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 The Path of Heroes, Volume 1

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Samurai Jet
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PostSubject: The Path of Heroes, Volume 1   Thu Dec 30, 2010 1:24 pm

This is the revised version of my old story, and I will try my best this time to keep on track with this. First things first, the preview.


Four young recruits.....

An experiment gone awry.....

Now transported to a time in chaos.......

Can they return back to the present.....

Before time runs out?

Coming Soon

The Path of Heroes Volume 1: Past, Present, and Future

The prologue will come out tomorrow on New Year's Eve, and the first part of the first chapter will come out on New Year's Day.
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PostSubject: Re: The Path of Heroes, Volume 1   Thu Dec 30, 2010 7:30 pm

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Samurai Jet
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PostSubject: Re: The Path of Heroes, Volume 1   Fri Dec 31, 2010 12:50 pm


Far away on the Planet of Galvin, a war is has been going on. Most of the planet's defenses have been shut down. It seems hopeless for the planet. A battle between the Plumbers and a unusual kind of species has taken place near Azmuth's headquarters, the last stronghold for Galvin. This is where the story begins.....

A squad of Plumbers were running to the main control room. They were badly wounded after running into enemy forces. There seemed to be only a small amount of them running, maybe 5 to 8 soldiers. They held their energy rifles at the ready. The group had justmanaged to reach an elevator, going in only when one of them confirmed it was safe. When they got to the floor they wanted, they scanned the perimeter for any life forms nearby.

"He's not nearby," One of the Plumbers said, "What are we doing here anyway? We should be out there fighting the enemy!"

One of the Plumbers turned to look at him and walked towards him. Judging from his stature, he was probably their current leader.

"We will be, but right now, this is of more importance, Blake," said the leader, "We need Azmuth's help, and if he's dead......well, it'll be safe to say we're all screwed."

His scanners then picked up something, perking his interest.

"It's just another floor or two upward, this way." he said.

Blake then saw a tentacled arm lurch its way to his leader's neck from above. Before he could alert him, the arm grabbed hold and took their leader away.

"Sir!" He yelled out, firing his rifle at the arm. Upon firing, monsters with arms similar to that of the other appeared from everywhere Theire appearances differed, but they shared the quality of their skin being green. Their eyes were pure red and they had no mouths, but you could somehow tell it was angry.

"Damn it all! It's an ambush!" One of the plumbers said, dodging one of the arms.

"Keep moving, but don't stop firing!" Another yelled out.

They then headed off, zig-zagging, dashing, and whatever else possible to avoid capture. As the creatures approached, the plumbers opened fire on them, blasting them to nothing but green chunks of goo. But every time one was destroyed, another would come out and take its place. The chase continued for at least a few minutes until they found a staircase, which they dashed upward.

"Just a little further...." Blake said.

After he said that, a flurry of monsters lurched out and grabbed two more soldiers, dragging them away from the group. The others tried to shoot them but they didn't want to hit their comrades.

"Don't worry about us! Just get the mission done! GO! "the soldiers.said, each taking out a grenade, and aiming it at the creatures. "Die, you monsters!"

They threw them at the ceiling, causing a massive explosion that blocked the other plumbers from the monsters. After the dust cleared, there was just silence within the group.

"What are we going to do now? Our squad leader is dead, we're outmatched, and we have no hope of winning."One of the Plumbers said.

"Snap of it, soldier," Blake said in response, "There's still hope left. But first we need to get to Azmuth . Now let's hurry, that blockade won't hold them off for long."

They ran up the staircase and found a large door a small distance away. They managed to make their way inside the room and found a very small being nearby. He seemed very old in appearance and wore greenish garbs around most of his body. In his left hand, he held an odd looking staff whose top resembled that of a telescope or mangnifying glass. His attention was currently focused on the large security screens before him before their arrival caught his notice.

"I see you have arrived," Azmuth said as he walked toward them, "So what has happened so far?"

"It's not going well," the Plumber replied, "Fuse and his armies were too strong for us to handle. Most of us were wiped out. We're pretty much doomed unless we get help."

Azmuth then turned and looked out a nearby window and saw Fuse's forces heading towards the building. "Then all hope is lost for Galvin, as well as the rest of the universe." He said as he turned to the remaining Plumbers.

"Not all is lost," said a voice from almost out of nowhere, "There still could a chance to save everyone else from certain doom."

A flash of blinding light startled them as a man then appeared suddenly in front of them. He seemed to be somewhat in his late 20s or 30s, had black hair, and wearing goggles currently. He also was wearing a white lab coat and had a gold watch in his right hand.

"So it's you again, Paradox."Azmuth said as he turned his attention to him.

"Come with me, we need to warn the Earth of what's going to happen soon." Paradox said.

'Very well then."Azmuth replied.

A loud crash then shook the area, knocking everyone off their feet as it lasted for only a seconds. Their attention was then turned to the screens, as it showed monsters coming in, wrecking equipment and causing chaos before destroying the cameras gathering the info.

"They're coming, we must hurry and get out of here. Everyone, gather around me, quickly!" Paradox said as the enemy was nearing this room.

The Plumbers and Azmuth huddled around Paradox as he did something with his watch. Then, in an instant, they vanished. The room was silent of sound as a group of green-skinned soldiers broke into it. They all looked exactly alike, save for one, as they all shared the same looks and weapons.

"Hmm, I was sure our scouts informed us that Azmuth was here, they must have fled."One of the troops said as he looked around.

"We'll find him. He can't have gone far."Another of them said.

The odd person out then took out what looked to be a high-tech communicator from his pocket. Turning it on, a holographic screen then appeared in front of the troops as everyone else bowed down before the image of the figure appearing on it.

"Report....has Azmuth been taken care of?" it said in a dark tone.

"Lord Fuse," the soldier standing started, "Azmuth appears to have fled just recently, although he still may be in the surrounding area."

The one known as Fuse appeared to be frustrated at first, then showed no signs of disappointed after considering what they had reported.

"Either way, it doesn't matter," Fuse said, "His planet is doomed anyway and there's nothing he can do about it."

Just then, another soldier bearing the same appearance as most of the other came into the room. As it approached the image of Fuse on the monitor, it bowed before speaking.

"My lord, we have received word that Galvin is already being absorbed to Planet Fusion as we speak." said the soldier as it stood up.

"Good," Fuse answered, pleased as he had an evil grin on his face, "Now onto the next world. What's the closest planet from here?"

"Earth, my lord."

"Tell them to set coordinates for Earth right away, In the meantime, send a scouting group to investigate this new world."

"Will do, my lord."

The soldiers then saluted before going to do their tasks.


Earth, Two weeks later...

Dexter was outside Dexlabs. He has been hard at work on a new invention for time travel. He was planning to use to help out with preparing for the invasion. Ever since he was warned by Azmuth of the impending danger that will soon arrive, he has been working nonstop. But now, he has finally finished making it, but he is still uncertain that it will work completely.

Nonetheless, he is still taking the chance and has already asked a group of people to help out. Right now, it's night, and he has decided to go outside to rest for a bit. He then sees a girl in a blue dress flying towards him and landing. She wore her hair in pigtails and had deep blue eyes.

"Hello Bubbles," Dexter said as she walked toward him, "What brings you here?"

"Professor Utonium wanted to know is the machine is ready to go, so he sent me here to ask you."Bubbles answered. "He wants to know if there's anything he can do to help.

"The Time Machine is already finished and it's up and running, so there's no need for him to come and assist." Dexter said, "If this experiment works, this may be the very thing that could give us the advantage."

"But what if this doesn't work, Dexter?"Bubbles said.

"It has to work. We have to get the upper hand by knowing when he's going to strike."Dexter said as he looked to the moonlit sky. "Besides, there hasn't been one invention I haven't failed to make yet."He replied with confidence.

"But who will be the people to go, Dexter?" Bubbles asked. "If you want, I can ask Blossom or some other people to-"

"There is no need," Dexter said, pulling out a strange device out of his pocket, "I have already recruited a group of people to help out with this experiment. They shall be the ones who will go to the future."

He then turned to Bubbles and whispered, "Besides, this is supposed to be top-secret. I want to keep the other heroes out of this in case we need them in the present. It was only a coincedince that you and the Professor found out about it."

"What are their names?"she asked curiously.

Dexter seemed to respond by activating the device, then pulled up a holographic screen containing a database's worth of names. He scanned through it until he was able to pull 4 names from it. He pressed another button, and their respective pictures and information appeared as well. Bubbles let out a slight gasp as she spotted a certain name in the group.

"A SWAT agent named Chris, two KND operatives named Sarah and Michael, and Adam," Dexter answered

"What!?"Bubbles said suddenly, shocked as Dexter paid no mind to this as he continued.

"They were all recommended by their respective groups, but there's something that concerns me, though." Dexter said.


"Adam was selected by a group of Plumbers who recommended him for this assignment. Why they did, I am not sure. His files have some areas and specific parts missing, but they won't give me access to them, and the fact that their security is well-fortified makes it harder to gather more information. He has the impression of a regular teenager, but I am suspecting something more to it."

"But if you had this suspicion of him, why did you let him do this?" She asked. "I mean, you could have just found someone else to volunteer."

"Adam seemed particularly eager to accept the offer." Dexter answered.

Just then Dexter turned to Bubbles, and started to examine her throughly, like she was one his experimental test projects or something related to that.

"But why did you ask me this, I wonder? I am suspecting, under the line, that you have feelings for him or something like that?"Dexter asked suspiciously.

"No, no! Just wondering." Bubbles said as her face turned slightly red. Dexter just seemed to back away a bit, not taking her eyes off her face. After a few minutes, he turned away and started to walk towards his lab. He then stopped for a moment before speaking.

"The time travel experiment will start tomorrow. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go sleep."Dexter said as he started moving again.

"Wait!"Bubbles said, stopping Dexter by grabbing him by the shoulder.

"What is it, Bubbles?"Dexter asked.

"Can you at least promise me this: that they will be unharmed and come back safely?"Bubbles asked.

That seemed to cause a long silence as neither of them seemed to utter a word. Dexter then gently lifted her hand off of his shoulder.

"As long as Dee Dee doesn't interfere, I'll see to it as best as I can. Now go get some sleep. It's late and you should rest for tomorrow." Dexter replied.

Reassured by this, Bubbles decided to leave, flying at super-speed towards her home, and leaving Dexter behind by his lonesome. Dexter then turned his attention back to the profiles, enlarging it so they were the only ones on the screen.

"Tomorrow...will decide it all."
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PostSubject: Re: The Path of Heroes, Volume 1   Fri Dec 31, 2010 3:50 pm

It looks promising, despite a few errors in grammar that can make it somewhat confusing to read. Not to be overly critical, but you should check your present and past tense of words. Other than that, it's amazing. Very Happy
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Samurai Jet
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PostSubject: Re: The Path of Heroes, Volume 1   Sat Jan 01, 2011 2:30 pm

@Forestgur: Thanks, and sorry if it confused you. Hopefully, this will be easier to read.

And now, here's the first part of the chapter. Enjoy.

Chapter 00: The Beginning, part 1

It was morning, as the sun's first rays shined upon Sector V. Usually, not many people would be up at about 6 in the morning. For two very special people, though, this was not the case today.


The alarm clock buzzed loudly as the person who slept right next to it tried to ignore the sounds of it.

"Urgh....just five more minutes..." the person mumbled as he tossed and turned.

Unfortunately, that proved to be a mistake as he fell off, landing onto the floor with a thud. Groaning in pain, the person rubbed his head as he turned off the alarm.

"Oww.....Could've woken without that happening." was all he could say at the moment. He looked out the window as he started to get dressed.

When he got done with that and breakfast, he went outside the confines of his home to get some fresh air. Upon closer inspection, the person had shining green eyes and somewhat short and messy black hair. He had on a red jacket with a white shirt underneath, and regular grey pants.

Right now, he was looking around, as if he was searching for someone.

"Where the heck is Michael?" the person said, starting to check his watch for the time. "I was sure he told me to meet him here at-"

The person's eyes then widened in shock as he realized something.

"Oh crud, I overslept again!" the person said in panic. "I better hurry or else I'll miss the slider!"

He began to ran very quickly, trying to make up for lost time as he went out of Sector V and towards Pokey Oaks. As the rounded the corner of a street, however, he failed to notice the person that he was about to run into.


The collision knocked them both a distance away from each other. Books were scattered on the ground as they got back up.

"Hey, why don't you watch where you're go-" he said, annoyed before he realized who it was.

Standing in front of him was Bubbles, one of the famous Powerpuff Girls, and his best friend.

"Oh, um...sorry Bubbles." he said, feeling a bit embarassed. "I should probably watch where I'm going more often.

"It's okay, Adam," Bubbles said as she bent down to pick up her books. "I didn't see you there also."

"Here, let me help you with those." the person now revealed as Adam answered.

As they collected the scattered books, Adam couldn't help but think back to when they were kids. Bubbles was the first person who had greeted him when he and his parents moved to the suburbs. A while later, he discovered that she was a big-time hero along with her sisters. It was probably luck that came into play later since he got enrolled into the same school that they were in.

Over time, the two began to talk occasionally and get to know one another. Eventually, it was only after Bubbles helped him stand up to some bullies that were picking on him that they became true friends. Their bond stood strong, even when people started spreading rumors about them. Bubbles had even helped him through that period of sadness he experienced when his parents disappeared mysteriously without a trace.

He did somewhat admire her, though. All those things she and her sisters could do......he wished that he could somehow be as great as them just once.

As they both went to pick up a book, their hands somehow ended up touching one another as they both looked straight at each other.

"Uh, you're kind of.....well..."Bubbles said, her face starting to heat up a bit.

"Ummm...yeah. Right." Adam said, a small blush coming up on his face as he pulled his hand away from the book and her.

They both then finished picking up the scattered books, but kind of avoided looking at each other for a while.

Well...this is awkward. Adam thought.

"So, what are the books for?" Adam asked, trying to take his mind of what just happened.

