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 8/3/09 Newstream Today

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PostSubject: 8/3/09 Newstream Today   8/3/09 Newstream Today EmptyMon Aug 03, 2009 7:40 pm

There is going to be alot going on here in the next few hours. This is going to keep you updated.

*For right now, the big Smurof Neerg RPG has become visible to Beta Testers and up, nobody can post on it now, but everybody can view it.

*New invisible sections have arisen, these are only visible by me. It includes a "Thread Graveyard", this will be the Forums new "Basket", there should be an option to move threads to something called the basket for you mods, that will now send them to the Graveyard for me to look over the situation and decide if it should remain there, or be put back up. So instead of deleting now, I would like you to move them to that. If you do not see that option, tell me immediately.

*Other new section for me only is the Construction Zone, this will allow me to store and put things together without you guys having to see all of that half done stuff.


8/3/09 Newstream Today Greenganon-o
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8/3/09 Newstream Today
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