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Riku Darker
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PostSubject: Black-Light   Sun Nov 08, 2009 12:22 am

A story I have thought for a long time. Workingon Chapter12, will be long so You need to wait a while.
Short Preview: A young boy named Riku was born with power t control darkness, along the years he has learened to control it in the Dark Realm, but when a ORganization known as Organization XIX destroys the ark realm and kills Riku's parents he is beant on revenge but along the way he finds more people fter his soul. He has to relay on himslef and his frends if he ever wants to get his revenge.

Main Characters.

Riku Darker - A 15 year old boy who has been gifted with an amazing power. A power to control darkness. Riku has no fear and has never been happy since his parents were killed. He spent his whole life looking for the one that killed his family.

Altair - Altair is Riku's best friend, there both the same age. Altair has the same powers as Riku. Altair helps Riku in his advanture to find the ones that killed his family.

Lauren Light - A 14 year old girl who has the power to control the light. Her Father is an king and was kidnaped to take his place as king by her own sister. She meets up with Riku and they both help each other along the quest.

Suzaku - A 16 year old boy. Suzaku is the brains of the whole team. Suzaku isn't the kind to get in fights, he mostly stays behind the lines giving information and supplying the others.

There are others but then I would be tellling you the story in the preview. Chpter 1 after this post.
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Riku Darker
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PostSubject: Re: Black-Light   Sun Nov 08, 2009 12:24 am

Chapter 1. The Memorys

"Riku get up!" Said Riku's mother Alma. "B-but I can't leave my dad," I responded. "Your father will be fine, now we have to go!" Alma said.

Riku got up and started to run with his mother away from what ever was attacking the city. Riku turned around to see if his father was running behind them.

All Riku saw was bodies dead and alive all over the place, he saw fire burn down houses, and the strangest monsters. The monsters looked like they were covered in some black goo but it was thier normal skin. One of the monsters spoted Riku and did the starngest sound he ever heard. A big group of the monsters started Running at him.

"Mom!" Yelled Riku.

The monsters started to get closer to Riku and Alma.

"Over here," Alma said.

She grabed Riku's hand and turned to the right to one of the houses not burned down.

"We will be safe in here for know, but I got to show you something," said Alma.

Alma walked up to a Black statue holding what looked like a sword.

"Your father left you this sword only a Darker may use it, this sword could protect us while we get away and with this sword and your powers we'll both be fine," said Alma with a smile.

Riku walked up to the statue and took the sword.

"Is there anything it can do?" asked Riku.

"Pull it from both sides with your powers," said Alma.

Riku's hands started to be covered with a deep black fog, he started to pull the sword from both sides with all his force.

Riku started to fell the sword split in half, he opened his eyes to see what happend. He saw that he had not one sword but two. Then the doors started to be tackled by the monsters. Riku put the sword back into one and got ready for the monsters. The monsters broke down the doors and started to tear the place up, Riku ran up to the nearest one and started to slash and tear it up.

The other monsters turned to Riku and ran to him. He put his left hand infront of the monsters and with his powers blew then to the wall, while the monsters were knocked out Riku ran up and started to slash at them with the sword. Once he was done he arms were covered in blood. Riku turned to see if his mother was still ok. When he turned he saw a man in a black cloack with chains around the neck and shoulders, his the shadow from the cloak covered his face so Riku couldn't see who he was.

The man was holding his mother by force.

"Bravo Riku you manged to destroy a couple of darklings with one sword," said the man.

"Shut up and let go of my mom or you'll be next!" Riku yelled.

"Very well," said the man.

The man snaped his fingers and a group of darklings came out, he throw Riku's mother into the darklings and they started attacking her.

"Mom!" Yelled Riku.

Alma was covered with darklings all over Riku couldn't see a thing. At first Riku thought his mom was dead but he saw a bright yellow light and everything around it vanshied.

"M-mom," said Riku. "She's dead the same with your father," said the man.

"W-what did you say, you killed my parents?!" Yelled Riku.

