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 Proto's Story

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Proto Plasmabear
Proto Plasmabear

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PostSubject: Proto's Story   Fri Apr 10, 2009 12:31 pm

Hey everybody I've decided to post the entire 1st season of my story here.

Chapter 1:

Proto noticed that the Scamper was old and smelled of an intolerable musk. Well, thought Proto, that’s what you get for going on a secret recovery mission with the Scotsman. It wasn’t that Proto didn’t like him, in fact he thought of him as a mentor on account of the fact that he had been training under him for the past three months. He remembered how just a few hours earlier the Scotsman had told him,
“Ye best be preparing ye self for we be going to look for a mythic weapon said to hold the power of other worlds.” When Proto asked where they were headed he had just laughed, grabbed his sword, and walked out of the cave where they had been staying for the last few weeks. So now here Proto was, sitting in a smelly old Scamper with the Scotsman and some plumber named Rod headed to Forgotten Falls to find some sword. As he looked out of the window Proto saw really just how beautiful the falls were. The thing that a lot of people don’t realize is that the falls are one of the most dangerous areas in the Wilds. With it’s crushing white water and enormous drop offs, they could kill misguided adventurers and explorers in a matter of seconds.
As they landed on a secluded island around a hundred yards from the falls. As they stepped out of the Scamper Proto noticed that the ground was exceedingly moist. He looked and saw many trees and grasses. The Scotsman grabbed his pack and blade and told the pilot to wait around. As the three of them made their way through the thick second stage sub tropical forest that made up most of the island Rod piped up and asked,
“So.. Where is this thing?”
“Here.” replied the Scotsman as he suddenly whipped out his sword and struck it deep into the damp soil. As soon as his sword hit the rich earth a pillar of light burst from the ground and just as soon as it came it disappeared. In it’s place appeared an earthen stairwell that seemed to continue into oblivion.
“Nordic runes boys,” chuckled the Scotsman, “they sure do work wonders.”
As they walked down the pitch black passage guided only by the gem lamps placed here and there Proto asked,
“So why’d they send a plumber to find a sword?”
“Well,” replied Rod as they turned a corner, “according to legend this sword possesses ‘powers of another world’ which mean it could possibly make it alien tech, thus making it Plumber business.” Just as he finished they came to a fork in the road.
“Ye two be going left and I‘ll be going right.” said the Scotsman. As Proto and Rod walked down the claustrophobically small passage they heard a deep, deafening roar coming from far ahead.
“What do you think that was?” asked Rod in a tentative voice.
“I don’t know but I’d get ready for anything.” answered Proto. As he pulled some blue orbs and a plain grey shotgun out of his backpack.
