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 The Adventures of Tifa Twilight Season 3

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Tifa Twilight
Tifa Twilight

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PostSubject: The Adventures of Tifa Twilight Season 3   Sat Jul 18, 2009 7:30 pm

So yeah im back and ima try and come on to these forums much more

i hope if u guys havent read this on the FF forums that you will like it

Chapter 15. Survival of the fittest

Tifa saw the green ground coming closer to her. “GWEEEEEN!” She yelled as she saw Gwen falling beside her, but Gwen’s hands were glowing a beautiful shade of pink and her left hand pointed to the ground as a pink laser beam shot to the floor but that didn’t seem as if it was helping them. Gwen was focused but Tifa’s heart felt as if it was going to explode from the adrenaline that was pumping through her veins. Then Gwen pointed her right hand to Tifa as a beam shot out to her.

Tifa expected the beam to hurt her but instead it wrapped around her. She felt safe as it gently but firmly had a bind on her. Tifa looked down fighting the air rushing into her eyes. The beam of pink energy Gwen sent down to the ground created a square platform. Tifa didn’t know what to make of the events. The platform came closer and when it was close enough Gwen landed on it and they stopped falling.

“Ugh!” Gwen grunted as she took a hard land on the sturdy platform. Gwen lay on the pink floating square taking the pain in her legs from the fall but she still held her right hand out as she held on to Tifa with her amazing powers. They slowly descended but when they were a few feet to the ground Gwen couldn’t focus anymore. Her powers faded and the girls fell to the ground. Tifa fell to her knees feeling the ground roughly rub her skin. Gwen landed on her stomach and barely moved as she tried to endure the pain.

“Gwen,” Tifa breathed as she got to her legs. She slowly made her way to Gwen who turned on her back. “Are you okay?” Tifa asked as she got on her scrapped knees beside Gwen.

“Ugh,” Gwen moaned, “Of course, I’ve been through worse.” Tifa helped her sit up as Gwen rubbed her head.

“Those were amazing powers,” Tifa told her in admiration. She helped her to her feet after a moment of rest.

“Thanks,” Gwen replied as she winced when she stretched.

“Are you hurt?” Tifa asked as she tried to see any sign of an injury.

“No. I’m fine. I’m just going to have bad bruises coming in,” Gwen said with a weak smile, “but there are more important things. Like seeing where we are.”

Tifa realized that they were lost. They girls were in the middle of the wilds. Trees surrounded most of the mountainous region. In front of the girls stood a clear stream that rushed north.

“We need to find Mt. Blackhead,” Gwen said as the girls looked around them.

“There’s a trail,” Tifa pointed across the stream.

“Good,” Gwen replied, “it should lead to where we should go.” With that said, Gwen shot out a beam of pink energy across the stream and it looked like a made a solid bridge. Tifa checked to see that the scabbard was still strapped around her back with her sword safely in it. Then she slowly stepped on Gwen’s bridge and she was surprised to feel how solid it was. She saw the water run under her feet. “It leads east,” Gwen pointed out about the trail as the girls made their way on the other side of the stream.

“It’s the best option for us though,” Tifa said. When they finished crossing the stream the girls heard roars and screeches coming from unclear directions in the distance. The girls looked around them as the eerie cries slowly faded. “We’re not safe,” Gwen said, “we need to move, there could be more of those monster anywhere. I could use my powers to fly us to our destination but I can’t risk being seen by any more of those flying aliens.”

“Right,” Tifa replied as the girls followed the trail that made its way between trees and hills. Gwen led the journey. Tifa followed Gwen with worry in her mind. “Your friends should be safe,” Gwen called behind her as if she could read Tifa’s mind. “You’re quiet,” Gwen continued, “because you’re worried, I could tell.”

“How do you know they’re alive?” Tifa asked her. “We barely survived and I’m sure the others didn’t have any powers to help them.”

Gwen stopped to walk back to Tifa who stood in the middle of the trail. “You guys have been through a lot, so I’m sure that they survived the fall.” Gwen put a hand on Tifa’s shoulder.

“But Violet and Daisy couldn’t have survived it unless the pilot had powers of his own,” Tifa continued as she started to break down, “and what about Cloud? He had no one to help him. He doesn’t have powers…he couldn’t have…”

Gwen pulled Tifa into her arms as she held her tight. Tifa sobbed with her face in Gwen’s shoulder. Her heart was breaking. She lost so many in so little time. “It’s okay,” Gwen assured her, “we’ll find them…alive.”

The girls stood embracing each other ignoring the cries of monsters in the distance. The wilds weren’t safe but all they had at the moment was one another and they made sure they wouldn’t let go of each other.


It was midday when the girls came upon cabins that the trail had led them to. There were several cabins that circled a tall tree. Behind the cabins were tall watch towers that had bridges that linked them together. “We must be in Acorn Flats,” Gwen said as the girls walked around checking the empty cabins. “No sign of anyone. It’s been abandoned for a while.”

“Maybe we could rest here,” Tifa suggested. The girls sat on one of the cabin’s porches as they took in the air. Tifa tried to shake the thoughts about her friends out of her mind.

“I have that feeling,” Tifa said, “that I know they survived.” But Tifa was trying to convince herself more than Gwen.

“Don’t give up hope,” Gwen said, “if you do than that is the moment we lose this war.” Both of the girls closed their eyes as the breeze blew into the camp site. Tifa lifted her head as her ponytail whipped behind her. She opened her eyes to see Gwen’s long red hair move in the air as if it was floating in water. Gwen was to Tifa’s left but she saw something beyond her.

To the north, which was the back of the cabins, lay a piece of an aircraft. It was piled in front of a thick tall tree that made up a thick forest. “GWEN!” Tifa yelled as she stood up. She pointed in the direction of the big scrap of metal. It was the front piece of the scamper they flew in. Gwen quickly got up and they hurried to the trees. They searched in it and around it but there was no one else in sight.

“They’re not here,” Gwen said. The girls looked up to see that it must have fallen through the trees. The thick branches above were snapped in pieces. “Stay here,” Gwen told Tifa. Gwen slowly made her ways into the trees and out of sight into the darkness.

“Gwen,” Tifa yelled out afraid for Gwen’s safety.

“Ssshhh,” she heard Gwen through the trees. “There’s no one around Tifa. They most likely are trying to find their way back to Mt. Black-”

But loud hissing noises showered over Gwen’s voice. Tifa heard the noises coming from the trees. She heard rustling of leaves as something made its way to Tifa.

“Gwen,” Tifa whispered as she put her hand over her chest feeling her heart race. She stood still as the wait felt like an eternity. Tifa’s heart stopped when she saw a figure run out of the trees.

“Run!” Gwen yelled out as she grabbed Tifa and led her back to the cabins. Tifa looked back to see hug snakes slithering their way out of the woods. But Gwen stopped her when they came to the edge of the cabin site. “No,” Gwen breathed. Tifa looked to see more of the snakes invading the cabins. They were surrounded.

Gwen looked up and spoke, “Climb up there,” she pointed to the watch towers. “I could take some of these but you need to get up there now.”

“I want to help,” Tifa protested.

“There’s no time!”

“I’m not a coward.”

Gwen looked at Tifa with piercing eyes, “There is no doubt that you could die, Tifa. Is it cowardice to want to live? Or is it being wise?”

Tifa took a few seconds to take in Gwen’s waves of strength. She finally nodded as she hurried to the bottom of the watch tower to her right. She climbed up the wooden posts as quickly as she could. She looked down to see Gwen fighting off snakes with her powers. The snakes were peculiar. Their bodies split into two long strips, as if each of the monsters were two snakes with one head. Tifa now realized that these were more of Fuse’s alien monsters.

Tifa pushed herself up as she stood at the top of the watch tower, but a noise coming from her feet made her heart freeze. Snakes were hissing their way up the tower. Tifa drew out her sword and sliced anything that came close to the top. The pieces of the snakes fell to the ground below and disintegrated into the green fusion matter.

Tifa was losing the advantage of the high ground as more snakes drew to her. She had to move her way on the bridge that connected the top of the towers. The wood looked old as if they were going to crack if she stepped on them. But Tifa had to take the chance. She hurried to cross the bridge.

She was about half way across when her foot went through one of the panels. Tifa tried her hardest to pull her leg out of the splintery wood but the more she pulled the more the pieces dug into her leg. “Argh,” she winced as she gave up trying to pull out her leg.

The monsters slithered toward her onto the bridge. Tifa swung her sword as the monsters hissed in protest. She looked around her and realized her only option. Tifa swung her sword and sliced the ropes holding up the bridge. The bridge broke in two and Tifa held on tight as she swung down with the bridge. It slammed against the other tower and the wood panels broke and Tifa’s leg was released. She fell on her back while the other snakes fell into the presence of Gwen.

Gwen shot beams of her pink energy at the aliens that either pushed them away or wrapped around them. Tifa was lucky that her leg only suffered from the splinters the wood gave her. She could have broken her leg if the fall went awry.

“Come on,” she heard Gwen tell her as she was helped up and wiped off. Tifa’s back was stiff and she had to take a moment to stretch it out which caused her sore back to twinge. “I’m fine,” she breathed to Gwen who slowly led her back to the forest.

“Grab on to my waist,” Gwen ordered and Tifa followed. She wrapped her arms around the tiny waist of Gwen as she shot out energy that created one of the sturdy pink panels below their feet. The panel lifted them into the air and they flew north above the trees. But it wasn’t too soon when those familiar big winged wasps flew around the girls.

Gwen looked at Tifa as the air blew their hair back. Tifa nodded understanding what Gwen was trying to convey. Her arms unwrapped Gwen and she pulled out her sword. Her body was used to the speed they were flying so she wasn’t going to fall off easy. Gwen maneuvered the panel to fly close to the dark skeeters. Tifa swung at them as one by one they were taken down and fell into the thick forest.

She looked around her noticing the forest went on far and there was hardly any ground that did not consist of trees. The dark trees below them zoomed past and Tifa hoped that Violet, Daisy and the pilot were not lost somewhere in it.
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Tifa Twilight
Tifa Twilight

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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Tifa Twilight Season 3   Sat Jul 18, 2009 7:33 pm

Chapter 16. Magic in the Woods

Violet opened her eyes to see she was still in the front piece of the scamper. She slowly sat up trying to fight her body from keeping her from moving. She looked out of the opening where the back of the scamper was supposed to be. Violet saw the top of trees. That didn’t seem right. She slowly stood up but when she did she heard the ground creak.

The scamper felt like it was moving. That’s when Violet realized that it was stuck at the top of a tree. Branches were holding the piece up but she felt that it wouldn’t hold for long. She heard the pilot groan as he awoke. He was sprawled over the wrecked seats. “Are you okay?” She asked him.

“I think so,” he replied as he tried to get up but that made the piece of scamper rock back and forth.

“Don’t move!” Violet shot at the pilot. The boy sat still understanding the situation they were in. “The tree saved us.”

“All of us?” He asked. Then Violet felt her heart jump as she checked around. “Daisy!” She shouted trying to stay still at the same time but she was anxious to see where her friend was. Violet knew that Tifa, Cloud, and Gwen were not with them. She prayed that a tree had saved them the way she was saved. But that didn’t stop her search for Daisy.

“Daisy!” She yelled out as tears began to run down her cheeks. It was hard to look around with such a mess in the scamper. “Answer me please!”

“What?” Daisy groaned from underneath a small pile of torn and broken seats that was next to the pilot. She responded as if someone woke her up from a relaxing nap.

“Thank goodness,” Violet said as the pilot helped Daisy with the seats that covered her. “Don’t move!” She warned Daisy as she sat up.

“Huh?” Daisy responded as she rubbed her eyes. She then put her hands to the floor to push herself up.

“DON’T!” But the piece of scamper started to rock harder and Daisy froze trying to take in what was going on. They heard the snapping of branches underneath the floor.

“Oh no,” Violet whispered. The branches couldn’t hold any longer. They started snapping and the piece of scamper began to fall from branch to branch, cracking each one with its weight. They girls and the pilot yelled as they rolled around inside trying not to fall out of it. “HOLD ON!” They twisted and turned inside the piece of scamper. They were knocked into the walls as it made its way down.

They finally landed hard on the ground with a big crash and then everything was silent. Violet lifted her head to see the opening of the scamper in front of her. She pushed herself up with all her strength but it was harder then she thought. She was weak all over. Her legs shook and her arms felt like pudding.

