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 Bon Sens RP Rules (Please read if you wish to join.)

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PostSubject: Bon Sens RP Rules (Please read if you wish to join.)   Thu Sep 03, 2009 6:42 pm

Bon Sens

Bon Sens is a book I've been working on for awhile now and its about a school of Magic that teaches children and teenagers about who they are which means they could be a Centaur, Vampire, Werewolf, Wizard and so on.

It's a school of Magic which mean that almost anything is possible.

Pleese put Character info in this thread and not in te RP thread.


1. All actions will be in bold. Example: Wilson pucks up the book.

2. All thoughts will be in Italics(sp). Example: Lillian: I hope it doesnt rain.

3. All speach will be done as shown in the example. Example: Jerry: You dropped you bag, Elana.

4. Be reasonable to their abilities. There isn't a spell for everything.

5. Off topic comments will be in parenthises. Example: (Should we stop the RP here.)

6. Punciuation(sp) will be needed for others to understand.

7. I'll control the teachers and a few students that would be main characters in my book series and I'll interact with you guys through out the story.

I'll add more rules and such as Time goes on.
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Bon Sens RP Rules (Please read if you wish to join.)
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