was with her the whole time.”

“That must be Violet,” Tifa said, “thank you.”

Tifa turned around to make her way to the elevator but the girl interrupted. “City Station is just outside this building,” the girl said as Tifa turned to look at her, “many kids are staying there. You’re friends should be there. You should register so you can get a bed. It’s cramped but it’s safe.”

“Thank you,” Tifa said as she realized she did not know where she was heading to at first. The girl gave her a small smile, making her feel welcome for the first time.

Tifa stepped out of the building into the light. The sun was shining down on her on her right, giving her a blanket of warmth. It was still the morning. For a moment she had to cover her eyes with her hand but when she was used to the light, she looked ahead and looked up slowly. She examined the tall building that was City Station. It was right in front of her as if it was looking down making her feel like the smallest thing in the world.

She walked to the entrance and kids were going in and out. Some had weapons, some were chatting but nothing big seemed to be going on. The city did not seem to be under any threat and City Point seemed to have been taken care of. But before she entered the building she looked back into the clear blue sky. “Good luck Ultimos,” she whispered, “I hope for the best.”
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Tifa Twilight

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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Tifa Twilight Season 2   Wed Apr 29, 2009 10:33 pm

and part 2 of ch. 8

Tifa made her way into the air conditioned hall and walked to one of the free teenagers who were behind the counter across the big room. To the right were escalators that led to a visible upper floor. It looked like a food court in a mall. To the left across the room were elevators.

The boy she talked to was sweet and Tifa noticed that he was handsome. His smooth golden hair and great blue eyes made Tifa feel as if she was dreaming again. “Okay,” he said smoothly making Tifa fall inside, “You’re on the 20th floor. There are many free bunks to choose from…” but his words were washed away. Tifa was looking into his eyes not paying attention to what he said. She was captivated.

“Did you get all of that?” The teen asked. But Tifa took more time than she should have to respond.

“Oh,”she responded after a moment of silence, “um…I…what?” Her cheeks blushed like roses. “Clueless girl,” she thought to herself.

“Well,” he repeated with that voice that flowed down Tifa’s heart, “we have bathrooms on every floor, with washers and dryers and there are extra clothes in the cupboards in each room.”

“Oh,” Tifa said, “okay thanks. Well I’ll just wear the extra clothes when I wash these flashy things.” Tifa pointed out her outfit and grabbed the end of her skirt to give him a curtsy. They both gave out small laughs. Tifa turned, hurried to the elevator, and pushed to button multiple times as if it would make the elevator arrive faster. “Did you just curtsy?” She asked herself. She slapped herself on her forehead. The world was on her side as the elevator arrived soon giving Tifa relief. She felt as if the boy was watching her. But she actually did not mind if he was.

Tifa quickly went in and turned to press the 20th floor button. When she stood up she saw that the boy was looking at her. Again she did something that she regretted but she didn’t know what else to do but doing nothing would have saved her the embarrassment. She gave him a thumbs up and a big smile. “The elevator works,” she yelled, “who would have thunk?” The boy gave out a chuckle.

As soon as the doors closed she yelled out loud, “WHAT!? Did he even think it didn’t work?!” the elevator began to ascend and Tifa leaned against the wall of the back of the elevator and hit her head slightly over and over again on it. “You fool,” she repeated every time she knocked her head on the wall. She gave out a sigh as the elevator came to a stop. Luckily it made its way all the way to her destination without stopping at another floor. Tifa felt that she needed to be alone to get over her embarrassment.

She took a deep breath and stepped out of the elevator. The long hall looked like an office that one would see in the movies. She walked along the long hall. Some rooms were visible through glass. There were people eating in some and some simply talking in others. She finally made it to the end. It led to a big room that was filled with bunk beds. Some of them were already filled with people.

There were kids and adults, some even together as families. But Tifa made her way to the back left corner of the room and chose the bottom bunk. She rested in the bed for a moment then got up and took clothes from the cupboard so she could wash her own.

Tifa sat on the dryer as her skirt and blouse tumbled inside. She looked at the pink shorts and pink spaghetti strap she had on. She actually liked them. “I think I’ll wear these things under,” she said to herself. This was a good time for Tifa to think. She knew that she had to find Daisy and Violet. Then she would find out what happened to her parents.

She sat back on the bottom bunk with her warm washed clothes and looked at the yellow mask in her hands that she was given by Ultimos. She would wear it with pride. But she felt it wasn’t time for her to wear it just yet. While she turned it over and over in her hands a boy approached her. She didn’t pay attention until he bent down a little right in front of her.

“Can I help you?” Tifa asked as she looked up to him. The boy smiled.

“Yes you can,” he said sarcastically. Then Tifa realized who he was.

“We go to the same school,” he said smiling.

“Yes I know who you are,” Tifa responded smartly. She got up, put the mask in her skirt pocket and gave the boy a hug. “It’s good to see you Edwin.”

“I’m glad you’re safe,” Edwin Dragon said. Both of them started to chat. Tifa told him about the battles she was in. “Wow,” he said in awe, “and you’re still alive?” They both laughed.

“I mean,” he continued, “you almost fell to your death, you were bathed in fusion matter, almost crushed by a tree, saved by a super hero from space, and almost killed by a countless number of those monsters…”

“I know,” Tifa said shyly, “it’s that bad.”

“No,” Edwin said in amazement, “it’s awesome.” Tifa smiled as he laughed.

“Well,” Tifa said, “are you gonna stay here long?”

“Well, just till I meet up with my friends.”

“Well, I’ll be back,” Tifa told him, “I have to do the same.”

Tifa left Edwin in the room as she made her way into the elevator. The slow music was playing and Tifa rocked back and forth nervously. “Don’t look like a fool,” she told herself. The doors opened and Tifa slowly made her way to the counter where the blonde teen was. He looked up and smiled, happy to see her.

“Hi,” she said while she stood perfectly still.

“Good to see you again,” the boy said with that shining smile, “what can I help you with?”

“Um,” Tifa responded forgetting for a second why she was there, “oh…yeah…well I was wondering if you can tell me if a few people are registered here or not?”

“Of course I can,” he smiled, “who are they?”

Tifa couldn’t stop smiling and it took her a moment before she was able to speak. “Well, their names are Violet and Daisy; they should have came her together.”

“Let me check,” he said as he checked his computer screen.

Tifa scanned his perfect face. Every now and then while he checked the computer he looked at her and smiled, and Tifa had to take a deep breath to speak again, “Their last names are-”

“Oh here they are,” he said, “luckily they were the only Violet and Daisy here. They are on the 17th floor. They came here early.”

“Thank you,” Tifa couldn’t smile any bigger. She turned and made her way back to the elevators.

“Um,” the boy said behind her, “It was Tifa right?”

Tifa slowly stopped to turn around. The boy was making his way from behind the counter.

“Yeah,” she answered slowly.

“Um…well…I’m going on my break right now. Do…would you might…want to join me to get something to eat?”

Tifa froze while her stomach flipped and turned inside. They both stood there in silence for a moment. “Well would you?” He asked again.

“Oh yeah,” she answered loudly, “of course I would.”

“Great,” the boy smiled but he quickly stood up straight to make it look like he wasn’t too eager.

Tifa walked to join him as they made their way to the escalators. The boy stopped to let Tifa get on the escalator first with his hands out as if he was showing her the way. “What a gentleman,” Tifa thought to herself. She turned back to him as the stood on the escalators.

All they could do was smile to each other. “Um,” she finally said, “I never got your name.”

But right when he was about to speak, Tifa tripped at the top of the
escalators where you were supposed to get off. She fell back with a big “thump.”

The boy carefully stepped off the escalator. Tifa looked down trying to hide her fiery cheeks. She didn’t think she could embarrass herself any worse. The boy held his hand out to her with that breath taking smile as Tifa looked up.

“It’s Cloud,” he smiled.
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Tifa Twilight

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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Tifa Twilight Season 2   Wed Apr 29, 2009 10:34 pm

Chapter 9. His Flaw

Tifa looked around at the inside plaza. There were many shops, each sold something different; weapons, clothes, food, and there were even banks too. These stores surrounded the perimeter of the big plaza. In the center were dozens of tables. Tifa felt like she was back at the Townsville Center.

“They are thinking about providing shops everywhere else,” Cloud said. He stood taller than Tifa but she tried not to stare too long. He bought Tifa a burger and fries which Tifa was thankful for because she didn’t have any money, but she didn’t want to tell him that.

“So where are you from?” Cloud asked while they sat across from each other at a table.

“Townsville,” she answered, “but I was everywhere yesterday. It was a
long day.” Tifa went on telling him about her adventure. Cloud was fascinated by her.

“I’m from here, the city, and…well don’t hate me Tifa,” he said, “but till this day I’m a Teen Ninja.”

Tifa paused; she realized that there had to be something bad about Cloud. He was an enemy of the KND. He worked for Father. But he was helping them now. That was all that mattered.