She turned to see the pilot and Daisy trying to get up. “Ow,” Daisy complained as she tried to get up, “my ankle.”

Violet hurried to her and so did the pilot who seemed to be fine. “Let us help you up,” Violet said. Both the pilot and Violet helped Daisy up and as she tried to put down he left foot to put pressure on it she felt the pain that ran through her ankle. “I can’t!” she yelled in pain.

“Don’t worry, we’ll help you.” Violet assured her. They helped Daisy as they made their over the wreckage and out of the piece of scamper. The smell of the air had nature flowing through it. Up ahead were watch towers which surrounded the back of a camp site with several cabins that circled a tall tree.

“Do you think anyone’s here?” Daisy asked out loud.

“I’m not sure,” Violet answered, “it doesn’t look like it. But we could be safe here.”

“No you won’t.” A voice said from behind them. They jumped and looked back to see a young woman walking towards them from the thick trees. She was taller than them but she wasn’t that much older. She had platinum white hair that ran in a long ponytail and she wore a long dark pink coat. Her pink eyes surveyed the kids as she laid her hand on a unique small bag strapped around her waist.

“You are not safe anywhere in the wilds,” she said as she stopped in front of them.

“Thank goodness we found someone,” Violet breathed, “can you take us to safety?”

“Well,” the girl continued, “it’s going to be a long time until your satisfied then. Only Mt. Blackhead is safe right now. And we are far away from that.”

“Oh please,” Daisy said, “can you take us there?”

The girl paused for a moment. “Well,” she finally said, “I was practicing my magic on these monsters like my uncle told me to do. But I could still practice with you around, he’s not the boss of me.”

“Thank you,” the girls said together not even questioning the young woman’s choice of words. They wouldn’t question magic at a time like this. They would actually want the help. The girl beckoned them forward and she walked back to the trees. “Wait,” Violet said to stop the girl, “we should stay here for now.”

The girl didn’t stop. She disappeared into the trees and called out, “Not unless you want to be killed by those alien snakes and frogs.” After that said, the girls and the pilot looked around them and heard the calls and screams of monsters in the distance. They looked to each other and hurried to catch up with the girl, but Daisy’s status did slow them down a bit.

They entered the trees and left the sun behind. Little light came in through the leaves that made the forest ominous but it did give them cover. “I saw you fall from the sky,” their guide called out but they didn’t catch up with her yet.

“Can you wait please?” Violet asked out loud.

“So, I came to see the outcome of course,” she continued as if she didn’t hear Violet. It was a minute or two before they caught up with her. They thought she left them because the young woman didn’t speak until they reached her as she waited for them.

“What are your names?” She asked them as she scanned them again with her hand on her peculiar bag. The bag looked like it was designed after the head of a monster. The zipper looked like its mouth.

“I’m Violet. This is Daisy and this is…” Violet pause as she looked at the pilot, “I’m sorry I never got your name.”

“I’m Numbuh 688,” the pilot said as the young woman eyed him as if she was going to laugh at his “name” and he went on, “and what is your name?”

She took a moment before she spoke, “Just call me Charmcaster.” She stood tall, turned around, and walked on with her white ponytail swinging from side to side. The pilot and the girls looked at each other before they started walking. When they caught up with Charmcaster, she had stopped and put up her hand to tell them to do the same. They listened.

“Get down and behind a tree!” She breathed as she hid behind one in front of her. Violet and Numbuh 688 helped Daisy sit down behind a tree that had a bush behind it. They both were able to fit and hide with her. “Don’t do anything unless I tell you,” Charmcaster said.

They listened to hear what sounded like bodies dragging along the ground. Then they heard the hissing. Daisy gasped at the sight but Violet quickly put her hand over her mouth. Huge monstrous snakes slithered from where they were walking towards. They scurried past them and headed in the direction that the kids came from. They knew they wouldn’t be able to take all of them on. But Charmcaster had her hand in her bag as if she was ready to throw something out at them at any moment.

They waited until the snakes were out of sight and sound. “Alright,” Charmcaster announced, “let’s hurry.”

They group got up and walked through the dark trees and were ready for any attack. The girls checked to see if their guns were still strapped around their waist. Violet was relieved to feel hers but Daisy groaned as she realized she lost hers. “Here I have another one,” Numbuh 688 said as he handed her one of his pistols.

“What’s with you?” Violet teased Daisy, “Always something wrong.”

“Something always goes wrong with all of us,” Daisy protested.

“Yeah, but you always lose something or brake another,” she smiled at Daisy.

“I’m a jinx,” Daisy smiled back.

“Stop chatting,” Charmcaster said as she gave them a hand gesture to stop moving. They listened again and heard sounds coming from over head. Something was flying over them. Just then the body of a dark skeeter landed a little distance behind them as it crashed through the trees.

It was motionless and severed in half. Another fell through the leaves and landed closer behind them. “They seemed have been sliced with a sword,” Charmcaster said as she looked back to the bat-winged bug.

They looked overhead to see shadows fly past them and another alien body fell and landed between them. The monster wasn’t dead. It tried to get up but then Charmcaster opened up her small bag and reach into it and pulled out a pink orb that shone through the darkness. She threw it down at the monster. It made an explosion and pink puffs of smoke covered the monster. When it cleared, a pile of fusion matter stood where the monster was. “Let’s go!” Charmcaster yelled as she hurried ahead.

Violet and Numbuh 688 tried their best to go as fast as they could while they helped Daisy. Again Charmcaster hurried out of sight as she called out, “Hurry, I’m not going to get myself killed for helping you.”

Daisy winced as she tried to put weight on her foot to walk faster. “Don’t,” Violet ordered Daisy. But they didn’t need to go any further. Charmcaster had stopped and was holding a long wooden staff out to Daisy. “Here,” she said as Violet grabbed it for Daisy then gave it to her. Daisy was able to walk better but she still needed a little help which Numbuh 688 offered to her and she accepted.

“It’s my uncle’s,” Charmcaster told her, “so don’t break it.” She continued walking and the others were able to move a little faster.

“Where do you think she got it?” Daisy whispered to Violet.

“I don’t know,” she answered, “Maybe from the small bag. I mean her name explains a lot and her powers too.” The girls looked at each other and laughed thinking that was a ridiculous idea. How could a bag that small carry a tall staff?

They walked further into the trees and the girls felt like they would never reach an end or see the sun again. Daisy’s bun was unkempt so she pulled the band off that was holding it together and her short blonde hair draped over her cheeks. Like always half of her face was covered by her hair. Violet pulled her hair into one long pigtail and Daisy handed her the rubber band to tie it. Her light brown hair hung off one side of her head in her signature hair style. They haven’t had their hair like this since before the concert.

They both thought about Tifa but didn’t say anything afraid that they would confirm the worst to each other. They were afraid that they lost another friend. They couldn’t accept it. Rayleen wasn’t with them and they didn’t even know if she was alive. And to lose Tifa would break their hearts. Violet rubbed her eyes as she tried not to show how worried she was. She was fighting the tears. She wanted to be strong. She wanted to be like Tifa. She would look at the bright side of things. But Tifa wasn’t afraid to cry though. Maybe it would be okay if Violet cried?

Violet then looked at Daisy. The girls gave each other weak smiles. They looked forward again and Violet knew she had to be strong for Daisy. What they needed to do now was follow Charmcaster. She was mysterious but she was doing her best to help them, well she was at least giving a small effort. But they needed all the help they could get to escape the wilds alive.
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Tifa Twilight
Tifa Twilight

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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Tifa Twilight Season 3   Sat Jul 18, 2009 7:38 pm

Chapter 17. Tired and Weary

He lay flat on the ground feeling the water the gently rush upon him as his face was in the dirt. He had just swum to land after he hit the hard water from the tall fall. His body ached from the impact and he needed to rest his limps. His legs were still in the water but he rested his body on the wet shore.

Cloud took a moment before he tried to push himself up, but his arms shook when he attempted. But he needed to be strong. He winced as he stood on his sore feet. He looked around him, scanning the hills and trees that were the wilds. He looked back to see the big lake that saved his life. It wasn’t sunny in the wilds so the lake looked thick and groggy.

“I must be in Leaky Lake,” he thought to himself. He flew far away from the landing sites of the others. He then started to worry for the others. Did they survive? Would he see Tifa again?

He had to be strong knowing that she wouldn’t approve of him losing hope. He stood tall as he walked on to find the trail that led to Mt. Blackhead. It wasn’t hard to miss. The trail led across a small bridge that went over the lake. He walked north and came upon a fork in the road.

In between the trails were green hills that had peculiar large, thick tree trunks that sprouted out of the ground and then twisted into the back into the earth as if they were serpents that coiled out of their holes and tried to go into another. They looked like natural archways.

But Cloud tried to think over which path would be safe. Should he take the path that leads around the hills to the east or the paths that led around them to the west? Would it be smart to try and climb over the hills?

A sight made the decision for him. The path that led to the west was not safe. Cloud could see creatures in the distance. They were large mantises that could slice Cloud in two with their sharp claws. He didn’t think he should climb over the hills, just in case they spotted him. He didn’t have a weapon with him either. His gun must be on the bottom of the lake somewhere, away from the horrors that were occurring in the world.

Cloud hurried down the right path that headed east. He tried his best walking even though his muscles fought against him. Cloud shivered in his wet clothes. He looked at his wet white sneakers. “They needed washing anyway,” he thought to himself. He was uncomfortable in his wet jeans but his brown sweater need to be taken off. He took it off and wrapped the sleeves around his waist and tied it them together, they way he did it when he was smaller. His white shirt wouldn’t be too much trouble. It would dry faster than his other clothes.

“I need to get out of these clothes,” he thought as he shook his blonde hair to dry like a dog did for his fur. But shaking his head only gave him a headache. “Ugh,” he said out loud as he rubbed his palms on his forehead.

He sluggishly continued walking when he saw it. He had to take it in a moment to realize it was real. Up a hill to his right was a homey looking cabin. It was half way up the small mountain. The walk up the hill would be tiresome but he encouraged himself by focusing on the bed that must be in it. He was so focused that he ignored the sign in front of the cabin lawn.

Cloud didn’t even bother knocking. He twisted the doorknob and gently pushed the door open. The cabin was dark but Cloud saw a bed at the opposite side of the room and hurried over to lay on it. He fell back with his arms spread out but it wasn’t that comfortable. But Cloud was thankful that he had the comfiest thing in the wilds.

He noticed that the cabin didn’t have the nicest smell. It smelled like wet dog and left over food that must be hiding somewhere. He smelled himself but it wasn’t coming from him. He actually still smelled good. He put on something extra when Tifa was getting ready in bathroom back at the hospital. He chose to endure the bad smell as his eyes became heavy.

There she was in her white blouse and skirt that shone with her light skin. Tifa smiled at him and made him feel safe and comfortable. She opened her mouth to speak and loud booming voice yelled out, “what ya doin’ here!?”

Cloud shot open his eyes to the dark cabin. He sat up and turned his head to the door to see a thick figure standing in the doorway. “Ah said what ya doin’ in ma house!?”

The big figure stepped in as he gave Cloud a burning stare. He saw that the thing looked like a bulky man completely covered in pink fur. He had two antennae on his head and had on torn blue overalls. “Get outta here!” He yelled with a deep southern accent. Cloud realized that he was in Fuzzy Lumkins territory.

He quickly got up from the bed. Fuzzy walked right in front of Cloud and stared down at him. “Did ya read the san?”

“The what?” Cloud questioned him.

“The saaaan!” Fuzzy yelled back. He meant “sign”.

“I can’t understand a word you’re saying!” Cloud shot back but that didn’t help his situation. Fuzzy grab Cloud by his collar and pulled him close. “Oh no,” Cloud breathed as he saw the look on Fuzzy’s face.

“Umph,” Cloud grunted as he fell to the floor. Fuzzy had thrown him out the front door and he landed on his stomach.

“An’ stay out! Ah told dose kidz to stay aways since I did yer litta ones a favor and perform’d at duh consut! An’ yer not getting’ any spesha treatment boi!”

“Thanks for the lovely goodbye,” Cloud moaned as he pushed himself up. He heard the door slam behind him. He tried his best to brush off the dirt from his wet clothes. He looked down the hill to see them walking along the trail, heading south where Cloud came from.

“We need to find them Numbuh 4,” Kuki said with her long black hair bounced on her back. She led Wally and five other kids down the trail. “They were supposed to come earlier and ugly Mister Toilenator said that, when he was at the camp for the cute little animals, he saw a scamper being attacked over the hills.”

