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 Swords and Gunes: Katanna 'n' Ammo

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PostSubject: Swords and Gunes: Katanna 'n' Ammo   Mon Sep 21, 2009 6:02 pm

Here's the prologue I mentioned.

How long has it been? Jumping from place to place, changing my name, running from the law? I thought we were doing the right thing. We all did. then things started getting violent, mysterious, dangerous. We could all see the change. But not what was coming. I knew something was wrong when Amy, my best friend, stopped cracking jokes. Then the day came. I should've seen it coming. General Banna and his "pet" Wayne Banks, were planning it the whole time. They sent us on a mission that none of us could've accomplished. We were sent to a small area in Washington. There was a super-villain there threating the division. He called himself Mania. We went in expecting to come out with victory. But it was a trap. Mania had men waiting for us. He took off his mask. It was Wayne. He gave a siganl and all of them shot at us. I woke up in a tube screaming. I broke my way out after much flailing around. The room lit up red and the alarm went off. I ran. I ran as far as I could. Then I turned around. Amy was behind me. She collapse but I heard something metal hit the ground. I tried to help her up but she weighed a ton. She used to weigh less then me. "Oh my god. What have they done", I thought to myself? I had no idea but that was the start of a new adventure. The beginning of the journey from Mercenary to Hero.

This prologue is only partially legit because I didn't wanna give away too much. But most of it is legit. 1st chpt tomorrow.
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Swords and Gunes: Katanna 'n' Ammo
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