“Do you think you would want to join us?” Cloud asked the question that made Tifa uneasy. She looked straight into his eyes. But this time she saw the darkness that was in him. But she was attracted to it in some way. She gave him a sly smile. What would it feel like to be bad?

“No,” Tifa suddenly realized as she shook her head. But she wasn’t addressing Cloud. She was telling herself. How could she think such a thing? She shook her head to attempt to shake the thoughts out.

“Oh,” Cloud said unsurely, “well if you are still devoted to the KND even though they don’t want you to help until they need your help. Just like little children, going to older people when they wet their pants.”

“STOP,” Tifa exclaimed as she stood up. Her voice and the screeching of the chair made everyone go silent. People were looking at her. She slowly sat down again. “I’m sorry Cloud,” Tifa apologized, “but I can never do that to my team.”

“Your team?” Cloud asked as he leaned over the desk to get closer to TIfa, “Be a part of a real team, a team that is stronger, a team that is smarter, a team with me.” Cloud put his hands across the table. Tifa looked at them for a moment. She reached out and held his hands in hers. She smiled. It would be nice to be in a team with him.

“No,” she said to herself aloud again as she drew her hands back. She couldn’t let a boy get in the way of what she believed in. “I can’t. No matter how old I am I will never let the KND down. I will always be Numbuh-”

“Okay I’m sorry,” Cloud interrupted as he sat back. “But you know that if we are able to rid the world of this Fuse, everyone and everything is going to go back to the way things were.”

Tifa sat still. She took time to think. Neither had taken a bite of their food. “Well,” Tifa finally said, “can we at least enjoy the meal?”

They both smiled. But Tifa needed to be smart. She couldn’t let her emotions get in the way. But it didn’t mean she could stop liking Cloud. But the dark part of him didn’t bother her as much as she thought it would. It was what Tifa thought of herself. She actually considered going bad! “It was just a thought,” she thought to herself.

They were able to finish up their meals while making nice small talk. It was when they were finished that was hard. They got off the descending escalator and walked to the counter where they first met. “Well,” Cloud said as he scratched the back of his head, “you know there is a concert that is scheduled for later on tonight.”

“A concert?” Tifa asked, “With the way things are?”

“Well things are good around here and they want to give everyone a good time,” Cloud responded, “and there’s gonna be a concert at Townsville Center at the big stage. I was wondering if you would…um…”

“Like to go with you?” Tifa finished for him. He smiled and nodded. “Of course,” she answered with a big smile as she forgot the complications in their new friendship.

“Oh well good,” he said enthusiastically, “it starts at 7 tonight. Let’s meet here.”

“Yeah,” she said with a big smile. Tifa slowly turned to the elevators as Cloud turned back to get behind the counter.

Tifa let out a big breath as the elevator doors closed. She hadn’t felt this happy since…well since just a few days before when she didn’t know of this invasion. But time was moving slow and Tifa felt that time was long ago.

The 17th floor looked the same as the 20th. Tifa followed the long hallway, looking into the office rooms of any sign for Daisy or Violet. She saw people doing the same thing on her floor. They were eating and talking.

“What are you eating?”

“I’m tired!”

“I’m so excited for the concert!”

But Tifa didn’t see any sign of her friends. The room with the bunk was filled with more people than on her floor. She walked through the ailes of beds but she saw no sign of either of the girls. “Where could they be?” Tifa asked herself. She asked around but no one specifically recognized them. She couldn’t give up though.

When Tifa got back, Edwin Dragon was talking with several other kids. She sat on her bunk and listenned to what they were talking about.

“Yeah, people are gathering at the top,” one of them said.

“Numbuh 1 should be here,” a girl responded.

“Great,” Edwin said, “he’s gonna tell us about the happenings so far. Let’s go now.”

The kids got up and started to head for the door. “Hey Tifa,” Edwin called
back, “want to join us?”

“Sure,” Tifa answered softly. The group bunched together in the elevator and had to slowly squeeze out. At the top, kids gathered in great numbers. Edwin led the group to a ledge. “Look Tifa,” he pointed out. Tifa had to carefully look out at the view. They were so high up. Tifa could see the entire city. The air was cool and Tifa had a slight sensation to jump off and feel the thrill.

“Tifa look!” Edwin told her as he point to the center of the floor. Numbuh 1 was gathering kids and speaking to them. They all closed in together to hear him speak.

“We have good news,” he told the crowd, “those aliends are losing!” The crowd cheered. Kdis were jumping with joy and hugged each other.

“Did you hear that Tifa?” Edwin asked with joy. He along with the other kids gave each other high fives.

Tifa smiled and clapped her hands together, “Yay!” She yelled.

“The wilds are still fighting these aliens but everywhere else is under control,” Numbuh 1 continued, “and to celebrate we are going to have a concert tonight in the Townsville Center.” Kids were smiled and cheered and Tifa was filled with jubilation. And then she saw her. Standing next to Numbuh 1 was a red headed girl. Could it be?

Tifa pushed her way through the crowd and stood infront of the girl. “Ah Tifa,” Numbuh 1 said.

“Hello there Numbuh 1,” Tifa turned to address him, “thank you for saving me this morning.”

“It’s no problem,” he said, “you have been a great help for this war so far.” Tifa smiled and Numbuh 1 gave her his stern stare but she knew it meant good. “Oh,”
he said as he turned to the girl, “Rayleen, this is Tifa.”

IT WAS HER! It was Rayleen, Tifa’s old friend who was on a team with her,
Violet, and Daisy when they were in the KND. Tifa grabbed Rayleen and hugged her tight. “It’s me,” Tifa told her as she held her. But something was wrong. Tifa pulled away from her. Rayleen had a confused look on her face.

“Do you remember me?” Tifa asked. Rayleen shook her head.

“I’m sorry Tifa,” Numbuh 1 said, “but we didn’t have time to give her back memory back.” Tifa frowned. “I wanted her to join you like the old times,” he continued, “since all of you are together again.”

“Well,” Tifa addressed him, “I’m not sure where Daisy and Violet are.”

“Oh,” he replied, “they went to Townsville Center to help set up for the concert earlier.” Tifa smiled.

“That’s great,” she smiled.

“Numbuh 1 told me I was on your team,” Rayleen said. Tifa smiled in reponse. “Maybe we can go catch up,” she continued, “or in my case, fill my brain with memories.”

“Of course,” Tifa answered with joy. The girls squeezed their way through the crowd and headed to the elevator. Tifa pressed the button and they got in the emtpy elevator. She turned around to press the bottom floor button. She smiled and clapped her hands together with joy. “Yay me,” she said as the elevator doors closed.
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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Tifa Twilight Season 2   Wed Apr 29, 2009 10:38 pm

Chapter 10. The Concert

“Wow,” Rayleen told Tifa as they walked down the block, “so we did all that?”

“Yup,” Tifa answered. They walked through the streets of the city as the great guardian-like buildings watched over them. The girls were talking most of the day. Tifa talked about how Rayleen was the wild one. She would always be so outgoing and sometimes not think before she acted, and Tifa told Rayleen how she inherited some her attributes of not think before she acted. The girls laughed at the stories. The sun was beginning to set. And Tifa realized that it was getting late. “Oh,” she said, “I almost forgot, I have a…well… I think its date…for the concert.”

“Ooo,” Rayleen teased, “well you should get ready. I was already going to the concert with a group of friends.” The girls walked back to City Station and Rayleen stood with Tifa to help her get ready back on the 20th floor bathroom. Rayleen shined Tifa’s heels. Tifa made sure her Seol outfit looked good. She combed her hair back to put it into a ponytail then stopped.

“Maybe I should wear my hair down,” she told Rayleen.

“Yeah,” Rayleen answered, “it’s a rock concert we should look good.” Rayleen took the brush Tifa got from the drawer and combed her hair down for her. Tifa’s dark brown hair rested on her shoulders. Her hair wasn’t that long but it was longer than Rayleen’s fiery red hair which didn’t even reach her shoulders.

“You should do something to yours to,” Tifa suggested to Rayleen. Tifa got behind her and combed Rayleen’s hair into two small pig tails. The girls smiled at how they looked. They patted down their hair and looked at themselves from each angle. Tifa’s lovely white blouse and skirt melted with her light skin. Rayleen had on pink shorts and a white shirt with a pink sweater over. They put on the perfumes that were provided in the restroom to make sure that they smelled fresh and flowery. They were teenage girls…how else would you expect them to act?

The girls stood at the elevators. Rayleen was waiting for one to go up and Tifa was waiting for one to go down. “My friends are waiting at the top,” Rayleen said, “and we’re going to take a scamper to Townsville Center from there.”

“Okay,” Tifa told her, “I’ll meet you there.” An elevator heading up arrived and its doors opened. Rayleen gave Tifa a hug, “It feels like we just met but I can feel how long we have been friends.”

“It’s like we always been friends,” Tifa replied, “and feels like you never had your memory removed.” The girls smiled and Rayleen entered the elevator.