“You know Numbuh 3,” Wally said with his Australian accent, “they most likely didn’t survive.”

“Stop saying that,” Kuki called behind her.

“We need to be realistic and tough,” Wally continued.
Kuki stopped and slowly turn around to look at Numbuh 4. She put her hands on her hips and stared him down. “Don’t say that,” she breathed out.

“Well how could they have lived a crash like that?” He asked but that wasn’t that smart thing to do. It’s not a pretty sight to see Numbuh 3 angry.

“I SAID DON’T SAY THAT!” Kuki yelled out at the top of her lungs as she towered over Wally. “YOU DON’T KNOW HOW MUCH THEY’VE HELPED US!”
Cloud swore he saw the fire in her eyes and steam blow out of her ears. “Okay okay,” Numbuh 4 said as he pushed her away, “they’re alive, happy?”

“Of course,” Kuki cheerfully said as she gave him a big smile. She turned around and headed down the trail as she skipped, “Tra la la la la,” she sang.

Cloud hurried down the hill to catch up with them. “Hey!” He yelled out to the kids. They turned around and Kuki’s smile grew bigger. “Yay!” She squeaked as she ran to Cloud and gave him a hug.

“Numbuh 3,” Wally hissed, “don’t you remember he’s a Teen Ninja!”

It looked like Kuki’s head twisted all the way around to stare into Wally’s soul. “THAT DOESN’T MATTER, THEY’RE ALIVE!” Wally backed off again.

“Well,” Cloud said as he drew apart from Kuki, “it’s just me.”

“Oh no,” kuki gave a whimper as she began to chew on her long sleeves nervously.

“Our ship got split apart and I flew out. I don’t know what happened to the others.”

“Then we’ll find them,” she replied as she threw her fists in the air, “no matter what!”

“We have to go by foot,” Wally complained, “thanks to you guys. Since your ship was attacked everyone’s afraid to go into the air. The wilds have grown with infestations of those aliens and the only place that’s safe is Mt. Blackhead.”

“How far is that from here?” Cloud asked.

“Not that far,” Wally answered, “just follow the trail for a little while.”

Cloud looked up the trail and to the distance in the north. He was so close but he knew he had to help find the others. But he wanted to go to Mt. Blackhead because he was afraid of what he would find if he headed back to look for the girls. “You coward,” he thought to himself.

Cloud took a deep breath and exhaled. He gave Kuki a nod and she smiled back. “Here,” Wally said as he handed Cloud a gun, “it’s gonna be dangerous out there. Some of us might not make it back.”

Cloud nodded again and held the gun tight in his hand. He followed Kuki as they headed back in the direction of the lake, but they were interrupted by the alien mantises that were heading their way. “Alright,” Wally yelled out, “let’s kick some butt!”

“Yeah!” They all cried out and ran to the monsters ready to take them down.

“I’m coming Tifa,” Cloud whispered as he ran with his gun tight in his hands, “Don’t worry.”

He reassured himself and felt the confidence fill his body. Kuki giggled behind him and Cloud realized that he said that out lout and he blushed.
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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Tifa Twilight Season 3   Sat Jul 18, 2009 7:40 pm

Chapter. 18 Prey

Rayleen wrapped her arms around her knees as she sat on the hard rocky floor. She tried to keep herself warm in the cold catacombs. Her short red hair rested in front of her face but she didn’t bother to fix it. She heard the cries and whispers of the other children that were around her. Dozens of kids and adults were being held captive deep in the catacombs.

They were surrounded by these huge green chicken aliens. The monsters seemed smarter than they appeared. It seemed as if they understood that they needed to keep their prisoners alive, but barely.

Rayleen hadn’t slept at all but no one could even tell what the time of day it was in the catacombs. There was nothing to eat and most of the prisoners were hungry. Some kids and adults huddled together while some like Rayleen chose to be alone. She couldn’t stop thinking about Tifa. Rayleen thought that when Tifa was knocked out of the angel’s arms back at Mojo’s volcano she fell to her death. Rayleen witnessed it but she wasn’t sure if Tifa survived.

No one had any form of communication or any kind of weapon. They were discouraged. They didn’t know where they were or how to get out. It was unusual for Rayleen to act subdued. She would love to take action, but most of the time she would end up in bad situations from her unplanned ideas. But that’s what she was known for but she didn’t feel like herself.

“Excuse me,” said a warm voice. Rayleen slowly cleared her vision and brushed her hair back. A pretty woman was kneeling down next to her with a lovely smile. Rayleen felt the warmth the woman emanated. She had on a thick red suit. She looked like she was a Plumber. Her dark brown hair was long and fell on her back.

“Yes?” Rayleen weakly responded.

“I was watching you,” the woman continued, “and I just thought you needed comfort.”

Rayleen gave her a weak smile. She felt it would be nice to have a little comfort. The woman sat next to her. She put her hand on Rayleen’s that was on her knee. “You just remind me of how my daughter acted sometimes when she was down. It just breaks a mother’s heart.”

“Where is your daughter?” Rayleen asked. The woman took a moment before she could answer.

“I don’t know,” she finally said and she gave Rayleen a frown. “I just can’t think of what happened to my sweetie. But I know she’s strong. She’s out there, fighting back.” Tears silently ran down the woman’s face. Rayleen didn’t know how she was comfortable enough to do it but she wrapped her arms around the woman.

“I’m not sure where my parents are,” Rayleen told her, “they run their own restaurant in Marquee Row and they were already working when I was picked up the morning of the invasion.”

“I’m sure they are safe,” the woman assured her, “what is your name?”

“It’s Rayleen,” she answered, “and yours?”

“I’m Elmyra,” the woman said as they females held each other. Rayleen felt like she knew the woman. They stood together for a while until a man in the same kind of suit Elmyra had on came walking towards them. He sat down next to Elmyra.

“Who is this?” He asked with his smooth voice. He had black clean cut hair that looked like it used to be combed to the side. But it was messy. He was tall and lean.

“This is Rayleen,” Elmyra answered and then turned to Rayleen, “This is my husband, Vincent.” The man gave her a small smile and Rayleen answered with one of her own.

“There’s something the other adults and I were talking about,” Vincent whispered, “We want to push our way out of here.”

“Do you think that’s the smartest thing to do?” Elmyra asked him. “There are only five adults here other than us, and the other twenty are children.”

“Most of these kids are soldiers Ellie,” Vincent responded, “They are capable of amazing things. We want to use everyone to push these monsters back, far enough to find an exit. One thing is for sure. We are in the desert. It wasn’t clear the night we were brought here.”

“These things are clever,” Elmyra said, “they only brought us here at night, as if they didn’t want us to see where we are being taken. These aliens are smarter than we thought. We took them for granted. When do you think we should strike?”

“Not too long from now,” he answered, “we need the adults to be in the front lines. We are going to take these things on with our fists or else we are going to die here. And once we are out from this area we won’t stop until we are out of these catacombs.”

“Sounds like the only option we have,” Rayleen said.

“It’s the only hope left.”

“Then we’ll take it,” Rayleen responded with confidence. She was feeling her waves of wildness building up inside her. Vincent got up to gather the people together.


Tifa and Gwen rested at the edge of the woods. They narrowly escaped the dark skeeters. Tifa lay on the ground resting her arms from the countless swinging she did when they were in the air.

“Come on we need to move,” Gwen beckoned her and held an arm out to help her up. The girls stood looking around them to figure out where to go next. They stepped away from the woods feeling that something may be watching them.

“If we could just get a sign,” Tifa said. And that’s exactly what they got. Overhead a loud booming noise shook the air. Tifa and Gwen quickly turned their heads to see a meteorite falling through the sky in the southeast. The girls stood in silence as the bright light blinded them and disappeared over the hills.

Then the ground shook. The girls balanced themselves as they saw the flash of light illuminate the sky. “What was that?” Tifa asked slowly.

“I don’t know,” Gwen answered, “but I feel that we should check it out. I need to find the Pimpleback Mountains that should be in that direction. There’s a unit of Plumbers there that my Grandpa put under my control.”

“So we should follow the trail,” Tifa pointed at the trail that led east through the hills. Gwen nodded to her and led Tifa down the trail.

“Be on your guard,” she told Tifa who kept her sword out. The trail led them through the hills and they saw peculiar sights. Coming up from the ground were blue and red crystals that seemed to be planted in the ground. The more they traveled the more they saw.

“Pretty,” Tifa breathed.

“We are getting closer,” Gwen said. The trail turned and led them south and then they came upon a fork that split into two directions. One kept going south and the other led east.

“If we go east then we should find Pimpleback Mountains,” Gwen said, “but the meteorite seemed to have landed this way.” She pointed to the trail that led south.

“I feel that we should check that meteorite,” Tifa said.

“I think so too,” Gwen said. The girls didn’t know exactly what was pulling them towards it but they took the road less traveled. The road led to a place where most people didn’t want to go.

“It looks so empty,” Tifa said as the trail ended. Ahead was an open valley that was surrounded by the mountains. In the distance they could see a cabin site. And beyond that smoke could be seen rising into the air. “That must be where the meteorite landed.”

“Let’s hurry and investigate it,” Gwen said as the girl stepped into the open grassland. The cabins looked deserted but the girls weren’t surprised. They walked side by side making sure they could see at all angles just in case anything popped out. But they didn’t see him coming.

“Best to be careful,” a deep sly voice said from behind them. The girls jumped and turned around. Tifa braced her sword and Gwen illuminated her hands. A big man with long reddish brown hair stood in front of them. He was muscular showing off his arms in his sleeveless black shirt. He had an eye patch over his left eye. He looked extremely tough.

“Who are you?” Gwen asked.

“I’m Hoss Delgado, a paranormal bounty hunter and leader of Underfist,” he said with pride but for some reason the girls couldn’t take him seriously. But they were a bit frightened to see his right hand had been replaced with a gun.

“I’m Gwen and this is Tifa.”

“Of course,” he continued in his peculiar voice, “but it’s not safe for little girls like you to be around Haunted Ridge.”

“Well,” Gwen said as she stood tall, “I’m sure we could take care of ourselves.”

“Anyway,” Hoss said, “what are you girls doing down here?”

“We came to investigate the meteorite,” Tifa answered.

“Me too,” Hoss replied, “is seems that an unidentified flying object dropped it down to earth.”

“A UFO?” Tifa asked in shock.

“Those are the reports. A UFO had been flying over this area before it sent the meteorite down and I sent my team to inspect the UFO. But contact was lost with them far before the meteorite crashed.”

“Do you think the UFO has anything to do with Fuse?” Gwen asked as the conversation went into an interesting turn.

“We are unsure of that.”

“Who do you mean by we?” Gwen asked.

“The Plumbers in Pimpleback Mountains and Devil’s Bluff.” After he said that he eyed the trees in the distance to the east.

“Good,” Gwen said ignoring his peculiar movement, “things are finally looking good for us.” She looked at Tifa and they smiled at each other.

“I wouldn’t be too sure about that,” Hoss said as he scanned the trees.

“What do you mean?” Tifa asked him.

“Because,” he whispered, “we’re being hunted.”

“Oh god,” Gwen whispered. Tifa gasped as she turned her head to the trees but she couldn’t see anything.

“Run,” Hoss hissed, “to the cabins…the both of you.” The girls froze trying to see the eyes that were watching them.

“RUN!” Hoss yelled.

“Come on!” Gwen yelled and Tifa turned around and started running to the cabins. She heard Gwen running behind her. “Keep going,” Gwen huffed.

The sound of dozens of feet skittering after them made the girls hurry. Tifa forced herself to run faster and felt that her ribs were going to burst from her aching side. Shots were heard firing behind them from Hoss’s gun. “Don’t look back!” Gwen yelled. But Tifa didn’t even bother doing so afraid of slowing down. She didn’t dare take a glance to see what was hunting them.

The cabins came closer and the girls hopped over the fence post and ran up the stairs of the closest cabin. Tifa quickly pulled the door open and ran in. Gwen closed the door behind them. The girls rested against the door catching their breaths. They could hear their heart beating out of their chests.

“Wait,” Gwen breathed, “what am I doing? I’m going to help.”

“No,” Tifa exhaled but Gwen already stepped outside and closed the door behind her.

