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 Zoey's Past

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PostSubject: Zoey's Past   Mon Sep 21, 2009 9:49 pm

Chapter one: Zoey’s Past.

Zoey wrote in her journal late at night. “Boy journal do I have a lot to tell you.” Zoey spoke so gently her voice was like music. So she wrote. Here’s a peek.

Date: 9/17/08 Name: Zoey Frostgale

Zoey was walking down the road holding her charm bracelet in one hand, and a book in the other; the book was titled; The Fusion War 09,

Zoey was very interested in fusions and thought she could be one herself. But instead she got in a huge accident that caused her to gain the powers of big chill; Ben 10’s Frost Alien. Zoey was always a bright happy girl. But after the accident she never laughed again. Here’s what happened

Zoey walked down the street passed two of her friends’ houses. Cloe and Sapphire. Cloe was like a sister to Zoey. Sapphire was just like a great friend to both.

“I wish there was something exciting goin’ on” Zoey whispered to herself as she walked down the street. To her surprise there was something green walking towards her. An alien flew in front of her and froze the green thing but it also froze Zoey. The alien went in a fiery hot alien and thawed Zoey out. Zoey had antennas and blue wings.

“Whoa.” The fiery alien said. Zoey heard something beeping and the Alien appeared as a boy. A boy with brown hair and green eyes.

Zoey felt her back and felt the wings, she felt her head it had antennas. She finally touched her face her face was ice cold. It was also turning a bluish color. Zoey was so frightened she collapsed right there. The boy helped her up and hugged her.

“Zoey where were you!?” The boy asked.

“B-Ben?” Zoey asked hugging her brother back. Ben was the host of the Omnitrix. Zoey was so cool when she was around her brother.

“I was just on my way home.” Zoey said while shivering. “What’s happening to me?” Zoey asked her eyes went icy blue her hair let itself down.

Ben looked at his sister’s shape. He looked at her face; which was a bluish color of course. A mask formed around her eyes. The Antennas Zoey had. Had been staying the same. Ben knew exactly what was going on.
“You’re turning into Big Chill.” Ben said while grabbing his sister’s arm.

Zoey got herself free of his grip and just followed him with her big wings following her. Zoey rubbed the mask it wouldn’t budge. Zoey wanted to ask Ben what was going on but didn’t instead she put on her charm bracelet and the wings, mask and antennas disappeared her skin was back to normal her eyes were dark green again.

“Ben?” Zoey asked looking at herself not seeing anything wrong with herself. She smiled.

The charm bracelet had the power to give Zoey her powers back. That’s what Zoey didn’t know. Zoey looked at her Charm Bracelet and saw a blue charm on it. Zoey looked at Ben.

“Whoa. Press that charm” Ben told Zoey firmly. Zoey obeyed her brother and pressed the charm. The wings started forming again, The Antennas were forming too. Her mask reappeared. Her skin was back to icy blue and so were her eyes. Ben smiled.

“That charm bracelet is like the Omnitrix.” Ben said. “Lemme see that!” Ben said he took to Charm Bracelet and connected it to the Omnitrix. A tiny alien came up on the screen of the omnitrix.

“Azmuth great to see you again.” Ben said to the greymatter. The little Alien looked up at Ben and chuckled.

“What do you want boy I’m busy.” Azmuth snapped. Ben looked at me and nodded.

“Is there any way to copy my alien to this charm bracelet?” Ben asked while holding up the charm bracelet.

“Transfer it to me. Through this device I’ll see what I can do.” Azmuth said and a small tube appeared in front of Ben and Zoey. Zoey ran and picked it up and handed it to Ben. Ben then slid the charm Bracelet in the tube and it disappeared. Zoey was still in her Big chill form.

“Would you like to rename yourself?” Ben asked knowing Zoey came up with the name ‘Heatblast’ ‘XLR8’ and many others.

Zoey though on it for a little while and nodded her wings spread apart.

“I’m Frostbite.” Zoey declared, hoping Ben wouldn’t laugh. Ben smiled and hugged his sister. Sister smiled they both ran home well they had a race. Apparently in Her Frostbite form she can go as fast as XLR8.


