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 The Semi-demi-somewhat-un-not-kinda-sorta-official Rantastic rantathon!

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Proto Plasmabear
Proto Plasmabear

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PostSubject: The Semi-demi-somewhat-un-not-kinda-sorta-official Rantastic rantathon!   Wed Oct 07, 2009 1:48 pm

Hey there everybody I'z got a little bit o' puzzle for yall to spin yall's yarns onz.

Im havin a lil ol contest to see who can make the best most fantazmationating rantastic rantitity rant ive ever heard.

It can be on anything but theres 1 rule- it has to make me think, and it has to be entertaining.

Grading basis:

Good luck to all and you have 2 weeks to get yer answers in.

(Ps- I spelled all of those words wrong on purpose, it's called dialect- get used to it!)
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The Semi-demi-somewhat-un-not-kinda-sorta-official Rantastic rantathon!
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