“Stay in there,” she heard Gwen through the door. Tifa froze as she heard more gun shots and howling of the monsters. But instead of trying to figure out what was going on out there, she should have paid attention to the eyes staring at her from the corners of the dark cabin.
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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Tifa Twilight Season 3   Sat Jul 18, 2009 7:43 pm

Chapter 19. Underfist

Tifa rested her head on the door listening to the gun shots and roars of the aliens that echoed outside. Her fingers shook as she grasped the doorknob but she didn’t open the door. She knew Gwen wouldn’t be happy. Tifa wouldn’t have as a good of a chance surviving out there. She breathed against the wooden door as she closed her eyes and let go of the knob. She stepped back into the cabin.

If Gwen died out there, she wouldn’t forgive herself. The noises from outside went silent. “Gwen,” Tifa barely whispered as if Gwen would be able to hear her. She waited as every second of silence hurt her more and more. She lifted her foot to step forward but before she put it down she heard a loud creak from behind her.

Tifa gasped and shot around. She reached over her shoulder and whipped out her sword. She braced it firmly as she stared into the dark cabin. It was filled with furniture. Big comfy chairs were placed in front of a dingy fireplace that looked as if it hadn’t been lit in a long time. A dinner table was to the right of the room and beds were to the left, but it was too dark to see if anything was behind the furniture.

“Who’s there?” She asked but she knew that speaking wouldn’t help her if there were alien monsters inside.

“What up yo?” A stuffy voice said from the darkness. Tifa jumped and almost let go of her sword.

“Please,” she said, “show yourself.” From behind one of the couches stepped out a dark skinned, short, chubby boy. He had on glasses and a dark blue suit with a symbol of a red fist on his chest. It looked like he was wearing spandex. But Tifa stood her guard when she saw a big spider crawl out from the other couch. It was almost as big as Tifa. But it also had the same outfit over its body.

“I’m sorry if I scared you,” the spider apologized politely. Tifa’s eyes widened as she heard him speak. But she felt he wasn’t a monster and she put her sword down.

“Yes!” A little pale green monster said as he crawled from under the table. Tifa examined him but wasn’t as surprised to see him as she was the spider. He looked like a tiny elephant-like monster with a short trunk. He didn’t have the big ears though. He had two stubby horns on his head and a devilish small tail. He wore the same blue outfit as the others.

“I’m Irwin,” said the boy with the glasses. He talked as if he had a plugged up nose. “This is Jeff,” he pointed to the spider, “and that is Fred Fredburger.”

“Yes!” Fred said as he put his arms out. He was cute but weird.

“Yo Skarr,” Irwin said, “it’s okay to come out now.”

“It’s General Skarr,” a short skinny man said with his high class British accent as he crawled from underneath the bed. He had a big scar right under his left eye and a bald head that was covered by a blue beret with the same fist symbol.

“I’m Tifa,” she responded after Skarr lit candles with a lighter. “Are you guys Hoss’s team?”

“Yes!” Fred said. “I’m Fred, F-R-E-D! And the rest goes F-R-E-D-B-U-R-G-E-R. Fred Fredburger!”

“Enough babbling fool,” Skarr said as he approached Tifa. “What is going on outside?”

“Hoss and Gwen Tennyson are fighting off monsters,” she answered.

“And why aren’t you helping?” Skarr asked rudely.

Tifa had to take a moment because that made her upset, mostly with herself. “Why aren’t you?” She asked back smartly.

“There were too many,” he said as he turned away.

“Well with us together we could fight them off,” she said.

“No,” Irwin said as he stepped to Tifa, “we almost died when we came here to investigate the UFO. You should see those monsters.”

“They’re spiders,” Jeff said, “but not like me. They have the legs of spiders but bodies and heads of wolves, so they have the mind of wolves and hunt in packs.”

“More of Fuse’s aliens,” Tifa concluded.

“Yes,” Fred said gleefully. “I know where babies come from.”

“Okay,” Tifa slowly said realizing Fred was special.

“My mom said that babies grow from baby trees.” He said as he went cross eyed.

Tifa smiled at him, thinking he was unusually adorable. “Anyway,” Skarr butted in, “we should see if they are okay.”

Tifa nodded and she turned to the door with the others following her. She had her sword in her left hand as she reached for the doorknob with her right. “Be ready,” she whispered behind her.

They nodded and Fred said, “Yes!”

She turned the knob and pulled it open. All Tifa could her were her footsteps on the wooden porch as she stepped out. She looked out to the land and trees but she couldn’t see any sign of Hoss or Gwen. But she could see bodies of horrible looking monsters over the grassy area. They were exactly the way Irwin described them. Their bodies were slowly disintegrating.

“I don’t see anybody yo,” Irwin said from Tifa’s left. Jeff crawled out and down the steps. “I’ll check,” he said as he crawled out to the open land. He looked around and nodded to them. They walked down the steps, over the fence post and into the valley with Jeff.

“Pity,” Skarr said, “they’ve gone and killed themselves.”

“Don’t say that,” Tifa snapped at him. She wouldn’t have it. She didn’t want to hear anything of the sort. But she didn’t see anyone besides themselves. For the next few minutes they walked around stepping over the alien bodies and puddles of fusion matter as Fred counted the bodies of the monsters over and over again.

“Can you stop that!?” Skarr yelled aggravated.

“Yes!” Fred replied.

“Gwen!” Tifa yelled out.

“Shush,” Irwin said as he looked around, “there could be more around.”

“I don’t care,” she said as she looked around for a response. The wind howled around them and gave them shivers. Tifa’s hair blew as she closed her eyes and cried. Her heart was breaking even more. If she lost Gwen then she lost it all. The tears that flowed down her cheeks were blown away with the wind. So much was being taken away from her but she had to stay strong.

It was just so hard for Tifa to hold so much in when all she wanted to do was yell at the top of her lungs. She jumped when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She took in a breath when she turned, expecting to see one of the Underfist members but it wasn’t.

“Gwen!” Tifa cried as she clung on to her and squeezed her tight.

“It’s okay,” Gwen said trying to loosen Tifa’s hold on her. “Hoss and I were just chased out to the woods.”

Tifa cried in her shoulder not wanting to let go. Gwen started to tear up from seeing Tifa in such a state. She didn’t mind that Tifa was taking the breath out of her. But after a moment of staring at the girls, the others talked to Hoss who had returned as well. “We thought you were a gonner yo,” Irwin said as they circled him.

“I thought the same with all of you,” Hoss said as he spoke with his deep raspy voice. “We will have to send others to investigate the
meteorite. The best thing now is to get outta here.”

“Yes,” Fred said.

“We’ll head north,” Gwen said as the girls finally drew apart, “The post at Pimpleback Mountains shouldn’t be hard to find as long as we follow the trail.”

“Alright,” Tifa said as she wiped her face and sniffed, “let’s hurry.”

The walk back to the path and up it was scary for them. They were a big group but according to Gwen and Hoss they had to run south when they were being hunted by dozens of aliens. They led the aliens away from the cabins in Haunted Ridge. They said they saw the meteorite. It was the size of a big car and left an enormous crater. There were many monsters that they led away that might catch up with them if they weren’t fast enough.

They came upon cabins after an hour of hurrying along the trail. The cabins all surrounded a beautiful camp fire in the middle of the site. In the back of the site a hill led up to the mountains. “We’re here,” Gwen told them.

“Yes,” Fred said and he wandered his pudgy body into the camp with Jeff trailing behind him. Skarr simply walked around checking the flowers and plants in around the cabins. “Everything in my garden is much better than this,” he said.

“Up there,” Hoss said as he pointed up the trail that led into the mountains, “are the Crystalline Caverns.”

“That’s cool yo,” Irwin said as went off to join the others.

“Gwen,” a Plumber said that came walking towards them. There were several that surrounded a camp fire in the center of the cabin site. The Plumber had her helmet on but Tifa knew she was a girl by the sound of her voice. “It’s great you are here. Did you have a safe trip?”

“Um,” Gwen said as she and Tifa looked at each other, “I’ve had better.”

“Well at least you here safe,” the girl replied, “we have a lot of things to do around here and it will be much easier with you here to lead.”

“Alright,” Gwen said as they made their way on one of the cabin’s porches.

“Did you guys hear?” Another Plumber came hurrying to the group.

“About what?” Hoss asked.

“I’ve just been told over the radio,” he began, “that kids and adults have escaped from the catacombs!”

“The catacombs?” Tifa asked.

“Yeah,” the boy continued, “apparently that’s where the people were being taken to over the past few days.”

All Tifa was thinking about was Rayleen and her parents. They must have been taken there. “Not all of them were able to escape though,” the Plumber said.

“How do you know this?” Gwen asked.

“Juniper Lee reported that a group of people rushed out of the entrance in Nowhere. She contacted Mt. Blackhead and they told her it would be dangerous to travel by air. So she insisted on taking them herself through the canyons.”

“That’s great,” Gwen said as they all shared smiles, well except Hoss of course. He was another one that hardly smiled. “They should be able to send an army to save the rest of the people.”

“But unfortunately they lost contact with Juniper. They are currently setting up a group to find Juniper and rescue the rest of the captives.”

“I’ll definitely join the group,” Tifa said as she nervously crossed her arms. She really wanted to know if Rayleen and her parents were some of the people who escaped, if they were even taken to the catacombs.

“Then you need to get to Mt. Blackhead soon,” Hoss said.

“What’s the safest way?” Tifa asked.

The Plumber turned back to point to the trail going up to the crystalline caverns. “Head up there and go to the top. There are zip lines across the wilds that have been built. The one up there will lead you deeper into the mountains toward the west. Then you need to head to Leaky Lake and take the zip line next to Fuzzy Lumkin’s cabin. That one will lead you directly into the base.”

“It won’t be safe,” Gwen said as she gave Tifa worried eyes.

“Here yo,” Tifa heard Irwin say as they turned their heads to him as he stepped up with something in his hands. It was a jetpack. A big rocket was attached to a pack that had handles for control. “You could use this,” he said as he handed it to her.

“Thank you Irwin,” Tifa said as she put it down and unstrapped the scabbard from her back. She wrapped it around her waist instead they she wore her previous sword. It actually was easier access for her to pull out her sword. Then Gwen helped her strap the jetpack on her back while Irwin told her how to use it.

“It would be best to use the zip line first,” Hoss suggested, “so you could save as much of the jetpack’s power as you need to get to Mt. Blackhead.”

“Where did you get this?” Tifa asked Irwin.

“I always had it with me,” he answered but Tifa never saw him with it before.

“But-” Tifa tried to say but Gwen shook her head telling her not to even question it.

“So,” Tifa went on as she put her hands on the handles, “you start it by pressing this one?” Tifa didn’t mean to press the button. She took off into the air. She didn’t expect the rocket to be so fast but she zoomed circles around the cabins. The world was blurry to Tifa as she tried to see where she was going. Then she felt the hard ground as she tumbled on the floor in front of a cabin across the grounds.

The others came running to her. “Whoa that was crazy yo!” Irwin said.

“Are you alright?” Gwen asked as she knelt down next to Tifa who slowly sat up.

“I’ve been better,” she groaned. She stared up to the rest of them.

“I liked seeing you fly,” Fred said, “My favorite part was when you crashed. Yes!”

Then they all started laughing, except Hoss of course. Jeff quietly chuckled into his arms while Irwin wiped his glasses with his shirt. Fred just stood there with crossed eyes and a fat smile on his face. Gwen giggle as Tifa rubbed her bottom. “That must have hurt,” Gwen said trying not to burst with more laughter.

“Yeah it did,” Tifa whined as she laughed at the same time.

“My flowers!” Skarr said when he came out of the cabin that Tifa landed in front of. “This was my new place and I already started making a garden and you landed on them ruining my creations!” He threw his beret on the ground and stomped on it in anger.

This only made the others laugh more. Tifa started to cry from the laughter. Her cheeks hurt from smiling so much. She felt she hadn’t laughed in so long. The cries of monsters came from the mountains but their laughter silenced them. Fuse was not going to stop them from having a good time.
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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Tifa Twilight Season 3   Sat Jul 18, 2009 7:49 pm

I liked my cameo & the ending...

By the by, this is MegasDude your speaking to...
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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Tifa Twilight Season 3   Sat Jul 18, 2009 8:23 pm



how have you been?

and thank you!!!
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Chapter 20. Together

Charmcaster provided light with one of her illuminating pink orbs that she pulled out of her bag. Daisy used the staff to walk with Numbuh 688 on her right helping her. Violet walked behind them constantly looking back into the woods to check if they were being followed. Everyone looked around them into the darkness that the light didn’t reach. They were scared and the only thing they could do was to keep walking. “This forest goes on forever,” Daisy complained.