"These are for the Professor." Bubbles answered, "He wanted me to take these to him so he could research about..something."

"Oh, all right then." Adam said, looking at the time on his watch. "So, um...I'm already late to meet up with Michael, and I have to get going, so....."

"...Okay. I understand." Bubbles said, glancing at a flower blooming on a nearby tree.

They then looked at one another, and for a moment there, both of them started to blush again, but even more than before.

"So I'll see you soon then?" Bubbles asked. Why does just looking at him make me feel this way?

"Um...yeah. Definitely." Adam answered, somewhat unsure of what was happening right now. I don't even know what's going on with me right now. She's just like a friend to me....right?

Bubbles then watched as her friend took off for Tech Square, and as she did, many thoughts began to go through her mind. She just didn't know what to do right now.

"Come back safely....Adam."


After a long run, Adam made it to the slider, tired as heck, as he took a few seconds to catch his breath. As he did, he took notice of someone who was walking towards him. This person had short blond hair, red eyes, and was wearing a blue t-shirt along with plain brown pants. The person took a deep breath before speaking.

"You're late." the person said.

"Sorry, Michael," Adam said, "I overslept, and I ran into someone along the way."

Michael raised an eyebrow in interest before getting a sly grin on his face.

"Oh, I see now." Michael said, "You were having some fun with a certain superpowered girl, weren't you?"

"I thought I told you before that me and Bubbles aren't dating! We-We're just friends, that's it." Adam said in protest, his cheeks starting to heat up a little.

"Oh really? your face is telling me something different something different."

Just then, they noticed the floating transportation that rode the slider come to a stop near them. Adam sighed a bit in relief as he hopped on, with Michael following from behind. As they began to move, Adam's thoughts drifted to another subject.

"So, have any ideas on why Dexter asked us to volunteer for this....what was it again?" Adam asked.

"First off, it's a time travel experiment, Adam." Michael answered, before taking a moment to think on the other part of the question. "And second, I don't have an honest clue on why he asked us to be a part of this."

"But.....he might tell us why when we get there. I suggest not to get your hopes up." he added.

Adam just silently nodded.

"Right..."He said.

The rest of the trip on the railway was average as the two sat there, exchanging small talk to pass the time. On several occasions when they had nothing to say for the moment, they would look out to see the ever-changing scenery as they passed by different places.

When they reached their stop, the two got off the railway at Marquee Row, bored from the long trip. Michael was just wanting to get to Tech Square as soon as possible, but Adam seemed more interested in the scenery before him.

"Wow.......I've never set foot here before. This is pretty cool!" Adam said, excited.

"Yeah. It is, isn't it?" Michael said, forgetting the fact that his friend hasn't left the suburbs once in his life. "My mom used to take me here when I was little.

Michael then pointed over to a nearby auditorium. "I used to go there whenever I had to practice music or watch concerts occur. It usually bored me, though."

Adam seemed intrigued very much by this and was about to say something, but Michael raised up his hand to stop him.

"But that's all in the past now." Michael said, taking a few steps away before motioning to Adam. "C'mon, we better hurry or else we'll be late."

Adam wanted to ask more, but put that thought aside and nodded.

"You're right. Let's get going." Adam said, walking also.

The two walked for a long distance, encountering many people on the way. They had seen the GangGreenGang spraying graffiti on one of the nearby walls, then running off from the authorities in City Station, and they had also saw Kevin and Gwen passing by on a date, they believed. They saw a girl with a crown on her head yelling to workers as they walked by the incompleted Morbucks Towers, and the two also said hello to Mandark as he ran past them with roses in his hands, ("probably to win over someone," Adam assumed).

Along the way, when they were passing by what looked to be a volcano, they noticed something going on nearby. After much debating, the two went to take a closer look at what was happening. In the distance there stood many soldiers that were monkey-like in appearance and wore jet-packs on their backs. In front of that group, though, was someone far more menacing than they would imagine. He wore white boots, had a blue suit and cape on, and on his head was a very large helmet. Like the soldiers, he also was monkey-like in appearance.

Michael and Adam didn't know it, but they were looking at one of the supervillains that reside in the downtown area. They weren't able to hear what their leader was saying, but they assumed he was shouting out orders to his troops.

"Hey, doesn't that guy seem familiar to you, Michael?" Adam asked, pointing at the one shouting the orders. "I mean, I know I've heard of him before somewhere, but I can't place my finger on it....yet."

Michael took a moment to think about it, then shook his head.

"No, I don't think so. Even so, I doubt it's of any concern to us right now." Michael answered. "Anyways, we shouldn't be wasting our time here."

"Right." Adam said.

Treading cautiously, the two managed to avoid catching their attention, and continued onwards.
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PostSubject: Re: The Path of Heroes, Volume 1   Sun Jan 02, 2011 9:04 am

Chapter 00: The Beginning, part 2

Tech Square was now beginning to be within reach as they walked along the path. Adam and Michael were somewhat tired from the trip, but satisfied that they made it. They just hoped that they weren't late. As they walked over to the building Dexter told them to meet him at, they looked around and took in the scenery.

"So, all this was done by one person?" Adam said. "It's hard to believe that one scientist did all this."

"From what I've heard. Dexter is one of the most brilliant scientists ever known." Michael said. "He built Dexlabs with his wits, his intellect, and his own two hands. His only rival is Mandark, who is just as smart."

He stopped for a moment at a nearby pond as he looked at his own reflection.

"Or at least, that was what I was told since I got involved in this."

Michael then felt a hand on his shoulder as he snapped back to attention. As he turned his head, he saw Adam, smiling.

"Don't worry." Adam said. "We'll get through this, like we always have."

It took a moment for it to sink in, but Michael nodded in agreement, knowing that they would always watch each other's backs.

"Now let's go meet Dexter." He said.

The two walked over to one of the nearby buildings. What was noticeable about this one is that it had a logo on it resembling an D with an infinity symbol inside it.

"Here it is. Dexlabs." Michael said, opening the door as he and Adam went inside.

When they saw what was before them, they only could utter a "Whoa....." as they looked around. Many robots were working at high speeds and in synchronized motions as they were doing their assigned tasks. On their left they saw them working on building what looked like to be high-tech weaponry and gadgets. On their right, the robots were doing other tasks like keeping the generators at full efficiency.

As they were taking all this in, they then noticed someone with a clipboard coming towards them. This one, although a robot, was feminine in appearance, and looked like your average mom (if she was a high-tech robot mom, that is).

"Welcome." The robot said. "I am Computress, Dexter's personal robotic assistant. You two are Adam and Michael, correct?"

"Uh....yes, we are." Michael answered, surprised that it can actually talk.

"Dexter has been expecting you." Computress said. "He says that he wants you to meet up with the other recruits before we proceed. I shall guide you to where they are."

With that, Adam and Michael followed Computress without much compliants. Michael felt a bit wary of Computress, but Adam was too caught up on glancing at those other robots every once in a while to notice.

"Hey, Computress?" Adam asked as they went into a nearby elevator. "What are those robots that I saw just now anyway?"

"Those are Dexbots," Computress answered as they were going up to another floor. "Dexter uses the Dexbots to perform all the tasks needed to keep DexLabs fully operational, as well as assist him in his projects and inventions."

"So basically, they're the muscle and Dexter is the brains?" Michael said as they got out of the elevator and continued walking. "Guess he isn't much of a worker-friendly person."

Just then, his thoughts were interrupted when Computress stopped at one of the doors nearby. Opening it, it led them inside.

"This shall be where you shall wait until Dexter arrives." Computress said to them. "You will each need to fill out a small form that's on a table nearby. Do not touch the devices that are there until Dexter arrives. And be sure to get to know one another."

And with that, Computress left, shutting the door behind them. The two took a look at each other, then at the room they were in. It was an ordinary room, with a few things you would expect at your regular waiting room: books, a clock hanging on the wall, and a tv (it was turned off for the moment, though). In the middle, there was a round table, where the forms were, along with 4 odd devices. Also, there was a couch or two.

Michael went to pick up the form and searched for a good place to sit. Meanwhile, Adam turned his attention to the a nearby couch, where two people were sitting at. From what he could assume, they were also about the same age as him. The person on the left was a boy with brown, messy hair and gray eyes. He was wearing a plain orange shirt and blue jeans. Sitting right next to him was a girl. She was wearing jeans also, but she was wearing a pink blouse with the initials KND on it. She had blue eyes and fairly long blond hair down to her shoulders.

They seemed bored at the moment until they took notice of Adam, who had just taken a seat right next to them.

"Well, looks the rest of the group has arrived," the boy said, a grin on his face, "I was getting bored here talking to Ms. Serious and Plain over here."

"You know I can hear everything you say, right?" the girl replied, a nasty look appearing on her face. The boy seemed to play no attention to this as he shook hands with Adam.

"My name's Chris, so don't wear it out," the boy continued, "I'm a member of the Special Alien Capture Team, or S.A.C.T., for short." He then pointed at the girl next to him. "She's not really that important, so just ignor-"

Chris stopped suddenly as he took a blow hard to his....weak area, kneeling on the floor in pain. The attacker in question lowered her knee that she attacked with, before turning to Adam, who was surprised at what she did.

"Don't worry about that," the girl said reassuredly, "I only attack people that really provoke me, unless it's part of my job. I'm Sarah, member of the Kids Next Door."

"Nice to meet you two," Adam said, shaking hands with Sarah, "I'm Adam, and the person over there by the table is my friend Michael."

"It's a pleasure to meet you," Sarah said, smiling as she looked at him. As she did, a small blush began forming on her cheeks. He kind of looks cute, I must admit. I could get used to working with him.

Before she could snap back to reality, Adam had already walked over to the table and grabbed one of the forms, along with a pen that was nearby. Walking back to a seat, he began to go over it and fill it out, bit by bit. As he did this, he would occasionally glance at what the others were doing at the time. His attention was later drawn to a certain part of the form, which puzzled him.

"Please select a code name to go under.....what the?" Adam said, perplexed. "Why would we do this?"

He stood there, confused as he pondered on what to use as his code name. Just then, he then noticed someone was right behind him. Turning around, then jumping away in surprise, He noticed Sarah was that person.

"Sa-Sarah!?" Adam said, surprised. "Don't you know it's rude to sneak up on people like that!"

"Oh, sorry about that," Sarah said, shrugging as that small blush showed again. "I was just wondering if there was anything that you need."

"," Adam answered, keeping a safe distance away, "I'm good."

"oh....okay." She answered.

As Sarah walked away, Adam shuddered as he went back to figuring out a code name.

That girl sure is weird, Adam thought, Better keep my distance from that one.

A few minutes later......

"Done!" Adam said, putting down his pen and form.

"Same here," Michael said as well, "I wonder why they wanted us each to have a code name, though."

"Don't know, don't care," Chris said, "Either way, it gives me an excuse to make up a cool name to go by."

"Well, then," Sarah challenged, "Why don't we each tell each other our code names, and see whose code name is better?"

"That's not such a bad idea," Michael said, interested by this. "So who goes first?"

"I'll go first." Chris said proudly. "From now on, just call me Gaia Chronoblazer!"

"Really? That's the best that you can do?" Sarah said, groaning in disappointment.

"Well, let's hear yours, then!" Chris shot back. "It's not going to be as good as mine!"

"Okay then." Sarah said smugly. "My fellow teammates, from this point forward, refer to me as Princess EmeraldDaisy."

Silence filled the room, then burst just as quickly as Chris and Michael fell on the floor laughing out loud.

"What?" She asked.

"No offense, but that name is lame!" Michael replied.

"I agree!" Chris said, still laughing out loud. That laughter soon ended after Chris noticed Sarah right behind them both. In the blink of an eye, Chris and Michael were on the floor, covering their heads and groaning in pain, while Sarah was holding her fist in a threatening way.

"Any other remarks that you would like to make?" She asked, ticked off.

No one answered as both Michael and Chris struggled to get back up.

"Good." Sarah said. "Who's next?"

"I guess I'll say mine next," Michael replied, still feeling the pain from that blow to the head. "I'll be going as Ace Dragonstorm from this point forward."

"....It's somewhat average, I guess," Chris said. Sarah and Adam shook their heads in agreement.

Michael and the others then turned to Adam. "So what name did you think up?" they asked.

There was a moment of pause in Adam's voice, then he answered,

".......Max FalconKnight."

The group then heard the sound of a door being opened. As they turned to the source, a person walked in and turned his attention to them.

"Welcome. I thank you for volunteering for this experiment. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dexter."
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PostSubject: Re: The Path of Heroes, Volume 1   Mon Jan 03, 2011 9:04 am

and now the last part of this chapter.

Chapter 00: The Beginning, Part 3

The room filled with silence as they looked at this person before them. He had on a white lab coat, with purple boots and gloves, and he wore tinted goggles that seemed to also serve as glasses. His carrot-colored hair was neat and tidy, and he seemed to pull off the scientist look quite well.

What was really surprising, however, was that Dexter looked to be about the same age as them. They found it quite hard to believe that a teenage boy was able to do all this. Dexter noticed the looks the others gave him, but was particularly unfazed in the slightest. Finally, one of them spoke up.

"'re really Dexter?" Michael asked, still surprised. "I thought you would be...well-"

"I know. I get that a lot." Dexter said before Michael could finish.

"Anyways," He continued, "before I begin explaining on what we are going to be doing, I must ask for the forms first."

Everyone handed them to Dexter, who studied them for a moment before stashing it away in his pocket.

"Very well then. I shall explain to you all that is required to know before we begin. I suggest you listen carefully, because I will only say this once."

Everyone then gathered near Dexter as he began telling the details.


About 30 minutes later....

"....So you're saying that there's some monster called Fuse that's about to invade our planet, and you want us to find out when he will attack, is that right?" Adam asked, after taking a moment to take all this in.

"That is correct," Dexter said, "There is no telling on what will happen if he invades while we are unprepared. But, if the exact date and time on when it will occur are known, then we will be able to prepare to fight back."