“What are those?” asked Rod gesturing towards the orbs and pulled a handgun and a dagger out of his own pack and sliding them into his belt.
“Sticky grenades.” replied proto as he slid them into his belt. “Les move.” said Proto as he picked up his pack an slung it over his shoulder and started walking down the passage. Eventually they came to a large clearing. Proto could see the supposedly “mythic” blade at the other end of the clearing on an ornate stand. He looked up to the ceiling to see that it was actually a giant glowing crystal illuminating the entire area. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a ferocious beast with huge jaws and razor claws appeared off to their right. It seemed around 60 feet long as it sniffed the air and then came rushing toward them while at the same time bellowing with the screams of a thousand victims. They ran towards a small crevice in the rock and dove into it.
“Ok here’s the plan.” said Proto
“What was that thing!?” screamed Rod as he started shaking. “Listen,” said Proto, “Aim for the base of the spine or the bottom of the skull. If you can’t get it there aim for the shoulders, knees, or eyes.”
“Alright but how are we going to get out of here?” asked Rod. “Give me your pack.” said Proto, “I’ve got an idea.”
As Rod’s bright green pack slid across the floor the monster reared and began to chase after it. Proto and Rod ran out of the crevice and began shooting at the beast. As they were firing the creature charged Rod and Proto took the opportunity to place two grenades onto it’s back. Now all he had to do was shoot one and the beast would go down. Just as the sticky grenades landed the monster crouched over Rod and opened it’s jaws exposing it’s huge teeth. Proto slung his shotgun off his back, took aim, and fired at the beasts face. The shot ripped through the air and struck the beasts between the eyes and the snout, destroying flesh and bone with a sickening rip. The creature bellowed in rage, rearing toward Proto and preparing to charge while at the same time swatting Rod with it’s tail and sending him soaring through the air. He could hear the sickening crunch of breaking bones as Rod slammed into a far wall and slumped over unresponsively. The beast was upon Proto before he even realized that it had charged, knocking him onto the ground and sending his shotgun sliding away. He could feel the massive beast’s breathe blowing onto his head and chest. Just as the huge creature opened it’s jaws to finish him Proto heard an explosion behind the beast and it fell over dead. Proto looked over the monster’s still body to see Rod sitting with a smoking gun in his hand, laughing.
After grabbing the sword Proto supported Rod as they began to walk back along the corridor to meet up with the Scotsman. “Hey Proto” said Rod, “Thanks back there.”
“Same to you.” said Proto smiling as he slung the sword over his shoulder. Finally they reached the fork just to see the Scotsman sitting there polishing his sword.
“Well looks like ye boys were successful.” said the Scotsman as he stood up. “Lets be getting out of here.“ They began to head up the stairs and back to civilization.

