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 Ian's Stories

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Ian Gamma

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PostSubject: Ian's Stories   Wed Apr 27, 2011 6:47 pm

So, I'm currently writing a good amount of stories and I'll post links to them here! I'll post when there is a new chapter and link to it, too!

Kingdom Hearts: Keyblade War -
Collab with Rin and Glow telling the story of three young keyblade wielders: Ren, Lucina, and Konor as they participate in the Keyblade War long before the first game

Hypnosync -
People are granted powers similar to those of many animals. In reality, their bodies are currently inhabited by animal "spirits" or something similar. But these spirits can take control whenever they wish to fulfill their own hidden agendas

Trigger -
Trailer on thread!

Lights From The Abyss -
In a dystopian future, characters based on many Green Forums and AYCD Forums users fight to change the future... or be killed trying. Come read the revamp of the story that started here on Green's with the help of Arlen and Green!

Draconic -
A young girl finds a dragon who has escaped from Area 51. It has a hard time controlling it's powers... so it ends up burning things. A lot. My first real try at comedy on the sites!

More coming soon, including:

A collab between me and MG!

RPs by me!

Eruption, my Fusionfall fanfic!

Possible Avatar: The Last Airbender and Pokemon Fics!

Tension Revamp, by me, Rin, and MG!

So stay tuned!

Email me at!
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Ian's Stories
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