The elevator doors opened and Tifa slowly walked out to the City Station lobby and let out a long breath. “Okay relax,” she thought to herself. She ran her fingers through her hair and then brushed off her skirt to make sure she looked neat. The lobby lights were on but the orange glow from the sun made the big room feel natural as the sun set.

At the entrance, Cloud stood with his hands in his pockets. His amazing smile matched his clothes. He was wearing blue jeans, a white shirt, and a white sweater with grey stripes. “I thought we should match,” he told her as he pointed out their illuminating white outfits. “You look nice,” he said slowly. Tifa looked down to hide her blushing cheeks. They stood silent for a moment.

“Well we should go,” Cloud suggested, “there’s a bus heading to the concert. It’s right outside.”

They both walked outside and boarded a bus that was full of kids. They had
to squeeze together to fit in one seat. But Tifa felt comfortable the entire ride to Townsville Center. She even forgot the Cloud was a Teen Ninja.

Tifa and Cloud walked down the ramp into the Center with a group of kids. The sun was gone but the stadium lights and the lights from the booths that surrounded the center made it look like the 4th of July. There was a big crowd of kids gathered by the stage. Cloud led Tifa through the crowd but Tifa saw Rayleen with a group of kids. “This way,” she had to yell of the other voices of kids.

Rayleen was sitting on a bench with two other people. Rayleen saw Tifa and looked at Cloud. For a second she scanned Cloud then gave Tifa a big smile. “Tifa,” Rayleen yelled. She got up and led them to her friends.

“These are my friends,” she said as she introduced them, “this is Green.” Rayleen pointed to the boy to her right. Then she turned to the girl with green hair. “And this is Rosie.”

“Hi,” Tifa greeted with a smile, “I’m Tifa and this is Cloud.”

“He sure is,” Rayleen teased again as Tifa blushed.
“Well the concert should start in a minute,” Green had to yell over the group of excited kids. Tifa felt like she was back in school at a dance.

“Good,” Cloud yelled, “that gives us time to get something to eat.” Cloud directed Tifa to the booths that sold things. Tifa gladly walked with him to the hamburger stand. She sure was getting great meals this day.

“Um can I get two orders of hamburgers and fries,” Cloud said as he leaned over the counter so the cashier could hear. Tifa looked around. It looked like a cool night but the massive number of kids gathered together gave off a wave of warmth. Then she saw her. Two stands down to the right a girl was at the counter ordering food. This girl had light brown hair that ran free like Tifa’s, but the girl’s hair was much longer that ran down her back. She was wearing a matching yellow outfit. Tifa didn’t recognize her at first because she always wore her hair in a long ponytail at the side of her head.

“Violet,” Tifa whispered, “Cloud hold on I’ll be back.” Cloud nodded his head as Tifa quickly walked to Violet.

“I SAID,” Violet yelled, “just ONE hot dog!” Violet turned her head to Tifa. She didn’t recognize Tifa at first so she turned her head back. Then Violet did a double take. “TIFA!” Violet yelled. The girls quickly held each other and they started to cry a little. “You kept your promise,” Violet breathed as they still hugged.

“Of course I did,” Tifa said as the girls drew apart. Then she saw who was behind Violet. A blonde girl who was wearing green tank top and shorts had her short hair in a bun. She was starring at Tifa with watery eyes. “Daisy!” Tifa yelled as she pulled Daisy into a group hug. The girls sniffed and wiped their eyes as they finally were able to stand on their own.

“I knew it,” Daisy yelled, “I had no worries! I knew we would see each other again!”

“So you’re feeling well?” Tifa asked Daisy.

“Of course,” Daisy answered, “I may have been the jinx in the group that dealt with the worst luck and situations but I am strong! We all are!” They girls smiled and Tifa never felt happier.

“Um,” Cloud said as he made his way over to them, “are these your friends?”

“Oh yeah,” Tifa answered as Cloud handed her food, “these are the girls I told you about; Violet and Daisy. And girls, this is Cloud my…new friend.”

Both Violet and Daisy gave Tifa huge grins as they got their food from the cashier. “Oh,” Tifa remembered, “there is someone you girls need to see.” Tifa grabbed Cloud’s arm as she led them back to Rayleen, Green, and Rosie. Rayleen got up as she saw them coming. Tifa led Cloud to the bench so they could eat their food but Violet and Daisy stopped once they saw Rayleen.

“Girls,” Tifa said, “this is Rayleen.” The girls looked as if they wanted to cry. “Rayleen,” Tifa continued, “this is Violet and Daisy, the friends who worked with us.”

“Oh yeah,” Rayleen said with enthusiasm, “I’m sure I’ll get used to you guys the way I feel so comfortable with Tifa.” Violet and Daisy looked confused.

“Oh,” Tifa added, “unfortunately Rayleen did not get her memory back yet.”

“Of course,” Violet said as she tried not to cry. “I’m Violet,” she held out her hand, but Rayleen grabbed her to give her a hug and Violet hugged her back.

“And your Daisy,” Rayleen said as she drew apart from Violet to hug Daisy.

“Yeah,” Daisy breathed as she hugged Rayleen.

“Yay us!” Tifa cheered as she clapped with joy. “We’re together again.” The girls were on top of the world. All they wanted was to be together again and Rayleen knew she knew them deep down inside.

“Not to spoil your reunion,” Rosie said, “but looks like the show is about to start.” They all looked to the stage where Numbuh 1 was by the microphone. So they quickly ate what they were capable of eating.

“Alright,” Green said as they quickly finished, “let’s go ROCK OUT!” They all laughed and squeezed through the big crowd of kids by the stage. Tifa linked her right arm with Cloud as she held Violet’s hand with her left. They led a long chain to get to the front easily.

“All right everyone,” Numbuh 1 spoke into the microphone, “are you guys ready to ROCK!?”

The crowd cheered , and Tifa and the group yelled and cheered along. “Well the group that’s gonna come up and perform,” Numbuh 1 continued, “hasn’t ever had a musical performance but they were once one of the most famous bands in Townsville.”

“WOOOO,” Rayleen yelled. Rayleen, Rosie, and Green were right in front of Tifa and Cloud. Violet and Daisy were to her left as they clapped their hands together.

“Well please put your hands together for Mojo Jojo, Princess, Fuzzy Lumpkins, and Him!” Even though they were villains, they all cheered for them for at the moment they were heroes.

“GO HIM!” Tifa cheered.

“They have reunited,” Numbuh 1 announced, “just for you guys as The Beat-Alls!”

“WOOOO,” the crowd cheer, “BEAT-ALLS! BEAT-ALLS!”

Tifa saw a figure fly in the air and leave a pretty blue trail in the sky. Bubbles created words in the sky with the blue trail that said “BEAT-ALLS” and she flew off.
Princess was the lead singer, Mojo was playing the guitar, Him was playing bass (Tifa didn’t even want to know how Him was capable of playing with those claws), and Fuzzy was playing the drums. The kids jumped up and down but Tifa made sure she didn’t let go of Cloud as Princess sung.


(*Refer to the actual band the Beatles that the PPG episode was trying to refer to in one of their episodes.)

The kids sung along, even though they knew the lyrics were about the Powerpuff girls. Tifa was having the time of her life! Her hair flew everywhere as she jumped but she didn’t care. Everyone was so carefree. Daisy and Violet were raising in their hands in the air while Rayleen screamed at the top of her lungs. Green was playing air guitar as he followed the beats of the song and Rosie was shaking her green head in excitement as she cheered. Everywhere kids were screaming and cheering with joy.

Then a huge green light filled the sky. The crowd looked up and cheered. It looked like more decorative lights. The light was coming from a huge green ball in the sky.

“Woooo,” Rayleen yelled as she joined the cheers of the other kids.

“Wait,” Cloud said out loud. He stopped jumping. Tifa came to a still and looked at him. His face looked worried. Tifa began to worry too. She looked to the green ball and her heart dropped. She saw a blue streak go across the sky. Bubbles attacked the green ball and Tifa saw the green ball explode. The crowd grew quieter and the band stopped playing.

There were more green balls in the sky. They looked like asteroids. Kids gasped as they heard them crash in the distance.

“AAAAAHHHH,” a group of kids yelled. Several green asteroids were coming closer to the Center. One flew across the stage and blew up one of the booths. Luckily the kids who were working there jumped over the counter just in time. More were falling and kids started screaming a running around. Tifa was being pushed through the crowd and she let go of Cloud. “TIFA!” Someone yelled from behind her as she tried to look through the mayhem of kids running for their lives.

“NO,” she screamed, “Cloud! Violet!” But she was pushed to the floor. She put her hands over her head to protect herself from the dozens of feet running around. Her heart was racing and she could see the green light reflect on the ground. It wasn’t close to over. The war had just begun.
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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Tifa Twilight Season 2   Wed Apr 29, 2009 10:42 pm

Chapter 11. Helpless

Someone picked Tifa up and she saw that it was Cloud. He held her in his arms as more kids ran everywhere. He stood still to make sure they didn’t get caught up in another stampede. Tifa turned her head to the stage. Princess and Fuzzy Lumpkins were gone. Mojo was waving his hands in the air and many of his minions with jet packs came flying in to grab kids and help them escape. Him was doing the same. He/she waved his/her claws as the monkeys flew away with kids in their hands.