" I can't take all the credit, the entire Organization helped destroy your city and kill your family," said the man.

"Theres more of you?" "Well i'm just going to have to kill everyone of of you," Riku said.

"I don't think you can take us down, infact i'm sure you can't take me down!" Said the man.

"Huh," Riku said confused. "Ugh, that dream again....".

Riku's face turned from confused into sad.

"My family...." Riku said. Riku turned from sad into anger. "I will find this Organization XIX and make them pay!"
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Riku Darker
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PostSubject: Re: Black-Light   Sun Nov 08, 2009 12:24 am

Chapter II. Fire Wall

"Riku, Riku, wake up!" said Altair.

"Ugh what is it," Riku said still tired.

"Suzaku found darklings, there going to attack some place," Altair said.

"What are we waiting here for, let's go," said Riku.

Riku got up changed his cloths, grabed his sword and left his room.

"Good morning," said Suzaku.

"Hey, so what you get?" said Riku.

"Darklings have been spoted all over the city, there next destination is a military research center," said Suzaku.

"Okay, Altair you ready?" Riku said.

"I'm ready," Altair said.

Altair came out wearing a long black jacket, under the jacket was pistols and machine guns. Riku and Altair got out of the building, they got on Riku's motorcycle and rode off to the research center. Once they got there they saw a hole through the gates and the guards all killed.

"Were too late," said Altair.

" It's never to late," said Riku.

Riku and Altair walked inside the military base. Once they got inside all they could see was the dead bodies of the fallen soilders. There was blood all over the rooms.

"The blood is still fresh, they must still be here," said Riku.

"They just might," Altair said.

Riku and Altair kept walking through the military base. At first they found nothing, till they got to a circular room. They saw a whole bunch of darklings and one of the Organzation XIX members!

"You take care of the darklings, i'll deal with the Organzation member," Riku said.

"Okay," Altair said. Riku noticed that in the center of the room was a glass box holding a black fire.

Altair bursted in the room and took out 2 machines guns and started shooting at every darkling in the room. Riku jumped on top of Altair and launched himslef at the Organzation member. When he got near he felt a extremly high amount of heat in front of him. He opened his eyes and saw there was a wall of fire protecting the Organzation member.

"I don't think so," said the man.

Who are you exactly," Riku said.

The Organzation took off his hood and RIku could see his Face. He had black hair.

"My name is James, James Blofis," said James.

"I'm going to destroy you and your Organzation," said Riku.

"Don't worry you will have the chance to destroy the Organzation but not today, but when we fight I will burn you just like I did to those houses," James said.

Riku got filled with rage and started to attack James, but bfore he could a gaint fireball consumed him and vanished.

"Dang it!" Riku Yelled.

"We'll get him next time," Altair said.

Riku and Altair left the military base and went back to thier building.

"The Darker has left the base," said a monster.

"Good, good" said someone.

"Master Demongo the Organization was also here," said another monster.

"Interesting, this just gets better and better" said Demongo.
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Riku Darker
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PostSubject: Re: Black-Light   Sun Nov 08, 2009 12:25 am

Chapter III. A New Enemy.

Riku couldn't help thinking, what would the Organzation want with a fire? He had to learn more. "Suzaku, do you know anything about black fire?" Riku asked. "No, but I could find out more," Suzaku responded. "Yes please," Riku said.

Riku started to walk around the building, thinking what the fire could be. Riku went outside to get some fresh air. When Riku thought everything was calm he heared a scream. "AHH!!" A girl screamed. Riku ran as fast as he could to the sorce of the scream, but he was too late.

He got to the girl but her lifeless body was laying on the ground. Riku looked around for the killer but found no one except a strange goo around the walls and floor. "What the," Riku said confused. The green goo started to bubble and some strange circular figure started to form. Riku took out his sword and slashed the creature in half.

"That take cares of that," Riku said. Riku thought he was safe the each half of the creature transformed into two creatures. "These things just don't give up," Riku said. Riku kept slashing at the monsters, but they just kept coming back and multiplying. Riku wouldn't stop till he understood these things wont die.