Chapter 2:

As Proto, Rod and the Scotsman exited the dungeon they were relieved to see the bright sunshine glistening on the moist flora. “Proto, ye stay here and cover up the entrance.” said the Scotsman, “I’m going to be taking Rod back to the Scamper.” He proceed to sling Rod over his shoulder and began to crash through the jungle towards the Scamper. Proto began pushing heaps of dirt down into the hole. Just as Proto realized how long it would take to fill a stair well with dirt he heard a deafening sonic boom come from the sky above. He looked up to see a huge green shape hurtling towards him faster than he could believe. He barely had time to scream before the massive thing struck him to the ground causing the entire world shrink to the size of the pin and then disappear.
Proto awoke to find himself lying on a clean white bed in a hospital room. The first thing that he noticed was that his arm felt weird. It wasn’t really a bad weird just different in an odd way. He couldn’t tell what it was but somehow I felt foreign, alien even. As he went to sit up he heard a buzzer go off and suddenly a television turned on in front of the bed showing a video screen of Dexter.
“Hello Mr. Plasmabear.” said Dexter’s recorded voice, “I am sorry to inform you that your arm had to be amputated due to a meteoric impact. Luckily however, we were able to replace it with one formed out of an experimental type of plasm and some animal DNA. We do not know the full extent of the effects of the surgery but if all goes according to plan it should function as a normal arm. We would like you attend a meeting in one hour at Townsville hall. There will be a bus headed there leaving in 30 minutes, I hope to see you there. Oh and by the way you’ve been unconscious for 1 day.
Proto got up from the bed and saw clothes laid out for him on a chair so he picked them up and went into the bathroom to change. After he was done he left the room and walked to the main lobby. He signed out of the hospital with a nurse who looked like she couldn’t be over 16. He walked out into the fresh summer air and felt an instant burst of excitement. As Proto walked down the street he noticed that everyone seemed to be a little bit jumpy. He didn’t see any children playing or dogs barking merrily except for at one point the did see some weird blond guy running away from some weird little girl screaming about cookies. Finally he reached the enormous building named city station tower and went inside he went up to the receptionist, some guy who’s name tag said Cloud in fancy letters told him he could find the transports at the top of the tower. Proto got into the elevator and punched in the observation deck button on the top and felt the mechanical whir as the machine took him up and up and up until he finally reached the top. He got out of the elevator and looked around. There were a lot of kids here and there talking and going to and fro. Over on one of the outside platforms he saw a bunch of kids boarding a scamper marked ‘TOWNSVILLE CENTER’ on the side in big white letters. Proto went over, paid the toll, and entered the Scamper. He sat down next to a girl who said her name was Daisy.
“So what’s your name?” she asked in a cheery tone.
“Proto, where you headed to?” he answered trying to be friendly.
She replied, “Oh, me and my friends are headed over to help set up for the concert tonight you should come I’ll be f-” Suddenly there was a sudden bump as the Scamper hit some turbulence and Daisy fell out of her seat.
“You Ok?” asked Proto as he helped Daisy to get up.
“Yeah thanks I’m fine.” she said as they landed in Townsville center mall.
“Well, bye.” said Daisy as she stepped out of the left side of the Scamper and Proto got out the right. The Townsville mall seemed really nice to Proto and off to the south he could see a lot of kids grouped around the stage getting the area ready for the concert later. Proto walked over to the stairs and went up them. As he walked over to city hall he noticed that there were a lot of vendors selling things. He even saw one guy buy a watermelon helmet. As Proto arrived at city hall he saw Rod standing up on the steps he waved and walked over to him.
“Hey Proto,” said Rod in a hurried tone, “Scotsman said to give this to you, says no one can get it to work so you can have it. Wish I had more time to talk but I’ve to run. Bye” and with that he was off in a flash leaving Proto standing there with the sword they had both almost been killed over. Proto slung it over his back and walked into city hall.
The board room was packed with all different people. He even saw the grim reaper sitting at the other end of the huge table talking to some annoying little kid with a hue nose, probably trying to get him to shut up.
“Hello everyone,” said Dexter over a loud speaker, “I seems that our fears have come true. We are currently under an invasion by a large green planet that is attacking everywhere at once. We do not know much right now but we do know that the enemy is using pod like object to create monsters to defeat us. Right now the only thing we can do is fight back as hard and as fast as we can and be on our toes. We are currently distributing computer devices known as nanocoms. To get yours please go to the main distribution center in front of the building to get yours. If I have not already told you otherwise you may leave.” Proto got up along with about 50 other people and they all went outside to a bazaar like tent building that had tons of kids going in and out. Proto walked in, grabbed a com, and walked out. He walked over to the side of the building and the first thing he saw when he turned on the wrist watch like device was a large holographic screen that said: Name: Proto Plasmabear Instructions: Patrol and protect Townsville mall
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Proto Plasmabear
Proto Plasmabear