“We have to find the others,” Tifa yelled to Cloud. He grabbed her hand and led her to the ramp to exit. Once they were up the ramp she could see it. In the distance over the hills and between the buildings, fires could be seen and they illuminated the horizon. Green light filled the air as more of the terrafusers fell from the sky.

Cloud led Tifa through the city with City Station in their sight. The streets were filled with people running about. Tifa saw Green running in front of her. But she noticed that he was carrying his jacket, and for a reason. On his back sprouted four dark green tentacles. He must have been hiding them real well because when he had the jacket on Tifa did not notice the long things. “Green!” Tifa yelled not even questioning the tentacles that seemed to move on their own. He turned his green head to see them.

“Tifa,” he breathed.

“Have you seen the others?” She asked as they came to a still.

“I was split up from them back at the stage.”

“We should get to City Station,” Cloud suggested. The three of them ran with other kids that were heading in the same direction. There was no silence in the streets. Explosions could be heard from the distance and people were constantly yelling. Tifa looked to the sky as her heart raced. Bubbles was flying over the city, taking watch.

When they arrived across the street from City Station they could see scampers flying in at the top of the tall building were the kids gathered earlier. Cloud hurried Tifa to cross the street but just then many monsters that looked like street sweepers with blades (Streetgrinders) came pounding through the street. Kids started screaming for they all were helpless. They didn’t have any weapons.

Streetgrinders came gliding to the kids but just then a group of KND operatives came rushing out of the City Station entrance and surrounded Tifa and the group of kids as they shot at the monsters. “Hurry in!” One yelled as they gave them an opening to run through. They hurried to the entrance and made it into the lobby. Many kids were in the lobby waiting to be told what to do.

Tifa panted as she held her arms around Cloud’s waist while he wrapped her in his arms. She could feel his heart pounding. Her heart was also racing and she felt that both of their hearts were beating in unison. For some reason she felt comfort and left the world for a moment. She was brought back when she noticed Rayleen. The red head came hurrying to them with the green haired girl, Rosie who was behind her. Earlier Rosie was sporting a beautiful hair style that put her hair in loops but now her hair was out of loop. The girls must have been through a lot in the last hour.

“Oh you’re alright,” Rayleen panted, “I thought we lost you.” Rayleen only had one pig tail while the rest was messy.

“You did for a moment,” Cloud said.

“Where are Daisy and Violet?” Tifa quickly asked.

“Oh,” Rosie answered as she tried to fix her hair but then gave up, “we got separated from them after we left the Center.”

“I’m sure they will come here,” Cloud assured Tifa.

“No, I have to go and find them,” Tifa tried to break apart from Cloud but he held her tight.

“No,” he said as he looked at her with worried eyes, “you can’t…it’s dangerous.”

“Then I’ll get my sword,” she replied. Cloud saw that Tifa was not going to give in.

“Okay,” he said, “I’m going with you.” He drew apart from her and hurried to the counter he worked at. He went behind it and got out a Fusebreaker shattergun. He came hurrying back looking ready for battle.

“I’m going to get my sword,” Tifa told them.

“We’ll help too,” Rayleen said.

“We will meet back here,” Tifa said and she went to the elevator with Cloud behind her. Other scared kids filled the elevator and Tifa and Cloud had to squeeze together again, but they didn’t mind. They had to squeeze out when they got to the 20th floor. Cloud followed Tifa down the hall that was filled with more scared people and then into the room with the beds. She hurried to her bunk and looked underneath.

“It’s gone!” Tifa exclaimed, “My sword is gone! Someone must have taken it! How could I leave it alone!? I wasn’t thinking!”

“Don’t worry,” Cloud calmed her down, “I’ll keep you safe.” Cloud grabbed Tifa’s hand as he led her back to the elevators. But Tifa didn’t feel complete without her sword though. “I’ll get you a gun,” Cloud assured her.

When the elevator arrived, it opened to show that Rayleen, Green and Rosie were already in it. Tifa and Cloud hurried in. “We have to go to the top,” Rayleen told them.

“Why?” Tifa quickly asked.

“We were told,” Green answered, “that if we wanted to fight back, we had to go to the top where Numbuh 1 and Ben Tennyson are organizing groups of kids to send off to different areas.”

“And we are definitely gonna fight,” Rosie said with confidence.

“Maybe we could find you a weapon up there,” Cloud assured Tifa. She nodded as they got in and rose to the top floor.

When they arrived, the top was packed with kids who wanted to fight back. Numbuh 1 and Ben Tennyson were in the center of the floor speaking to the group. “Alright,” Ben said, “make sure you’re armed and we will get you guys in groups and send you off to areas that need to be defended.”

“I still need a weapon,” Tifa whispered to Cloud.

“Don’t worry,” he said.

“There you are!” A girl yelled. Tifa saw Violet and Daisy rushing through the crowd. They looked fine but tired.

“You’re safe!” Tifa said with relief.

“Yeah,” Daisy replied, “we were brought here by those flying monkeys. It was cool.”

“So we are all gonna fight together right?” Violet asked eagerly.

“Of course!” Rayleen yelled as she showed of her twin pistols. Green was behind her armed and ready while his tentacles whipped the air behind him. Rosie was pumping herself up, “So are you ready?” she asked them.

They all nodded except for Tifa. The big group of kids started to die down as more were being sent off in scampers to help with the fight. Tifa and the group walked to Ben and Numbuh 1.

“Where can we help?” Cloud asked.

“Oh I know who you guys are,” Ben said, “you can help with our harder areas.”
They all nodded but at that moment, bone chilling screeches filled the air. Everyone looked to the east and they saw countless numbers of flying creatures (Wild Wings) heading their way. They flapped their wings and flew in trying to pick up kids in their claws. Kids screamed as they covered their heads (as if that would help). Numbuh 1 fired his gun at the creatures with amazing accuracy. Tifa looked around to see that everyone was using their weapons but she stood their helpless. She got frustrated.

“JETRAY!” A chilling voice yelled behind her. Tifa turned to see that Ben turned into a red bat-looking creature. He flew off taking down the monsters. Violet and Daisy stood back to back as they took down the winged beasts with their guns. But it was too much. The creatures would fly in fast attempting to pick off anything in their path as they flew past. Then they came back for another try.

“Stay behind me!” Cloud yelled. Tifa did just that. She watched from behind as he shot down many creatures. Rosie and Green helped each other take down the creatures that tried to pick them off. Rosie rolled on the ground, dodging a Wild Wing from snatching her. She quickly recovered from rolling, rested on her knees and shot at the beast. It cried out as if fell over the building. Green was shooting off the creatures while his tentacles whipped anything that got too close to him. Tifa didn’t know what to do. Her heart was racing and she wanted to help but all she could do was watch.

“RAYLEEN!” Rosie yelled. Tifa turned to see one of the monsters pick Rayleen up as she dropped her weapon. She kicked and screamed and Tifa was reminded how she was once helpless in Him’s claws years ago. The creature flew off to the east side and flew down the building but Tifa was not going to have it. She ran from behind Cloud as he yelled to stop her but she didn’t listen.

For a moment she thought as her heart felt like it stopped beating, “What would Rayleen do?” And then she forced herself to move faster. She ran to the edge of the building and jumped off the top of City Station. She closed her eyes with her arms out as her hair blew in the wind. She felt the thrill in her heart that raced through her body.

Tifa opened her eyes and saw the dark figure below her that was holding Rayleen. It was still flying down as if it was free falling as well. But Tifa was getting closer because it spread its wings to slow down. She braced herself for impact.
She landed on top of the monster. But she wasn’t ready for the pain. Her stomach felt like it was going to burst open, but she fought the pain. Tifa had to hold on to its wings as it attempted to shake her off, but doing the only thing she possibly do, she raised her fist, felt the adrenaline rush and smashed it into the monster’s skull. She hit again and again as it screeched.

After many of Tifa’s punches, it finally let go of Rayleen and started to fly off but Tifa quickly jumped off of it to try to get to Rayleen. Tifa could see Rayleen’s fiery hair in the moon light as they fell closer and closer to the ground. Tifa reached out to Rayleen and grabbed her hand. Tifa had to think of what to do. And again she thought of the only thing she was capable of doing. She held tight to Rayleen’s hand and started to spin around in the air over and over again. Tifa timed it perfectly as she launched Rayleen off and Rayleen landed on top of a building as she painfully rolled over and over.

But Tifa wasn’t safe. It was only a matter of seconds before she hit the ground. But she never hit it. Tifa felt something grabbed her under her arms and swoop down slower to the ground. It gently let go of Tifa when she was close enough, but Tifa didn’t land on her feet. She fell to the floor and pushed herself up. She heard the thing that saved her land behind her with strong flapping of its wings.