"Think of this as a reconnaissance mission, of sorts."

"That sounds somewhat fun." Chris said eagerly. "I guess I made the right choice volunteering for this."

"I'm not entirely sure I believe all this," Michael said, taking the time to think it over in his head, "Even if this were true, I'd doubt that this would work."

"'s not like we have any other choice, though," Sarah said, "If he were to win, we'd be done for."

Adam rose up from his seat, with a look of determination in his eyes.

"Then I guess we'll just have to do our best to stop him." Adam said confidently.

Wow, he really sounded so.....inspiring, it, Sarah thought, her mind lost in her thoughts as Dexter took a moment to examine this person by just looking at him. After a few moments, he stopped before speaking to Adam.

"So I assume you will taking the role as leader, then?" Dexter asked.

And just like that, his confidence went away as he realized what he had gotten himself into.

"W-W-What!?" Adam said, shocked. "I-I-I don't really want to lead this group. I just was trying to boost everyone's confidence, that's all."

"Come on, Adam, you'd make a great leader," Michael said to his friend, "I wouldn't mind."

"I-I would also like it if you would lead," Sarah said, blushing a bit, "I bet you would do great."


"All right then!" Chris said suddenly. "All in favor of Adam being the team leader, say aye!"

"Aye!" Chris, Sarah, and Michael said out loud.

"Well, I guess that settles it, then," Dexter said, "Adam shall be your group leader."

Adam just sighed in defeat as he was trying to go over what just happened.

Just then, a Dexbot entered the room, drawing the attention of everyone over to it. They watched as the robot made its way to Dexter.

"The preparations are done, Dexter. The time machine is ready for use." The Dexbot said.

"Very well then. Tell Computress to come there and assist, and let her know I will be there shortly." Dexter replied.

"As you wish." the Dexbot said before moving along to do its task. Dexter walked towards the table where the clock-shaped devices were. He turned his attention back onto the group as he stopped right next to it.

"Everyone, you will each need one of these before you begin with your trip to the future," Dexter said, pointing toward the devices. "There are four here right now, one for each of you. I want you to take one from the table next to me right now."

They nodded, and each took one of the devices from the table. Upon closer inspection, this device was more sophisticated than it seemed from a distance.

"What is this thing?" Adam asked. "It just looks like some sort of watch or something like that to me."

"This 'thing' is an experimental device I have recently invented. I call it the Nanocom." Dexter replied, taking out an identical copy from his pocket and showing it to them.

"This device will let you stay in touch with me while you are in the future, as well as each other. It will also offer other functions later on that may prove to be useful."

"So it's like a super advanced, high-tech communicator that we can use?" Michael said, looking at it with interest. "Cool."

"Amazing," Chris said with excitement in his voice, holding the nanocom he had with pride. "I've never seen such advanced tech before. Even if it is experimental, this is beyond anything we're used to back at our base."

"It's pretty cool, I have to admit that," Sarah said, eying the device, "But our 2x4 technology is far better than this."

"I will pretend I did not hear that statement. Now follow me, everyone." Dexter said. "It is time for us to begin.

After that, the group was led to a room by Dexter to enter. It seemed quite spacious, as there was no type of decorations anywhere in it. The walls were made of some kind of a metal alloy, and it didn't do much to ease the tension between them. On their right side, they saw Dexter operating the machine with Computress, from behind what seemed to be bulletproof glass.

"Dexter, are you sure this is safe to use?" Michael asked.

"I am about 89% sure on this being a success," Dexter answered, not taking the time to notice his presence while he worked on his machine. "I've run it over several times in my brain, checked all the hardware, and made sure it would be ready for today. I've also run through all the possible scenarios that could happen and have taken steps to deal with it, if need be. All that is left is to test it and hope for the best."

With that, Dexter turned his attention to a screen above him, which seemed to showed information about the machine Dexter was using. He made a through last-minute check on the systems, then looked at his robotic assistant.

"The time machine's fully operational and the coordinates are set. Computeress, are the nanocom communication systems ready?" He asked.

"All communication systems are functional, Dexter, I will able to contact the group upon arrival in the future." Computeress answered.

"Affirmative. Okay guys, are you all ready to go?" Dexter asked, turning his attention to them.

The team turned to each other, shaking their heads in agreement. There was no turning back now.

"We're ready Dexter. You can send us now," Adam replied.

"Okay, I'm now going to send you to the future. You may feel a little bump." Dexter answered.

Dexter then began starting the machine up. As he did, the room immediately shook with increasing intensity.

"All systems look normal. This is indeed a fine day for science." Dexter mentioned. "Prepare yourselves. I'm about to start the time-jump sequence now."

But at that moment, a girl in a pink dress crept past Dexter to the control panel for the time machine. She seemed like one of those very curious people who never knew the consequences of their actions.

"Wait, don't I know that girl from somewhere?" Adam said curiously.

"Prepare for launch in 3..." Dexter said.

"I know her," Chris said calmly, "She's Dexter's sister, Dee D-"

Chris's calm posture was then suddenly switched with one of panic and fear.

"Wait a minute, that's bad! She could screw this up for all of us! We've got to warn Dexter before it's too late!" Dexter was still counting down.


"Ooohh, what does this button do?" said Dee Dee.

"Hurry before we all die!" Chris said, clearly afraid of this girl. Adam was starting to panic too, so he did the one thing a person would do at a time like this.


"Dexter, it's Dee Dee!!" Adam shouted out.

Unfortunately, as Dexter turned to notice what was happening, it was too late. The button she had pressed has set off a chain reaction, making all the systems within the time machine go haywire. In other words, she caused the experiment to go horribly wrong.

"Dee Dee, no!" everyone said at once.

The room was shaking so violently that the group could barely stand. It had now turned out to be everyone's worst nightmare, as there was no way of getting out. It was like a mad scientist's project gone awry times ten in scale.

"What's happening?" Michael yelled out loud, but to no avail.

"Great, we're going to die now, and I haven't even kissed someone yet!" Sarah yelled out loud. She then turned to Adam out of desperation, who immediately backed away after noticing this.

"No, no, no, no, NO! Anyone but her!" Adam said, panicked as she struggled with him to get close enough. Oh man! Why did I have to get stuck with the hormonal , panic-stricken girl!

"Someone help me out here at least!" He added, his pleas not being answered by anyone.

"I never it would come to this honestly," Chris said, feeling truly afraid now, "Being offed by the genius's annoying little sister. Hopefully, this won't be sucky as I will think it is."

"Just hold on, and pray that we live through this!" Adam yelled out, barely dodging a bear hug/tackle from Sarah. "That would be enough of one to start with!"

Suddenly a loud crash was heard within the room. Afterwards, the group fell flat onto the ground, knocked out with burn marks on their bodies. Adam was the last one to lose consciousness, but he managed to stay within reality for a few more moments to say this before passing out.

"What have I gotten myself into?"

Dexter could only watch as the group vanished into thin air, along with the time machine. Angered, he turned to his sister.

"Dee Dee, do you realize what you have done!" Dexter shouted in a fit of rage. "Because of you, those four could be gone for good!"

"I'm sorry, Dexter," Dee Dee said apologetically, "I didn't know...."

" didn't."

The three stood there, discussing what was to be done now. Dexter had now calmed down, but he was still avoiding eye contact with his sister whenever possible.

What am I going to tell the others now? Dexter thought.
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PostSubject: Re: The Path of Heroes, Volume 1   Mon Jan 03, 2011 4:24 pm

Oh Dee Dee.... -_-
This is really good so far, and it's not at all confusing to read now.
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PostSubject: Re: The Path of Heroes, Volume 1   Fri Jan 07, 2011 10:14 pm'd think she would have grown out of messing with Dexter's experiments by now.


Oh, well, then. Anyways, the beginning of the next chapter will be posted tomorrow.
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PostSubject: Re: The Path of Heroes, Volume 1   Sat Jan 08, 2011 12:58 pm

Alright, here's the beginning of the next chapter. Just so you know, I'll be posting two parts today, then the last two parts tomorrow.

Chapter 01: Fusion Future, Part 1 of 4


2 years later, in a desolate area....

The scenery changes to a battle-torn area, with destroyed remains of buildings lying about. Where there were still buildings, there was a battle raging on. In the air, three individuals floating in the air were using their laser vision to eliminate what looks to be green pods latching onto the sides of various buildings that were still intact. Meanwhile, on top of the building, a group of five were fighting off what looks to be monsters of varying types and sizes.

The one standing on his lonesome appeared to be a samurai of some kind wielding a sword as he cut apart three opponents in one slice, only to have one appear right behind him afterwards.

"Is there no end to these creatures?" the samurai said, distancing himself from the monster to avoid a attack from behind.

Two others were standing, back to back, as they used their weapons to fend off the monsters that were surrounding them. One was bald and held a pistol in his hand, while the other person had a wrench to use.

"I'm not sure, but we can't lose another place to them," the bald teen said, blasting a monster before it came into contact with him. "Those terrafusers must be destroyed!"

Just then, the remaining two people wiped out the monsters surrounding them with quick effort.

"Thanks, Numbuh 5," he replied, "Now we just need to-"

"What's that?" the person standing next to Numbuh 5 said all of a sudden.

A blinding white light then started shining at an area just near them. As they turned to look at where it was coming from, the light disappeared as it was replaced with a large crashing sound. The four seemed surprised at this.

"Is that another one of Fuse's terrafusers?" the person said.

"No, Ben," the bald teen replied. "This isn't like the others. It seems different somehow."

He then turned to his companion with the wrench.

"What do you think, Dexter?"

Dexter just stood there in silence, unable to utter a word as he stared at the spot where the light came from.

"Dexter, are you okay?" Ben asked.

"They're....They're here now." Dexter replied, a look of satisfaction starting to appear on his face. "It seems that it was a success after all."

"You mean that those four.....?" the bald teen asked.

"Yes.....We must not waste any time!" Dexter said, turning to Numbuh 5 and Ben. "You two, you need to check that site right away!"

"Copy that Dexter." Numbuh 5 replied, before turning to Ben. "Come on, let's go!"

"Right, Numbuh 5." Ben said.

As the two went off towards the site, Dexter noticed a speeding streak of blue fly past the two he sent.

So, it looks like we were not the only ones to notice their arrival. Dexter thought.


At the site.....

The area itself was a large mess as large pieces of debris lay scattered from the crash. Upon closer inspection, one person lay there, miraculously intact and still alive. He was currently unconscious, so he didn't notice when the device hiding in his pocket began to activate.

"Nanocom powering on...activating all internal functions."

".....Map function online. Scanning area to determine current location.

"Location found. Current user, Adam, is located in Tech Square.

"Scanning for other nanocoms in the vicinity.....failure to locate. Signals are too weak to track."

"Time period unknown as of now....Nanocom is 100 percent operational. Now switching to standby mode until further instructions are received."

The device's screen turned off, its current owner still left to lay there.


Tech Square, The Future

10 minutes later.....

Adam slowly came to as he tried to get up. His vision still felt blurry for the moment as his whole body ached with pain.

Urgh....what the heck happened....?

As he barely managed to stand back up on his two feet, he took a moment to allow his eyes to readjust as he tried to remember the past events that occurred.

Last I remember, I was in that time machine when.....

He then suddenly scrambled to see what was around him, his mind now fully alert.

Oh, no! Where is everyone!?

All that he was able to see at the moment were pieces and bits of steel scattered about the grass. He frantically searched through it, trying to find any signs of the others.

"Chris! Sarah! Michael! Where are you guys!" Adam yelled out loud as he pushed over a large chunk of metal away, only to find nothing.

They....can't be gone...They can't be!

"You there, watch out!"

Alerted by the sudden shout, Adam quickly turned to see a green meteor about the size of a large cannonball heading right for him. Although he tried to make an effort, he suddenly was stopped by a sudden pain running through his body, which kept him rooted to the spot.

Crud! I can't move away in time!

As Adam shut his eyes, awaiting certain doom, he suddenly felt someone grab him by the waist as he was pushed away from the meteor's path. When he opened his eyes, he saw that he was still intact.

"How did I-"

"Are that really you?" a voice said from behind Adam.

Th-That voice! Is that who I think it is? Adam thought, shocked by the familiarity of it.

As he turned to see who it was, Adam was amazed to see who was standing right in front of him.

"Bubbles..." Adam said.

"So it really is you...." Bubbles said, taking a few steps forward. "Right?"

As Adam nodded, he suddenly found himself in a tight hug as Bubbles held onto him tightly. He felt his cheeks turning bright red at this sudden action by her, but then later felt himself hugging back.

"I'm so glad you're okay." Bubbles said as she wept on his jacket. "I thought you were really gone forever."

Adam just looked at her expression, and felt guilty because of it.

I must have made her worry about me a lot. Adam thought as they let go of each other. Even though Dee Dee was the one who messed with the experiment, I can't help but feel responsible for this.

"I'm sorry that I made you worry, Bubbles. I really am." Adam said. "But I'm here now, so you don't have to be concerned about my safety anymore."

"Just one question, though. Where am I right now?"

Bubbles was surprised by the sudden question.

"You really don't know?" She asked.

"No," Adam said, "I honestly have no idea."

Bubbles hesitated for a moment, then decided to break the news to him.

"You're in Tech Square, two years in the future."

It took a moment for it to sink in, as Adam had just realized the predicament that Dee Dee had caused.

Oh man! When that experiment messed up, we must have gotten sent further than intended! Adam thought. If that were the case, who knows what might have happened to the others.

I have to find a way to solve this, otherwise I'm trapped here for good!

"Are you okay, Adam?" Bubbles asked.

The sudden question had startled him out of his thoughts.

"You seem kind of nervous. Is something wrong?" she asked again.

"No, no. Nothing's wrong. Don't worry about it." Adam answered, trying to sound as convincing as possible. I probably shouldn't tell her about the experiment, or else she'll really be worried.

