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 3/15/11 Major Topics

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PostSubject: 3/15/11 Major Topics   Tue Mar 15, 2011 6:43 pm

Hey all, good to see some life being breathed back into here. Got 2 things that really everybody should check out here.

Fusionfall- Past, present, and future. Secrets from back in the day revealed, the way everything went down, how, and why. Most people here streamed in from this game, so I expect most everybody should take an interest in this discussion. Even share things you knew perhaps that your couldn't bring to light back in the times?

Nintendo- The Nintendo 3DS is almost here, and I had a test run of it a few days ago. Ask, discuss, and see the future of technology within.

Glad to see you all again, and thanks for staying with us, all this long time as we approach the 2 year mark, which is only 10 days away!

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3/15/11 Major Topics
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