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 Jet's Codes

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Samurai Jet
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PostSubject: Jet's Codes   Sat Jun 23, 2012 9:55 pm

Yeah...even though I haven't come here and post in a while, I might as well start now,'s way too quiet and SOMEONE has to at least bring some life back to this place!

-takes a deep breath before continuing-

Sorry about carried away for a bit.

So anyways, I'm going to post my 3DS friend code and the games I can play currently online. I'm always ready to play on Sunday mornings, but I sometimes play during the weekdays as well. If you want to send a challenge, let me know on this thread or by PM. I must warn you though.....I won't be so easy to beat. ^.^

On a side note, I'll also be posting this on the other site, so to the challengers, all I have to say is....bring it on!

Games I play currently:

Mario Kart 7
Sonic Generations
Kid Icarus Uprising
Mario Tennis Open

My 3DS Friend Code is: 3437 - 3679 - 9613
The Mii I use for these games is Jet (except for Mario Tennis Open, in which the Mii I use is Max).
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Jet's Codes
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