Just then, another explosion occurred as the two suddenly saw two streaks of green and pink fly by.

"Blossom and Buttercup. They need my help." Bubbles said.

"Get going, they need you more than I do right now." Adam said.

"Are you sure?"


Bubbles looked concerned at first, then smiled for once.

"All right then."

Adam was somewhat relieved as he saw his friend smile. As he about to wave his friend goodbye, he suddenly felt himself being hugged again, but he accepted it without blushing this time.

"Please come back safe, Adam." Bubbles whispered in his ear.

"You too, Bubbles." He said.

She then did something Adam didn't expect. Adam could have sworn his entire face turned red as Bubbles leaned up and kissed his cheek before leaving. He felt his entire body freeze up as he stood there, dumbstruck.

What the.......what just happened there?
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PostSubject: Re: The Path of Heroes, Volume 1   Sat Jan 08, 2011 7:56 pm

Chapter 01: Fusion Future, Part 2 of 4

As he was thinking over what just occurred, he failed to notice two people heading in his direction. One of them had an odd device on his left wrist, and he had on blue pants and a green jacket with the number 10 on it. The other wore a blue shirt and black shorts, had a long ponytail that nearly went down to her shoes, and her eyes were obscured by the red hat that she wore. She also was carrying a rather large bag with her at the moment.

As the two saw Adam, they went over to where he was, surprised about something. Luckily, he was able to snap back to reality before they stopped in front of him.

"Holy cannoli! Where did you come from?" the girl wearing the red hat said, turning to the person beside her. "I thought Numbuh 2 said there were no other survivors around here, Ben."

Wait, no survivors? What's she talking about? Adam thought, perplexed as the two continued their conversation.

"No time to worry about that now Numbuh 5," said Ben, "Right now we need to take care of that pod that just came."

Against his better judgment, Adam tried to get their attention. When he succeeded, he said, "I can come along and help, if you want."

The two looked at him as if he was crazy or something.

"Are you sure?" Ben asked.

"Positive," Adam replied. "Besides, I want to help with something, at least."

The two discussed for a moment, then Ben nodded.

"All right, you can come with us," said Ben, "Now follow me and try to keep up."

The group then ran off, with Ben leading the way. As they approached the pod, it began to tear open on its own. When it did, a strange green goop poured out of it as it began to take shape. When it finished, there were now three green blobs with faces on them, accompanied by a larger version of one.

"What are the heck are those things?" Adam asked.

"They're called Fusion Spawn," Ben answered, "We have to take them down."

Just then, Numbuh 5 took out a rifle from the pack she was carrying.

"Here, take this Lightning Gun to use." Numbuh 5 said, handing the rifle to Adam.

"Okay, but why would I-" Adam said.

"You take the smaller ones, we'll take care of the larger one." Numbuh 5 said, taking out twin pistols from the bag also for her to use before running off with Ben to fight.

"What!?" Adam said surprised.

Just after he said this, he noticed the three smaller spawns drawing closer to him. He just stood there, panicking as he tried to figure out how the rifle he was holding worked.

"Come on, how do you shoot this thing?" Adam said, annoyed as one spawn was now within arm's length. As it jumped at him. He shut his eyes close and pointed the rifle at it.

"Back off!"

A shot was heard, as the spawn dropped to the ground, splattered over the grass. The other spawns quickly moved back, unaware of this sudden move as Adam opened his eyes to see what had just happened.

"What the.....I killed it?" Adam said, staring at the Lightning Gun in his hand by surprise.

He had never killed anything before in his life, not even once. Yet now, here he was with a spawn's splattered remains on the floor, with the others next on the list. It felt somewhat wrong, but at the same felt good.

Just then, the other spawns started to jump right at him, angered by the loss of their comrade. Adam noticed this, and as if by sudden instinct, fired shots at them. Within seconds, there was no other enemies left to bother him. There was just splattered green gunk lying on the grass as Adam took a moment to look at his weapon.

I managed to beat them.....but this feels wrong for some reason, Adam thought. Nonetheless, I guess I have no choice but to rely on this thing for now.

Adam then noticed Numbuh 5 and Ben running back towards him, having already beaten their foe.

"Looks like that's all of them," said Ben.

At that moment, Adam caught a glimpse of something huge in the air. From the looks of it, it seemed to be falling towards them.

"Uh, Ben? I wouldn't be sure about that," Adam replied, pointing up, "Look over there!"

All of a sudden, a large three-headed cybernetic dog appeared as it fell from above. As the others looked in surprise, Adam barely had time to react as it rammed him with one of its three heads, thereby knocking him to the ground. It then tried to bite him, but Adam managed to avoid it by rolling out of harm's way.

"What the heck is that thing!?" Adam said, somewhat relieved and scared at the same time.

"It's a Cyberus!" Numbuh 5 said.

"A Cyber-what?" Adam said, confused as he got back up from the ground.

"Never mind that right now," Ben said, as he began to fiddle with the device on his left wrist. "Just leave this to us."

As he said this, the beast roared angrily, clearly disappointed that it missed its target. Meanwhile, Ben's device had just generated a series of mini holographic images. Scrolling through it, he stopped at a certain image.

"It's Hero Time!" Ben said out, slapping the device on his wrist hard as he was covered completely by a green light.

Adam was forced to cover his eyes for a moment, but after he opened them, he saw in Ben's place someone different. The figure looked like he was made of some kind of alien vegetation (save for the flaming red hair). What was most noticeable was the hourglass-like symbol on his chest.

"Swampfire!" He yelled out loud as Adam watched, amazed and surprised.

Okay, I have to admit.....That is very awesome! Adam thought before he noticed the Cyberus about to attack.

"Keep on your guard, Numbuh 5." Swampfire said, as Numbuh 5 readied her twin pistols.

"Roger that!" She replied.

"Let's go!"

Numbuh 5 started off the attack, firing at the Cyberus with great accuracy. The Cyberus, not pleased at this, retaliated by trying to take a bite at her, but missed. Swampfire then pulled out about 5 seed-like pods from his back and threw them. When they landed onto the ground, the pods broke apart as they changed into large, weed-like vines that firmly caught the Cyberus in it's grasp.

"Now let's finish this!" Swampfire said.

Swampfire then formed two fireballs in the palm of his hands. He threw them as Numbuh 5 let loose a rapid barrage of lasers at the Cyberus. When the attacks struck, the three-headed monster cried out in pain before falling onto the ground, dead and free from the vines holding it. As it did, it changed shape, turning into the same strange green goop.

Adam looked at this goop with curiosity as he approached it, the battle already over.

"Hey guys, what is this gunk anyway?" Adam asked.

"It's called Fusion Matter," answered a voice, suddenly coming out of nowhere.

The three, surprised, turned their heads to look for the source. As they did, they noticed another person walking towards them. He was somewhat of a round person, to say the least, and his eyes were covered completely by the goggles he was wearing.

"So how's the mission going so far?" the person asked.

"Well, it's not going well," said Swampfire, the symbol on his chest flashing red as he changed back into Ben. "They're sending in more terrafusers than we can destroy. Not to mention that my Omnitrix just timed out early again."

"But we did find someone amidst the battle," said Numbuh 5, drawing Numbuh 2's attention to Adam. "He might one of those people Dexter sent, Numbuh 2."

"Nice to meet you, then-" Numbuh 2 said before he was interrupted by Adam.

"That part where you mentioned about fusion matter. Tell me more about this stuff." Adam asked.

"Oh, right," Numbuh 2 said. "All of Fuse's monsters are made of fusion matter, or FM for short. Usually, this is toxic to people and should not be touched. But when a monster is defeated, it turns into a different kind of FM that is safe to touch."

"I see..." Adam replied.

"By the way, I just realized who you are," said Numbuh 5, "You're Max FalconKnight, is that right?"

Adam stood there, confused, until he realized what she was talking about.

Oh, I remember now! Those code names that we picked!

Adam then slightly nodded.

"Yep, that's me.....I guess." he answered.

"Where's the rest of your team right now?"

"We got separated when that girl Dee Dee messed with the time machine." Adam replied. "It hasn't gotten easier since then."

"Well we have to find your friends, rebuild the time machine, and send your team back to the past." Numbuh 2 said. "But first, we have to get you out of here."

"But how?" Adam asked.

Before they could answer, their attention was then turned to the two people flying towards them. As Adam began to take a closer look at the two as they drew closer, it took a bit for him to recognize them as Blossom and Buttercup. From the looks on their faces when they stopped, they seemed panicked about something.

"What happened?" Numbuh 2 asked the two.

"Dexter's trapped in the infected zone. Bubbles went in there to look for him, but we haven't heard from her since." Blossom said, surprising everyone in the group, including Adam.

No, not her too! Adam thought.

"We need to send someone to help them," Buttercup said. "We can't lose any more people to these jerks!"

"I agree with that, but we also have to deal with the infection that's worsening by the minute." Ben answered.

"But we need someone to help!"

"I'll get them out of there. Just tell me how to get inside the infected zone." Adam said, stepping out from the group. Blossom and Buttercup turned to look at him, surprised.

"Are you nuts?" Ben said. "Do you even know what a fusion could do?"

"We don't have much options here, everyone." Adam said. "Besides, from the looks of it, I'd say you have other problems to deal with that are far worse."

"FalconKnight's right. We still have to deal with the terrafusers infecting Tech Square." Numbuh 2 added.

"You sure you can handle something like this?" Numbuh 5 asked.

"I won't know unless I try." Adam replied before turning to Blossom. "Can you tell me how to get in this infected zone?"

"You would need to find a Dexbot standing near a warp gate," said Blossom, "They can get you inside the infected zone."

"Okay, thanks Blossom. Buttercup. I owe you big time." Adam answered, walking away from the group for a bit before stopping to say this.

"Especially after all that I've put you through."

He then started running off as fast he could, a look of determination finally in his eyes. At that moment, Buttercup then realized who he was, but before she could give chase, Blossom stopped her from going.

"Why'd you stop me, Blossom?" Buttercup asked, trying to break free of her sister's grip. "Don't you realize who that guy is?"

"Yes, I know." Blossom answered, keeping her hold on Buttercup.

"Then why you'd let him go free? You know the grief he's caused our sister over the years, so why?"

But she wouldn't answer. She just stood there, looking towards the direction he went.


"Darn, that Dexbot's not here either!" Adam said, turning around to search around section of the area.

So far, he had no luck in finding the Dexbot to the infected zone.

Crud! I should have probably asked where to find that robot before I ran off like that!

Adam stopped for a moment to catch his breath. While he did, he was trying to figure out a way out of this problem.

C'mon, think! The clock's ticking, and I still haven't found them yet!

I wish I had a map or something like that right now....

Just then, something went off in Adam's mind as he quickly pulled out the nanocom from his pocket. Checking through its functions, he was amazed when he came across a certain feature that he needed right now.

All right, a map function! I guess Dexter's device was really useful after all! Adam thought as he activated the feature.

It took a while to load, but when it finished, it showed only a small portion of the area. He then noticed something that indicated something close to an entryway on the screen nearby.

"I'm going to assume that's a warp gate for now," Adam said, heading off in the direction specified by the map. When he made it there, he noticed a Dexbot standing nearby a blue platform, which he assumed was the warp gate.

"Hello there. Would you like to enter the infected zone?" the Dexbot asked.

"Yes. Send me in." Adam answered, stepping onto the platform.

"Prepare to warp."

After it said those words, the warp gate began glowing brightly. It took a moment for Adam to realize it, but he was shocked when he saw his whole body disappearing bit by bit.

"What the!?" Adam said in surprise.

Those were his last words before he completely disappeared into thin air.

"Phase 1 of teleportation complete," the Dexbot said. "Now sending subject to the warp gate inside the infected zone."
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PostSubject: Re: The Path of Heroes, Volume 1   Sun Jan 09, 2011 2:01 pm

Chapter 01: Fusion Future, Part 3 of 4

The Future, Tech Square Infected Zone

It took a few moments for Adam to reappear within the barriers, but when he did, he did a quick check on himself to make sure he was whole. When he found that he was all in one piece, he let out a sigh in relief.

"Good, I'm still alive and well." Adam said as he looked at the warp gate he was on for a moment. "It felt like that thing teared me apart bit by bit, then put me back together as if I was a jigsaw puzzle!"

He turned his attention to the area he just entered. To say it was infected was an understatement. The pools were contaminated with this stuff, the trees were deformed by it, and the grass was about layered with FM. The only noticeable areas that weren't infected were these floating platforms across a large pool of FM (which Adam found very perplexing).

Okay, so....what should I do now? I don't see Dexter anywhere and I certainly don't see this 'fusion' neither. Adam thought.

He then took notice of something across the FM pond. Without hesitation, but with care, he crossed the pond by jumping from platform to platform. When he finally got to it, he stopped.

"What the....heck?"

In front of him were many green tentacles sticking out from the ground. Upon closer inspection, he saw that the bottom somewhat was similar to the warp gate design.

Maybe this is a path to the lair? Adam thought, walking closer to it.

Then without warning, the tentacles wrapped around his body, trapping him in a strong grip. He tried to break from its grip, but it was to no avail as the tentacles held him firmly.

"Crud... This really sucks big-time!" Adam said, unable to fire his weapon at the moment.

Just then, a strange portal appeared from underneath the tentacles while he struggled to break free. The tentacles then sank down into it, with Adam in their grasp.


Fusion Buttercup's Lair

Another portal then reappeared inside a isolated cave, as Adam was thrown out of it to the rocky ground below. The teenage boy landed on his back with a thud, groaning in pain as the portal disappeared.

"That could've gone better." Adam said, getting up as he looked at his surroundings.

It seemed like a somewhat desolate place, with its only means of lighting the glowing vegetation that prospers here. Since every inch of the walls, ground, and ceiling had a rocky feel to it, he assumed that the place was underground. It was very quiet, though, since there seemed to be no other signs of life nearby.

Where did I get thrown into anyways? He thought. Could this be the lair they were talking about?