Tifa turned as she sat on the ground looking up. A majestic figure with big white wings stood in front of her. The angel was wearing white and her hair was white too. She had a blind fold covering her eyes but it seemed as if she could still see. It was the angel that was watching over the battle back at the Nuclear Plant.

“Who are you?” Tifa asked as she started to get up from the floor. The angel held out her hand and Tifa grabbed her as she was softly helped up. It was difficult for Tifa to read her face. “Thank you,” Tifa added as she wiped her outfit off and wiped her hair out of her face.

“TIFA!” She heard Rayleen yell from overhead. Tifa looked up and saw the dark figure of Rayleen waving at her from over the edge of the building Tifa threw her on. Tifa smiled but it was quickly wiped off her face as she saw another flying monster sweep over Rayleen and grab her. It must have been the same one. “NO!” Tifa yelled as Rayleen screamed again. The monster flew off to the east over the buildings where they came from.

“RAYLEEN!” Tifa yelled as she started running down the block following the monster. She left the angel behind as she ran leaving City Station. She never let the Wild Wing leave her sight. She was running through a park now and she tried her best to keep up with the monster as it flew overhead above the trees that blocked her sight. Tifa managed to look through the leaves from the branches that hung above her and she saw Rayleen kicking and screaming. The moon was over head and it shone a light veil over the land.

Tifa had to stop when she came to a river that was in a clearing. “NO,” she screamed as Rayleen’s screams grew quieter as the monster flew across the sky above the river. Tifa was panting but she couldn’t rest. She looked at the other side and could see what looked like a big mountain in the middle of the city. It looked like a volcano.

Tifa stepped back a little attempt to jump into the river. She ran trying to gain speed and when she jumped into the air something picked her up. Instead of falling into the water she was being raised higher and higher. She looked up to see that the angel was helping her once more.

“Hold on,” she said with a voice that flowed down Tifa’s body with warmth. The angel flew fast as the volcano was getting closer and Rayleen’s yells were getting louder.
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Chapter 12. Battle for Mojo’s Volcano

Tifa couldn’t see the monster in the darkness but the moon was giving off a bright light. It was full.

But she could still hear Rayleen screaming. “RAYLEEN!” Tifa yelled out as the angel flew her towards the volcano. Tifa could see dozens of monsters (Wild Wings) flying around the volcano but not one got close to the angel carrying her. Tifa couldn’t pick out which one had Rayleen.

“Destroy them all,” a voice yelled from below, “I command you for I am MOJO JOJO!” Mojo’s minions flew into the air with their jet packs and started attacking the flying monsters that threatened his volcano. The monkeys screeched as they did everything they could to take down the aliens.

“Can you take me down?” Tifa asked the angel and she started to descend. As Tifa got closer to the ground she was nervous because she saw the floor. It looked like glass but when the angel put Tifa down the glass was as hard as concrete. Tifa saw what looked like a park underneath. Of course Mojo had to have a place that stood out no matter what it took.

Tifa hurried to Mojo with the angel behind her. She saw that other kids were with him. “Okay,” he quickly spoke to the kids who were armed with guns, “you inferior children must not be afraid for being afraid is for cowards and I, Mojo Jojo, will not have any cowards who are afraid.” One by one the monkeys took each of the kids as they flew into the air and the kids shot down the aliens as the monkeys carried them around the volcano.

“Mojo!” Tifa called out to him over the yells of the creatures above, “I can help!”

He took a moment before he spoke as he stared at the winged girl in white that was behind Tifa. “Then what are you doing on the ground?” He finally spoke, “The fight is in the air, not on the ground which there is no fighting. Take a weapon that is behind me so you can fight in the air and not the ground.” He pointed to a pile of weapons that more his monkeys were giving out.

“Thank you Mojo,” Tifa told him. She turned to the angel. “Will you help me?”

“Of course,” she answered with that breath taking voice.

“Then hurry,” Mojo yelled, “for there is no time for chatting for I, Mojo Jojo,
want to stop these menacing creatures from destroying the volcano that belongs to me, Mojo Jojo.”

Tifa hurried to the weapons. There many varieties to choose from but it was a sword that caught her eye. She saw the blue handle of a sword in its blue and gold scabbard. She grabbed it and strapped it over her back. It fit perfectly over Tifa and she reached back to grab the handle and took it out. She examined the sword (Valerion sword) as the moonlight reflected off the long blade.

“Are you ready?” The angel asked behind her. Tifa turned around to see that the angel’s wings were spread and Tifa was frozen with amazement. As soon as she nodded the angel grabbed her waist and flapped her powerful wings and took to the sky.

Tifa held her sword in her hands as she tried to see where the monster that had Rayleen flew off to. The angel flew around the volcano and Tifa could see the kids firing their guns as the monkeys flew them around. The angel flew right over one of Wild Wings and Tifa swung her sword and took off one of its wings. It screeched as it fell to the glass ground.

“Fly me higher!” Tifa yelled to the angel. She was raised high above the volcano but couldn’t see any sign of Rayleen. “No!” Tifa cried. Just then one of the aliens came flying towards them. It knocked into them and the angel dropped Tifa as she dropped her sword.

Tifa fell through the cold air as the wind ran through her hair. Her screams filled the sky. “AAAAAAHHHHHH,” Tifa yelled. She saw that she was falling above Mojo’s observatory with the big telescope on it that was on top of the volcano. It was coming closer. Right before she was going to land face first on the observatory roof one of the flying aliens flew below her and she landed on it.

It screeched as Tifa rolled off the monster’s back and fell on her own back right on top of the hard metal observatory. Luckily the alien cut Tifa’s fall short, who knows how bad she would have been hurt if she fell straight to the observatory with her sword landing next to her (phew, close call). Pain ran through her body as she fell unconscious.


Tifa opened her eyes to see that she was standing in a bright green meadow. The sun was out and birds were chirping. She saw Rayleen a few feet away from her. She was giving her a bright smile. Tifa smiled back. Rayleen held her hand out and Tifa took it. She led her while they ran around the meadow and laughed. All was well.

The weather was perfect and the girls couldn’t stop smiling. They both dived to floor and rolled over as they lay on their backs on the soft grass and they laughed at the sky. Rayleen got up and Tifa did so right after. They stood smiling at each other but just then Rayleen was pulled into the air by an invisible force. All Tifa could do was look in confusion as her friend was taken away from her into the bright blue sky. Rayleen spread her arms out as she faded into the distance. The sun blinded Tifa’s eyes.


Tifa gained consciousness again. She opened her eyes to the bright moon. Aliens and monkeys were flying over head. She felt the metal base of the observatory beneath her back. Tifa slowly stood up as she groaned from the pain. She felt that the observatory was rotating. She had to carefully stand up and balance herself from slipping off. It continued to rotate as its telescope moved up and down. She was really high up.

Right next to her she saw her sword. She picked it up and held it tight as she saw one of the Wild Wings spot her. It circled her and landed on the observatory. It was a little taller than Tifa but its wings made it look enormous. Tifa positioned herself to attack.

The alien then hovered above the observatory and swung one of its clawed legs to swipe Tifa. But she swung her sword and deflected the attack as the alien screeched in pain. It stroked with its other leg but Tifa was too fast for it. But this attack almost made Tifa slip and fall as the observatory kept rotating.

Her hair was blowing in the wind and it covered her face. She let go of her sword with her right hand and brushed her hair back from her view. But that was her mistake. The alien spread out its wings and stroked her with one when she wasn’t ready.

Tifa let go of her sword as she was launched on her back. She started to slip off the top and she had to dig her nails of her left hand into the metal to do anything to stop herself from falling off. Tifa bit her lip hard as her nails left long scratch marks and felt like they were going to come off. She managed to stop herself. But then she heard the scrapping of metal-on-metal and looked up to see that her sword was next to the moving telescope and it was slipping off the top of the observatory.

Tifa quickly crawled to stop the sword from falling over, ignoring the pain of her left hand fingers. She launched herself on top of the telescope and wrapped her left arm around it. As the telescope lowered she reached out to the sword with her right hand and grabbed it just in time.

Tifa wrapped her arms around the moving telescope with her sword still in her right hand as the telescope raised. For that moment when she retrieved her sword she forgot about the alien. She gasped at the pain in her fingers and heard the strong flapping of its wings. She turned her head to see the alien right behind her.

Tifa quickly and carefully turned around as the telescope lowered again which saved her from being attacked as the alien swung its wing. It barely missed her head. When the telescope came back up she launched herself off. She rolled on the floor of the observatory roof and quickly got up as she balanced herself again from falling over.

The alien spread its wings as it launched itself at Tifa. She held her sword out as the monster landed on top of her taking her down. It lay on top of Tifa as they both were motionless.


Tifa put her sword right through the alien when it launched at her and she killed it instantly. It was heavier than anything she ever felt. Then something started to burn her. The alien was oozing out fusion matter and then it exploded.

“AAAHHHH!” Tifa shrieked at the burning pain from the fusion matter that covered every inch of her as she lay on the top of the observatory. She started flailing her body. She attempted to wipe it off but her hands began to burn and her tattered finger nails burned from the fusion matter that was seeping into her exposed wounds.