"I got to get help," Riku said. There were at least a hundered creatures. They started to attack the city and everyone in it. Riku ran as fast as he could to the building, once he got thier he got thier Altair and Suzaku were fighting for thier lives. "Don't attack them! They'll keep coming back," Riku yelled.

"What?!" Suzaku and Altair said. Riku tackled them inside the building and locked the doors. "What's going on!" Suzaku yelled. "Um..well these creatures came out of nowhere and are attacking the city, but they wont die I slashed them and they kept multiplying,"Riku said. "Oh well that explains the millions of creatures," Suzaku said.

"Were up against what could be an indestructible force," Altair said. "Suzaku can't you make something like a gun to kill these creatures?" Riku asked. "I can try, oh and Riku the results about the black fire came in," Suzaku said. "Really, waht does it say?" Riku asked. "Not much seems the founder was killed and couldn't finsh his report, all I could get was that this fire has amazing power a master of fire," Suzaku said.

You look tired Riku, why don't you take a nap," Suzaku said. "Do I? Well ok i'll take a nap," Riku said. Riku walked to his room, set his sword down, and got on the bed. Riku closed his eyes and started to go to sleep. Riku started to have these strange visons at first he thought they were dreams, till he woke up and the visons were still going.

He kept seeing some strange monster that looked a lot like he creatures. "You and your planet will not survive," said the monster. Riku started to go to sleep and couldn't get the picture of the monster out of his head.
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Riku Darker
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PostSubject: Re: Black-Light   Sun Nov 08, 2009 12:25 am

Chapter IV. Final Earth

"Ugh, w-where i'm I?" Riku said confused. All Riku say was a huge green planet getting closer to earth and earth was a waste land. There was goo all over, dead bodies of everyone in the city all around, hanging from places or on the ground. "Is this," Riku said. "This is what will be come of your planet, if you can't stop the destruction," said a voice.

Where a're you! Show your slef!" Riku yelled. "Find me and i'll tell you everything you need to know," said the voice. Riku walked all around the destroyed city looking for where to voice was. "Where could you be!" Riku said in a whisper tone. Riku heard many strange nosies all around the city.

He thought it was just the wind, but he saw more of the green creatures. "Looks like you have some fusion spawns, take them out and a hint to where I am will appear," said the voice. "I can't I salshed them and they just mulitply," Riku said. "Use the darkness," said the voice. Riku's hands started to get covered by darkness, he split the sword in two and made his way to the fusion spawns.

He started to slash at the spawns but they started to mulitply. Everytime they did Riku got filled more with anger. "I've had enough!" Riku yelled. Riku started to be consumed by darkness, these devil wings were starting to come out of his back, Riku started to turn into some dark demon. "Time to die," Riku said.

His swords were consumed by darkness and became more powerful. Riku started to slash at the fusion spawns, only this time they would die for good. Riku started to go back to normal. "What just happend?" Riku said extremly confused. "Seems your anger has a good side," said the voice.

"What?" Riku said. "You will find out what I mean if you find me but for know follow the fire," said the voice. Once he finshed a trail of fire started to point in one direction. Riku started to follow the fire where ever it would take him. It felt like the fire went on for miles.

Riku walked up a hill and saw a Organzation member with a girl. Riku ducked so the Organzation member wouldn't see him. He tried to get a closer look and saw it was James! "What's that fire freak up to now," Riku said. Riku could hear thier conversation.

"Where is the old man!" James said. "I'm telling you I don't know!" said the girl. The girl started to burst into tears. "Well, if he is dead you will be joining him said you will go meet him," James said. James took out his katana and a fire covered the entire blade.

He blasted the girl with the fire and the girl started to burn to death. "AHHH!!!!!" The girl screamed in pain. She started to run around till her body fell to the ground....dead. James was consumed by fire and then vanhised. Riku saw the fire ended in a destroyed lab.

He walked to a computer that was still on. He clicked the space bar and a picture came up. It was a picture of the same monster that came talked to him. "Pity isn't it," said the voice. "He know destroys your world," the voice said.

