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 Part 3

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Wiggy Opez
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PostSubject: Part 3   Tue Sep 29, 2009 10:37 pm

Part 3 (lost transmission)

This is a last message I’m trying to send before all hope it lost. How it happened we don’t know all we know is that it happened. My whereabouts are unknown, but the soviets have taken over most of Asia and Europe. I think my plane crashed somewhere in the Philippine islands. My refuge is but a small cave on the coast. The wind and rain has been beating on the walls nonstop. I’ve lost all contact with the outside world and my resources are low. I won’t survive long but I’ve sent this report into the sea in a bottle in hopes it is recovered.
It started the night after… We took off at dawn, our objective unknown yet we were willing to kill… I departed from the fogs over ocean… fuel ran low and my plane gradually descended…I woke up unaware of anything yet crawled to shelter…
I’m too weak to continue my mission fowled my dreams smeared. Hope… it… rain… soul… purity…
-signed …e…t…
(dots report unreadable text in the script)

to be continued...
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Part 3
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