“We are almost out,” Charmcaster called back, “I could see light in the distance.”

“I think that we are actually safer in these woods,” Numbuh 688 said.

“You have a point,” Violet responded as she turned her head back to the others.

“With my magic,” Charmcaster replied, “we should be safe…well I should at least.”

“That’s comforting,” Violet whispered sarcastically.

The light was getting closer but then they heard something overhead again. But this time it was louder. They looked up into the trees, unable to see anything beyond them. All they could do was listen. A loud booming noise was shaking the sky. Bright light could be seen coming through the leaves. Then the ground shook.

“What is that?!” Daisy yelled, but the explosion drowned out her words. They stood still as the shaking stopped. “I have a bad feeling,” Violet said.

“Let’s just hurry out of here,” Charmcaster told them. They walked to the light. It was farther than they thought. They finally stepped out and had to cover their eyes to get used to the brightness. Charmcaster looked around once they adapted. There was a path that led to the east and west but Charmcaster pointed straight ahead to the north. “We head in that direction. The trail will take us all the way around so going straight will be fast. It will lead us to Leaky Lake. Then I’ll drop you off at Mt. Blackhead.”

“Thank you so much,” Violet said to her. Violet looked back to see smoke rising from the south. “We shouldn’t worry about that,” Charmcaster said to her. Violet just looked at Charmcaster and nodded.

“Follow me,” Charmcaster continued, “we could only hope that we don’t see any alien monsters.”

The others agreed and followed past the trail and into the green hills. The scenery was pretty compared to what might be lurking around. The grass was a bright green even without the sunlight that was hiding behind the clouds. They passed big mushrooms along the way and tall trees that went up to the heavens. Luckily the only other livings things they saw were birds that flew in the air and chirped as if they didn’t know what was going on in the world. They all silently wondered what it would be like to be a bird, not having to worry about the invasion.

It what was a while before Charmcaster led them up a small hill and stood at the top looking over the view. Violet hurried to her side as Daisy was slowly making her way up with the staff with Numbuh 688 by her side.

“What a view,” Violet said. The land below had trees growing in odd ways. The leafless trunks twisted at end as if they looked like candy canes. There were countless numbers of pools of water. As soon as Daisy caught up they slowly made their way down the hill into Leaky Lake.

“And there should be a lake to the west of here,” Charmcaster said as she told them about the area. “But we need to find the zip line at Fuzzy’s house.”

“Zip line?” Violet asked her.

“Yeah, there are lines people can slide across that lets them get from place to place easily.”

They walked around the ponds as they looked into the water. Unfortunately they could see green blotches deep in the ponds. “That must be fusion matter,” Charmcaster said. “Looks like these ponds and the lake are going to completely filled with that stuff soon.”

“What a shame,” Daisy said, “this area is so pretty.” They continued leaving the ponds behind and onto the trail.

“That was extremely lucky,” Violet said.

“Yeah,” Daisy said, “I would have thought with me around we would have been attacked by EEEEEEK!”

Daisy was tackled by a giant fish. This fish was big and looked geared up and nasty. But the others had to take the moment in, realizing that this fish didn’t need water. It floated on land! Violet pointed her gun at the fish that was trying to bite Daisy as it held on the ground of the trail. Her hands shook feeling that she would accidentally hit Daisy. Numbuh 688 was doing that same.

From behind Violet dozens of bats started attacking the monster. The mutated fish got off of Daisy and tried to bite the small bats. Violet turned around to see Charmcaster’s hand holding the zipper of her opened bag. She must have released them. Charmcaster then reached into it and pulled out her fist and threw out many small odd seeds. They blew up once they hit the alien.

It flopped on the ground as it started to disintegrate. Daisy sat up as she rubbed the scratches that the monster gave her. Violet ran to her side. She grabbed the staff that Daisy dropped. Violet held her as Daisy winced from the pain. “Maybe I should just not say anything,” she said as she tried to lighten the mood.

But the mood was far from light. “Watch out everyone!” Numbuh 688 yelled as he pointed down the trail. The lake could be seen in the distance but it was the monsters that got their attention. Human sized crawfish were crawling out of the water as they snapped their big claws.

Charmcaster got in front of them and put her hand in her bag, ready for the monsters. “Don’t think you’re taking them on alone!” A voice cried out. They turned their heads back to the pond area where they recently came from. Numbuh 4 was running toward them leading a group of kids.

“Yay that’s them!” Numbuh 3 said from behind him.

“Cloud!” Violet yelled as she saw him running with the group. They stopped in front of them exchanging smiles.

“It’s good to see your safe,” Cloud told them.

“You too,” Daisy replied. Cloud looked around trying to notice if anyone one else was with them. Violet frowned and shook her head silently telling him that Tifa wasn’t with them. Cloud understood, nodded and returned a frown.

“Numbuh 4,” Kuki said, “maybe we should get them to the spring pad instead. They look awfully tired.”

“Alright,” he answered, “Cloud go with them ‘cuz you could use the rest once you get to Mt. Blackhead.”

“I’ll take them,” Kuki said as she beckoned Violet, Daisy, Cloud, and Numbuh 688 to follow her.

“Wait,” Daisy said noticing that Charmcaster wasn’t going with them. She gave her back the staff. “Thank you.”

“No problem,” she replied. The girls exchanged looks before they departed. Wally led his team and Charmcaster down the trail to the aliens. Kuki led the others up the hill towards Fuzzy’s house. “Oh great,” Cloud breathed as he had his arm around Daisy’s waist to help her walk up. He noticed the sign that Fuzzy put up that he ignored when he first went up. It said “Get offa my propity.”

When they got to the top, Fuzzy was standing on his porch giving them a sour face. “Ay say not to come up here ya lil’ kidz.”

“Oh shut up you big meanie,” Kuki snapped at him. She turned to the left side of his lawn and there stood a tall pole that had a platform on top. Cloud didn’t notice it before, probably because he was so tired. Next to it was a mushroom that was the size of a stool. On that was a small red spring.

“Get on the mushroom,” Kuki told them as they stopped in front of it. “Then jump on the spring. It will fly aaaaall the way up, but be careful when you land at the top.” She finished as she gave them a smile.

She had Violet go first. She stepped on the mushroom then took a deep breath and jumped on the spring. She felt the thrill rush her body as she flew high into the air. She couldn’t help but scream, “AAAAHHH,” she started to descend on top of the platform. She landed, well more like tumbled onto the platform. She pushed herself up and saw the great green view. She walked around to the front of a big sapphire statue of what looked like a monstrous Rainbow monkey. Coming out of the head of the statue where green vines.

She saw Numbuh 688 fly up into the air and land on the platform. But he landed on his feet. After him, Cloud landed on it. “We need to catch Daisy,” he told them. They got to the edge and saw Daisy fly into the air and they held their hands out and she fell on top of them. They were in a pile. “Sorry,” Daisy said as she crawled off of them. They got up and Cloud helped Daisy stand up. “Weeeeeeeeee,” Kuki yelled as she landed perfectly on the platform. “I’ve had practice.”

She skipped around the statue and point to the vine that led north. “Take this one. It’s the longest line here so it’s going to be a long trip. Numbuh 688, you’ve done this before. Show them pretty please.”

He walked around and grabbed the handle that was attached to the vine. “Hold on tight,” he said, “push off from the platform and don’t worry about slowing down.” He did what he said. He glided off into the distance.

“Cool,” Cloud said. Kuki kissed the statue and gave it a big hug. “Hey,” she said to the others who stared at her, “a rainbow monkey is a rainbow monkey, no matter how big they are.” The girls smiled.

Violet was going first. She held on to the vine and pushed off. It was so much fun and the view was fantastic. She heard Daisy call out behind her, “This is awesome!” Behind Daisy was Kuki and Cloud was sliding in the back. They flew above the trees and felt the cool air in their faces.

Kuki started singing, “Rainbow monkeys, rainbow monkeys, oh so very round and super chunky.”

Daisy sang the next line, “Bringing love wherever they go, everyone is made of a big rainbow!”

Violet laughed as she remembered how the girls collected the dolls when they were younger. In fact, they all still had them somewhere in their rooms. She joined the song, “Red and orange! And pink and blue!”

“Rainbow monkeys, rainbow monkeys we love you!” Sang another voice. For a second Violet thought that Cloud was singing but she saw a girl flying next to her singing along. She wasn’t on the zip line. She had a jetpack. Her ponytail blew behind her while she flew in her pretty white outfit. It was Tifa!

But instead of yelling out to each other in their excitement in reuniting they just kept singing. “Rainbow monkeys, rainbow monkeys oh so very round and super chunky. Bringing love wherever they go, everyone is made of a big rainbow!”

All of the girls laughed and giggled and Cloud couldn’t have had on a bigger smile. “Red and orange! Pink and blue!” They continued flying over the woods as Mt. Blackhead came into their view. It was a hill covered with tree houses. In the center was a tree with a face on it and it had the most beautiful shade of purple leaves. They made it alive and together.

“Rainbow monkeys, rainbow monkeys we love you!”
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PostSubject: okay here sum more chapters   Sun Jul 19, 2009 5:23 pm

Chapter 21. One Search, Multiple Findings

Tifa had to individually take each of them down from the platform one by one. “Yeah,” Kuki said as she held on to Tifa who descended with her jetpack. “We didn’t think of a way to get people down yet.” She gave Tifa a big smile as they put their feet on the ground. “And you sure know how to work this thing really well.”

Tifa stood quiet as she shut off the jetpack and unstrapped it from her back. She wasn’t going to tell them her first experience with it. She was lucky she was a fast learner. Tifa stood in the middle of the crowd. She turned around to look at all the faces looking at her with smiles. Violet, Daisy, Kuki, Cloud, and even Numbuh 688 hurried to give her a big group hug.

“It’s good to see you guys too,” she groaned as they squeezed her.

“I knew it, I knew it!” Daisy said.

“You’re like a kitty with nine lives,” Kuki smiled. That wasn’t the first time Tifa heard that.

“You sure are a trooper,” Cloud grunted who was squeezing her the tightest.

“Okay guys,” Tifa said, “enough love.” They all laughed as they drew apart from her.

“You are just the way people say you are Tifa,” said Numbuh 688. Tifa smiled back in gratitude. She then noticed Violet who hadn’t said anything since she they saw each other. She had tears coming down her cheeks and it was clear that she was trying hard to keep from trembling. Tifa began to tear up seeing her best friend in such a state.

She grabbed Violet and pulled her into her arms. Violet cried into Tifa’s shoulders. Tifa rubbed her back and felt small tears run down her face. Violet took deep breaths every couple of seconds. The other stood there watching them. There were many other kids at Mt. Blackhead who were walking around but there were so many things happening in the world that the scene the girls were making didn’t seem out of the ordinary.

“I thought you were dead,” Violet cried, “I didn’t know what I was going to do…without you.”

“It’s okay,” Tifa said as she took in deep breaths, “we are all here together.”

“I know I know,” Violet continued as her tears dried on her cheeks. Both of the girls took in another moment. Tifa felt almost complete. Violet gave up showing off her tough exterior. Their tears were from the happiness that they were finally being filled with.

The girls drew apart and the group took a moment before they made their way through Mt. Blackhead. The trees grew over them with tree houses built in them. They walked down the path that led around the big purple tree with a face on it. They walked towards the entrance of the headquarters. A big fence surrounded the big hill. There were small buildings and cabins that seemed to have been built to circle the purple tree.

A small landing port was built at the southeastern corner that a scamper was on. It was next to the slope entrance that led to the wilds. A boy with long beige pants and a red shirt came walking towards them from the scamper. They followed Kuki as she walked to him. “Hey Numbuh 3,” the boy said as he held the straps of his backpack.

“Hi Mac,” Kuki said, “so how are the skies looking so far?”

“There aren’t any flying aliens anywhere in the canyons,” Mac said, “We can send a team to meet up with Mandy at the village in Devil’s Bluff. Juniper Lee and the group of escaped kids have not been found yet.”

“Oh no,” Kuki said as she put her hands over her mouth, “that’s not good at all.”

“Yeah,” Mac said, “we need a pilot though.”

“That’s where I come in,” Numbuh 688 said as he stood tall and proud.

“Okay we can send this team,” Kuki said as she gestured to the others. Mac smiled in response.


Tifa, Violet, Daisy, and Cloud sat on the porches of the cabins that were built for merchants. They ate chips and soda to fill them up. It wasn’t the healthiest thing to eat but they didn’t complain. They all informed each other about the events they each went through earlier that day.

