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 11/10/09 Indians VS Pilgrims!

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PostSubject: 11/10/09 Indians VS Pilgrims!   Tue Nov 10, 2009 2:56 pm

Teams have started forming now!

Teams will be picked one by one by the leaders of both teams,
Arlen McCool, Indian Cheiftess,
Fstdude, Pilgrim Standish

This way, the teams will be equalized. You can however, tell one of the leaders that you are interested in being on thier team by applying for the spot. That does not garentee which team you will end up on however.

Events and Contests will come shortly, as well as a new temporary section.

For now, while we wait for teams to form, you can have fun by "owning" the chatbox. If your in the team with the most people in the chatbox at the time, your team "owns" it at that time, so you can mess with people about that (besides me =P I always win).


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11/10/09 Indians VS Pilgrims!
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