Posts : 53
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PostSubject: Re: Proto's Story   Fri Apr 10, 2009 12:33 pm

Chapter 3:

Proto decided that he would just walk around the upper perimeter of the mall until something happened or someone told him to do something. He sat down on a bench to examine the sword. He pulled it out of its case and looked at the decoration on the guard. It showed a little picture of a bear trying to climb a tree and on the other side it had a picture of a bear in a tree. Proto guessed that there was supposed to be some metaphorical message to that but he didn’t really get it.
Proto heard a scream coming from the garden next to the mall. He ran as fast as he could and nearly tripped over someone lying on the ground,
“Get it away from me!!” They screamed when suddenly a monster that looked like a unicycle jumped out of a tree and landed on the guys back. The thing lunged at Proto but he pulled out his sword and cut it in half.
“What was that thing?” asked Proto as he helped the guy get up.
“I don’t know I was just walking by and it attacked me out of nowhere.”
“Weird.” said Proto as he put his sword away.
Later at around 6 p.m. people started showing up for the concert. Most came in Scampers but some rode buses and some even rode in on flying monkeys. When it got dark around 6:50 the flood lights came on illuminating the entire area in a glow of light. Down below the concert was beginning and Proto could hear Numbah 1 screaming something about rock. Then Proto could see some figures come onto the stage but he couldn’t tell who they were because he was so far back. Suddenly in a high pitched whiny voice they began singing something due do with hating someone. The crowd seemed excited and many people were singing along. He could even see some kid in a green jacket trying to play air guitar. Suddenly, green pods burst through the sky. One was headed directly at the audience but Bubbles flew up and destroyed it. More and more of the pods were raining down in the cool night air sending the crowd into a frenzy. One pod flew across the stage and smashed into a stand right as the worker dived out of the way. Suddenly those unicycle creatures charged the cat walk Proto was standing on. They were shooting weird beams of energy that stung when you got hit by them. Proto yanked out his blade and began dispatching the freaks one by one. It seemed like there was an infinite number of those monsters and Proto was getting exhausted. Off at the other end of the cat walk he could see that the creatures were hacking at the supports with long sharp blades that looked like sickles. Proto leaped onto the side railing rushing the monsters at full speed. Proto knew that if that cat walk fell it would kill tons of people, including him. He dived at the brutes with his blade swinging. Somehow he was able to kill them all when suddenly they’re bodies began moving together and formed one huge version of them. The creature leaped into the air and was about to come down on him when suddenly, a figure leaped into the air and sliced the creature. The monster let out a screeching bellow and charged the figure. Proto got up, leapt, and sliced the head off of the beast. The monstrous unicycle creature fell and dissolved into a pool of green acid.
“Hey Proto,” said Rod as he skirted the pool of acid and came up to Proto while sliding his dagger into his belt. “We need to get these people out of here but there are more freaks guarding one of the Scamper landing areas we need to get them out of here.
Once they arrived at the Scamper landing field proto saw that it was a battlefield. He could see corpses and pools of acid strewn across the ground of the large parking lot. Slowly however, the bodies disappeared and Proto could see them reappear at a green portal on the end of the park nearby. In the middle of the parking lot there was one of those pods with a bunch of kids around it fighting monsters. Proto and Rod rushed over to help. They worked together as they swatted down monster after monster that seemed to come endlessly from the pod. Just as they were beginning to give up hope they saw a Scamper flying towards them in the sky. The Scamper turned on all it’s guns and was able to obliterate the pod. Troops jumped out of the Scamper sending the monsters running. One of the soldiers in battle gear came up to Proto and Rod and began speaking,
“Hello the names Mojo Rex. Dexter sent me to get you. There is a urgent matter that needs our attention and he thinks you would be a good candidate.” As he finished they boarded the Scamper and the pilot began to go through pre flight procedures. Prot looked around and noticed that it was obviously the most up to date model. It contained all of the latest equipment: infrared scanners, air to ground missiles, warp engines, and even a automated defense system. There were three others in the scamper besides Prot, Rod, and Mojo. One was the pilot who didn’t say anything and the other two introduced themselves as Mac and Olivia. Mac was a tall kid with light brown hair probably a little older then Proto and Olivia was a hyper girl who seemed around the same age as Proto. As they took off Mojo stood up to talk and said, “Alright everyone here’s the deal. We’ve began to get some reports of an offshore island that has been corrupted by the gunk that the enemy has been using to take over which we’ve learned is called fusion matter. From what we know they are converging they’re forces there to launch a full scale assault on Bravo Beach and Orchid Bay which are key supply shipping areas and must be protected at all costs. Mac.”
“Ok guys,” said Mac as he took out a geographical map of the island that showed key points and locations. We were able to recover this information from one of Dex’s satellites. It appears that the main control center is in the northeast corner of the island but the only landing area is in the southwest corner which means that we’ll have to fight our way to the control center. Any questions? Good cause were here. Grab a weapon and les go.” As he finished they landed in a secluded cove and got ready to fight for their lives.

Chapter 4:

As they exited the Scamper Proto had grabbed a hardnose rifle and slung it onto his back, tying his sword to his belt. They made there way out of the cove and they could hear the squelching smack of guards up ahead on the path. Proto slowly pulled out his blade and crept up the left of the path with Mojo as Mac, Rod, and Olivia went up the right. There were 2 guards stationed up ahead that looked like big sand monster. Proto went up to the one on his side and stabbed his sword through it’s core, killing it instantly. Before the other one could notice Mac went up to the other and shot it in the back of the “head” which caused it to turn into a stinking pile of sand and fusion matter. They followed a path until they found a side path that led to a concealed cliff face which they followed. The ground was rugged and rocky as they walked up the narrow path. They reached the top of the cliff and far off in the distance they could see a large harbor area tainted green with fusion matter that was heavily guarded by robotic monsters that looked like they were made from jet ski parts.
“So how we going to get down there without getting killed?” asked Olivia.
“I don’t see any paths leading there from here.” said Proto.
“Well maybe if we climbed down the cliff we could go through the brush.” said Olivia.
“Alright lets move.” said Mac as he walked over to the cliff edge and began to climb down.
It took them a while to get down the cliff wall. It wasn’t a very difficult climb but it was a very large cliff. Once they reached the bottom they were standing over a road on which monsters were moving in a procession.
“Attack!!!” yelled Mac as they slid down the small slope, guns blazing. The battle was a mess of confusion and close scrapes. At some point a monster knocked Proto’s rifle out of his grasp and sent it flying. Proto drew his sword and cut the freakish brute down. Another beast came up on his right and Proto slashed it in the core, causing fusion matter to seep out and then it exploded. They cleared the trail of freaks and then continued through the brush. Eventually they came upon a giant ship preparing to launch.
“We got to stop that thing.” said Olivia in an excited voice.
“First we have to get to it.” said Mojo as he stood up.
“Alright once we get on board Rod and Proto’ll find the control room and shut it down while the rest of us plant charges around the place to destroy it. Les go.” said Mac. They stepped out of the brush and into the highly infected harbor area. Immediately all the monsters around towards toward them and attacked. Proto drew his sword and got ready to fight.
As the first wave of monster Proto was filled with a sudden and unexpected rage. He charged the vile invaders with his blade swinging wildly, thinking of nothing but killing every last one of those freaks. He came to the first monster and could see the others fighting to his left and right. He dug his sword into the ragged orange armor that made up the robots chest cavity sending scraps of metal and goo flying. He drove the blade deeper and the creature fell and turned into a pile goo. Another monster lunged at him and ended up driving itself into Proto’s blade. He kept swinging his sword as alien after alien fell around him. Around him the parts of the mechanical beasts began forming together as they had earlier. Before he knew it there were three massive creatures that were making strange movements that sent chills down his spine. Suddenly green lights appeared below Proto’s feet. He jumped away right as a huge gizer of fusion matter erupted from the ground where he had been standing. Prot looked and saw that the three that were standing there making the weird motion were the only monsters left around. The others rushed over to help and began shooting at the beasts. The monsters did not fall easily but they were able to defeat them using teamwork and good aim.
They boarded the ship just as it undocked from the harbor. It looked like a stolen cruise liner but Proto couldn’t tell for sure. They made there way along the hallways of the ship with relative ease and only ran into trouble a few times, which they dealt with quickly. Along the way they came to a door in the ship marked “control center”
“We’ll go in but you guys keep planting charges.” said rod as he opened the door and him and Proto stepped in. Rod closed the door as Proto turned on the light just to see the entire control center destroyed. There was so much fusion matter in the air that it stung their eyes. In the middle of the room there was a strange green portal with green tentacles coming out of it.
“What do you think it is?” asked Rod.
“I don’t know les find out.” said Proto as he walked over and jumped in as Rod followed.
They found themselves in a primitive rock area with symbols painted in fusion matter plastered all over the ground and walls. Suddenly a green figure jumped from a ledge above them and started shooting blasts of energy at them. They dived out of the way in order to dodge it and Rod began shooting. Proto rushed the Monster with his blade and swiped at it, conveying all his rage unto the creeper. The figure blocked Proto’s swipes but could not handle them both at once and eventually Prot sliced it’s head off with a squelch.
“What do you think that was?” asked Proto as he took a charge out of his pack and planted it on the floor.
“I don’t know but we need to get out of here before those charges blow.” said Rod as he jumped back through the portal. Once they were outside the portal they activated the charge and watched as the portal shrunk and disappeared before their eyes.
They walked through out the ship until they reached the deck where they met the others.
“We got all the charges planted. How about you guys?” said Mojo.
“Yeah we took out the controls.” said Rod without mentioning the monster. Just then a Scamper burst out of the sky and landed on the deck.
“All aboard the Reddino express.” yelped the pilot as they got in and lifted off the ground. As they flew away Proto looked back to see the island and boat go up in hideous green flames.
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Proto Plasmabear
Proto Plasmabear

