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 Bunny's Hoppin' Adventure

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PostSubject: Bunny's Hoppin' Adventure   Wed Sep 23, 2009 9:02 pm

Bunny's Hoppin' Adventure

Hi there I'm Bunny. Yes my full name is Bunny Hope Desmonia .I used to be known as Jane. But my parents abandoned me when I was 5. A group of animals found me sitting on a sidewalk. The group was made up of A Bunny named Kiki, A horse named Blazer, a ferret named Ferry, and a Parakeet named Azul. I visit them every other week. But I now go to a private school call Foxon. Because a girl named Jessica came and found me in the wilderness I had on Bunny ears. Jessica giggled I tilted my head to the side. I used to have dark magenta hair. Now I have dark brown hair.

Bunny finished writing at the sound of a bell. Her friends Jessica and Maggie came running down the hall literally grabbing Bunny and rushing off towards homeroom. Bunny was just about to shout but they were in homeroom.

Bunny shrugged and looked at Jessie and Maggie. After a half hour later all three of them got out of the classroom. They bumped into Timmy Tecia. Bunny liked Timmy. Timmy liked Bunny both would never admit it.

It was time to go home. Well Bunny didn’t go to her home. She was a strange girl. She could Speak and understand animals, Bunny walked into the woods.

“Kiki! Blazer! Ferry! Azul!” Bunny called her animal friends. A rabbit came running out with a Parakeet. The Horse and Ferret came next.

“Bunny.” Ferry said. Bunny picked up Ferry and Kiki the parakeet flew onto Blazer’s back. Bunny giggled.

Bunny and her friends ran deep into the forest. Bunny went behind a tree and put on a white dress she usually spent her night in the forest on a tree and went to her friend’s house to get her uniform. Soon day turned to night and storm clouds rolled in.

Bunny fell asleep. Ferry fell asleep also. The storm finished and Bunny woke up she left a note and ran back into town there she could see the whole town destroyed. She could see her house destroyed Maggie was helping Jessica out of the debris.

A little bird flew over to Bunny.

“What happened here Goldie?” Bunny asked the golden yellow bird.

“A storm. And Melanie” Goldie said.

“Melanie!” Bunny had fought the witch last year. Bunny thought Melanie was good.

“Melanie had found the hidden lair of Melody.” Goldie said and flew off. Bunny had known Melody. Melody had been a controller of music and a good one at that. Melanie had been the controller of storms.

Bunny ran over to Jessie and Maggie. The town had been pitch black the school in ruins. All the houses destroyed the only thing intact was the forest so the three girls ran back into the forest.


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Bunny's Hoppin' Adventure
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