At that moment, Adam heard a scream close by, which frightened him as it echoed across the walls.

I know that voice! He started running towards the source as he kept his Lightning Gun ready and armed. I just hope I'm not too late!

When he arrived, though, he wasn't prepared for this. Unconscious on the ground was Bubbles, as she lay there motionless.


He went to her side, as he tried to wake her back up.

"Come on, Bubbles! Wake up!" Adam said, as he started to really worry about her. "Please...."


The voice startled him, his head quickly turning to see her. She seemed to be in real pain as she was using all her strength to stay conscious.

"Bubbles...." was all he could say at the moment.

"Dex..ter....he" Bubbles muttered weakly before passing out.

Adam silently nodded, as he walked off, taking a look back at her before going. As he did, his fists began to tighten their grip on his weapon with every step. He then heard sounds of conflict from afar. Turning his attention to the source, he went as fast as his legs could carry him towards it. Eventually, he came to a stop as he finally caught sight of the fight going on. As he picked a safe spot to see it from, he was surprised to see who they were.

The person on one side was Dexter, battered and bruised, carrying some kind of enlarged wrench like a weapon. He seemed to be very tired as he barely managed to block a punch to the ribs.

" not going very well." Dexter said before ducking under a swift kick and trying to hit his opponent with the wrench.

When Adam turned his attention to the other fighter, he was shocked when he saw who it looked like.

What the!? What in the world is that! Adam thought, as he saw the monster from afar.

It looked like Buttercup, except that its skin was green and the clothes were black. But what creeped Adam out the most was the face. Its eyes were pure yellow, and it had no mouth.

Ergh.....what am I going up against here?


That sound turned Adam's attention back to the battle that was going on. Dexter had just taken a harsh blow to the side and was thrown back a couple of feet towards a wall. As he hit it, Adam could have sworn that Dexter coughed out a bit of blood as the genius fell to the floor, wrench still in his hand. Still, he put out a major effort to get back up.

"Is" Dexter said wearily. "I can take....much more than this."

It was clear now to Adam: Dexter was losing the fight against this monster, yet he was still willing to fight to the end. If that thing were to win, he'd hate to imagine what it could do to everyone.

I can't just sit here and do nothing anymore...I have to help take that thing down! He thought, coming out from his hiding spot.

As the monster approached Dexter, ready to deliver another blow, a series of shots were heard as they pierced through the monster's chest. It cried out in pain as green ooze leaked out from the wound. Both the monster and Dexter turned to see Adam, Lightning Gun in hand.

"That's for hurting my friend, you damn monster." Adam said angrily before turning to Dexter. "You okay there, Dexter?

Dexter just simply nodded as he managed to stay on his feet. Adam then went to join up at his side, both of them staring at the fake Buttercup, who was very ticked off by that attack.

"Any idea how to beat this thing?" Adam asked, getting into a battle ready stance.

"No, but Bubbles managed to weaken it enough for us to actually do some damage." Dexter said in response. "All we have to do is finish the job."


What happened next was a sight to see, as the two combined their strengths to take on their opponent. As Dexter began to pound away at it with his wrench, Adam kept firing relentlessly as the monster tried to mount up a counterattack. Whenever one of them was in danger, the other would draw the monster's attention by increasing their barrage of attacks.

Eventually, the monster gave in after being dealt a finishing blow by Dexter's wrench. As it fell to the ground, riddled with holes in its body, it fell apart as it became nothing more than a puddle of fusion matter. The two were riddled with some wounds at the end of the fight, but they were still okay nonetheless.

"That takes care of her. Thanks for the help, Adam." Dexter said, wiping the sweat from his forehead. "By the way, I am glad you are still in one piece."

Adam was still staring at the puddle at the time, perplexed.

"What was that thing anyway? It looked just like Buttercup, but mutated and evil-looking." Adam asked.

"It was a Fusion," Dexter replied, studying the puddle of FM. "Fusions are evil versions of other people made by Fuse himself. Somehow, he was able to make evil versions of our heroes."

He then turned his attention to Adam.

"Numbuh 2 has already told me about what happened. I suspect that after Dee Dee messed with the time jump sequence, the time machine must have sent each of you to different locations in this dark future." Dexter continued.

"That explains a lot," Adam replied, "So now I have to find my friends and get back to the past, right?"

"First things first," Dexter said, searching through a bag he had on his back until now. He then pulled out a jacket from it and handed it to Adam. It was black, but also had green and white stripes on the inside. It also looked very worn down and had a few holes in it. Judging from this, Adam assumed it belonged to Buttercup.

"Throw this jacket into the FM." Dexter said.

Adam was confused as to why he would ask that.

"Don't worry about the why. Just do it." Dexter said

Hesitating for a moment before complying with the decision, Adam held the jacket tightly in his grip for a moment, then threw it into the FM. It stayed afloat for a moment, then sank down to the bottom. Just then, the puddle began to shrink all of a sudden as something came out. It was a mini version of Buttercup.

"This is Nano Buttercup. They are both made of FM and a item belonging to someone. Your Nanocom is able to store up to 3 nanos at a time. Nanos may be small, but they are powerful. This nano will help you in the search for your friends." He continued as the nano floated over to Adam.

"Hello there." Adam said kindly to the nano. "So I guess we're partners now, right?"

The nano smiled and nodded in agreement.

"Yup. If there's anything you need help with, just ask." Nano Buttercup answered.

Just then, Adam's nanocom suddenly activated. With a wave of goodbye, Nano Buttercup disappeared as she went inside the device.

"Nano storage completed." a voice from the device said. Adam stared at the device just now, wondering what else it was capable of.

But then everything started shaking violently, like there was an earthquake happening.

"Whoa, that does not sound good." Dexter said. "Quickly, you and Bubbles have to get out of here. Use the warp gate I have set to escape to Dexlabs. I have to stay here and make sure Fusion Buttercup did not steal anything from my headquarters."

He left after saying those words. Adam then looked over to where Bubbles was and went to her side. He then tried all the reasonable things that he believed could get her back up. Unfortunately, none of them worked. Adam sighed as he heard the shaking grew worse.

"This is not going so well." He said to himself.

He strapped the Lightning Gun to the left side of his pants so he wouldn't lose sight of it. He then carefully muttered to himself.

"I just hope nobody I know sees what I'm about to do."

Carefully Bubbles in his arms bridal style, he went as fast as he could towards the warp gate Dexter mentioned. When he got there. He took a brief moment to check if there was any more enemies nearby, as a precaution.

Don't worry, Bubbles, I'll keep you safe, Adam thought, I at least owe you that much.

He then turned his attention to the Dexbot operating the warp gate.

"Get us out of here!" Adam said to the Dexbot.

"Affirmative. Please step onto the platform and prepare to warp." The Dexbot answered.

Adam once again braced himself for that torn-apart feeling again as he stepped onto the platform with Bubbles in his hands. He wasn't exactly used to teleporting as of yet. Yet all of that seemed to be of less concern currently. He just took a deep breath in and closed his eyes as he and Bubbles were sent away to their next destination.

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And now, here's the last part of the chapter.

Chapter 01: Fusion Future, Part 4 of 4

The roof of Dexlabs, Tech Square

When Adam opened his eyes, he saw that he was now on the roof of a building. The only noticeable areas to mention are the door that was right next to him, as well as that bridge that led to nowhere.

I guess this is where that robot sent us.

Adam took a few steps toward the edge of the building, keeping Bubbles safely in his hands. When he looked down at the city below, he saw that it was sinking into a ocean of that poisonous substance. He also took notice that the FM was almost reaching the building he was on top of.

If I don't hurry, this building will sink, along with the two of us.

Adam then noticed Numbuh 2 arriving in a ship of sorts.

"We can't hold Tech Square anymore!" said Numbuh 2 from across a bridge. "Get to the S.C.A.M.P.E.R. Hurry!"

Needing no other words, Adam ran across the bridge as fast he could, still holding Bubbles in his arms. Just then, he was knocked back when a Tech Wing came and blocked the way, hitting him hard with its wing and tail. The resulting blow knocked him to the ground, and Bubbles fell beside him, still knocked out. He managed to get back up, careful not to harm his friend any further as he unstrapped his rifle.

"Get out of the way, you overgrown mutated bird!" Adam said, aiming at the Tech Wing. He tried to blast it with the Lightning Gun, but it kept dodging every shot.

"Hold still already!' He said with irritation. Just then, a bright flash appeared from his nanocom as Nano Buttercup suddenly came out and floated right next to him. He turned his attention to the nano, who looked confident.

"Adam, I can hold that monster off for a bit with my powers," said Nano Buttercup, "Just say the word and I'll show you how."

Adam simply nodded as Nano Buttercup flew up right to the Tech Wing's face. Suddenly, in a blink of an eye, she uppercutted the Tech Wing and also gave a strong jab to its chest, effectively stunning the monster.

"You lose, loser!" Nano Buttercup said as she added in a swift kick for good measure.

"Wow, that was pretty cool," Adam commented, running back to lift up Bubbles back in his arms. "Now to get to that ship while it's still recovering."

He ran with all he had left in him as he hoped another wouldn't come, his nano following along. Luckily, has was able to make in time as he got onto the ship with his friend.

"Thanks, Nano Buttercup." Adam said, turning to his nano. "You really helped out today."

"You're welcome." Nano Buttercup said before returning to the Nanocom. His attention was then turned to Numbuh 2 as he was prepping the systems for takeoff.

"You did great dealing with that fusion, but it looks like Buttercup and the others weren't able to destroy the other Terrafusers in time." said Numbuh 2. "Dexter says we need to find Mandark so we can rebuild the time capsule. For now, let's get out of here."

With that said, Numbuh 2 flew them out of reach of the enemies' grasp and out of Tech Square before it was consumed by the fusion matter.

That was a close call, I guess. Adam thought.


An hour later, in a discreet location....

Adam was standing in the group of few people gathered around a holographic projection of Dexter. Occasionally, Adam would look to gather an idea on who these people were. On his right, he could see Numbuh 2, Buttercup, a few soldiers, and Blossom. On his right, he noticed Ben and Numbuh 5, who he met earlier, a samurai, and a bald teenager who he assumed was the same age he was. His attention was then turned back to Dexter, who had just pointed him out in the crowd.

"...This person standing right here before you is Max FalconKnight, and he is vital to the planet's survival. Unfortunately, when he came here, he was separated from his group and the time machine I created was destroyed in the process. If we are to ensure that we survive through this ordeal, we must find the others and send them back to their own time period, so listen carefully." Dexter said, continuing on with an unwavering tone.

"You must find Mandark, for he is currently the only person besides me who is able to repair the lost time machine. I am currently unavailable at the moment, as I am making sure that Fusion Buttercup did not steal anything from my lab. For now, everyone must return back to Sector V immediately. You will be safe there for now. Dexter out."

The hologram disappeared, the device that was used to project it powering down.

"Well, everyone, looks like we have to head back," Numbuh 2 said. "Next stop, Hero Square, Sector V!"

Everyone seemed to understand well enough that they entered the scamper. The seating was somewhat cramped, but it was able to fit in everyone. Adam immediately ran back to check on Bubbles, who he laid on a nearby couch for her to rest temporarily. As he examined her body more closely now that he had time to do so, he was stunned to see these large wounds on her in various places.

Crud.......I hope she'll pull through this all right...please.

Not wanting to take note of this, Adam just turned his attention to her face, and was surprised somewhat. She's changed a lot from when I last saw her. To think she was my greatest friend in the past....Come to think of it, she still is.

As the scamper started to take off from the landing pad it was on, Adam started to wonder about where his friend Michael was, along with Chris and that KND operative, Sarah. He then suddenly took out his nanocom, his mind suddenly struck with something that he heard once.

Of course! Adam thought, checking through his nanocom. These also serve as communicators, so I should be able to-

He was disappointed, however, when he came across a screen that said "Out of range."

Darn it! They must be further away then I thought. Now how am I going to find them?

He was then surprised when he felt a hand on his left shoulder. He turned and saw the long-braided ponytail operative.

"Oh, it's just you," Adam said, relieved somewhat. "You're Numbuh that right?"

"Sure," Numbuh 5 answered with a calm look on her face.

She quietly took a seat next to him as Adam seemed to watch her warily. She then pulled out a stick of gum and handed it to him.

"Thanks...Numbuh 5." Adam said, taking the gum and putting it in his mouth. He tried to seem as calm as possible, but Numbuh 5 saw through it fairly quickly.

"Something up, Max? You can tell Numbuh 5. She can keep a secret." Numbuh 5 asked curiously.

Adam just sighed as he sat there, contemplating. Then he spoke.

"It's just......really hard to take all this in. The invasion, these monsters, I don't know if I can handle it." Adam answered, chancing a glance at Bubbles before continuing on.

"I mean, the first mission I finally get to go on, and I already lost my team, our way of getting back home is wrecked, and someone that I......really care about just got hurt." He then slumped down onto a nearby section of the room, staring at the nanocom he was holding.

"Some leader I turned out to be."

"Now hold up!" Numbuh 5 said, startling Adam. "Numbuh 5 can get that you're bummed out about all this. Heck, she don't even know much about what's happening here either. But still, leaders make mistakes sometimes. I even made some stupid mistakes myself when I was still in the KND, but did I mope around like you are now? No. Numbuh 5 learned from them, and she became the person that's standing before you today."

Adam seemed a bit amazed at what she just said, turning all his attention to her.

"Now what are you going to do? Sit here and not do anything, or are you going to get your team back together, Max?" Numbuh 5 asked, extending a hand out to him.

Adam stood there for a moment, contemplating all that had just been said.

Yeah, maybe I can do this. If I could beat up monsters like that earlier, then I surely do have a chance of finding everyone. It may be hard.....but it can be done.

With a grin now on his face, he took Numbuh 5's hand and said, "I'll do it." Numbuh 5 seemed to be impressed by this enthusiasm.

