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 My fan fiction

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PostSubject: My fan fiction   Tue Apr 07, 2009 6:16 pm

Its about mandaratobi a kid who was ornhanized when he was 6, and ben tenneyson found him and raised him the problem is he was found on another planet. This story takes place when he was being trained by ben and it will eventually go into fuse attacking

Chapter 1 part 1
"You got to try harder" Ben said
"its kind of hard being able to absorb power and use it". Mandara said
"I know but you have to learn to absorb Kevin's and Gwen's powers so we could use you if there is an emegen....
"WE HAVE A PROBLEM WE HAVE A PROBLEM" said a mystery voice
The mysterious person bumped into mandara.
It was Cooper a boy that is about ben's age and he is really good with alien tech.
" I have been studying space and over the weeks i have been studying one planet, its called Dodon, one day i checked the planet it was gone.
Whats the big deal Cooper its just a planet?
Don't say that Mandara I think something is going wrong in our solar system" Cooper exclaimed.
He is right Mandara training is over lets head over to Gwen's house to see what's going on. Ben said.
"You are not going anywhere ben i have the answer right here" A mysterious voice said.
Oh Dexter I couldn't tell it was you. Cooper said
Don't be stupid Cooper you knew it was me. Dexter said.
I have my robot computress here to tell about this planet and ben, tell mandara to leave for a minute he might not want to here this. Dexter said sadly.
Ok go to the game room and play for a while Mandara. Ben said
I said leave Mandara. Ben said calmly.
No i will fight you for........ Mandara was stopped
Jetray appeared and before Mandara knew it he was in the gameroom.
When he tried to open the door it was locked.
Darn-it I really want to know whats so bad why did ben do this.

Find out what is going wrong in the next part
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PostSubject: Re: My fan fiction   Tue Apr 07, 2009 6:30 pm

Hmm. Short but very interesting, can't wait to hear more from you!


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PostSubject: Chapter 1 part 2 The Explanation   Fri Apr 10, 2009 4:22 pm

Mandara is in the game room thinking what was so sad he couldn't know about it
"Ok Dexter what was so serious I had to make my student leave." Ben said angrily
" Yea Dex I need to get back to my la... Cooper exclaimed
"Well as you know you found Mandara on another planet right Ben" Dexter said
" Yea I found when he was six and he has to power to absorb other peoples' powers without hurting them in anyway, yea I know." Ben said in excite "Whats wrong.
" Ben I am sorry to tell you this but that kid is the son of a dark evil force."
" What do you mean dex mandara can't be he is really nice not evil."
" Thats only because Ben has trained him to be nice and not evil turns out Mandara was not originally from the planet you found him on Ben, He was left on a planet that was sucked up of everything moments before you left Ben. Dexter explained.
" Dexter if this is true then why are you just telling me this." Ben said calmy
"The reason is because is Ben i didn't want you to freak out and besides that planet he originated from wasn't that much of a problem then." Dexter said
Cooper boasted " What is that suppose to mean are you telling me this kid is from a really bad planet."
Bad is not the word to describe this planet."
Dexter went to a vacuum and put tiny balls on the floor
Ben said questionally " Dexter what are you doing?"
" I am going to show you what the planet does giving you a visual image" Dexter said
" Wow Dexter you really are smart."
Dexter turned on the vacuum
" Ok so its like this ok this planet I am talking about is the vacuum, and the floor is space, so you know when some planet have abilities to move freely in space correct?
Dexter questioned
Yea Dexter and Cooper responded.
Dexter sucked up one of the balls in a vacuum cleaner
"Well this planet is doing this to other planet and its getting stronger and stronger." Dexter said sadly
What Ben " How is a planet able to do this"
I wish I knew Ben, I wish I knew" Dexter responded back
" So absorbing power runs in Mandara's bloodline, but if that planet hurts other planets how does he not hurt others."
"The way you teach Ben is the way you act" Cooper said in a cool manner
Now lets go to Mandara in the game room
" I wonder what they are talking about? Mandara said questionably
" Oh well who cares I am gonna go watch Camp Lazlo"
He turns the tv on
" I really love this sho.............
Sunddely a hand bust the window
" Hey you can't be doing that in he...... oh hi Kevin. Mandara said excitedly
" Oh and Gwen to hey Gwen. Mandara exclaimed
" Hey Mandara me and Kevin are here so you can absorb our powers. Gwen said
" Yea dude you have to do it now. Kevin said
"Ok sure" Mandara said happily
Mandara puts his hands near Gwen and Kevin and sunddely a white light appears in front of him. Mandara's eyes turn white and sunddely he flies into the air. Purple auras flew out of Kevin's and Gwen's body> Mandara sunddely falls, but Kevin catches him.
" That must have took alot of work from him A Gwen" Kevin said
" Yea right now he is has lost consciousness." Gwen said "he will be ok in a couple of hours but untill then lets talk to Be......
Gwen was interrupted by a huge THUD!!!!!!!!!!!
It was ben checking up on Mandara
" Hey guys whats up i have something to tell you it about Mandara" Ben said while putting his head down."
"Ben we already know Dexter e-mailed us 'bout it" Kevin said " but in the mean time we have a mission for Mandara.
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PostSubject: Re: My fan fiction   

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My fan fiction
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