"Is there anyway I can stop it," Riku asked. "Yes but your luck is one to a million," said the voice. "So theres nothing I can do?" Riku said. "You just might have to let your world die," said the voice.
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Riku Darker
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PostSubject: Re: Black-Light   Sun Nov 08, 2009 12:26 am

Chapter V. The Illusion

Riku samshed his fist down on the computer. "There has to be something I can do," RIku said. "There just might be," said the voice. "I never did ask but what's your name?" Riku asked. "Ezio," said Ezio.

"Now can you find me?" Ezio asked. "Oh yea forgot about the game," Riku said. Riku started to look around the lab for Ezio. At frist he was going to give up, he searched for hours but couldn't find him. He got to a door with strange symbols on it.

"What could this be?" Riku said. Riku started to fell one of the symbols. He noticed that all the symbols are conected. When he touched the symbol darkness shot out of him and into the symbol. All the symbols on the door were being filled with darkness.

The door made a noise and opened. "Here we go," Riku said. Riku walked inside the room. The whole place was white, had the same symbols on the walls and roof. At the end of the room there was an old man sitting on the floor.

"Congratz, you have found me," Ezio said. "Not that hard, how could you not be in a strange door," Riku said. "Now I will answer any questions you need," Ezio said. "Good cause I want to know a lot of stuff," Riku said. "What do you wish to know?" Ezio asked.

"What happend to me when I was fighting the spawns?" Riku asked. "Your inner demon, everyone with your blood line has that power," Ezio reponded. "Ok, question two, is there a way to stop this madness?" Riku asked. "I would tell you but hen it will not happen, but I can tell you this, the sickness is like this find a cure and your world might be saved," Ezio said. "Great," Riku said.

"Are my parents really dead?" Riku said holding back his tears. "I'm sorry to say but yes," Ezio responded. "Now you know anything about Organzation XIX?" Riku said. "Yes," Ezio said. "Ok, what are they?" Riku asked.

"A Organzation of people from differnt worlds just like your from the dark realm, all with differnt powers," Ezio said. "What is there goal?" Riku asked. "Thats one of the few things I don't know," Ezio said. "Is there anyway to stop them?" Riku said. "No there indestructible," Ezio said.

Riku started to think, a voice started talking to him saying "Don't fall for the illusion,". Riku looked back at the old man and saw he wasn't an old man, he was an Organzation XIX memeber! "Answer me final question, what are you?" Riku said witha grin. "An old man, what kind of question is that?" said Ezio. "Are you sure your not an Organzation XIX memeber!"

Riku yelled. "Guess you found out," said Ezio. The old man started to transform into the real Ezio. Ezio took of his hood and his white hair came falling down. Ezio started to talk. "You found out my secret, but you wont live long to tell it!".
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Riku Darker
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PostSubject: Re: Black-Light   Sun Nov 08, 2009 12:26 am

Chapter VI. A Fight Or two

Riku took out his blade and split it in two. "I'll make sure your good as dead," Riku said with a mean voice. "Let's just see," Ezio said with a grin. Ezio spread out his hands and ten blades came out. One in between each finger.

"Your going to have a fight you will never forget!" Ezio yelled. Riku started to run up to Ezio and slash him, Ezio blocked everyone of his attacks. "You don't stand a chance," Ezio said with a smile. Riku started to slash at Ezio quick and powerful. But Ezio kept blocking every attack.

"Time to bleed!" Ezio said. He slashed at Riku's arm and cut him. "Ah!" Riku screamed. "Give up?" Ezio asked. "No, not until your dead," Riku said.

Riku started to run up to Ezio and slashed with all his power. He still couldn't hit him. Riku was being extra careful not to get hit by the ten blades. Ezio started to run up to Riku, dragging his blades on the floor. Riku jumped into thr air to dodge his attack.