Posts : 53
Join date : 2009-04-10

PostSubject: Re: Proto's Story   Fri Apr 10, 2009 12:33 pm

Chapter 5:

They flew on into the night at an astounding speed.
“Where we headed?” asked Proto.
“City Station, it seems that things are getting worse.” answered Mojo.
“How long were we even on that island?” asked Rod
“Bout an hour or two.” said Olivia as she glanced at her watch. Proto looked out the window and up ahead towards the city they could see a massive battle going on among the sky scrapers and buildings. Up in the sky there were giant mosquito like monsters attacking kids and carrying off whoever they could get their claws on. They landed on a large building where some kids were fighting off some huge creatures that looked like deformed cabinets. They leaped out of the Scamper grabbing weapons and began charging the monsters. Proto used the large shatter gun he had picked up to blow a hole in the side of the first monster that he got to. He could see Mac on the other side stabbing at one of the freaks with an electrified blade. Proto shot the monster once more, killing it. Over on the side of the building Proto saw Mojo having trouble with a weird freak with spinning blades that looked like a street sweeper. Proto shot at the Monster to distract it and Mojo took the opportunity to stab it in the core and kill it. Off to his right Proto could see a Scamper coming down towards the building, it’s engines flaming. Right as the Scamper crashed the people leaped out, guns flaring. There were three kids that had came out, a fat kid that Proto recognized as Numbah 2, and two others he had never seen.
“Get out of here the building’s going to blow!!!” screamed Numbah 3 as he ran towards the others. They all ran to the side of the building and began dashing down the fire escape. Nice they reached the second floor of the building there was a huge explosion above them that send debris and shrapnel cascading down around them. Once they got to the ground they began running towards the tower.
“We need to get to the tower to meet up with Numbah 1 so we can regroup.” panted Numbah 2, struggling to keep up. They ran as fast as they could, fending off monsters as they went. They reached the tower where they could see tons of kids huddled around. They went inside gasping for air, glad to be back in the safety of the tower with all the other kids.
“Me and my team gotta go help get food to kids sleeping here there’s a blocked supply route through town.” said Mojo as he looked at his nanocom.
“See ya! Shouted Olivia from across the room as she , Mojo, and Mac went back out. Proto could see them get into a Scamper and take off.
“I gotta go too. Plumber stuff.” said Rod as he walked away. Proto looked down at his nanocom and saw that he had a new email. It was from Dexter saying to meet him in them armory immediately. Prot followed signs until he came to a huge room swarming with kids that contained more weapons and military vehicles than Proto thought possible. Proto could see Dexter in the middle of the room giving orders to kids so Proto walked towards him.
“Ah, Proto, just who I wanted to see.” said Dexter in a strained ton. It was obvious that he was under a ton of stress. “We need you to go on a rescue mission in order to get a group of Kids tapped on the roof of a nearby building. You’ll be flying a Scamper, your file says you have some training in the act and you’re the only one we’ve got. The coordinates are on your nanocom. Good luck.”
It felt good to be flying a scamper again. It reminded Proto of his das in the KND. Proto remembered how the decommissioning officer had tried and failed to decommission him. Proto had developed a method to fool decommissioning that involved focusing on past memories. After they were done he had faked it and pretended like he couldn’t remember anything. He landed the Scamper and told the kids to get in. They thanked him and he took off into the night. As Proto was flying he said,
“One of you take the turret controls and shoot down some of those buggers.” A blond kid with long hair came over and grabbed the controls on Proto’s right. The freakish flying things were everywhere. Suddenly, something impacted the roof of the Scamper making a huge dent in the thick metal. Proto looked up and heard a screeching tear as the roof was ripped off of the Scamper. Proto yelled at the kid to take the controls as he jumped up and picked up his gun. He swung it up and blasted the creature sending it spiraling off the Scamper and toward the ground. More of the monsters began attacking the Scamper and Proto had trouble fending them off. One of them made it through to the Scamper and bit the wheel off of the controls before Proto could blast it away. The Scamper was out of control, tumbling through the air tumbling and turning every which way and then it began falling through the air. They were plummeting from 5 stories above the ground and they would slam into the ground in a matter of seconds.
“HUMUNGOSAUR!!!” screamed a bellowing voice below him as the Scamper suddenly stopped no more then 20 feet above the ground. Proto was launched through the front window and he began plummeting to the ground once again. Proto’s stomach felt like it would turn inside out and his arm burned as he fell to his certain death…

