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 The Legacy Of The Hero Chapter 2 and More

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PostSubject: The Legacy Of The Hero Chapter 2 and More   Tue Jan 05, 2010 6:44 am

Chapter 2, Part 3- The Newspaper’s Story

‘WHAT!? Double-D signed us up to find some meteors which fell from that planet?’ replied Eddy after I told him what happened.
‘Yeah, I know. But, we have to do this because Dex agreed that you and me should go and check out and note the locations where the meteors impacted.’ I said.
‘Have to? We don’t have to!’ said Eddy angrily. ‘But, if there was a penny involved then well… I wouldn’t turn down the offer.’
I sighed. Plain old Eddy. I told him that we would leave tomorrow so we could pack and stock up. After I left Eddy’s house, I went to the middle of the Cul-De-Sac where Urban Rangers were selling equipment for people who were fighting back. The others were developing weapons for them. I began to think that I should buy some equipment for the adventures ahead. So, I bought a pair of Ultra Green Protection Pants, a Monster Slayer Shirt and a Custard Buster which actually shot custard! I just hoped I could carry both the Custard Buster (CB for short) and the Justice Sword. I decided to take the sword since it was so useful so why not take it? After I browsed a little, I decided to see what was going on out of the Cul-De-Sac’s walls since I had begun to hear strange sounds and screams. I walked quietly toward the exit and saw Urban Rangers fight innumerable monsters. I was beginning to worry that just because of the appearance of the mysterious planet, our world had begun to change drastically. Why was this planet so powerful and why was it so dead-set on attacking us? I suddenly stopped thinking and decided that I had seen enough battling and ran home to take a much-needed rest. As I started to sleep, I started having nightmare suddenly….. Fusion Edd had known so much about me but how was that possible? Was he somehow related to me? Tossing and turning, I finally slept.

The next day, I met Eddy in the middle of the Cul-De-Sac. He seemed tired and angry since he didn’t even want to go. As we left the Cul-De-Sac, we saw Double-D and Ed reading the newspaper. Actually, Double-D was reading, while Ed seemed to be reading a comic book. Double-D started to yell at me and Eddy and began pointing at the newspaper.
“Jeez, does Sockhead ever stop reading?” Eddy asked me.
“Um….. I think not.”
As we joined Double-D, he started to talk to us in a scared voice.
“Sam and Eddy, you two should check out this article.” he said and started to point to an article in the Peach Creek Journal.
I read the article aloud-
“Meteor Shower in the Suburbs!!
Yesterday, there were three meteors that fell from a planet near Earth. These meteors have all landed in the suburbs and have all rooted themselves to the surface of the Earth. All Suburbians are requested to please stay cautious at the following locations- Goat’s Junkyard, Charles Darwin Middle School, Peach Creek High and Genius Grove.”

As soon as I stopped reading, we heard a sinister voice.
People of earth, we are reaching our goal! I, Emperor Fuse will conquer Earth!”
And the rest of his statement, I will remember it for a long time.
We have come to destroy you.”

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The Legacy Of The Hero Chapter 2 and More
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