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 Our World: Season 2

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PostSubject: Our World: Season 2   Fri Dec 11, 2009 9:03 pm

Season Two, Chapter One

We all met up with April and Mike, and by the time that happened, the fire was already put out. We went back inside and got on a S.C.A.M.P.E.R. back to City Station. Although most of us would rather go almost anywhere else, the only other option was Tech Square, and all of the teen division was being forced to leave for “security reasons”. Andrew had chosen to go to Tech Square though; he said he had to do something there.

Once we were all seated, I asked Shaun, “Hey, do you remember what E.A.F actually stands for?”

Shaun blinked, “You guys don’t remember? It means Experimental Armed Forces.”

“How the heck did you remember that!?” Sam asked. Sam knew more about the E.A.F than most of us, and even he didn’t remember what E.A.F stood for.

“I don’t know,” Shaun shrugged.

I tried to start up a conversation with April, but she was still mad at me for not telling her about Shaun.
By the time the S.C.A.M.P.E.R. landed in City Station, it was 2 am. Everyone in the S.C.A.M.P.E.R. got out, and Shaun, Sam, April, Mike, Ben, and I snuck into an empty room and decided we’d leave whenever we happened to wake up, then went to sleep.
I made sure to stay a good distance away from Mike. I still remembered what Sam had told me in the jeep on the way to the E.A.F base.

I woke up first, at about 8 am.

I sighed “April was right, I need to sleep longer.”

Shaun woke up about a half an hour after me, then Sam, April, Ben, and finally Mike.
We cleared out as fast as we could, and grabbed some food in the process.

“Shouldn’t we leave some money or something?” April asked Shaun as we were leaving.

Shaun shrugged “They won’t miss it.”

Sam managed to get a car from some kid that was gonna sell it to get some weapons or something. Somehow he got it for about one hundred dollars. For most people, that would be a lot, but Sam was basically rich, so he was fine with it.

I feel asleep on the way to wherever Sam was taking us (He hadn’t told us where we were going), and I actually had a dream for once. Well… I guess I can’t really call it a dream, because it was more like a nightmare.

Shaun and I were about 7 years old, when my name was still Kari. We were hiding behind a tree in our back yard. Our house was about half a mile away from anyone else, so our parents could be as loud as the wanted. Our older brother, Jake, was being beaten again. I could hear him screaming. I cried into Shaun’s chest, and he kept his hand on my head, trying (and failing) to comfort me. They beat him for an hour, longer than they ever had beaten any of us before.
We heard the door closing behind them, and we ran out of our hiding spot to where Jake laid. He was hurt badly, and bleeding. I looked at the door that our parents had re-entered the house from, and next to, was a whip. Our Dad almost never used it anymore, but for some reason he used it today.

Both Shaun and I kneeled next to him, and I kept crying. There was nothing we could do to stop the bleeding and we knew that our parents would help, or let us near a phone.

“M-maybe I could run to the McGraw’s. I might be able to get there and back fa-” Shaun started, but got cut off by Jake.

“No, just stay,”

“Why!? Why won’t you let us help you whenever they hurt you, but you always help us!?” I yelled at him. I didn’t care if our parents heard me.

“It feels right…” He replied, and then closed his eyes.

By then, we were kneeling in a pool of blood. Jake’s brown hair was tinted a dark cinnamon from the blood that was pouring out of his wound. I could no longer see his deep green eyes either. I put my head on his chest, and the tips of my hair touched the pool of blood below me.

Shaun, Jake, and I all knew that he would die soon, but I wouldn’t accept it.
I kept yelling at him to get up and live. I didn’t think I would be able to live without him.

“Shaun, take care of Kai.” Jake said.

Shaun nodded, “I promise.”

I cried harder, as I felt Jake’s heartbeat slow.

“No!! Don’t leave!” I yelled.

“Don’t worry, Shan will take care of you,” he whispered, “reach into my pocket. I have something for you.”

I obeyed, and pulled out a small, snowflake shaped locket.

“Someday, I want you two to run away from this place. Just run and don’t look back.” He murmured.

“We will, and you can come with us!” I said through my tears.

Jake chuckled, “I wish I could. Be strong, both of you. I love you both…”

He died, right there and then.

I woke up crying, and in a cold sweat.

Shaun was the first to notice, “Bad dream?”

I hugged him “It was Jake, Shaun…”

He hugged me back, “Zo, I miss him too… Just try not to think about it…”

I just nodded.

April probably noticed, but was still to mad at me to say anything. Mike was asleep next to April in the seat in front on us, so there was no way he could have noticed. And Sam was driving, with Ben in the passenger side to seats ahead.

In a way, we were as alone as we were on the day Jake actually had died...


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Our World: Season 2
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