“I can’t believe you spent so much time with Gwen,” Daisy said to Tifa.

“Yeah,” Tifa replied, “it was sad when I had to leave her…and I see you got hurt.”

“Yeah,” Daisy reluctantly answered as she examined her ankle that was now in wraps.

“We were lucky we didn’t get hurt any worse,” Violet said.

“Well you are,” Daisy teased. They laughed again.

“Well,” Cloud began, “we better get up and go. We don’t want to waster anymore time.” The others agreed and stood up. Tifa left the jetpack on the porch. Maybe someone else would need it. They walked over to the scamper that Kuki and Mac were standing next to. “So are you guys ready?” Kuki cheerfully asked.

“Yeah,” Tifa said, “we going to get them all back.”

“Well good luck guys,” Daisy said as the others were about to board the scamper. Daisy wasn’t going with them. She had to rest her ankle. Tifa and Violet both hugged her for a moment. “Be strong,” Daisy breathed.

“We will,” Tifa answered. Violet smiled and fought back tears. Cloud gave Daisy a nod and she returned one. They got on board after taking another moment together. Kuki got on after them and closed the door. “Alrighty Numbuh 688,” she said to the pilot, “let’s go.”

“Strap in,” he called back. They all sat in the same row and stood quiet as the scamper rose. They were nervous. Tifa was afraid to leave Daisy. They had just reunited and she was afraid of losing anyone else. Violet was afraid that she wouldn’t be as strong as Tifa. She wanted to prove to her. Cloud was afraid of any chance that he would lose Tifa again. And Kuki was afraid for all the little animals left in the canyons.

The scamper flew away into the air as Daisy waited with Mac who both wished the best for them all. Coco came running around them as she laid her eggs.

“Coco co coco!” She said as Mac began to chase her.

“COCO!” He yelled after her. Daisy smiled as she watched them run around the purple tree.


The ride to Devil’s Bluff was completely safe. From out of the window, they could see the red and brown that made up the canyons. They felt the tickling in their stomach as the scamper descended. It always felt like a roller coaster ride. The aircraft made a soft landing.

“Alright,” Numbuh 688 called back, “welcome to Devil’s Bluff.” The others unbuckled themselves and Kuki open the door. The dusty breezed filled the scamper. They began to exit. “Thanks,” Violet said to Numbuh 688 who was at the wheel. He looked back and gave her a smile.

Tifa smelled the dirt in the air. She saw that they were in between tall canyons. There was a village built into the canyons. She was amazed to see how the people who once lived here were able to built multilevel floors into the walls. There was a small group of kids that Tifa could see and she, Cloud, and Violet followed Kuki who walked to the group of kids.

“You must do what I say,” said a tough voice, “I have claimed this area as my own.”

Tifa smiled as she saw Mandy talking to the kids. They were standing under the rocky porch of one of the stone huts. Mandy turned to see them.

“It’s about time,” she told Kuki.

“She needs a hug,” Kuki whispered to Tifa. They giggled as Mandy put her hands on her hips.

“Well we need to head out,” she said, “we need to head south of here and then east. We should be able to intercept Juniper of the groups of kids. Hopefully we won’t find any aliens along the way.”

“No problem,” Violet said as she stood tall. Tifa smiled at her.

“Are we going to have anyone else helping us?” Cloud asked.

“Yeah,” Mandy answered, “this group of kids.” She gestured to the kids she was previously talking to. They were three boys.

“This is Sam,” Mandy pointed a tough looking boy. He was holding a shot gun in his arms.

“Call me Cantara Crowfalcon,” he said as he put out his chest in a heroic manner.

“Anyway,” Mandy said as she rolled her eyes, “this one is Ace Biodone…and Wulf Aeroangel…what is with these hero names?” Both of the boys she mentioned waved to them.

“Well let’s hurry and head out,” Kuki said. The others agreed. “Well, we should all head out together,” Mandy said, “Hex should be back soon. He will be able to take care of my area.”

Mandy and Kuki led the team out. Tifa saw Plumbers and these kids dressed as pirates walking around as they entered and exited the houses. The spectators watched the team. They headed south. The sun was peeking behind the clouds that gave them enough shade.

There were no monsters in sight but that wouldn’t be the only thing that could kill someone out in the canyons and desert. Someone could get lost in it really easily. They were nervous, thinking that they would find Juniper and the group of people in the worst state.

The wind whistled around them. Tifa felt a lonely vibe as they walked through the canyons. They walked for a while and then came to a T-intersection. They had a choice of going left or right. Nowhere was to their left.

“We should go east,” Mandy said as she pointed left.

“Maybe we should split up,” Kuki suggested. Tifa didn’t feel good about splitting up. But it would be the best option. Just when they were about to decide who goes where, Ace pointed to the east direction that led to Nowhere. “Look,” he said aloud, “it’s them!” He pointed excitingly. They all looked in the direction. In the distance they could see a girl leading a group of tired kids.

“Let’s go get them,” Cantara said with pride as he ran to them. Wulf and Ace followed him. Cloud and Kuki soon joined them on the run. Violet waited with Tifa who was frozen with anxiety.

“Joy,” Mandy said sarcastically as she didn’t even think about moving. Cloud stopped to look back at Tifa.

“You coming?” He yelled out. Tifa took a deep breath and smiled. She grabbed Violet’s hand. Violet squeezed her hand. Tifa then grabbed Mandy’s left hand with her right. Mandy widen her eyes in shock. Tifa could feel her trying to get out of her grasp but Tifa wasn’t letting go.

“Um Tifa,” Mandy breathed, “can you…just let me go!”

“No,” Tifa simply said and ran, leading the other girls to the group of kids. Tifa tried to scan the kids that were with Juniper Lee. There were even some adults but they didn’t look familiar. Her parents weren’t with them, but Rayleen…she could still be there.

When Kuki reached the group of kids she grabbed Juniper and gave her a hug. Juniper was happy enough to receive it, but she looked tired along with the other kids. Cantara did a good job as he went from kid to kid, checking their status. Ace was talking to a kid who he must have known. Wulf was using the walkie talkie. “We found them,” he said into it, “we are going to head back right now. We’ll escort them to Devil’s Bluff.”

When Tifa and the others reached the kids, she stopped to look through the crowd. There was about ten kids and a couple adults. They looked so tired that it was hard to make out their faces. Violet did the same as she stood by Tifa. Mandy just crossed her arms and checked her wrist as if she was checking the time on her watch…but she wasn’t wearing one.

“Come on,” Cloud said as he grabbed Tifa and led her and Violet through the crowd. “She could be here.”

Cloud held Tifa’s hand as they checked kid to kid. Tifa didn’t notice when she let go of Violet.

“We got lost in the desert,” Juniper said as she brushed her fingers through her black hair that had a stylish pink streak. “We were really lucky that it wasn’t a hot day. We had to go slow because these kids have no energy. They haven’t had any food for days.”

“Don’t worry,” Kuki said, “we aren’t far from Devil’s Bluff. The scamper there will take them to Mt. Blackhead where they can rest in the cool tree houses and have yummy snacks!”

“Good,” Juniper said as she wiped her forehead.

“TIFA!” Violet yelled through the crowd. Tifa turned around to look through the thickness. Violet had stopped in front of a girl. They were hugging. “Cloud!” She called back to him. She led him back to Violet. Tifa couldn’t see the girl’s head. Her head was resting on Violet’s shoulder, but on her left one that wasn’t visible from Tifa’s point of view. The girl was wearing matching pink clothes. The shorts and jacket she wore.

Tifa squeezed Cloud’s hand as she stood next to the hugging girls. They finally drew apart and Tifa saw her red messy hair. Rayleen’s beautiful green eyes starred at Tifa as tears ran down from them.

“Oh thank god,” Tifa breathed as she pulled Rayleen into her arms. Both of the girls sobbed into the other’s shoulder. Tifa felt the relief release from her soul. Her spirit was lighter. Her girls were all okay. The mood was bright in the canyons that day.

The girls giggled as they drew apart. They sniffed and wiped their eyes. “I thought you were dead,” Rayleen told Tifa. She got that a lot too.

“I thought the same with you,” Tifa laughed. Cloud rubbed Tifa’s shoulder. He was happy to see her happy.

“How did you guys escape?” Mandy announced as she hushed up the crowd. Juniper turned to her. “These two adults led them,” she answered Mandy, “but they didn’t make it out.”

“About half of us were left behind,” a girl yelled out.

“Oh,” Rayleen said to herself.

“What is it?” Tifa asked her.

“I know the adults that led the escape,” she called out.

“What are their names?” Mandy asked.

“They were husband and wife,” Rayleen continued, “They were Elmyra and Vincent.”

Tifa’s heart stopped. She didn’t hear the others as they continued to speak. “What is it?” Cloud asked as he noticed her frozen expression. Violet and Rayleen also looked at her as they waited for an answer. “They,” Tifa finally spoke, “…they…Elmyra…and Vincent…”

Violet gasped as she put her hands over her mouth, it hadn’t clicked to her and Rayleen didn’t remember them. Tifa continued, “They’re my parents.”

Rayleen followed up with a gasp. Cloud held Tifa as they watched to see what she was going to do. Tifa was afraid. She was afraid that they were hurt.

“They’re alive Tifa,” Rayleen assured her friend who was still staring into space. “They were strong. I met them and I feel…I know that they are alive.”

Tifa waited for her spirit to return to her. She took a deep breath as she looked to her friends and spoke. “I’m going to get them.”
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Chapter 22. A Hero’s Image

“We are going to go with you,” Cloud told Tifa. She was getting ready to go with Mandy and Kuki to Nowhere and enter the catacombs. “You guys need all the help you can get,” Cloud said.

“No,” Tifa said. She didn’t even look at him. She was standing still, facing the direction of Nowhere. In the far distance, the desert plain peaked over the horizon. “The more we take,” she continued with a stern posture, “the more we can lose.”

Violet shook her head. “We can’t split up again,” she protested. Cloud agreed as Ace and Wulf started to lead Juniper and the group of people back to the village. Kuki notified Wally over the walkie talkie as Mandy stood by her, waiting to depart. “We are going as a small team,” Kuki said, “don’t you worry about me silly.”

“But Numbuh 3,” Wally called through the device, “you are just a bunch of girls.”

“And your point is?” Kuki asked as she smiled.

“Bah,” Wally spat, “go ahead then. But don’t come crying to me when you little girls get hurt.”

Mandy grabbed the walkie talkie from Kuki’s hand, “Hey,” she said into it, “when we get outta there, and we WILL get out, I’m going to find you. And then we will see who the little girl is.”

They could hear the silence on the other line. Mandy handed it back to Kuki, who giggled. Cloud and Violet kept on staring at Tifa. She knew what they were still thinking. “No,” she said again, “this is my mission. My parents are there. I was so afraid that I lost all of you before I can’t be distracted by that again.”

“But so were we,” Violet said, “it’s not fair to put us through this.”

“I know,” Tifa continued as she turned to them, “but even under all that fear, we still felt each other in our hearts.”

The others stood in silence as they thought over her words. “I think that it was telling us not be afraid, but to be brave. If you guys come we will only be worrying about each other. I can’t let those feelings get in the way.” Tifa was now addressing Cloud. He stared into her soft eyes.

“She’s right,” Rayleen joined into the conversation as the others looked at her. “This is up to her. I know I would love to get into the action, but I’m tired and hungry. We can be useful elsewhere. We need to have hope…for her.”

Tifa smiled at Rayleen. Violet and Cloud hesitantly smiled with her.


“Are you ready Tifa?” Kuki asked from behind her as she, Mandy, and Cantara were getting ready to head to Nowhere. “Just a sec,” Tifa answered. She turned to Rayleen and Violet who were going to head back to Devil’s Bluff. The sun was revealing itself as it pushed out of the clouds.

“Be careful,” Violet whispered as the three girls hugged. Tifa promised she would. Rayleen laughed knowing that no matter what they reassured to each other they always ended up in conflicts.

Tifa drew apart and then she turned to Cloud. They smiled. Rayleen nudged Violet who gave her a curious look. Violet took the hint and the girls walked away. “I won’t stop worrying about you,” Cloud softly said.

“I know,” she said as she stepped closer to him. His smile was hiding fear. “But just don’t worry about me,” she continued, “I’ve done fine my whole life before I met you the other day…but I wish I met you earlier.”

