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 12/22/12 New Age

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12/22/12 New Age Left_bar_bleue1000/100012/22/12 New Age Empty_bar_bleue  (1000/1000)
12/22/12 New Age Left_bar_bleue1000/100012/22/12 New Age Empty_bar_bleue  (1000/1000)
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PostSubject: 12/22/12 New Age   12/22/12 New Age EmptySat Dec 22, 2012 12:55 pm

The site is about to change entirely. Please look at the new, Green Forums 2013 section for more information. I basically am just writing this here for a historical
date, to keep as a note in the future to use to explain the timeline of the site. Ehh... You know. Technical shit.


12/22/12 New Age Greenganon-o
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12/22/12 New Age
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