Chapter 6: Firefight

Proto woke up deep in a hole in the ground. He could hear the fighting happening outside, the screeching of aliens and the shouts of kids fighting for their home. He looked around him and saw that he was surrounded by a bright green shield that reminded him of a cocoon. He saw that the barrier that had saved him was actually coming from his arm. His arm had litterally transformed itself into a shield that had allowed him to survive a huge fall and borrowed him deep into the ground. Using all of his effort and concentration Proto was able to make his arm revert back into it’s original state, but it still retained a slightly greenish tint. Proto began climbing up the walls of the hole as water from busted pipes began filling in the bottom. He reached the top and saw the area in much the same chaos as before. Proto guessed he could not have been out for more than ten minutes because the moon was in the same place as it had been before the crash. Just as he pulled himself out of the hole he saw Ben Tennison run up to him yelling,
“Hey, we need to get over to Offworld Plaza really fast there are fuse freaks trying to get to the space port.” As he shouted a Scamper Numbah 2 was driving landed in between them. They got in and took off heading towards the east. “Ok here’s the deal.” said Ben “Whoever these invaders are have sent down these green pods down called terrafusers that make this fusion matter stuff. Well one of the bigger ones has landed in the major industrial sections of downtown, SteamAlley. There are tons of monsters converging on our major space port. Seems like they don’t want us getting off the planet. Most plumbers are headed there to defend the place along with some KNDs and others.” Proto looked out the window as they passed Mojojojo’s volcano where he could see monkeys and kids fighting off more of those flying creatures. They flew on and Proto saw what Ben was talking about. Around the machine known only as the dark engine there were thousands of monsters set up in a precise militaristic fashion. Over by the large complex that made up the launch station proto could see tanks, air carriers, and an entire army of kids being set up in an attempt at a defensive formation. They touched down near a large building that was being used as a control center. They jumped out walked inside as Ben began talking again.
“I’m in charge of defense which is our main concern. Your spose to meet up with some squads cause you guys are going to have to go over to the dark engine and try to shut down that terrafuser.” He finished and they walked into a large armory similar to the one in city station tower. Proto walked over to a shelf and grabbed a PM1 energy Rifle.
“Hey Proto your with us and some others.” said Mojo from behind him. Proto turned to see Olivia, Mojo, and Mac standing behind him wielding swords and guns.
“Were over there.” said Mac pointing toward a large airship like vehicle that all ready was having kids and vehicles loaded in, “The Plumbers have a few of these things and were all in strike group beta.”
“Some guy named roller is suppuse to be coming with us so it makes up a five man group. Heres 20 groups in each Ship and were group H.” said Olivia.
“We’re spose to be leaving pretty soon so we better get on to the ship.” said Mojo as they began walking towards the airship. They passed a guy handing out hangman boarded the monstrous ship. They walked over to a guy around Proto’s age standing against a wall wearing black battle armor. He introduced himself as Roller and said nothing for the rest of the flight.
“Were gonna be diving down around 500 meters from the dark engine. After that we have to fight our way to the engine itself and destroy the terrafuser with an anti matter grenade.” said Mojo. Proto felt the rumble of the engines activating and looked out the large panoramic windows to see the hanger bay ceiling open up revealing the ink black sky above. They lifted off of the ground right behind a ship marked Alpha.
As they flew closer and closer to the approaching forces Proto began to grow anxious. They flew lower and lower until large red sirens went off around the entire ship.
“Time to go.” said Roller as he handed him a parachute pack”Its automatic just don’t die when you get down there.” Ahead of their group Proto could see other kids in gear and some Plumbers jumping out of the large doors. Finaaly it was their turn to go and the five of them jumped out of the ship down toward the already hectic battlefield.
