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 A Mystery Solved!

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The Buganator
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PostSubject: A Mystery Solved!   Sun Nov 22, 2009 11:44 pm

CHAPTER ONE: Joining the gang.
CHAPTER TWO: A crime in Murder!
CHAPTER THREE: Finding evidents and selecting suspects.

CHAPTER ONE: Joining the gang.
“Listen kid, this is a police gang. And you have no experience of being a cop?”
“Yes but, I can still join. Experience doesn’t matter, I’ll get trained.”
“Listen kid, I don’t care if you can use a gun or if you can’t, you’re not cut out for this.”
“Wow, you think you’re so smart. You don’t know a thing about me.”
“I don’t care, get out! You hear me?!”
“It’s not you’re right to judge me! It’s no ones, you hear me?!”
“Oh, really? Prove it?”
“FREE COUNTREY! How about that?! Hmm?” Two men were in a room arguing. Stupidly, where people can hear them. “Jim, this is my job, get out!” The chief interrupted. “Boy, listen you make a good point. You sure you can do this?”
“It’s Tim sir, and yes I’m totally cut out for this…please…I need this. Is there any case I can help with?”
“Just one…a killer is on the loose, he was arrested a month ago and finally he broke out.”
“Done, I can do this…trust me.”
“Alright, you’re in.” Tim and the chief talked for a while, and agreed, Tim may join.

“Tim, where were you? You missed dinner.”
“I’m sorry, it took me longer then I thought, but I’m here now. Right?”
“Yeah, you’re right.”
His daughter interrupted.
“Daddy! Daddy! Are you a cop yet?”
“Yep just like I said.”
“And you’re gonna fight criminals ?”

Tim had his own family, his wife Isabella, his daughter and son, Troy and Wendy. “Dad! Dad! Did you make it? Did you?”
“You got it bud!”
“Awesome, I hope you solve the case.”
“Glad you trust me Troy.” Troy ran upstairs with a smile on his face for the first time. The mom stood there with a smile on her face. Everyone went to sleep. Although Tim was nervous. He knew that tomorrow was a big day.
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The Buganator
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PostSubject: Re: A Mystery Solved!   Sun Nov 22, 2009 11:46 pm

CHAPTER TWO: A crime in Murder!
“Chloe! Where are you?!” A mother cried out to her daughter. “Mommy! Mommy!” Chloe the child called back. “Chloe! Chloe! Mommy is right here.” The mother called out. They were finally together again. “Let’s go find daddy.” The mom told her daughter. The two drove back to their apartment. The mother walked into the apartment into a horrible puddle of blood. Her husband stabbed in the back. Literally. Dead there…on the floor. The wife’s mouth hung open in horror. The little girl cried and cried and cried. They were speechless. The killer jumped out of nowhere. BOOM! BOOM! The two lye on the ground dead too. No one knows who the killer was.
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The Buganator
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PostSubject: Re: A Mystery Solved!   Sun Nov 22, 2009 11:47 pm

CHAPTER THREE: “So, no one knows any detail about the killer. And we don’t have enough evidents to start selecting suspects. We better start looking around some more Jim.” The chief explained. “I’m sorry Chief. We just can’t find enough evidents still.” Jim started to panic. When something’s wrong, you don’t wanna be near the chief. “Chief! I found something.”
“What, what is it?”
“Holey crap!” the chief just had to shout out.
A gun as long as a fully grown man’s arm. Made entirely out of crocodile skin. “There are some finger prints” Tim spotted out. Tim was the one who found it. The finger print was about 8.1 inches long. This killer was some young boy. In his teens. Tim went home. “So how was it?”
“Pretty good for the first day on the job.”
“Wonderful Tim.” Tim and his wife Isabella were having a nice chat. Troy and his sister Wendy were in bed. Tim kept on thinking about the size of the finger print. The size reminded him of someone. Someone he knew. 8.1…8.1…8.1. Kept going through his head. A thought came to his head…tomorrow was gonna be another busy day.
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The Buganator
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PostSubject: Re: A Mystery Solved!   Sun Nov 22, 2009 11:48 pm

