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 The Adventures of Mandara

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PostSubject: The Adventures of Mandara   Thu Apr 16, 2009 8:14 pm

This tells the story of Mandara and his experience through the Fusionfall world, this story takes place before and after the invasion and there will be surprise guest.

Right now we join Mandara he lives in Tech Square and he is Dexter student and eventually one day he goes off and studies with a guy named Cooper and there something horrible happens.

"Dexter this robot is malfunctioning it keeps following Computress around and won't leave her alone" I said annoyidly. Computress then came over to Mandara and told him he was at the very top of Dexlabs at the Observatory. Mandara walked up the stairs, and saw Dexter looking into a telescope and writing notes down.

" Dexter I have to to you something about the Dexbots they are.......

" Yes Mandara I know they are attracting to Computress because she is the only female robot." Dexter said interruptedly. Dexter looked tired and it looked like he hasn't been asleep for days. All around his office where chips, and sodas, Dexter glasses were down as low as possible, and he was so tired he couldn't even pull them up. Somehow Dexter was still able to look and take notes. " I have to stay here and study this weird looking planet, it is made up of matter and energy from other planets. Dexter said while he was half asleep.

"I don't care about that Dexter its time for you to take a nap" I said calmly " Dexter since you don't want to go to bed Dexter you might as well listen to my new invention. I said in a big brave tough guy voice

Dexter turned around from his chair, suddenly he didn't look all tired and weak anymore, he said " You are wondering how this happened you see I made this piece of candy filled with a vibration that starts moving, when it feels your body getting tired and weaker" then he said " So what is this new invention you have to show me"

"Ok here it is I invented this its called.....
Sunddely Computress walked in and was being followed by about 50 Dex-bots

Dexter these bots are really getting on my wires please fix the conflict."

Then more dex-bots came and they were all saying something about Computress

The Dex Bots were saying " Come back baby" " You are so hot" "Will you be mine" Hey Computress want to go on a date on the internet."

" Dexter you are going to fix this right."

Sunddely I turned around I coundn't see Dexter he was gone, his chair was empty but the soda from his soda can left tracks because it got stuck to the end of his shoes.

Then I said " This means revenge, I will eventually get him back but now I have to fix these robots.
Thats the end
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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Mandara   Thu Apr 16, 2009 8:34 pm

xD How interesting. Computress scene xD


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The Adventures of Mandara
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