“SOMEONE HELP!” She screamed with her teeth clenched in pain as tears fell down her face. More tears ran down when she thought of Rayleen. Tifa felt that she failed her. “RAYLEEN!” She shrieked in heart ache. She looked as if she was having a spasm; she rocked from side to side, kicked her legs, clenched her fists, and threw her head back as she squeezed her eyes shut, but nothing made the pain go away.

“Somebody please,” Tifa’s yells were now whispers as she sobbed. “Please,” she breathed desperately as she let out more sobs from the excruciating burning sensation that spread through her body. She thought of Violet, her best friend. She wished that Violet would be able to live on without her. She thought of Daisy and how their renewed friendship was too short. When she thought of Rayleen, her sobs joined those that came from her physical pain. She hoped that if her parents were still alive, they would not mourn over her. Then Tifa thought of Cloud. She hurt from thinking what she would miss. Tears rushed down her face.

“Anyone…please,” she was too weak to yell out. “…please… help…me…”

The bright full moon was above Tifa, as she stared at it, feeling that she would be up there soon, but a figure covered it with its wings spread out. Tifa heard the flapping of the angel’s strong wings as she flew down and picked Tifa up in her arms. The angel flew off the top of the observatory and Tifa rested her head on the white figure’s shoulder. The wind helped the pain but she still felt the horrible fire of the fusion matter that dug in her skin. She saw that she was being taken away from the volcano as they flew to the north. She turned her head back to see where she was being carried. She saw a garden on a man-made plateau that was to the west.

The angel started to descend and Tifa saw that they were dropping down to a big man-made pond. The angel stepped into the water that went up to her waist. She lowered Tifa’s entire body into the water. It cooled her off. The water wrapped around Tifa and the burning began to fade as the fusion matter was being washed off. The fire in her body was extinguished. Her worries were washed away and Tifa wanted to be under that water forever.
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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Tifa Twilight Season 2   Wed Apr 29, 2009 10:48 pm

Chapter 13. After the Storm

Tifa was lifted out of the water as soon as the fusion matter had washed away. She was still in serious condition but she would live. Tifa looked at the angel carrying her but she was too weak to say anything. She wanted to thank her for all that she did.

The angel flapped her wings as the wind created waves that splashed out of the pond’s rims. Tifa felt the air cool her off as she was carried into the sky. The stars were out and she gazed into their eyes as they watched over her. They brought her an angel. Tifa looked to the angel but her eyes were too heavy to stay open.


Tifa opened her eyes to she was standing in the meadow. She was staring into the sky that Rayleen was carried to by the invisible hand. All Tifa wanted to do was fly. At that thought, Tifa heard a noise that sounded like wings spreading out. She looked down and all around the meadow that was surrounded by bright trees, but no creature was in sight.

It was the shadow that caught her eye. The grassy floor in front of Tifa casted the shadow of a girl who had big wings. Was it the angel?

It was Tifa’s shadow. She looked to see the great white wings that sprung of out her back. Tifa looked back to the sky as she flapped her wings and lifted from the ground. She flew higher into the blue sky. Her hair was flying free as the wind pushed it back. “I’m coming Rayleen,” she breathed as she closed her eyes to take in the thrill of the sky, “I’m coming.”


Tifa felt the bed beneath her as she came around. She slowly opened her heavy eyes to see that she was lying down in a hospital. The curtains of the windows let the morning sun escape into the room. But she wasn’t in the big medical room like the one she woke up in the day before. She was in a small regular room that only contained her.

Tifa slowly sat up as she tried to fight the soreness all over her body. She saw that she was wearing a hospital gown. Her clothes must have been completely destroyed. It was a shame because she liked her outfit. Her hair rested on her shoulders in knots but Tifa didn’t bother to fix it. She saw someone sitting down on a chair to her right and he was resting his head on the bed next to her right arm. He held Tifa’s right hand in both of his. His face was resting in his arms. It was Cloud.

Tifa lifted her left arm to run her fingers through his hair but she noticed pain coming from her fingers. She looked at her left hand. Bandages were wrapped around her fingers. Her finger nails must have been totally destroyed. She winced as she tried to stretch them. So she simply patted Cloud on the head. He began to stir.

“Ugh,” he moaned as he opened his amazing blue eyes from the long night before. He slowly lifted his head, sat up and stretched. When he noticed Tifa was awake he gave her a radiant smile. “How are you feeling?” He asked as he put his hands over Tifa’s right one.

“I’m really sore,” she softly answered. They gave each other tired smiles and Tifa felt the smooth comfort that Cloud gave her. “Is everyone okay?” Tifa asked him.

“Yeah,” he answered, “the must be getting breakfast. They were here last night. We’re in the hospital at OffWorld Plaza.”

“So what happened with you guys?” She asked.

“We took out most of the Wild Wings at the top of City Station,” Cloud recalled, “I was really afraid that you fell to your death. But there was no sign of your body anywhere. But Ben had to take us to the OffWorld Plaza to help take out the aliens there. But I couldn’t stay focused as we battled and neither could the girls.”

Tifa started feeling guilty that she made her friends worry that she died. She remembered how she felt when she thought her friends were dead. “But later,” he continued, “Mojo called Ben and said that an angel was battling over at his volcano. We didn’t know why but the girls and I felt that we would find you. Something just called us to go. We went into a scamper with Ben. I don’t think I’ll ever forget what I saw last night.”

Cloud brought back the memories of the previous night.


The scamper landed and Cloud followed Daisy and Violet out with Rosie and Green behind him. They just arrived from Offworld Plaza. The stepped out into the night and saw a big volcano in front of them. Mojo was speaking to his minions as the kids approached him. A battle had just occurred.

“I, Mojo Jojo, have led a victory in protecting the amazing volcano that belongs to me, Mojo Jojo,” he ranted as his monkeys landed with kids in their hands. The kids cheered for their victory.

“We took those Wild Wings down!”

“They didn’t stand a chance!”

“Did you see that girl fight the alien on top!?”

“I’m hungry.”

“Excuse me,” Cloud said to Mojo, “do you know where our friend Tifa is?” Daisy and Violet worriedly waited for Mojo’s answer.

“Ah yes,” he answered, “the girl in white that fought in the air and not the ground. Well she, the girl in white, was carried by that angel, who happened to be in white as well, around the volcano that belongs to me, Mojo Jojo.”

“Just get to the point, monkey, no one is even understands what you say most of the time!” Violet yelled at his blabbering. Mojo leered at her but then gave in to her loud request.

“Well,” he continued, “I think she was the one that fought without fear, which is for cowards for they have much fear, on top of the observatory that belongs to me, Mojo Jojo. Then she was carried away by the angel, who I, Mojo Jojo, was not afraid of just to let you know, for I am Mojo Jojo, fearless to all!”

They all looked at each other, not knowing what to do. Cloud noticed Green’s tentacles were gone. He didn’t have his jacket on but it seemed that there was no sign that they were even there. And then he noticed something about Rosie. Since seeing what Green was hiding he paid more attention to others. He swore he could see something moving on her back underneath the jacket she was wearing. Was she hiding something like wings or tentacles? What kind of friends did Rayleen have?

But he forgot about them when everyone looked to the sky. They looked to the full moon as a winged figure came down from it. It was an angel. They all looked in amazement. The angel in white landed next to them with a girl in her arms. The girl was unconscious and she looked in bad shape. Her clothes were stained with fusion matter and her hair was tangled. It was Tifa!

Daisy and Violet ran to her side. The angel put her down on the glass floor and Daisy bent down and rested Tifa’s head on her knees. Violet bent down and held Tifa’s hand tight. Cloud rushed to them. Rosie and Green worriedly looked over them. A monkey flew down with a nice sword in his hands. “Here,” Jibba Jabba the monkey said, “I think this must be hers.” Violet took the sword and examined it.

“We need to get her to the hospital,” Cloud said as he picked up Tifa in his arms. Violet and Daisy stood up by his side. Cloud looked at the angel but couldn’t find a word to say to her except, “Thank you,” he said as he started to make his way to the scamper.

“Wait,” Mojo said, “we need all the help we can get to defend this volcano that belongs to me, Mojo Jojo.”

“I’ll help,” Green said as he walked to Mojo and his army of kids and monkeys.

“I’ll stay too,” Rosie said as she took off her jacket. She was hiding something. On her back was a small pair of retracted black bat-like wings. But then she spread them and everyone gasped with shock.

“What is it with all these children?” Mojo asked.

Cloud couldn’t stay to talk. He nodded in gratitude to the angel and he hurried to the scamper with Violet and Daisy behind him. Cloud took a seat as he had Tifa on his lap. She was in bad shape. But he felt her soft heart beat. Daisy sat next to him as she pet Tifa’s head. Violet hurried to the pilot.

“Get us to the nearest hospital!” She ordered as she hurried back to sit on the other side of Cloud. The three of them studied Tifa as the scamper flew to the hospital. All they could do was hope she would be fine until they got her to proper care.