"Your not a bad fighter," Riku said. "Better than you," Ezio responded. Riku thought that Ezio would win this fight till he saw that the marks left by Ezio dragging his blades wasn't ten but two marks, he's using illusion! "Got ya," Riku whispered. Riku ran up to Ezio and hit and knocked his left sword out.

Ezio started to slash Riku with the right one. Riku blocked his attack. "Got ya," Ezio said. coco to slash with his left swords but Riku didn't block it. "What?!" Ezio said.

The blades went past Riku. "I saw past your illusion," Riku said. "Ugh," Ezio said while backing away. "We will meet again young Darker," Ezio said. Ezio started to vanish.

"Ugh?!" Riku said. Riku woke up in his room, with all the cuts. "Look who woke up," Suzaku and Altair said. "How long have I been asleep?" Riku asked. "two days," Altair said.

"W-what happend to the fusion spawns?" Riku asked. "The what, if your talking about the green things there gone but thats the least of our porblems," Suzaku said. "Whats the big problem?" Riku asked. "We got another villan and this one is looking for you, good thing you were sleeping for two days," Altair said. "Why would someone be looking for me? Are they part of the Organzation?" Riku asked.

"No, he didn't have the Organzation's suit, just some black goo like suit," Altair said. Riku got up and started to leave the room. "Where are you going?" Suzaku asked. "If this guy wants to find me, he's got me," Riku said while walking out of the room.

"Are you nuts?! We don't know anything about this guy, you could die!" Altair and Suzaku said. "Does it look like I care," Riku said. Riku walked out of the building and was pucnhed with extreme force. "AHH!" Riku yelled in pain as he hit the wall of a store. "I finally found you!" Said the man.

Riku looked up and saw a man covered in some black goo with no mouth. "W-what and who are you?!" Riku said. "Oh how rude of my, my name is Toxin," said Toxin. "Riku started to get up but he couldn't move his left arm. "What's up with my arm?" Riku said.

"Oh did I forget to tell you, any physical contact, but don't worry it will only last for a short time," Toxin said. "Stand back Riku!" Suzaku yelled. Suzaku came out with this huge gun ready to blast Toxin. "Die!" Suzaku hit the trigger and blasted Toxin. Toxin crashed into a building in major pain.

"Eh, till next we meet Riku Darker," Toxin turned into black goo and fell into the sewer. "Nice going Suzaku, I owe you big time," Riku said. "No problem," Suzaku said. Riku started talking. "Where do these guys come from?!".
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Riku Darker
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PostSubject: Re: Black-Light   Sun Nov 08, 2009 12:27 am

Chapter VII A Demon’s Attack

Altair and Suzaku helped Riku get inside the building and into the medic room. Riku was extremly hurt. He had cuts from his battle with Ezio, and bruises from the fight with Toxin. Suzaku and Altair laid Riku on a silver bad floating in mid air. From there a medic robot came in and started to talk.

“Hello, let us see what the damage is today,” said the robot.

“He’s in some major pain,” Suzaku said.

“Yea, when he woke up these cuts came out of nowhere and when Toxin punched him he can’t move his left arm,” Altair said.

“Seems like a lot of pain, but let’s take a closer look,” the robot said.

The medic robot ripped open his shirt and started to check the cuts. Once they did Riku had three deep short sized cuts on his chest and belly.

“These cuts need to be treated right away,” said the robot.

“How could’ve of this happened?” Suzaku muttered.

“Yea, it’s so strange Riku woke up and the cuts were right there,” Altair responded.

The medic robot started to get some medicines for Riku to drink and a cream to help heal his cuts. Riku started to open his eyes and saw the medic robot, Suzaku, and Altair.

“Where I’m I?” Riku said still tired.

“You’re in the medic room,” Altair said.

“Haven’t been here in a while,” Riku said with a grin.

Riku got his head up to see what the medic robot was doing. He saw the cuts on his chest and belly and started to remember the fight with Ezio and what he said.

“Riku we must flip you over to check your back,” said the robot.

“Before you do, someone named Toxin punched my left arm and I can’t move it can you check that out first?” Riku asked.