"Yeah, now that's what Numbuh 5 wants to hear," Numbuh 5 said, before hearing an loud sound come from the loudspeaker next to them.

"Attention, passengers, this is your captain, The Sky King, Numbuh 2, speaking. We are now approaching the KND treehouse in Sector V. Please hang on to something as we prepare to land." said Numbuh 2 through the mic.

"All right then, Numbuh 5 had better get going." Numbuh 5 said. She started to walk towards the door, but then stopped for a moment before saying, "And take good care of your girlfriend, there, baby!"

Adam's cheeks nearly went beet-red as he yelled out to a laughing Numbuh 5.

"S-She's not my girlfriend!" He said in protest.

After Numbuh 5 left, Adam was left alone, grumbling to himself for a few minutes as he watched the scamper make its way to his home. As he went back to his spot, he took the time to just look at Bubbles for a bit, his cheeks somewhat still holding a bit pink left in them.

Why does everyone think that I like her so much? I just think of her as a good friend.....right?

His thoughts then turned back to when Bubbles actually hugged him earlier. She actually seemed more affectionate towards him that time, or was that worry and concern that was in play?

She does look kind of cute now, and she also seemed so sincere and......No! She was probably just worried about me, that's all. It was just natural to worry about someone who's been gone for a long time.

Shaking any further thought of this, his mind now turned to his teammates, who were still out there in this world somewhere.

"Don't worry, guys. No matter what the risks are, I won't rest until I've found all of you. That's a promise I won't break, no matter what."
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PostSubject: Re: The Path of Heroes, Volume 1   Tue Jan 18, 2011 7:38 pm

the first part of Chapter 2 will come out on Friday
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and now here's the first part of this chapter. Two more parts will come later today or tomorrow.

Chapter 02: Learning the Basics, Part 1 of 4

It was minutes after the scamper had landed in Hero Square, that as the others began to get off, Adam still was inside, checking through his nanocom. He then rose from his spot, putting the device in his pocket for safekeeping. Putting Bubbles back in his arms carefully, he managed to walk out, but at a much slower pace.

"Crud....what happened to this place?" Adam said in shock, looking around at what was before him.

"We'll explain later, Max," Numbuh 2 said, "Right now, we need to get to the treehouse for now. It has a med bay, so you can drop Bubbles off there so she recover."


Numbuhs 5 and 2 went to the front of the group, stopping for a moment to turn to the others.

"This way, everyone." Numbuh 5 said.

The group obliged, walking behind the two operatives with Adam holding up the back. As they traveled, he took the time to look at the surrounding area. The buildings were partly destroyed and they were barely any other people in the vicinity. Also, he saw various pods like those that he saw at Tech Square rooted to the ground, with many Fusion Spawns near them.

What happened here in the time that we were gone? He thought.

The group then arrived at the edge of a large crater that was in the middle of the town. Near it was a small spring placed near a set of tires placed on top of one another. Just then, the group stopped near the spring suddenly.

"Uh, why did we stop?" Adam asked, confused.

"Cause we're here." Numbuh 5 answered, pointing up.

Adam looked in the direction Numbuh 5 pointed and was surprised at what he saw. Floating up in the sky was a very large treehouse, along with the ground it was rooted to. As he looked back down, he saw the others jumping onto the spring, then propelling extremely high up in the air. Some of them even did aerial tricks just for fun.

"What are you waiting for?" Numbuh 2 said from on top. "Jump on the spring!"

Are they insane!? Adam thought, afraid to get on.

Buttercup noticed this, and with swift superspeed, went right behind him. Adam felt a hard push forward as he was knocked forward onto the spring.

"Oh man, this stinks big time!" Adam yelled out loud as he was flung hard into the sky, unable to hold on to Bubbles as they got separated from one another. The others, now on the floating ground of the treehouse, just watched as the two were now falling towards them.

Before they hit the ground though, the two were caught in mid-air as Blossom and the samurai jumped up, grabbing them before they crashed. Adam found himself safely on high ground next to Blossom, while Bubbles was in the hands of the samurai.

"Thanks, you two." Adam said. "Sorry about the trouble."

"It was no problem. Somebody had to help." Blossom said. Buttercup had just gotten back up with the group as she noticed her sister glaring at her.

"What?" Buttercup said in an innocent-like tone.

"Okay, we've wasted enough time here," the bald teen spoke all of a sudden, drawing everyone's attention to him. "We need to focus on the big picture here."

"Roger that, Numbuh 1," Numbuh 5 said, before turning to the others, "Okay, you guys. Follow me."

Adam watched as everyone but him, Blossom, and the samurai holding Bubbles followed Numbuh 5 into the treehouse. He was about to follow them, but was stopped by the bald teen that he assumed was Numbuh 1.

"Not you," Numbuh 1 said. "I need to talk to you for a bit. This concerns you also, Numbuh 2."

"Okay, Numbuh 1." Numbuh 2 replied.

Numbuh 1 turned his attention to Blossom and the samurai.

"Blossom, Samurai Jack, go drop off Bubbles at the med bay, then meet up with the rest of us afterwards, understood?"

The two nodded before going off inside the treehouse as well.

"So what is this about, Numbuh 1?" Adam asked.

"It concerns you mainly," Numbuh 1 said, "while you were out there on the field in Tech Square, we got word that one of Fuse's minions were spying on us from afar."

"So? what could be the problem behind that?" Adam asked.

"You're not looking at the big picture here," Numbuh 2 said, "It could now be a possibility that Fuse now knows what we're going to do."

"You mean that he could-" Adam said.

"Exactly," Numbuh 1 said, "If that were true, then we have to hurry, and time is not our side at the moment. But I may have an idea that could speed things up."

"What is it?" Adam asked.

Numbuh 1 and Numbuh 2 then both looked at him, and it took a moment for Adam to realize what they were planning.

" mean?"

"Yes. You have to learn to defeat Fuse's minions and gather the parts by yourself." Numbuh 1 said.

An eerie silence passed by them, the individual clearly surprised by this choice.

"But...why me, Numbuh 1?" Adam asked. "Couldn't you just gather them yourselves, or at least help me fight them?"

"Normally, I wouldn't resort to thinking of this, but with the current state of the battle as it is now, I'm afraid I have little choice in the matter," Numbuh 1 replied.

"We're barely able to hold Fuse back, and still that's not enough." Numbuh 2 added, "If we focused all our attention on getting you home, it would only just confirm his suspicions and all our efforts would be for nothing. After that, who knows what would happen to you then, as well as the others who got sent here with you?"

That's right! I forgot about them, Adam thought as the realization of it all came to him. He was slightly depressed by their words, but still kept listening.

"I suggest you don't worry about it that much, though," Numbuh 1 said, "We'll do our best to make sure you have at least a chance of making it through this."

"And don't forget, once you find the others, you'll definitely be able to handle anything that we can, if you work together with them." Numbuh 2 said.

Adam felt slightly confused about that last comment, but was reassured by their words somewhat.

"So, what you do say?"

Adam hesistated for a moment, then gave a friendly smile.

"All right, Numbuh 1, you can count me in." Adam said.

"Good." Numbuh 1 answered. "In that case, be ready tomorrow, for that's when we'll start on your training and fixing up the time machine. For now, go inside the treehouse and find Blossom. I'm sure she can find you a place to rest."


Adam turned away from the two and walked away towards the treehouse. As he did, he noticed something far off in the distance. It was too far away to get a good glimpse of it, but from what he could assume at the moment, it was like a green speck flying around some building. As soon as he saw it, though, it flew out of sight.

Weird....what was that anyway?
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PostSubject: Re: The Path of Heroes, Volume 1   Sun Jan 23, 2011 12:55 pm

Chapter 02: Learning the Basics, Part 2 of 4


The remainder of the group was gathered in a small room, where they waited until Numbuh 1 and Numbuh 2 arrived. It resembled something like a meeting room, since it had a podium, a table in the middle, and a seating area near it. Buttercup had already started to grow impatient, and was almost considering to leave.

"When are those two going to get here?" Buttercup said. "I want to get this over with already!"

"Buttercup, just be patient," Blossom said, "I'm sure those will show up soon after they finish talking with Adam."

A red vein appeared on Buttercup's forehead at the mention of that name, as she tried to contain her anger.

"That kid....why are we even helping him anyways!" Buttercup started to say angrily, smashing a nearby desk and drawing the attention of the others.

"Buttercup, you shouldn't get angry like that." Blossom said, trying to calm her sister down. "There's a reason why we're doing this anyways."

"Well, I don't care, Blossom! For all I care, he's nobody in my book! Nobody!"

She ran off, enraged, as she nearly smashed the door to bits on her way out. Ben, taking notice of the situation, walked over to Blossom with a concerned look on his face.

"You still haven't told your sister about what happened, Blossom?" He said, as Blossom turned to face him.

"No, Ben. She won't even listen to me now." She answered, giving a depressed sigh. "Especially now that Adam is around."

"She's the only one who doesn't know about the experiment, so you have to tell her sooner or later." Ben said.

Blossom gave a small nod as she went to find Buttercup. As she left, Ben took a moment to dwell on his thoughts.

To think that before, those two were friends....but now, this war has torn apart almost the bonds of almost everyone, Ben thought.

I just hope we can fix this problem before it's too late.


Buttercup walked along the corridors of the treehouse, miffed somewhat as she found another dead end.

"Why is this place so big, for crying out loud!" Buttercup said, the sound echoing across the corridor she was in.

As she went to find a different way, she tried to keep her thoughts occupied. She began to grow angry as one person came to mind.

Of all the people I have to help, why did it have to be him?

Her fists clenched tightly as she did her best to stay calm. On her way, she bumped past Adam.

"Oh, sorry Buttercup. Didn't see you there." Adam said, turning to face her. Buttercup then stopped, but kept from turning to look at him.

"You should be." Buttercup replied.

"Huh? What are you talking about?" he asked. Buttercup began to grow more irritated at this.

"You should know what I'm talking about, you coward!" Buttercup almost yelled out.


Just then, Adam suddenly felt a hand grip him by the neck, as Buttercup held him up, looking very enraged.


Her grip began to tighten slowly, as he struggled to break free.


"Buttercup, y-you don't....understand," Adam struggled to say, "I-I had no choice....."


"Buttercup, that's enough!" said a voice suddenly.

Both Adam and Buttercup turned to look as Blossom floated over to them.

"Let him go, Buttercup. This isn't like you at all." Blossom said.

Buttercup looked at her sister for a moment, then reluctantly let go of Adam, who took a moment to catch his breath.

"Fine! He isn't worth the effort anyway!" Buttercup said, really irritated.

She then floated away from the two, leaving Adam in a confused state as he saw her leave. He turned to look at Blossom, who looked worried.

"That's two I owe you now, Blossom. Thanks." Adam said, rubbing the spot where Buttercup almost choked him. "At least I know there's still one other familar person that I can count on.

"No problem, Adam." Blossom said.

A small moment of silence passed between the two as Adam looked at the direction Buttercup went. He felt so confused, and hurt at the same time.

"I don't get it....why did she try to hurt me?" Adam said, "I thought that we were friends, so why she blame me for what happened?"

"It's not your fault, Adam." Blossom said, putting a hand on his shoulder. "Buttercup doesn't know what happened to you."

"Yeah.....but hurts just hearing all of that."

He seemed depressed as he put his hand on his chest. Blossom noticed this, and tried to keep his mind off the subject.

"So what are you doing, wandering around the treehouse?" Blossom asked.

The question snapped Adam out of his depression, as he suddenly looked back at Blossom.

"Oh, Numbuh 1 told me to find you. He said that you could find a place for me to rest for now." He replied.

"Okay. Follow me. I think we can find a room for you."

The two walked throughout the treehouse, passing through many routes and floors on the way. Eventually, they arrived at an empty room with the number '3' labeled on it.

"Here we are. This should do for now." Blossom said as she led him inside.

As Adam looked around, he took notice of the rainbow monkeys piled all over each other. From what he could assume, some girl used to live here.

"I know it must seem too...girly to you, but some of the other people have taken every room but this one." Blossom said.

"It's okay, Blossom. I'll manage." Adam said.

"Well, I have to get back to finding Buttercup. See you." Blossom said

As she left the room, Adam's Buttercup nano came out from the nanocom, apparently bored. Adam turned to look at her, as she sat on his head.

"Anything happen while I was gone?" Nano Buttercup said, yawning a bit.

"Well, aside from your larger counterpart almost choking me to death, nope. Nothing at all."

He walked over to a large bed, and sat on it. As he did, the nano floated away, looking for something to do.

"Why does she hate me so much now? I wish I could figure out why."

He then was struck with an idea. He turned to look at his nano, who was attacking one of the rainbow monkeys as if it were a punching bag.

"Hey Nano Buttercup," Adam asked as she turned to look at him, "Do you have any idea why she's acting like this? I mean, you are Buttercup, in a way."

The nano took a moment to think this over, then shook her head sadly.

"Sorry. I haven't got a clue as to why." Nano Buttercup answered.

Adam sighed in defeat.

"Well, I guess it was worth a shot, though." he said. "I guess we'll just have to fix this problem some way or another."

"True." Nano Buttercup said.

Nano Buttercup yawned again, as she floated over to the nanocom.

"Well, I'm going to rest now." she said

"All right then." Adam said.

As Nano Buttercup went back inside the nanocom, Adam was left to wonder about his own problems.

Buttercup.......why do you blame me for what's happened?

I just wish we could be friends again....

A few tears slid down his cheek as he thought this over.

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PostSubject: Re: The Path of Heroes, Volume 1   Mon Jan 24, 2011 8:51 pm

Chapter 02: Learning the Basics, Part 3 of 4


The next day......

Adam walked out of the treehouse, Lightning Gun strapped to his back, as he searched for a way down.

"Okay do I get down?" He said to no one in particular.

He then noticed two people around his age standing near something. As he watched them, the two grabbed onto what looked to be handlebars attached to a strong cable and slid down out of sight.