CHAPTER FOUR: Who knows?
“Dad, do you who’s been behind this yet?” Troy asked. “Uh, no. Only thing I know is that he is probably a hunter, one: because his gun was pretty big, two: it was made entirely made of crocodile skin.” Tim and Troy discussed. Tim was off to work. “Tim, we found an I.D., The name was smudged.” It was A and three letters after it that were smudged. “Hey Alex, my dad is a cop now. He’s on a case right now.” Troy was talking to his friend Alex. Troy was fifth-teen, Alex was seven-teen. “What does he know so far?” Alex asked. “He’s a bit young, he’s a hunter, and his name starts with an A.” Troy answered. “Uh, wow that’s a lot of uh, evidents.” Alex complemented. “Yeah. I know.” Said Troy. Another day of being a cop. The E.R. siren was on. “Where’s the patient?” Tim asked panicking. “Someone named Wendy.” The doctor answered. “What’s the matter?”
“She has a sort of head drama.”
“No, Wendy! Wendy! Daddy’s coming!” Tim called out to Wendy. “Are you alright?” Tim asked Wendy. “Yeah.”
“Good.” Tim was just glad, that Wendy wasn’t hurt. “Tim!”
“What, is Troy hurt too?”
“No he’s fine, but we have more information.”
“We have more parts of his name.”
“Show me.”
The I.D. read parts of the hidden name: A?e? “Do we have any other evidents?”
“Yes, the killer lives on, Rocky Road St.”
“Then we’ll drive down there right away.”
Isabella, Tim, and Troy drove down the street. “What house number is it?”
“It’s, 549.”
“Dad! Look!” Troy shouted.
“Good eye son.”
The three approached the house.
They walked inside…SLASH! A giant knife cut Troy in the stomach real badly. “Go! Go! Go!” demanded Tim. He picked up Troy and got back to the car. Tim and Isabella drove to the E.R., to see if Troy was okay. “Well how is he? Well?!”
“He has a 50% chance of dying.”
“What do you mean?”
“We mean, were losing him.”
“Oh god!”
Tim was horrified of the doctor’s news.
He’s lost all heart waves. Troy was dead.
“That’s it! This basterd hurt my daughter, killed my son! I’m throwing that basterd’s ass in jail. It’s time to go on patrol!” Tim made a very good point. Very scary yet brave point. He put on his jacket and went back into the house. “Yo basterd! Come get me. The culprit jumped out of nowhere and…BOOM! The culprit fell to the floor and was finally dead. “This time…I WIN!” Tim said a statement that was very true. He went back to the E.R. room. “Chief, the culprit…is dead.”
“Tim! Really! Sir I declare you the new chief!”
Chief made Tim speechless.
“Daddy! Daddy! I’m alright! I’m alright!
“My ten year old girl! Wendy! Daddy’s here!”
They were happy to be together again.
“Tim! You’re alright! You won’t believe it!
Tim was really nerves. “Dad! Dad! Look!”
“What Wendy?” Tim was even more nerves.
“Dad! Mom! Wendy! I’m over here!”
“Troy? Troy!”
They finally caught up with each other. “Dad!”
Troy was alive! He was alive!
The culprit was dead. The family was reunited. Is
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The Buganator
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PostSubject: Re: A Mystery Solved!   Sun Nov 22, 2009 11:49 pm

Who knew? PART TWO: “We need to get back to the house and see if he’s still alive. Stay in the car. Lock all doors and windows, I’ll keep the keys, so I can get back inside the car.”

Isabella and Tim had a great plan. And it worked. Tim got inside. The culprit was alive. Tim held his gun up. “Please! Don’t shoot.” The culprit held up his hands.
“What the hell?”
“Here, my I.D., just don’t shoot.”
The I.D. fully read the name.
Name: Alex. Age: 17.
“You’re Troy’s friend. And you tried to kill him?!”
“Yes, I know what I’ve done wrong. But he’s alright. And I’m sorry.”
“Yeah! You better be!”
“Look, I won’t hurt anyone, any more. I had been controlled by two men. If I went against them, they’ll kill me.”
“You mean?”
“Yes, I was mind controlled.”
“Oh GOD!”
Who knew. A child’s best friend…mind controlled. Alex soon had his own home. The case was solved.
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PostSubject: Re: A Mystery Solved!   

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A Mystery Solved!
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