“Zoey Tennyson huh?” Azmuth said and looked at the Charm Bracelet. He took out his small wrench and dismantled the Bracelet being very careful to keep all the pieces within his grasp. Azmuth looked at the bracelet. He had done it though. The charms now had pictures of all of Ben’s aliens on it. All Zoey had to do was either tough them or press them. Azmuth slid the Omnitrix back in the tube and sent it to Ben’s home.

“That kid’s gotta stop bugging me” Azmuth said now going back to his latest invention. An eyepiece which monitors whatever eye it is put on.

Back on earth

“What is this?” Grandpa Max said and picked up the tube. Zoey and Ben gasped.

“Heehee! The two doofuses are busted!” Gwen teased. Now she was looking at Zoey. She gasped. Grandpa Max looked over at me Ben sighed.

“Uhh I’m Big chill now.” I said, while getting up and showing everyone my wings, antennas and my orange mask my skin was still bluish.

“Of course Benjamin Tennyson. What did you do to my littlest granddaughter?” Grandpa Max asked sternly.

“He didn’t do anything these powers came from Azmuth. And that tube holds my Charm bracelet.” Zoey explained. Max nodded and handed her the tub. She took out her charm bracelet. She pressed the Big Chill button and she was back to her blonde haired self. Someone knocked on the door. It was Afftershock! Zoey always called him Shock though.

“Hey is Zoey home?” Shock asked looking around and seeing Zoey. Ben laughed. Zoey went Heatblast and burned him.

“Ok maybe giving you my alien powers was a bad idea…” Ben laughed Zoey did to she went back to normal and went outside with Shock. They saw 2 girls focusing their powers on each other Shock saw one girl that looked a bit green-ish. Zoey smiled She called Cloe and Sapphire.

Cloe picked up and was in her cheerleader uniform. “Hiyas. This is Cloe of the Diamond Residence how may I help you?” Cloe said. Zoey already knew how to respond.

“This is Zoey, of the Tennyson Residence; you may help me by coming to my estate.” Zoey said in such a perfect language.

“Of course Madam Zoey. I shall be right over” Cloe said and put down her pompoms. Cloe and Zoey hung up. Zoey called Sapphire now.

“Hello you’ve reached Sapphire at the Gemz Mansion who would you like to talk to?” Sapphire asked.

This happened all the time. Sapphire and Cloe were so sophisticated.

“My name is Zoey Tennyson I would like to place a call for Sapphire Montanez.” Zoey said in the most sophisticated tone she could.

“Hey girl what’s up?!” Sapphire said now in her little accent. Zoey now could talk regularly. Shock was still using his electricity powers to make an Electric Board and riding it like a Skateboard. “Nothing’ Just wanted to see if you could come over.” Zoey said as she said that Cloe’s limousine pulled up.

“Course I can come over!” Sapphire said running outside while talking to Zoey on her cell phone she got on her Bright Red Bike. She rode down to Zoey’s house. “I’m here!” Sapphire called Cloe, Shock and Zoey waved at her and they finally got the group together.

Zoey wasn’t gonna tell anyone about the Charmitrix. Yes she gave that a name to. Zoey just stood there quietly while everyone talked. Sapphire and Cloe were talking about their powers to control earth and wind.

Cleo was the greatest controller of wind and Earth while Sapphire controlled the water and her powers to control gems. Zoey just could turn into aliens. Ben could only turn into aliens too. They all looked up and saw a meteor heading for them. Zoey quickly ran behind her dumpster and went fourarms. She ran in front of her friends and held the meteor back. Ben heard something outside “Uh oh!” Ben said he went Big Chill and froze the meteor in place.

“Whoa!!” All of my friends said in unison. They wondered what we were. They still didn’t know about the Charmitrix. I ran back behind the dumpster and powered down and ran back out. Ben flew up onto a building and powered down. I was goin’ tell them soon. But that was before we got captured….


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Zoey's Past
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