Tifa sat in the bed looking at Cloud after he told her what happened the previous night. She was filled with comfort knowing that they stood with her. “Oh yeah,” Cloud remembered as he pointed to the sword in its scabbard that lay on a chair across the room, “there’s your sword, well your new one. And your mask too.” Next to the sword lay a small yellow mask. It wasn’t ruined in any way.

“Wait,” she said, “did you stay here all night?”

“Um,” Cloud said, “well…yeah.”

“Thanks,” Tifa replied as she smiled at Cloud. She knew he really cared for her and Tifa felt the same way about him. She only knew him for a day but she never felt this close to anyone besides her girls. But Cloud was a boy, so her feelings for him were different.

They smiled at each other in silence for a moment. Then Cloud stood up and leaned over the bed. His face got closer to Tifa’s. She leaned forward ready for her first ki- but just then two girls came giggling through the door as they walked arm in arm. Both Tifa and Cloud quickly sat back as the girls came to her bed.

For a moment, Tifa was frustrated seeing Daisy and Violet, but then she became
comforted knowing that they were safe. “Oh good you’re awake,” Violet said after she took a moment noticing the mood between Tifa and Cloud. She walked to the right side of the bed as she ran her fingers through Tifa’s tangled hair. “You’re a trooper,” Daisy said as she held Tifa’s left hand.

Violet turned around and went into the small bathroom. She returned with a brush. Violet brushed Tifa’s hair as Daisy brought in some breakfast for Tifa. Cloud stood by her side the whole time. For a while they talked and laughed. But she had to bring up something.

“Um,” she said as she finished swallowing her last piece of toast, “do you guys know what happened to Rayleen?”

The three of them looked at each other in silence. “Well,” Cloud answered, “we honestly don’t know anything more than you do.” This answer made Tifa feel worse. The mood in the room became gloomy. They lost a friend. But the worst part was that they didn’t know what happened to Rayleen. But would knowing make them feel any better?

“Hello,” a sweet voice spoke from the door. They all looked to see Bubbles walk in with clothes in her hands.

“Hi Bubbles,” Tifa happily greeted her hero.

“I heard what happened,” she continued with her bubbly voice. “You’re like a little kitty-cat with nine cute little lives. Thanks for all your help. All of you guys. And well Tifa these things were sent to you.”

Bubbles hand her the clothes. Tifa held a beautiful shirt in front of her. It was like the outfit she had on before. It was a long sleeve, thin, white blouse but instead of having a red ribbon on its chest and around the neck collar, it had a purple one. Violet looked at the heels that Bubbles was holding. Of course they were like Tifa’s other white heels, but they had purple designs on them.

“And this of course,” Bubbles said as she showed Tifa a new, cute, white skirt.

“Thank you,” Tifa said.

“Oh, and it came with a note,” Bubbles took out a fold piece of paper from her pocket and handed it to Tifa. Tifa opened it up and saw that it was from Mandy. It read:

Hey Tifa,
Well I heard what happened. Yeah, news travels fast. People are big mouths around here. So I thought I should send you a gift. Be happy ‘cuz I never give out gifts. But you’re actually useful so I thought you may need it. Anyway, I noticed that some clothes were missing from my house. At first I got mad, thinking some little brat took them, but then I saw your clothes that you left behind and thought it was okay. Enjoy the clothes. Well, yeah that’s it. Later.

- From Mandy

P.S. Don’t you tell anyone you got them from me! Got it?!

Tifa smiled as she finished the note. “Who’s it from?” Violet asked.

“Oh, just a friend,” Tifa answered.

“Do you think you can get up?” Daisy asked.

“I think I can,” Tifa answered, “but I’ll be sore.” They all helped Tifa get up. It hurt her at first but then her body just ached. She knew she could take it. Bubbles helped her dress into her new clothes in the bathroom.

“You sure are tough,” Bubbles said as she combed Tifa’s hair into a ponytail.

“Thanks,” Tifa replied, “but not as good as you. You’re a Powerpuff Girl.”

Bubbles giggled and continued, “But you know you also have power and puff in you. So you’re a Powerpuff Girl to me.”

Tifa wiped her eyes from the tears that were emerging and turned to give Bubbles a hug. She really needed the comfort. They giggled as they get out of the bathroom. Tifa saw that Violet, Daisy and Cloud weren’t the only ones in the room. Ben and Gwen stood at the other side of the room. Daisy was smiling because she looked up to Gwen.

“You must be Tifa,” Gwen said with her long red hair that ran down her back, “I’m Gwen, Ben’s cousin. There’s something we should tell you that you should know.”

Tifa leaned against the bed with Bubbles by her side. “We should take you to our grandfather,” Ben said.

“Why?” Tifa asked them.

“It’s about your parents,” Gwen answered. Tifa looked at her as she prepared to hear the worst. “He knows where they are,” Gwen finished as the room became silent. Ben and Gwen looked back at her. Tifa didn’t know what to feel.
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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Tifa Twilight Season 2   Wed Apr 29, 2009 10:51 pm

Chapter 14. Into the Wild

Tifa still felt sore as she followed Ben and Gwen down the hall to exit the hospital. But that was shadowed by her excitement of finding out where her parents were. But neither Ben nor Gwen told her what kind of state they were in. Were they safe? Were they in danger?

Cloud was on Tifa’s left and wrapped his arm around her to help her walk. Bubbles was on her right. Tifa didn’t need that help much, but she didn’t mind. Daisy and Violet followed them as they made their way into the waiting room. “Hold on,” Gwen said as she, Ben, and Bubbles went to the reception counter and talked to the girl behind it.

Cloud sat Tifa down on one of the seats that were in rows and he went to the receptionist as well. “I need to go to the restroom,” Daisy said.

“Me too,” Violet said, “but I’ll stay with Tifa ‘till you get back.”

“No it’s okay,” Tifa gestured them to go, “I need a little time alone right now.”

“Okay,” Violet said reluctantly. She patted Tifa’s hand that was resting on her knees and the girls walked away and down the hall. Tifa looked at her left hand. She didn’t want to unwrap it to see how bad her nails were. The bandages made her fingers hard to move though. She tried not to think about her parents. What if she found out that they were dead…No! She shook her head of the thoughts.

“Are you okay?” A boy asked that sat next to her. She looked to see a brown haired boy. Tifa notice that one of his arms wasn’t his arm...well it was his but it seemed as if his real arm was replaced. She tried not to stare “My name is Proto,”
he said as he held out his “hand”.

“Oh,” he realized, “sorry, it’s new.” They both laughed.

“I’m Tifa,” she replied, “a lot just happened these past days. But I’m okay.”

“A lot more is coming,” Proto said, “this war isn’t close to over.”

“I know,” Tifa thought this over, “I love the thrill of action, but right now I wish that I was home with my parents. I actually wish I was at school.”

“Yeah,” Proto replied, “this war has that effect. It’s bigger than anything I’ve faced.”

“But it has its ups,” Tifa said, “I have met new people, and I’ve been reunited with two…friends.” Tifa had to take a pause when she thought of Rayleen.

“That’s a good way of thinking,” he said, “looking at the bright side.”

“It helps when you’re down.”

“You’re right,” he replied as he examined his arm, “I do have bright sides for this new thing.”

“See,” Tifa pointed out, “yay you.”

“Thanks,” he said as he smiled and then something on him beeped. He checked it and addressed Tifa again, “I have to go but it was nice meeting you. I hope we meet again.”

“Thanks,” Tifa said as Proto walked out of the hospital entrance. Tifa needed to be comforted.

Violet and Daisy made their way back to Tifa. They helped Tifa up and walked to the reception counter where the others were. “Alright,” Ben told them, “follow us out to the Space port.”

“Our grandpa there’s,” Gwen said as they all walked through the automatic doors. The sun shined on them. Tifa saw a nice fountain in the middle of the hospital driveway. But in the distance she saw a port with space ships that towered over everything. “Well,” Bubbles said, “it’s my time to go.”

“Thank you Bubbles,” Tifa said as she softly hugged her. Bubbles smiled to the rest and took to the sky, leaving her signature blue trail. “Look,” Cloud said from behind the girls.

They looked behind them into the sky that Bubbles flew into. Tifa saw the building they came out of that had a sign with a green cross on top of it, but it was the green planet that caught their eyes. “It looks like it got closer,” Daisy said.

“That’s not good,” Violet replied.

“It’s okay,” Ben assured them, “we are all gonna do whatever it takes to take it out.”

They walked down the long driveway and Tifa saw the wreckage in OffWorld Plaza that was left behind from the battle that happened the previous night. They finally walked to the entrance of the Space Port. Ben and Gwen led them to the back building. But the group looked up to the amazing ships that surrounded them. To their right were rockets that looked like they were ready to take off. Behind those were these big sphere-looking buildings. To their right were tall buildings and a space shuttle. The building they were heading towards had a big hologram on top that looked like a planet but it had constellations on it.