I guess I'll just take that route, then, Adam thought.

Walking over to the slider, as he considered it, he grabbed onto the handlebars and slid down to the ground below. As he took a moment to look around, he noticed something that caught his attention.

Isn't that.....?

In front of him were four images of people on top of a large monument. Adam looked at each of them as he recognized a few.

That's Ben.....and Dexter also, Adam thought, And isn't that that big monkey I saw before?

He then turned to one that he didn't know at all.

But who is this person?

The image of the person was wearing an orange shirt with black shorts. What was most noticeable was the hat he wore on his head. Just then, he noticed someone familar come towards him.

"Computress!" Adam said. "What are you doing here?"

"Numbuh 1 has instructed me to assist you with your combat training." Computress said. "So for today, I am assigned to give you your missions."

"Is that so?" Adam said curiously. "I don't get how a robot is going to help me learn how to fight those monsters."

"You shall see soon enough." said a muffled voice suddenly from out of nowhere.

Adam was surprised at this, looking around him for the source. Unusually, though, there was no one else nearby.

"Huh?" Adam said, stratching at his head in confusion. "Where is that coming from?"

"Look at your nanocom, Adam." Computress suggested.

Curious, he took it out from his pocket, and was surprised to see it flashing white.

"Who is this?" Adam asked

"It's Numbuh 2," the voice said, now clear, "Can you hear me?"

"Yeah. I read you loud and clear." Adam said.

"Good, so the communications systems are good to go." Numbuh 2 said. "I just wanted to check to see if they worked. This way, we'll keep you informed on your missions anytime, anywhere."

"Alright, then. Anything else you want to tell me?" Adam asked.

"Not at the moment, although I'm detecting a faint signal that you might want to search for after you're done. It's similar to the one your nanocom's giving out." Numbuh 2 answered.

"All right then. I will." Adam answered.

The nanocom stopped flashing as the communication ended.

"Now, we shall began with your first assignment." Computress said, pointing off towards some nearby building. "Your first task shall start there."

Adam looked, and saw a small group of Fusion Spawns gathered at one spot. At first glance, there were maybe about 6 of them.

"You will need to defeat those Fusion Spawns, using only the weapon in the crate over there." Computress continued, as it directed his attention to a grey crate that was near the monument.

Adam walked over to the crate, and with some effort, opened it. As he looked inside, he pulled out a large red sword from it.

"The weapon you are holding is called the Lightning Sword." Computres said. "A melee weapon that can handle many enemies at once. It is one that works in tandem with the Lightning Gun you have right now."

Adam took a moment to get used to the weapon, as he took a few practice swings with it. He then looked at the Spawns.

"All right then. Here goes." Adam said, walking towards the group of Fusion Spawns.

As he drew nearer to them, the spawns hopped towards him, ready to strike. Adam noticed this and sliced apart the first two that came towards him. The remaining four grew angry at this and slowly surrounded him.

"Four against one? Not cool." Adam muttered under his breath.

He ran towards one of them, and with quick speed, cut it in half. He then quickly turned and jumped back to avoid a spawn that tried to bite his leg. Pulling back his sword first before striking, he stabbed the spawn, effectively killing it.

Okay, four down, two to go, Adam thought.

He then noticed the spawns suddenly lunge for his face. Reacting quickly, he put his sword up in a defensive position to block their strikes, knocking them away in the process.

Okay, here's my chance!

Running up to both of them, he sliced through both of them with quick effort. As he looked at the remains of his opponents, he slightly cringed at the mess he has caused on the field.

I don't think I'll get used to this anytime soon, He thought, seeing the splattered FM on the grass.

He walked back to Computress, who was holding what looked to be a bag in its hand.

"Good work, Adam. That will do for now." Computress said. "You may keep the sword, and the bag I am holding here as a reward for your effort."

As he was handed the bag, he looked inside to find a fair amount of coins inside it.

"What type of currency is this?" He asked.

"These are taros, a currency that was created during the war. For now, this serves no current use, so you can store it in your nanocom for now." Computress said.

"It can do that?"

"Not yet, but I shall modify for you. Give me your nanocom for a moment, please."

As he handed the device over to Computress, it took out a computer chip and installed in the nanocom. Handing back to Adam, the device glowed for a moment as a new option appeared on its screen.

"There. Your device can now also store money, items, and any weapons that you find in its databanks. Just select that option whenever you need to activate the storage feature. I have also enhanced your nanocom's other capabilities." Computress said.

Curiously, Adam selected the option, and in an instant, the bag he was holding disappeared into thin air.

"Well, that's something you don't see everyday." he said.

Just then, his nanocom began flashing white again, as Numbuh 2's image appeared this time.

"Looks like I came in at the right time." Numbuh 2 said.

"What do you need, Numbuh 2?" Adam asked.

"I need you gather some 2x4 tech for me. I need it in order to help fix the time machine."

"Okay, where I can find it?"

"I'm sending the coordinates to your nanocom right now, as well as those for that signal I received earlier," Numbuh 2 said, "Be careful, though. I don't think this will be easy. Numbuh 2 out."

The image disappeared as he finished talking. Adam switched to the nanocom's map, and saw two dots appear on the screen. One was small and green, but the other was large, bright red, and flashing. we go......let's get this search started. Adam thought.
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PostSubject: Re: The Path of Heroes, Volume 1   Mon Jan 31, 2011 8:50 pm

and now, the final part of this chapter.

Chapter 02: Learning the Basics, Part 4 of 4

Adam walked to the spot indicted by the flashing red spot on the map. Many thoughts were rushing through his head as he made his way past the wrecked building. He felt calm, yet somewhat unnerved at the same time. Eventually he came across a medium-sized crate with the initials "KND" labeled on the side of it. Putting away his nanocom for the moment and walked to it.

This must be the stuff. Adam thought.

He opened the crate, only to be surprised when he saw it empty.

Odd, how could it be empty? I thought the supplies were here, like Numbuh 2 said.

As he looked at his surroundings to get an idea of what happened, he took notice of an oddly colored patch of grass.


He walked over and looked at it from a safe distance.

this's Fusion Matter....

Tech Square, Flashback

"That part where you mentioned about fusion matter. Tell me more about this stuff." Adam asked.

"Oh, right," Numbuh 2 said. "All of Fuse's monsters are made of fusion matter, or FM for short. Usually, this is toxic to people and should not be touched. But when a monster is defeated, it turns into a different kind of FM that is safe to touch."

End Flashback

Adam frowned, worried about the current situation.

Looks like this isn't going to be easy. They may have already found out, and if that's true, I have to hurry.

Adam then saw that there was even more of the FM nearby the infected patch of grass. It was also on several patches of grass, but it formed a type of slimy trail.

Looks like they aren't good in covering their tracks. I better catch up to them, and fast.

Without hesitation, he ran off, following the trail of FM. Within minutes of running, he caught up to a group of monsters, floating off with him in pursuit. He unstrapped his Lightning Gun and took aim at the one in front.

"Stop right there!" He said, firing the weapon.

The monster screeched in severe pain as the laser bore a hole right through its skull. As it fell to the ground and turned back to FM, the others took notice of this and stopped to look at their pursuer. Adam also noticed this, stopping as he held both of his weapons in a offensive stance. As he did, he took notice of their appearance.

These creatures were known as Shocktanglers. Their bodies were made up of what looked to be electrical equipment, and they had cables and cords for their many tentacle-like arms. In those same arms, he noticed they were each holding some spare parts and tools, save for the one Adam killed since it dropped the parts it held.

Those must be the parts Numbuh 2 needed, Adam thought, But why would they want those anyway?

No matter.....I have to get them back!

The creatures dropped what they were holding, moving closer to Adam as electricity surged through their arms. Adam's eyes darted, looking around as the teen was slowly backing away from them., nine of them. This isn't going to be easy.

He took aim with his Lightning Gun and shot two in the face. As the two fell, he ran past the Shocktanglers, avoiding the tentacles as he stabbed one from underneath with his sword. Three down, and the Shocktanglers were already angered at this. But he didn't let up! He quickly went back to shooting and shot another on its side. He then jumped back to dodge a swipe from one who got a little too close for comfort. He took a moment to catch his breath, already fatigued.

Dang tentacles.....if one of those hits me, it isn’t going to be good.

He was then interrupted when he felt a tentacle strike him from behind hard. He almost screamed in pain as the electricity ran throughout his whole body. Dropping his Lightning Gun in the process, he staggered away from his attacker, only to find himself surrounded by the other four.

"This isn't good....I need help," Adam said, trying stay on his feet as he took out his nanocom and activated it, "Buttercup, I could use some help right about now!"

The nano popped out from the nanocom, a eager look on her face as she floated to the Shocktanglers.

"All right, you monsters. Who's first to get a knuckle sandwich by me?" Nano Buttercup said out loud.

One stretched out a tentacle to grab the nano, but she dodged it with ease as she countered with a strong punch, rendering the tentacle useless as it was smashed to bits. Buttercup then went into a frenzy of attacks as she 'disarmed' most of the tentacles of the Shocktanglers.

"Take that, and this, and have a little some of this too!" Nano Buttercup said.

Seeing this as an opportunity, Adam took the chance and cut down four of them with his sword. He then retrieved his weapon and blasted the last two that his nano was currently fighting. Nano Buttercup looked a little miffed at this as Adam put away his weapons.

"Come on, Adam. I was just getting started!" Nano Buttercup said. "I was about to smack them down until you shot them!"

Adam chuckled a bit at this, but suddenly felt a pang of pain shoot through his body as he felt his strength fade for a moment.

"You okay, Adam?" his nano said, her expression now changing to show concern.

Adam hesitated for a moment to respond as the pain went as quickly as it had come.

"I'll be alright....besides, I knew what I getting myself into when I agreed to I can't complain or whine about this, Nano Buttercup." Adam said, somewhat tired.

He turned to look at the fallen monsters, the parts they were once carrying nearby. Using his nanocom, he gathered each of the stolen 2x4 parts and stored them in a safe spot. When he finished, he turned to look at Nano Buttercup.

"Thanks for the help. I couldn't have beaten them without you." Adam said, giving a friendly smile at his partner.

"Uh, you might want to save that for later," Nano Buttercup said, "Your nanocom's starting to act strange."


Looking at the device as his nano sat on his shoulder, the nanocom's map function had just suddenly turned on as the holographic screen appeared in front of them.

"Attention. A Nanocom signal has been detected nearby. " A voice said from the device.

"What? A Nanocom signal?" Adam said, surprised. "But that would mean-"

"Now searching..........Coordinates acquired. Uploading it to map now."

As it said this, the green dot on the map had changed to show a yellow Dexlabs logo.

"Looks like it's showing us where one of your friends might be," Nano Buttercup said, turning to look at Adam, "Let's go and check it out!"

"Right." Adam replied.

The two ran off, following the map towards the spot shown on the radar.

Southwest Crash Site, Sector V

A few minutes later.......

As the two approached the site, they caught site of a large crater that seemed to cover a large radius. As the two approached it to take a look, they saw that it was about 5-10 feet deep (or at least, that's what Adam assumed).

"Whoa," Nano Buttercup whistled as she looked down, "What could have caused this?"

Adam wasn't paying attention however, as he looked at the area surrounding the crater.

"Uh, are you even listening to me?" Nano Buttercup asked.

Adam ignored this, now noticing the several crushed pieces of metals. Walking over to one of the pieces, he took a closer look at it.

This is about the same stuff that the time machine was made out of, Adam thought, as he turned to look at his nano.

"We need to search the area here. If this was anything like what happened to me, the person we're looking for must still be nearby."

"Okay, but where do we look, Adam?" Buttercup asked.

"Urgh....Is someone out there?" someone said suddenly, alerting the two. "I could use some help over here."

"Where are you?" Adam asked.

"I'm trapped underneath this smashed metal. Can you get me out?" the person replied.

"All right. Just hold on until we get there."

Adam and Nano Buttercup ran off to help the person, using the map on the nanocom to prevent them from getting lost. When they got to the spot, the two saw before them a rather large pile of metal, with the person's right arm only visible.

Adam began to work, pushing off the metal from the person's body, although it was hard because he wasn't that strong. About 10 minutes after he had started, he finally had got the last of the metal safely off. The person got up, battered and bruised as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Thanks. If you didn't come, I would have been crushed sooner or later." the person said as he turned to Adam. He was confused, however, as Adam stood there, surprised.

"Um, is something wrong?"

"Michael....I'm been looking everywhere for you." Adam said, "I'm just glad that you're safe now."

Michael, however, was now the one who was confused.

"Something wrong?" Adam asked.

"Uh, I don't who you got me confused with, but I'm not least, I don't think I am." Michael said.

Nano Buttercup and Adam exchanged confused glances, then looked back at Michael.

"I'm Numbuh 74.29, tactical weapon user of the KND."

Just then, a large explosion occured from far away, the shockwave of the blast causing them to almost lose their balance.

"What was that!?" the three said.

Just then, both of their nanocoms began to flash white as Numbuh 2's holo-image appeared.

"Bad news, guys," Numbuh 2 said, "The treehouse is under attack!"

"Who's attacking it?" Michael asked immediately.

"Fusion Numbuh 2."
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PostSubject: Re: The Path of Heroes, Volume 1   Tue Feb 01, 2011 3:51 pm

This is getting interesting.

Whatever happened to the Professor? What's Buttercup's problem? What the heck happened with Michael? And will I stop this cheesy asking? Yes, yes I will!

....Yeah, you probably get the idea. o_o
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PostSubject: Re: The Path of Heroes, Volume 1   Thu Feb 03, 2011 4:22 pm

The first question's answer should be obvious to any who's played the game (for those who never played it, just bear with me. It'll be shown in due time). As for the other two questions, I'll just let the story explain that as it progresses.

Okay now, the next chapter will come sometime around next week, for those who are viewing this.
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PostSubject: Re: The Path of Heroes, Volume 1   Sun Feb 13, 2011 8:46 pm

Well, here's the beginning of Chapter 3. Enjoy.