“GERONIMO!!!” screamed Mac as he soared past Proto in a dive. Proto fell through the air with adrenaline coursing through his already sore body. Proto felt like he had fallen forever and would never stop when his parachute finally opened making it feel like his body was being torn apart. The pain eased as Proto got use to the pressure of the cords of the pack tugging on his body. He could see the others falling beside him all with their parachutes open. They approached the ground but their landing zone was being blocked by a hoard of monsters. Proto unlatched his rifle from his belt and began firing down at the freaks blocking the area as the others did the same. Proto was surprised by the power of the gun as it sent down a rain of energy shots, killing the living piles of metal with ease. They kept shooting and by the time they hit the ground they had destroyed the monsters in the area, the only trace of them was the piles of deteriorating metal and the stinking pools of fusion matter. Off in the distance Proto could see the dark building that is the dark engine. On the top of the hideous structure sat a terrafuser that could easily have been the size of a bus, maybe even bigger.
“We’re gonna have to get close enough to plant the grenade.” said Mojo as they began moving in the direction of the building “But first we gotta get there alive.” They walked down the road along the west side of the area. Up ahead and to the right Proto could see a massive battle going on. They cheched theyre ammo and charged into the battlefield with their guns blazing. The monsters were dropping pretty easily but there were hundreds if not thousands more of them to come. One of the monsters charged Proto from his right and he kicked it to the ground. He jumped on top of it, shoving his rifle into it’s face and blowing it to pieces with a precise fury. Proto shot and shot and the freaks kept on coming. They were beginning to be forced back towards the plaza when Proto got separated from his most of the other kids. He bumped into a wall and was monsters were beginning to close in on him when he heard a sudden explosion to the left as Mojo shot a rocket launcher at the group of monsters around him. Proto ran towards him and fell to the ground as a monster jumped onto his back, pinning him down. Proto reared himself up and blew ther monster apart, sending it flying. Mojo grabbed his arm and helped up as they ran inside a ruined building, panting like dogs.
“Mac and the others went around and headed towards the engine. We need to meet up with them there. If we make a run for it we can probably skirt around the brunt of the forces.” said Mojo as they walked toward the back side of the building. They stepped out into the darkness and ran as fast as they could towards the huge engine.
They arrived at the dark engine as the others were checking their weapons.
“Alright guys this is what we’re gonna do.” said Roller assuming authority, “We’re gonna fight our way up and plant the charge. After that’s done we’ll plant the charge and take a zipline down.
“Why don’t we just zip line up?” asked Mac sarcastically.
“Gravity.” answered Roller.
They began climbing the maintenance stair case on the inside of the building.
“Why do you think it’s unguarded?” said Olivia.
“I don’t kn-”began Mojo when suddenly a dark green version of Ben Tennison leaped out of the machinery, charging at them spitting burning fusion matter and slashing with jagged claws.
“Shoot!” screamed Proto as they began firing at the freak. It jumped and was about to come down on them when suddenly it exploded sending fusion matter everywhere.
“What was that?” asked Olivia as she wiped the burning goo off of her face and arms.
“I don’t know but we have to keep moving.” said Proto as they continued up the stairs.
They reached the rooftop and saw the pulsing green object. Mojo walked over and planted the charge
“We have 1 minute.” said Mac as he shot a grapple down at the building next to them. They began sliding down the line when suddenly there was a massive explosion from behind them. Proto felt something hit him in the back of the head, knocking him out. The last thing that Proto felt was the rush of the air as he fell…
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Yay your here! Changing your rank asap.


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Im gonna try and start on season 2 tonite so stay tooned Smile
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Proto's Story
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