“Of course,” said the robot.

The robot started to move to his left arm and started to inspect it. The robot started to have a confused look on his face.

“This isn’t like anything I’ve seen before,” the robot said.

“Your left arm has some kind of poison inside its veins that paralyzes it for a while,” the robot said.

Riku started to have a disappointed look on his face. The robot start to go back to the right. He grabbed Riku and started to flip him. Once they did everyone in the room except Riku which couldn’t see was stunned by what they saw. There was a carving on his back that had a wing shaped mark.

There was some strange black blood that was coming out of the mark and then suddenly stopped.

“What the?!” everyone in the room said. “Riku do you know what’s on your back?”

“No, what is on my back?” Riku said scared and confused.

The robot got a mirror and pointed it at Riku’s back to let him see the mark.

“This mark,” the robot said.

“What the! How did that appear on my back?!” Riku said.

“You mean to tell me you have no idea how you got this, you’re just as confused as the rest of us,” Altair said.

“Yes, I have no idea what so ever how I got this mark,” Riku said.

“Hm....this could’ve been caused by a sword,” said the robot.

“But Toxin didn’t have a sword, so how did this happen?” Suzaku said.

“It’s not a cut from a sword, I’ve seen this mark before I don’t remember I was a little kid when I first saw it,” Altair said.

“Can’t you remember anything?” Suzaku said.

“Hm... yes I do, it is said that only a Darker has this mark, it’s the mark of a demon. Only Riku’s bloodline has this sign.” Altair said.

“I don’t understand much,” Suzaku said.

“Everyone has an inner demon that starts and makes their anger, hatred, and rage but only a Darker has the power to control it and be able to transform into a demon, though I never remember seeing this on Riku’s back before,” Altair said.

Riku started to remember what happened to him when he was fighting the fusion spawns, when he turned into a dark demon. He started to move around. But the medic robot started to hold him down.

“I have to see if I can heal this mark,” said the robot.

The robot started to bring his hand closer to Riku’s mark. Just then the mark turned a black and red color and Riku started to scream I pain.

“AHHHH!!!” Riku yelled in pain. Riku’s voice started to turn more into like a demon’s voice. “Get your hand away from my back,” Riku said.

The robot immediately took his hand away from Riku’s back. The mark on Riku’s back started to turn back to black. Riku got up from the table grabbed his shirt and put it on. Just as Riku got up a distant alarm started to sound.

“I’ll go check it out,” Suzaku said.

Suzaku started to run out the door and into the main lobby.

“Riku, I need you to come here…now!” Suzaku said.

“I’m coming,” Riku said as he left the medic room.

He started to run to where Suzaku was sitting.

“What is it?” Riku asked.

“Listen to this,” Suzaku said as he turned up the volume on his computer.

A man’s voice started to talk. “We need help we have a major problem here, were being attacked by...well I don’t know what it is but it looks some demons, I know this seems hard to believe but we need help here right away! Please he-Ah!” Just then the voice stopped and Riku heard some strange noise and the man screaming.

“It came from the military base were you first meet James,” Suzaku said.

“I need to go back there,” Riku said.

“Are you nuts in your conditions? No way,” Suzaku said.

“I have to at least try,” Riku said.

“Yes, you have to at least let him try, I’ll be coming to,” Altair said.

“No, I’m going alone, if this is a new enemy were going to fight I’ll be the one to fight him. Riku said picking up his sword and started to leave the room.

“Riku you could die,” Altair and Suzaku said.

“If it’s my life that has to go then it’s my life no one else’s,” Riku said.

Riku left the building got on his motorcycle and rode to the military base. Just as Riku got there he saw the place was trashed more than before. He saw twice the number of dead soldiers and twice the blood. He started to go inside the base and saw the doors were broken down. He walked inside and started hearing some strange noises the same he heard on the computer.

Riku took out his sword and started to go to the room were the sounds were coming from. His heart was beating hard and fast, he didn’t know what was in the room but he had to find out. He ran inside and saw there was this black and red creature with no face eating the corpses or the fallen soldiers.