“Me too,” he smiled. Tifa was close enough to feel both her heart beat and his. He put his arms around her and pulled her in. She was taken by surprise. She stared into his blue glimmering eyes. She closed hers…finally it would happen…

“Gross,” Mandy said. Both Tifa and Cloud got embarrassed and drew apart. She heard Violet and Rayleen giggle. Kuki was hiding her face in her sleeves.

Instead, both of them held out their hands and gave each other a hand shake. Tifa’s cheeks blushed. She quickly turned around and hurried to Kuki’s side. Cloud slowly walked to Rayleen and Violet. They walked back through the canyons. They all turned around to wave to them.

Tifa poked her head from behind Kuki’s shoulder and shortly waved back. They turned around and walked toward Nowhere. Kuki giggled. “You were soooo close,” she said.

“I know right,” Tifa replied as they followed Cantara who led the girls through the canyons. He had his shotgun out as he scanned the surroundings in case something popped out.

“We need someone else,” Mandy said as her voice echoed through the canyons. “Someone strong, just one more will do though.”

“I know exactly who,” Tifa smiled.


“Hello?” Tifa asked through the walkie talkie. They stopped in front of the desert. They had just walked out of the canyons. The wind was warm and dusty. Kuki stood by Tifa as Cantara scanned the desert and Mandy tapped her foot.

“Yeah,” a sweet voice answered.

“Yay,” Tifa responded, “It’s me Tifa.”

“Oh hey Tifa!”

“Well remember how you said if I ever needed saving I could call you?”

“Yeah,” the girl said.

“Well,” Tifa went on, “I don’t need saving but I need help. I think that should count. Most likely I will need the saving though.”

“Teehee. I’ll gladly help you,” Bubbles giggled through the walkie talkie.


It was a long walk to Courage’s house in Nowhere. They understood that Juniper never got lost with the group of escapees, the journey was just long. They saw the small cottage and barn in the distance as the dry wind spun the windmills. A sound zoomed past them that led a blue streak through the sky.

Cantara led them to Courage as the dust flew past them. The sun was completely out and the weather was beginning to get humid. Bubbles was bending over as she pet a pink dog. They were standing in front of a tube that was built into the ground next to the barn.

“Oh how cute!” Kuki said as she ran over to help Bubbles pet the dog that seemed to be a bit squeamish. Tifa and Mandy walked over to them. Cantara turned his back on the girls as he stood watch.

The cute dog winced as he the girls pet him. It didn’t hurt he just looked uncomfortable. “This must be it,” Mandy said. They all looked to the pipe. Tifa walked in front of it and looked into it. It was completely dark and seemed to lead far down.

The dog, who Tifa realized was Courage, hurried over and pulled on Tifa’s skirt to get her attention. “Yes?” She asked him as the other girls came closer. He jumped and pointed to the tube. He grunted and squeaked as Tifa smiled at him and Kuki and Bubbles giggled. Mandy sighed.

“Oh hello there dearies,” said a welcoming Scottish voice. They turned to see an elderly plump woman walking over to them from the house. She had puffy white hair, glasses, and an apron on. She was holding a tray of cookies. “I’m Muriel,” she said, “you must be the children that are going to help the others get out of those filthy catacombs.”

“Yes we are,” Mandy answered.

“Well,” Muriel said as she held out the tray. She was now standing in front of them. “You should eat up before you go down there. That’s the entrance that the other group of people came out of. There is another entrance that those horrible aliens took them in but we do not know where it is.”

“That’s not our concern,” Tifa told her, “we just want to get the others out safely.”

“That is so sweet of you my dear,” Muriel smiled.

“Dag nabit!” A cranky voice said from the porch. “What are all these kids doing here?!”

“Why there are here to help save those poor folks, Eustace,” Muriel called behind her. The cranky voice came from an old skinny man. He was in overalls and took off his hat as he wiped the sweat off of his head. He was bald. He muttered rude things under his breath.

Muriel turned back to them and smiled. The girls each took a cookie and quickly finished it. “Come on now Courage,” Muriel said to the dog, “let us leave these children to their business.” She pulled Courage away and then turned to watch them from the porch.

“Hey Cantara,” Mandy called out to the soldier.

“Yes ma’am,” he answered.

“You keep watch out here. Don’t lose your walkie talkie.”

“It is my mission and I won’t let you down,” he said as he stood up straight with his chest out. Tifa felt like she should salute him.

The girls looked to each other as they stood in front of the pipe. “Thanks for coming Bubbles,” Tifa said.

“No problem,” Bubbles smiled, “I would love to help and free those poor people.”

“Well,” Mandy said impatiently, “are you guys ready?”

“Yup!” Kuki said with her gun in her hands, well more like in her sleeves. Bubbles gave Mandy a big smile. Mandy turned to Tifa. Tifa put her arms on her side and wiped her clothes nervously. Then she felt it. Something was in her skirt pocket and then she realized what it was. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a yellow mask.

“Take this,” she remembered Ultimos say back when he gave it to her at the Nuclear Plant. “Every hero has an image,” his voice echoed in her head.

“Huh?” Mandy asked. Tifa realized she whispered his words out loud too.

“Every hero has their image,” she repeated and smiled to Mandy. She held the mask in her hand as she raised it to her face. She closed her eyes as she felt the mask securely over her eyes. She opened to see the three girls looking at her. She saw perfectly. The mask felt like it wasn’t even on. It fit!

“Oooo,” Kuki breathed.

Bubbles smiled, “It is perfect for you.”

“All it does is cover your eyes,” Mandy rudely added.

Tifa clapped her hands together and giggled. Then she cleared her throat and stood up straight like a professional. “Now I’m ready,” Tifa added in a deep voice. She then giggled along with Kuki and Bubbles.

After they laughed, all the girls stood facing the big pipe that led into the catacombs. Mandy was standing on Tifa’s left, and Bubbles and Kuki were to her right. They stood in a horizontal line. The wind blew their hair back.

The desert was silent. Tifa broke it. “Let’s go team.”

Bubbles grabbed Kuki and flew her into and down the pipe. Tifa and Mandy waited in silence. Muriel, Eustace, and Courage watched them from the porch. Courage was hiding behind Eustace’s leg just in case anything would come out of the pipe. He yelped as Bubbles slowly came out alone. “Get off of my leg you stupid dog,” Eustace complained.

Bubbles floated down in front of Mandy. “It’s not that far down,” Bubbles said, “Kuki is safe don’t worry there are no monsters in sight.” She picked up Mandy and flew back into the pipe. Tifa took deep breaths. She wished that her parents were safe. But she also wanted to prove to her team, the girls she looked up to most of all…yes she even looked up to Mandy’s tough exterior.

She jumped a little when Bubbles came out of the pipe. She floated down to Tifa with a smile. “You ready?” She asked Tifa.

“Yeah,” Tifa slowly answered. Bubbles then picked up Tifa the way she always did. Tifa felt her hovering in the air and then she saw darkness as they went into the pipe.

The desert was silent as Muriel walked back into the house wishing the best for the girls. Eustace followed her. Courage stood by on the porch and looked into the camera. “The things these kids do nowadays,” he said.
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Chapter 23. A Dip in the Water

Bubbles floated down the pipe and all Tifa could see was darkness. It wasn’t too long before Tifa saw the interior of the catacombs. It looked like an underground cave. It wasn’t as dark as Tifa thought it would be. There were torches along the walls that lit up the dark place. She saw that the cave led through tunnels. She couldn’t tell how big it was. The smell of dirt was in the stuffy air.

Tifa looked down to see Kuki and Mandy looking up at them as Bubbles put her feet on the ground. She put Tifa down and then they scanned their surroundings. “It’s really big,” Bubbles said.

“Yeah it looks scary too,” Kuki replied. Mandy just crossed her arms. Tifa took out her sword and adjusted it in her hands. Mandy didn’t have a weapon. Tifa assumed Mandy would just use her fists. “We should split up,” Mandy suggested as they walked a little forward. They had to decide to head to the right or to the left. “I’ll go with Mandy,” Kuki said as she linked arms with Mandy who gave her a peculiar look.

“Be careful,” Tifa told them. Kuki handed her a walkie talkie and she put it in her skirt pocket.

“Let us know if you find them,” she said. Tifa and Bubbles nodded. Mandy then led Kuki down the path to the right that Tifa thought headed west. She and Bubbles slowly turned around to face the path that led north. It was narrow but it led to an opening. They walked towards it.

“Are you nervous?” Bubbles asked her as she broke the silence. Tifa didn’t look at her. She stared into the catacombs. Nothing was in sight that was living, but Tifa thought she heard a voice other than Bubbles.

“Oh,” Tifa finally said, “well…yeah.” Bubbles put her hand on Tifa’s shoulder. The girls slowly walked on in the dark tunnels whose ceilings weren’t visible. They couldn’t tell how high it was. It wasn’t too long before they came upon another fork. They could take the left path or the right one. Bubbles suggested the right one, but before they moved they heard distant voices.

“Did you hear that?” Tifa asked Bubbles as the girls looked at each other. She nodded with anxious eyes. Tifa took out the walkie talkie from her pocket. “Kuki? Mandy?” She said into it.

“Yes?” Kuki answered.

“Have you guys heard anything?” She asked.

“We thought we heard some voices.”

“Us too,” Tifa quickly replied. The girls told each other to be careful before Tifa and Bubbles walked down the right path. The made sure they were aware of their surroundings. The catacombs were actually very interesting to explore. The girls examined the thick walls and wide open caves.

They had to stop. The trail had ended at a big lake. It was an amazing site to view. Bubbles (not the heroine but the kind that was soapy) rose from the water to the ceiling as dust slowly fell down like snow. The girls saw a castle like building in the middle of the lake, but most of it was under the water. Light shone down on the building so there must have been holes in the ceiling that led to the surface. “It’s like a scene from a magical book,” Tifa said.

“It’s beautiful,” Bubbles gasped. Tifa smiled at the cool air. The water was surprisingly clear even though they were in a dirty environment. She put her sword back in its scabbard and quickly sat down and took off her heels. “What are you doing?” Bubbles asked as she looked down to Tifa.

Tifa looked up to her as she put her heels to the side. “I’m sticking my feet in the water.” She scooted to the water and slowly put her feet in. She didn’t know why but she knew it would be cool. She closed her eyes from behind her mask. She gave out a long sigh.

Bubbles giggled as she sat down next to Tifa and took off her shoes and long socks. Bubbles dipped her feet in. The girls swung their feet back and forth, feeling the water rush between their toes. They stood quiet and could even hear the bubbles floating. Tifa just wanted to put her whole body in the cool water. Unfortunately, the girls’ relaxing time was cut short when they heard loud voices coming from behind them. The girls quickly looked at each other and took their feet out of the water.

They stood up and looked in the direction that they came from. They heard voices of people and cries of monsters. They looked at each other again and ran towards the noises, leaving their shoes and heels behind. Bubbles started to float beside Tifa. Tifa tried to keep up but Bubbles was too fast for her. They were back in the open space of the catacombs.

Tifa saw Bubbles fly over to take down aliens that were chasing a group of people. Tifa reached back and took her sword out. She raced over to these huge monsters that looked like humanoid eggplants. They were taller than the average human with what looked like claws that they attempted to swipe at the people. Tifa ignored the hard foundation her bare feet were running on.

She realized that the people came from the opposite path which she and Bubbles decided not to choose. But she wiped all thoughts from her mind as she braced her sword and when she was close enough to one of the dozen of monsters, she swung it and took off one of its arms. It roared as it turned to her with ravenous eyes. She stared it down from behind her mask. She swung her sword again, slicing right through the middle of its torso. The monster’s eyes widened, then slowly went blank as its body fell apart into two.

Tifa then looked around to see some adults and kids trying to fight off the monsters with their fists. Bubbles was flying around diving into the beasts. Every time she did so she would fly right through the monsters body. They fell immediately. Slowly the numbers of the aliens decreased until there were none. The kids rejoiced. They won the battle without having any injuries.

Tifa quickly ran to Bubbles and the girls embraced each other. Then they turned to the people gathering around them. There were about ten kids and four adults; two women and two men. Tifa froze at the sight of two of the adults. “How is everyone?” Bubbles asked them. Most of them responded happily but they admitted that they were tired and hungry.

“Hey aren’t you Bubbles? See?” A peculiar boy said as he shuffled to Bubbles.