When they entered it, they were brought into an air conditioned waiting room that had curious characters walking about. They were dressed in red suits and had helmets on. “They’re Plumbers,” Gwen answered their unspoken questions. But what they saw brought up more questions.

“This way,” Ben led them through a hallway that led to a single door. It opened on its own and let them in. Ben and Gwen walked to a man that was standing behind a desk in the middle of the room. Tifa along with the others looked at where they were. It looked like they were in a control room with computers on every wall. They could see video footage on multiple screens.

Grim was on one trying to run from Billy at a place that looked like a sea port. Numbuh 2 was eating a chilly dog while he spoke to Numbuh 5 who made her distance from him so she wouldn’t get dirty. Numbuh 3 was planting flowers next to a big purple tree that looked like it had a face on its trunk. And a stumpy boy spoke to a group of kids as he sat on a throne that was in the middle of a block that was surrounded by walls that were made of boxes.

“This is Grandpa Max,” Gwen said as she and Ben stood on both sides of him. The older man had white hair and was wearing a red shirt with flower designs on them. Tifa and the others greeted him with waves and smiles.

“Which one of you is Tifa?” Max asked softly.

“I am,” Tifa answered as she stepped forward. Max made his way around the table to stand in front of Tifa.

“It’s nice to meet you,” he said, “I’ve heard of the things you have done. And I think that you deserve to know something.”

“Is it about my parents?” Tifa asked anxiously.

“Yes,” he said as she bit her lip nervously, “what do your parents do for a

“Um, well my mom is a house mom and my dad works at City Hall.”

Max smiled as he continued, “have you kept your time in the KND a secret from them?”

“Well,” she answered, “that was one of the rules and I am completely devoted to them…so yeah I never told them.”

“Have they kept secrets from you?” He asked as he dug deeper into Tifa’s knowledge.

“I don’t think so,” Tifa thought, “unless they did weird stuff they didn’t want to tell me, then yeah…they were normal parents.”

“Well,” Max continued as he made his way to the back of the desk next to his grandchildren, “then they took their jobs devotionally as well.”

“I’m sorry Mister Tennison,” Tifa said confused, “but I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Just call me Max,” he answered, “well I should just get to the point then. Your parents used to work with me, Tifa.”

“When?” She asked.

“It was several years ago but you were already born. But when you became a teen they retired.”

“What kind of work did they do?”

“Well,” Max continued, “they were Plumbers. They helped deal with extra-terrestrial and paranormal phenomenon with this planet.” Tifa didn’t know what to say. She took a moment before she was able to address Max.

“Um,” she breathed, “but does that have to do with why they are missing?”

“Yes,” he answered which proved that they were missing, “the night of the invasion, which was three nights ago, the plumbers gathered to help uncover the mystery of the aliens.”

Tifa knew that they must have left after she went to bed that night. “I met up with them,” he continued, “They spoke of you. They said they hoped this would blow over before the morning so you wouldn’t wonder if they were missing. But of course…”

“Yeah,” Tifa softly smiled, “that’s what ended up happening. But where are they now?”

“Yes,” he answered, “that night they went off to the Wilds to help with infestations there. But I am sorry to say that I have not heard a word from them since.”

“Thank you,” Tifa said. She felt that they were still alive. She knew she inherited her strength from them. They were strong adults. They were her parents. If they could survive raising a teenage girl then they could do anything.

“They’re alive,” Violet said from behind. Tifa turned to look at her. “You know they are,” she assured Tifa.

“Yeah,” Tifa nodded softly in agreement.

“I was wondering if you wanted to lead a mission there.” Max told her.

“A mission?” Tifa quickly looked back to Max.

“Yes,” he answered, “many of those aliens have taken kids from all over the city and suburbs and we have been informed by the heroes at Mt. Blackhead that they have spotted the monsters take the kids into the mountains and forests. You could lead your group and help free the kids from the aliens. Not much is sure about the status of the kids or where exactly they are being taken, but you all can help uncover the mystery.”

“Of course we can,” Violet said as she nodded her head.

“That’s what we are here for,” Daisy cheerfully said. Cloud nodded his head and gave Max a smirk.

“Oh guys!” Ben announced, “I forgot to tell you about your friend, Rachel.”

“You mean Rayleen?” Tifa anxiously asked while the girls moved to both sides of her. They all held each others’ hands. Cloud put a hand on Tifa’s shoulder.

“Yeah her,” Ben answered, “there was an angel when I went to Mojo’s volcano last night when I went to check up with Mojo. She was the one that was carrying you, Tifa. She said after she dropped you during battle she spotted the alien that was carrying your friend, Rayleen.”

“Is she safe?” Tifa interrupted.

“Well,” Ben continued, “the angel said she followed it over the suburbs and saw it go head in the directions of the mountains that the wilds reside behind. She went back for you when she realized that Mojo’s volcano was first priority. So you may find Rayleen when you search the wilds.”

All Tifa and the others could do was nod their heads. “I’ll be going with you,” Gwen said as she walked to them, “we’ll find them. We’ll find them all.” Gwen reached out to Tifa and grabbed her hand. They smiled to each other.


The scamper that was going to take them to Mt. Blackhead arrived in front of the Space Port. “Good luck,” Ben said to them as they boarded the scamper. Gwen was closing the door as she spoke to Ben who was outside.

“Be careful,” she told him with a motherly voice.

“Yeah I know, I know,” he replied.

“Ben I mean it,” she shot back.

“Okay,” he said with a respectful tone, “you too.”

Gwen nodded as she closed the door. They all strapped in as the scamper took to the air. Gwen sat in the back of the aircraft next to Tifa and Cloud. Violet and Daisy sat right behind the pilot in the front half. The ride to Mt. Blackhead was going well. They flew over the city and the suburbs to the forest.

“Look,” Daisy said as she pointed out the small windows. They could see the forest and mountains of the wilds below. “I remember coming here when we did missions or the KND,” Violet said.

Cloud had his hand resting on his leg. Tifa put her hand down over his. He turned to her and gave her that brilliant smile. She smiled back as they talked with their eyes. For a moment they didn’t notice the turbulence. The scamper was flying rougher. “What’s going on?” Gwen asked to pilot.

“I’m not sure,” the kid answered back, “maybe just a little engine trouble-”

But just then the scamper began to shake violently. Green light could be seen from the windows and they looked to the windshield of the aircraft to see that green beams of energy were being shot at them. “BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!” The scamper’s siren wailed as a red light flashed.

“Hold on!” The pilot yelled over the sirens. Then they heard the ripping of metal which is not an attractive sound. Big winged wasps (Dark Skeeters) were taking apart the aircraft from the outside. They all unstrapped themselves to get ready to defend the scamper but they weren’t fast enough. The scamper was split in two pieces right down the middle. Tifa saw the pilot try to take control of the aircraft not noticing the scamper was completely ripped in half and destroyed and wind rushed all around them. Tifa saw Violet and Daisy look back as their hair blew ferociously with the wind. They were on the front half of the ship and Tifa, Gwen, and Cloud were in the back half that were now complete detached and divided.

Tifa saw Violet and Daisy’s worried faces as the front half which they were in with the pilot grew distant from the back half. Tifa lost sight of the front half of the scamper as it flew away. “Violet…Daisy,” Tifa breathed. They were all going to crash to their deaths. Tifa, Cloud, and Gwen held on to their seats trying not to fly away but Cloud didn’t hold on tight enough.

“TIFA!” He yelled as he flew out of the piece of the scamper and he fell through the air and disappeared through the chaos.

“CLOUD NO!” Tifa yelled as she put out an arm to the air as if it would bring him back. Tifa felt herself being lifted from her seat but before the wind forced her to fly out of the piece of scamper, Gwen grabbed her arm and pulled her back in. The piece swirled as it fell closer to the ground. The air rushed in and was suffocating the girls with the pressure.

“HOLD ON TO ME!” Gwen forced out the last of her breath as Tifa wrapped her arms around her waist. “Oh god,” Tifa heard Gwen breath. Hearing that, Tifa knew that Gwen giving up hope meant they were definitely going to die.

Tifa forced her eyes open to see that a thick pink light was glowing from Gwen’s hands. “DON’T LET GO!” Gwen yelled. Then Tifa felt Gwen fly out of the back piece of the aircraft taking Tifa with her. They fell through the cold air, and Tifa made sure she listened to Gwen, and she held on to her tight. As they spun around through the air and closer to the ground, the girls needed to think fast, and Gwen let go of Tifa with one arm and Tifa saw that Gwen pointed her arm through the air and a beam of the thick pink light shot towards the ground. Tifa looked at Gwen and saw the worry in her eyes. Then she felt Gwen let go of her completely.

“GWEEEEEEN,” Tifa yelled as her body flipped through the air and she saw the ground spinning in front of her. “AAAAHHHHH,” she continued screaming as the floor came closer.
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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Tifa Twilight Season 2   Thu Apr 30, 2009 3:19 pm

Just read the chapter and it was as AWESOME as always
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I agree with that. This story never ceases to amaze me. It is awesome.
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The Adventures of Tifa Twilight Season 2
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