“What the?” Riku said confused.

The creature turned to Riku and screamed. It started to run towards Riku. Riku got ready and once the monster got close…slash! Riku slashed the creature in half.

“What is that thing?” Riku said.

“A demon, one of my demons,” said a voice behind Riku.

Riku turned around and saw a demon. He was tall, his hair was blue fire, he had a long black cape, he had what looked like a shirt with skulls on it.

“W-who are you?!” Riku said.

“Oh I haven’t introduced myself, how rude, my name is Demongo the soul collector but you can just call me Demongo,” said Demongo.

“What are you doing here?” Riku asked.

“Making enough noise to make you come here, and you came here alone oh goodie,” Demongo said smiling.

“Well you want me come and get me,” Riku said.

Riku’s hands started to turn into darkness. He blasted the walls with the darkness and ran out of the base.

“After him!” Demongo yelled.

A huge group of demons started to follow Riku. Riku started to run faster and faster away from the demons but they kept getting closer. Riku turned around and saw one of them jump and land on Riku. Then the group of Demons started to pile on Riku not letting him move. Demongo walked up to Riku and started to talk.

“You’re not leaving, till I’m done with you.
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Riku Darker
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PostSubject: Re: Black-Light   Sun Nov 08, 2009 12:28 am

Chapter VIII The Escape

“How intriguing, the young Darker does not put up a fight,” Demongo said holding down some laughs.

Riku kept getting jumped on by the demons. Riku started to remember how his mother died from the darklings. Riku started to hold back tears. He tried to stop remember what happened that day.

“I won’t die, not like this,” Riku said holding back the demons.

“You can’t escape,” Demongo said.

“Watch me,” Riku said as he started to fight back.

Riku started to get up while lifting the demons on top of him. The demons started to fall off one by one.

“So…the Darker finally puts up a fight,” Demongo.

“You’re not going to kill me,” Riku said while slashing the demons.

“Are you sure?” “You should just give up now,” Demongo said.

Riku finished killing the last of the demons and started to make his way towards Demongo.

“I wish I could stay and fight but it seems you have already wasted my time, so I bid you a farewell,” Demongo said as black portal opened under him and sucked him in.

Just then a extremly huge group of demons started to come out of the military base. Riku was tackled by the huge group of demons and fell to the ground. Riku kept slashing at the demons but more and more just kept coming. One of the demons ran up to Riku and rammed his head.

“Ow!” Riku yelled as he rubbed his head.

Riku started to get filled with rage, the black wing mark on his back started to glow a black color and started to burn Riku’s back. Riku started to transform into his demon form. The wings started to come out of his back and pushed some of the demons away. His sword started to be covered by darkness and his eyes turned a dark red color. He was once again his inner demon.

“I’ve had enough,” Riku said.

His hands got covered by darkness and he blasted a part of the demons. The demons started to back away from Riku. He started to slash at the demons, one by one each demon died.

“Your turn,” Riku said smiling.

Riku started to here a distant clap. “Bravo Riku, you’ve sacred all my demons and killed some,” Demongo said still clapping.

“I have more power now, I can kill you and all your weak demons,” Riku said.

“That’s were your wrong,” Demongo said as he walked up to Riku.

Demongo got to Riku and his hands started to be covered by a blue fire. Demongo punched Riku in the chest which pushed him 10 feet from Demongo.

“Now you see my power,” Demongo said.

“I’m not through yet,” Riku said as he got up.

“Interesting, your demon form seem to not fear death,” Demongo said.

“We will continue this fight else where, I have things to do,” Demongo said as the black portal started to suck him in.

“You’re not leaving yet,” Riku said as he ran up to Demongo.

Riku grabbed Demongo’s arm which made him come out of the portal. Riku throw him into the air and blasted him with the darkness. Demongo started to fall knocked out.

“You just can’t win,” Riku said turning his head side to side.

“That’s what you think,” Demongo said as he got up.

“Enough stop this madness!” Someone said in the distant.