Chapter 03: Partners, Part 1 of 8

The two were running off towards the treehouse as quickly as they could, hoping they could reach it in time. Michael was staying fairly ahead of Adam, the black-haired teen trying to keep up with his friend.

To be honest, Adam was worried. It's like the pals he had before were slipping away from his grasp into nothingness. First, Buttercup hurt him in a blind outrage, and now Michael doesn't remember him or even himself. This was certainly a dilemma indeed.

"Hey, come on!" Michael said, looking back at Adam as he ran, "You need to be faster than that if we're going to reach the treehouse in time!"

"I'm trying, you know," Adam said, starting to feel tired. "I never could keep with you, Michael."

Just then, Michael stopped in front of him, as Adam did the same.

"Why do you keep calling me that, anyways?" Michael said. "I'm not Michael. I'm a KND operative. I've always been."

"No, you weren't, Michael. Don't you remember the fun times we had together at all?" Adam asked. "You've got to remember at least something."

Michael grew silent as the two just stared at each other for a bit.

"Don't you remember anything at all?" Adam asked.

"I don't know....I-Ergh!" Michael yelled.

Michael felt his head suddenly throbbing in pain as he knelt down slowly.

"....what is this...this pain?" He asked.


Michael's Flashback

"Huh? What's this?"

"It's something I made in my spare time, Michael. I want you to take it."

"Are you sure?"

"Of course. I trust you as a friend."

End Flashback


What...was that? a vision or something? Michael thought, the hurt fading away. Either way, what does it have to do with me? Is there something I don't know?

"Michael, are you okay?" Adam said.

"'s strange, though," Michael answered as he got back up, "I had the strangest memory or something like that."

"So you do remember!" Adam said, surprised.

"I'm not sure if that was the case. But that was weird, though. I wonder what it means?" Michael said, confused.

"Maybe it'll come back to you eventually. Either way, I'm not giving up on breaking through to you, Michael. You'll see." Adam said, confident on this.

Michael was about to say something, but was interrupted by another larger explosion that occured, but closer to them.

"That doesn't sound good. We have to hurry." Adam said.

"Right, let's go." Michael said.

The two went back to running, this time with Michael trailing slightly behind of his own will. He looked at Adam with a bit of curiousity.

Why does he keep saying that stuff? Does he know something about me that I don't? Michael thought.

It doesn't matter at the moment, though. Right now, I have to keep the treehouse from falling to the enemy.


Sector V Flashback

("Fusion Numbuh 2 is planning to use the Shocktanglers to attempt to drain the power generators that keep the treehouse afloat. If they succeed, the treehouse will be open to their attacks,") Numbuh 2 said through the holo-image, ("You first need to stop them from doing any damage until reinforcements arrive, then that's when your real mission begins.")

"And what will that be?" Chris asked.

("You have to defeat Fusion Numbuh 2.")

A tension filled the air as Adam gasped a bit in surprise.

(That soon.....I don't even think I'm ready to face him now,) Adam thought.

Michael noticed his reaction and turned to him.

"What's wrong?" Michael asked.

("I think I can answer that, Michael,") Numbuh 2 said, turning to look at Adam. ("You need to be brave, Adam. You may not be a Kids Next Door operative, but you have a lot of potential.")

"R-right. Potential." Adam answered almost nervously. Nano Buttercup, however, was very excited with this as she sat on Adam's head.

"Come on, this will be fun, Adam! We get to kick more monster behinds!" Nano Buttercup said

"Depends on what you mean by fun." Adam said.

Numbuh 2 then turned to Michael.

("Adam will fill you on the details as you travel together. Watch each other's backs and whatever you do, don't act recklessly. Numbuh 2 out.")

The holo-image disappeared, as Adam picked his nano off his head.

"Time to go, Buttercup. I'll call you up when it's time to fight." Adam answered.

"All right. See ya guys!" Nano Buttercup said.

With that, she waved before disappearing into Adam's nanocom. Michael was somewhat surprised at this, looking at the nanocom he was holding for a moment before looking at Adam.

"How did you do that?" Michael asked.

"I'll explain later. Right now, we have to stop those Shocktanglers!" Adam answered.


I will not fail!


Sector V South Generators, Future

Adam and Michael arrived at the generator site, and were surprised to see the large amount of Shocktanglers approaching. Without haste, Adam pulled out his nanocom.

"Activate weapons!" Adam said, "Lightning Gun and Lightning Sword! Appear!"

For a moment nothing happened, as Adam looked suspicously at his nanocom.

"Weird...isn't something supposed to-OH MY GOD!"

Adam almost jumped away in shock as his own sword shot out from his nanocom, the bladed edge an inch away from his face. The rifle also shot out, later landing on the ground, as well as the sword after shooting out.

NOT very impressive skills at first glance, Michael thought, a bored look appearing on his face.

"Dang, it. When I get my hands on the guy who made these upgrades, I'm gonna-" Adam almost yelled out.

"Stop slacking off already, Adam." Michael said.

Adam turned to look at his friend, who had assumed a fighting stance.

"We need to hold them off until help arrives, not make threats at someone we don't know." Michael said. "So I would appreciate if you would give me some info on what we're dealing with here."

Adam nodded, then picked up the two weapons he let drop.

"All right then." Adam said. "These Shocktanglers like to use their tentacles for offensive attacks. Don't get hit by them, or else you'll get zapped with electricity."

"Oh and one more thing."

Adam took a moment to look at his Lightning Gun, before tossing it over to Michael, who caught it with ease.

"Why are you giving me this?" Michael asked.

"You'll need this to fight them," Adam said, "These monsters can't be fought with hand-to-hand combat. The fusion matter they're made of is toxic to us and can't be touched by usual means."

"Besides, I believe you can handle that weapon better than I can, anyways."

Michael nodded at this, then watched closely as Adam called out his nano and turned his attention towards her.

"Nano Buttercup, ready to go?" Adam asked.

"You know I am!" Nano Buttercup answered with enthusiasm.

The three turned their attention back to the Shocktanglers, who were now within a mile of the generators. Adam gulped nervously as they drew closer, his grip on the sword quivering a bit.

Well then.......looks like there's no turning back now. I have to be strong! I can't let them down! Adam thought.

"Let's take them down!" Michael shouted out loud.

The three charged towards the Shocktanglers, as their battle was about to begin.
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PostSubject: Re: The Path of Heroes, Volume 1   Sun Feb 13, 2011 8:52 pm

XD I didn't expect the weapons to pop out either.
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PostSubject: Re: The Path of Heroes, Volume 1   Tue Mar 01, 2011 8:56 pm

Sorry about the long wait. I kind of got off track there, what with the new expansion of FF coming out. Anyways, back to the story! -disappears in a cloud of smoke-

Chapter 03: Partners, Part 2 of 8

The Shocktanglers took notice of the three running towards them, but paid them little attention as they drew closer to the generators.

"They aren't even noticing us at all!" Nano Buttercup said, flying to keep pace with Adam and Michael.

"Then let's get their attention, shall we?" Michael said, running ahead, taking aim with the Lightning Gun as he ran.

"Wait, Michael!" Adam said, worried. "You can't just rush in like-"

Before he could finish, Michael let loose a flurry of laser blasts, shooting down Shocktangler after Shocktangler as he ran towards them. In just about a few seconds, he had already shot down the nearest 10 without breaking a sweat.


"He's good." Nano Buttercup commented, impressed.

The Shocktanglers that weren't shot down took notice of this feat, changing their target to Michael and started charging electricity through their tentacles.

"Watch out, Michael!" Adam said.

Michael, however, stood unfazed as he counted the ones that were coming towards him.

three....eight.....fifteen......twenty of them so far, Michael thought, watching them closely. The grip on the Lightning Gun tightened as he waited for them. I definitely have their attention now.

One of the Shocktanglers swung its tentacle at Michael, attempting to shock him.

"Look out, here it comes!" Adam warned.

Just before it was about to strike however, Michael quickly rolled underneath it, barely dodging the electricity surging out. As he came out of his roll, Michael immediately took aim and fired, shooting down the closest five, then jumped back to dodge another swipe from a Shocktangler that tried to sneak up on him. Adam stood there, surprised at what his friend was accomplishing.

...Is this the true potential that a KND operative has? He thought.

Nano Buttercup, however, was getting very anxious. Turning to her partner, she tried to get his attention.

"Adam, come on!" Nano Buttercup said, pointing towards where the battle was at. "We should join in the fight as well!"

Adam hesitated for a moment, but nodded.

"Right." Adam said.

Adam charged towards a group of Shocktanglers, his blade in his hands. As he got in range, he swung his sword in an upward arc, taking off several limbs from the Shocktanglers closest to him. Then, changing his grip on his weapon, he brought it straight through the middle of the monster closest to him, turning it to FM.

Nano Buttercup was also helping out in the fight, as she punched several Shocktanglers and made most of their arms limp in the process.

"Take this, and that! and how about some of this!" Nano Buttercup said, reviling in the moment. The Shocktanglers made attempts to grab the small Buttercup look-alike, but she easily avoided being grabbed and weaved in and out of their grabbing attempts.

"Hah, you can't touch me!" She added, smashing another arm in the process.

The two teens, meanwhile, were using what they had to fight off the enemy. Michael was making expert use of the weapon he was holding, blasting apart Shocktangler by Shocktangler as he held his own in battle. Adam, however, was making use of his limited knowledge of combat to destroy their opponents. He wasn't used to the sword he held, almost regretting giving up the use of his Lightning Gun.

As the battle went on, he saw the enemy was growing steadily larger in numbers, instead of decreasing even a bit. He slowly backed away, worried.

There's so many of them......if this keeps up, I don't know how much longer we keep fighting, Adam thought.


The sound of someone screaming in pain alerted him, his thoughts suddenly filled with fear. Turning his head, Adam saw the nano held tightly in a Shocktangler's grip, unable to break free as its captor shocked her.

"Nano Buttercup!" Adam cried out, shocked (but not literally). He ran towards his nano at a quickened pace. "I'm coming! Hang on till then!" Just then, he saw three Shocktanglers come out of nowhere in front of him, trying to keep him away by blocking the path. He gritted his teeth. "Dang Shocktanglers! Get out of my way!"

Adam sped up his pace, then right before he was within reach of them, he went into a slide, going underneath the group of monsters. As he went past them, he focused his attention on the one holding his nano, preparing to strike. "Let go of her!"

With one swift slash of his sword, he cut through the Shocktangler's tentacles, freeing the nano as she fell to the ground, weakened. Adam then swung again, this time cutting the main body in half and reverting it back to FM. He then noticed the others that tried to block his way, coming back to try to zap him.

"You're not hitting me this time!" He charged to them, dodging a tentacle that tried to hit him on the way. "This will teach you not to hurt a friend of mine."

With a swift motion of his arm, he cut through their tentacles first with his sword, severing the links between them and the main bodies. The Shocktanglers, realized they were armless, charged forward, attempting to ram him with their floating bodies. This was futile, however, as he cut through them with ease as each came into range, reverting them back to their FM state.

With them defeated, he sighed, taking a moment to catch his breath. And stay dead, you monsters. He turned to his nano, who had been struggling to get back up. When he looked at her, she gave a somewhat relieved look.

"Ouch.....guess I got......a little overconfident, huh Adam?" Nano Buttercup said, smiling weakly. Even when this nano was hurt badly, she must have really enjoyed the thrill of fighting. "I can still fight on....just say the word and I'll-Oww!" She almost yelled out in pain again, the wounds much worse than she realized. She almost fell because of this, but was surprised when a hand stopped her fall.

"Huh?"Nano Buttercup said, surprised. She turned, seeing it was Adam's as the teen put her on his shoulder. He was smiling softly, but she could tell that was really him being worried. "You've done enough. You need to rest for now."

"But Adam, you need me out there with you! I-I can still fight..." She protested. Adam shook his head. "Don't worry about what happens to me. I'll be okay, and besides, I'm not planning to die.....not at all." He took out his nanocom, pointing his device at Nano Buttercup.


"No buts, Nano Buttercup. I don't want you to get hurt or worse. Please, let me and Michael handle this. Trust me.....we won't lose." Nano Buttercup wanted to argue more, but after another look from Adam and she knew that it was pointless. Sighing in defeat, the mini-Buttercup decided to leave the fight to them.

"...You'd better not let them down." She said.

"Don't worry, I won't." he said. With one push of a button, Nano Buttercup was sucked back into the nanocom. At least, that's what I hope I can do....

"Hey, I could use some help over here, if you don't mind!" Michael yelled out all of a sudden.

Alerted by the sudden cry for help, Adam turned, seeing the predicament that had occurred while he wasn't paying attention. Michael was currently clutching at his right arm, tired and weaponless on the grass. Approaching him were 10 Shocktanglers, 3 of which were guarding the Lightning Gun a few feet away from him.

"Crud!" Adam said, putting away his nanocom in the midst of all this. "Why does this happen to the people I care about or respect!?" He ran towards his friend, as the Shocktanglers closed in. "Hang on, Michael!"

He quickly rushed toward the closest Shocktangler, who noticed him too late as Adam cut it to pieces. This alerted the others to Adam's prescene, which caused about 6 of them to float towards him, while the other two watched over Michael like guards.

"Damn Shocktanglers......If it wasn't for those tentacles of theirs, this would be an easier fight." Adam thought. The Shocktanglers had already begun to surround him, just like the last group that Adam had fought. "Crud....not again." He held his sword in a offensive position, knowing of what was going to happen. He also noticed that more were coming to do the same thing.

We got their attention, all right.....enough so that want to kill us first. This is not good. Michael thought, watching the fight from afar.

When are those reinforcements going to show up? Adam thought.

If they don't show up soon, we may as well be dead!
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PostSubject: Re: The Path of Heroes, Volume 1   Wed Mar 02, 2011 7:51 am

All right for this awesome battle scene!
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The Path of Heroes, Volume 1
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