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 Pokemon BW

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PostSubject: Pokemon BW   Sat Dec 18, 2010 5:01 am

I can't decide whether or not to love or hate the fifth gen of pokemon.
I was in the process of making a thread doobly here, but for some reason my computer blitzed and everything got deleted before I was able to post.
So let's keep it simple with a few facts here and there, okay sweeties? :}

1. Every pokemon game after Gold and Silver became riddled with unnecessary evolutions and ripoff pokemon.
2. The storyline is always the same.
3. They have created every type of deity in pokemon form now, including the GOD of pokemon, masters of time and space, and the astral realms, the nightmare worlds, AND the ultimate of each element/attribute.
4. Their pokemon have been lacking originality and immagination.

Then comes the anticipated B&W.

It wins but also fails...

No more un-needed extra evolutions! YAY! (though I secretly want Seviper to evolve)
The pokemon only have minor rip-offs, meaning while along the same genra, the pokemon look entirely different.
Originality vs Pointless WTF Factors.

They have an ice cream pokemon that evolves into a double and triple scoop ice cream cone.
A crocodile thats ground based. GROUND! C'mon people! Shouldn't it be atleast partially water based?! It's a croc for petes sake!
Though I do applaud the Ruby and Sapphire's Camerupt and Spinda pokemon for being major WTF Factors that were too adorable not to catch.

I can't really say if I am pleased or not with B & W.
My only solution is to go out and buy the game once it comes out in english.

I'm looking forward to catching the patchirisu ripoff which is a flying squirrel pokemon.
But who knows, it might even be patchirisu's evolution. They only reveal so much in trailers, ads, and pokedex.

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Pokemon BW
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