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 2/17/14 Transitioning Era

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PostSubject: 2/17/14 Transitioning Era   2/17/14 Transitioning Era EmptyMon Feb 17, 2014 12:00 pm

As many of you already know, the forum is in a slow transitioning stance from being a Fusionfall primary, to an MLP primary. It's slowed down because it's not an urgent need currently for Equestria Forums to need a fix move.

However, if your an old member here, or a Brony that just discovered the site (Whether from EqF or not), feel free to join in and make ANY topic in the temporary section.

If you are a mod of Equestria Forums, your status will indeed carry over here. There is no mod over there that I do not trust. Wink 

Currently, I have no idea how long the transition stance will be... We'll just have to find out.


2/17/14 Transitioning Era Greenganon-o
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2/17/14 Transitioning Era
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