“Who said that?” Riku said.

“You can’t see me? Look to your right,” The voice said.

Riku turned his head to his right and saw it was James!

“You again,” Riku said.

“Well if it isn’t James,” Demongo said.

“Shut up you worthless demon!” James said.

“Worthless?! I’ll show you worthless. Demongo said as he ran to James.

James just took his hand out and blasted Demongo with fire.

“Ha, fighting me is the worst choice you’ll make,” James said laughing.

“You fool! I’m a demon I live in fire!” Demongo yelled.

Demongo threw himself at James. James took out his Katana and slashed to keep Demongo away.

“You will see my powers are as strong as my blade,” James said.

“Grrr,” Demongo mumbled.

Just then a blue sphere came out of no where and another Organization XIX member came walking out, he had his hood on so Riku couldn’t see his or hers face.

“James, stop fooling around we have to go,” said the Organization member.

“Very well,” James said as a fireball consumed him and he vanished same as the other member.

“Well it’s down to you and me, but I think I well end this fight a bit earlier then it must go,” Demongo said.

“You’re not going anywhere!” Riku yelled as he ran up to Demongo.

“You can’t do anything, watch and learn,” Demongo said.

Demongo stuck his hand out and a black mist started to cover it. When Riku got close enough he tapped Riku’s forehead and he blacked out.

“Sweet dreams,” Demongo said laughing as he vanished.

Riku’s body just laid there till a unknown girl came walking by and picked him up and she walked out of the area of the military base. And back to Riku’s home.
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Chapter IX
The Truth

“Is he okay?” Suzaku said checking his wounds. “Well is he?!”

“He shall be fine, a quick rest is all he needs,” said the medic robot.

“Are you sure?” Suzaku said wondering.

“Yes, I thought you should’ve known him by now, he doesn’t give up that easy,” the medic robot said with a smile.

“James? Demongo?” Riku said confused and opening his eyes.

“No, it’s me Suzaku,” Suzaku said.

“H-how did I get her?” Riku said getting up.

“A girl brought you here, she’s in the main room,” Suzaku responded.

Riku gets up from the table, puts his shirt on and walks towards the main room. He finds the girl but doesn’t say a word, all Riku is doing is to see if he can’t remember her or.. if she’s and Organization member.

“Hi, my name is Baki Twilightfire” said Baki with her hand out to shake Riku’s hands.

“My name is Riku… Riku Darker, do I know you?” Riku said as he shakes her hand.

“No, but I have seen you around a lot, I saw you at that old military base and saw you were in trouble but once I got their those two other people left so I picked you up and took you here,” she said with a smile on her face.

“Did you see the fight?” Riku said hoping she didn’t see him in his demon form.

“Not really, I got there exactly when they left and there you were on the ground,” Baki said.

“Well, looks like both of you got to know each other,” Suzaku and Altair said as they came in the room.

“Yea, so… what are you guys even doing here?” Baki asked.

Riku, Altair, and Suzaku all looked at each other thinking of a way to change the subject.
Altair stared at Riku and nodded his head up and down.

“Were here to stop and evil Organization known as Organization XIX, but we got attacked by other villains along the way. For Exam-“ Riku said as he got cut off.

“I knew it! So can I join?” Baki said with a huge smile.

“Um.. you could die, besides you don’t have any powers,” said Riku as his hands were covered in darkness.

“Oh, I don’t have any powers?!” Baki said taking out her swords and they are consumed by fire.

“I guess you do have powers…” Riku said feeling stupid.

“Yea my parents thought I was stranger cause I had them,” Baki said.

Riku looked down at the ground remember the death of his parents. He started to hold back some coming tears.

“Baki, Riku’s parents were killed by the Organization when he was just a little boy,” Suzaku said.

The room went silent and everyone just stared at each other. Riku kept looking at the ground waiting for someone to change the subject.
Baki broke the silence and said the words Riku thought he would never hear,
“Dead?! Your parents aren’t dead Riku!”.
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That was just seasson 1!
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