“Tifa, get a hold of the others,” Bubbles told her as the kids surrounded her, excited to be in the presence of a Powerpuff girl. Tifa wasn’t listening. She stared at the adult couple who were talking to each other. They were red suits. They were Plumbers. The woman who had long dark brown hair looked at Tifa. The woman was examining her, trying to see the girl behind the mask. The man was looking around making sure everyone was together. But the woman never took her eyes off of Tifa.

Tifa didn’t move or blink, as if doing so would make them disappear. Tifa could hear her name being called in the distance over and over again. “Tifa,” she heard Bubbles say to her as she grabbed Tifa’s shoulder. Tifa came back to reality as she turned to see Bubbles’s worried eyes. “Are you okay?” Bubbles asked.

“Yeah,” Tifa said hoarsely as her voice broke. Bubbles asked her for the walkie talkie.

“Excuse me for a minute,” she told Bubbles after she gave her the walkie talkie. She walked through the crowd of people trying to reach the woman and man. She could hear Bubbles speaking to Kuki. The woman stared at Tifa and she finally stood in front of them. The woman’s eyes widened, realizing who the girl behind the mask was. A smile grew on her face that made Tifa warm inside. The woman patted the man on the chest to get his attention, “Vincent,” she quickly said to him.

The tall man looked at the woman. “What is it Elmyra?” He asked her. Elmyra nodded towards Tifa. Vincent looked at Tifa as he tried to examine her too. Tifa reached for the mask on her face and took it off slowly. Her tears were released and she let out a big sob. Elmyra put her hands over her mouth and Vincent’s face glowed as he whispered, “Oh my god, Tiffy.”

“Mom…dad,” Tifa quietly said as she tried to catch her breath. The family stood there for a moment trying to take in the moment. Elmyra wiped the tears from her eyes as Vincent tried to hold his in. Tifa’s heart was racing but it felt like it was frozen at the same time. She wiped her face then finally moved.

She jumped to her parents as they held her. Her head rested on her mother’s shoulder as she put her arms around both of them. She couldn’t put her arm all the way around her father though. Her mother squeezed her as she began to sob hard. Her father held Tifa between him and her mother. He pet the top of her head as he smiled. Elmyra rubbed Tifa’s back as Tifa shook of crying.

She was together with them. She felt complete.


The group of people stood where they were as they sat and talked. “And then I be like, you should have seen me, see?” Tifa could hear that peculiar boy say to several kids. Then he started to sing to them. He didn’t really make sense but he brought comfort to the kids. Bubbles walked around barefoot attending to anyone who needed her. Tifa and her parents sat together away from the crowd. They were all waiting for Kuki and Mandy. They all needed the rest.

Tifa sat right between her parents who put their arms around her. “We didn’t mean to leave all alone during the invasion,” Elmyra told her. “We thought that Max Tennyson had a small mission for us that would be over before the morning of the actual invasion. We were going to a place called the Darklands. We were going to help those genius boys Dexter and Mandark who were taking an army of robots, adult, and even children.”

“But Tif,” Vincent began, “our ship that was taking us over there was attacked by aliens.” Vincent paused before he continued. “We were the only ones taken by the aliens. Unfortunately, the others in the ship…were killed when it crashed.” Tifa felt sadness run through her. There were actual deaths when it came to this war that Tifa needed to get used to. Just because her loved ones were safe didn’t mean that everyone else was.

“At least we believe they had no chance to live,” Elmyra said. “We saw the ship crash and explode with them still in it…we’ve been here since then…we don’t even know exactly how long we’ve been in here.”

“Well,” Tifa said as she wiped her eyes, “it’s been going on three days I guess.”

“That is a long time,” Elmyra said, “but Tiffy tell us about what you have been up to.”

Tifa smiled and started to discuss how she woke up the morning of the invasion and was attacked. Her parents smiled when she told them how she took aliens throughout the suburbs. Tifa used her hand gestures to show how she fall the air countless times. She showed them the mask and told them how she met an alien superhero. Every time Tifa told her how she killed an alien, her parents would look at each other in disbelief but amazement. She then admitted how she was involved in the Kids Next Door and she went on telling them about her team. “Violet too?” Her mom asked. Tifa nodded and then went on talking about the previous day.

Tifa stood up as she talked about the city. She portrayed herself as a skyscraper and she used her fingers to characterize herself, showing how she fell from the top of city station. She then noticed the bandages around her fingers on her left hand. She forgot she had them on still. She unwrapped them while she told her parents how she ruined her finger nails when she tried to dig in the metal at the top of Mojo’s observatory. Her nails were short and there were still blood stains on them as well as is in the nails but they didn’t hurt. “Oh yeah,” she added as she then played air guitar, talking about the concert. Her parents sat, looking up to their daughter.

“And…I met a boy,” Tifa carefully mentioned. Elmyra gave her a gentle smile.

“A what?” Vincent said as he eyed his wife who shook her head to tell him not to say anything bad.

“Yeah,” Tifa said as she sat back down. “He is really nice…”

Vincent gave Tifa a smirk and rubbed her back. “I’m not worried about you Tif,” he said. “I’m worried if he could handle you. But seeing as how he stood by you so long…he sounds…alright.” Tifa then gave her father a hug. The family shared a group hug before they got up to gather with the group. They were going to leave. “Is everyone here?” Bubbles asked.

“See?” The peculiar boy said. Bubbles didn’t know what he meant by that. “I’m sorry,” she said. “What’s your name?”

The boy gladly answered, “Me is Psycho!” Bubbles raised her eyebrows. “I’m sure you are,” she told him. She turned back to the crowd to ask again and everyone counted the number of people and Bubbles was reassured. Tifa and her parents were in the back of the group of people.

Bubbles led them with Psycho right behind her. Vincent turned his head to look down into the deep caverns. He stopped to look in the direction that they came from, the opposite path that Tifa and Bubbles took.

“What is it Vince?” Elmyra asked him as she had her arms around her daughter. Vincent put his hand up to tell her to be quiet. “Bubbles,” he breathed, “hurry and take these people.”

“What is it?” Bubbles asked him as she turned to look back.

“Ellie dear,” he continued, “will you join me?” Elmyra looked down the cavern. A small group of those mutant egg plants were making their ways towards them. “But Vincent,” Elmyra protested, “we are unarmed.”

“Just look at what they are holding,” he said as he pointed out the weapons in the aliens’ claws. They were holding guns. “They must be the ones that we had. They are our weapons.”

“They must be clever enough to know how to use them,” Elmyra said with wide eyes. “Bubbles hurry. We can take care of these ones. We will get a hold of the weapons.”

Tifa looked at her parents who looked down her with confident smiles. She realized how much they were capable of doing. Tifa then drew away from her parents and reached back for her sword. She pulled it out and stood tall. “No Tiffy,” Elmyra said.

“I know how to fight mom,” Tifa argued. “I just told you how long I was in the KND. I have been through so much that a simple fight would not hurt.”

“She is right Ellie,” Vincent said, “she can fight with us. I’m proud of you Tif.”

Tifa was filled with warmth and could not have smiled any bigger. Elmyra slowly grew a smile. Tifa turned to Bubbles and they gave each other nods. Bubbles understood how Tifa wanted to fight alongside of her parents. Tifa turned to walk in the middle of her parents who walked towards the aliens. Bubbles rushed the kids out of sight.

The monsters spotted them. They had peculiar screams as if they were hungry and confused at the same time. Tifa put her mask back on. She looked up to her parents who looked down to her with smiles. “Ready ladies?” Vincent asked them.

“Always,” Tifa and Elmyra said in unison. They began to run to the monsters. Tifa then realized she was barefoot. “Oh well,” she thought to herself.
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Chapter 24. A Fairytale and a Nightmare

Tifa ran in front of her parents with her sword tight in her hands. Her parents felt nervous but confident for their daughter. The monsters shot at her but they were not as smart as they appeared. They did not have good aim. Tifa easily ran and sliced off the claws one by one. The several aliens screamed out loud as Elmyra and Vincent rushed in to pick up guns for themselves. Vincent put his hand in front of Tifa to push her back. Both he and Elmyra aimed at the aliens and shot them down.

The egg plant mutants became soggy and then disintegrated. The family shared smiles. Tifa looked at her parents with pride but then spotted more egg plants that were accompanied by huge human-sized chickens with green skin. They did not look like they had feathers. Once again the monsters were armed with weapons, but the family was not scared. The only thing that they had to worry about was the number of monsters. There were dozens that were approaching.

The family exchanged glances and then got into positions. They slowly were taking down the monsters. Elmyra swiftly ran from alien to alien shooting them down as she dodged their swipes and gunshots. Vincent threw his fists and put his gun right in the chests of the aliens as he shot right through them. Tifa swung her sword, slicing up the egg plants and chickens into the familiar meals her mother served. Unfortunately the number of monsters slowly pushed the three down the path that led to the lake.

“We are getting pushed us back,” Vincent yelled out.

“But we can take them,” Elmyra responded. Tifa listened to her parents without fear. They were right they were able to take them all, but Tifa noticed what some of the monsters were holding. There were about a dozen that were holding what look like bombs attached to belts and straps people would wrap around themselves for battle. “Dad!” Tifa yelled out as she took down a chicken. “Look what they have!” Both of her parents spotted the aliens that were holding the explosives.

“With those claws,” Elmyra yelled, “they wouldn’t be able to detonate them.”

At that moment Tifa spotted at familiar but peculiar face behind the group of aliens that were slowly decreasing. “Juniper?” Tifa breathed. But it could not have been her. This girl looked like Juniper Lee but her skin was green and her eyes were glowing red. An evil smile grew on her face as she slowly made her way down the cavern all the while the family kept up their battle. The monsters holding the bombs were approaching them.

“Make sure when you attack them,” Vincent called out, “that you don’t get the bombs!”

The females nodded in agreement. Tifa never kept her eye off of Juniper who was now right in back of the group of monsters. The Juniper creature stopped and then put her hand to the ground. A green light was released from her hand into the ground. This was a sight Tifa was all too familiar with. But Tifa did not see the ground crack beneath her or her parents. Instead she saw that the ground beneath the aliens was cracking with green light illuminating from them. Was she going to kill the monsters?

Tifa was not sure what the creature was doing. She looked back to see the lake and towers of the castle-like building. She turned back and suddenly realized what “Juniper” was doing. She was going to attack the aliens holding the bombs. “Juniper” was going to detonate the bombs!

She turned to her parents and saw the look on their faces. They also realized what was going to happen. “Oh god,” Elmyra whispered.

“Go Elmyra go!” Vincent yelled. The family stopped attacking the aliens and turned around. They were about to jump in the lake when Tifa heard the sound of the thunderous geysers and then she heard explosions. “Ellie!” She heard her dad yell.

“Go Tifa,” her mother yelled. Tifa heard and felt the explosions of the bombs that all exploded at the same time. She felt the hand of her mother push her forward with great strength.

“No!” Tifa yelled as she saw the water of the lake in front of her eyes. She felt her body submerge into the cool velvet liquid. She could hear the echoes of the loud noises above the water. She looked at what the castle looked like under the water. There was much more under the lake floor but she saw the beautiful towers and saw a figure on one of the balconies. It was a girl with brown free hair that barely reached past her shoulders. She had on a pretty long princess dress. She had on a tiara. But now Tifa didn’t see the castle in the lake floor, but she was now in the sky.

The castle rose high above the clouds. Tifa could not see the ground. Doves flew by as she noticed the girl look down at a high cliff that rose out of thin air right next the castle. A knight in shining armor rode a beautiful white horse on the cliff. Tifa could not see who the knight was, he had on a helmet.

Tifa looked back to the girl and noticed who she was. It was her. Tifa was watching herself as a princess. The knight took off his helmet and she saw the golden locks of Cloud. The princess smiled and waved at the knight. The knight smiled showing his blinding white teeth. Three girls came from the door of the balcony and joined Tifa as the princess. The girls also had long pretty dresses. Tifa noticed that they were her friends. Violet’s light brown hair was long and wavy. Daisy’s short blonde hair was actually not covering her pretty face. Rayleen’s shining red hair was in a bun.

Tifa continued watching of the scene from the sky. The four girls giggled and laughed as the knight stepped off of his noble stead. From a window in one of the towers, Tifa could see two adults sitting on their thrones. They wore royal red clothes and held hands as they laughed. They were Tifa’s parents. The scene was like a fairy tale. But it did not last long. The characters disappeared and the sky faded away. Tifa came back to Earth as she noticed the dark lake floor had returned.

She was losing air. She quickly swam up to the surface. She coughed as she pushed herself up onto the dirty shore. Her wet bangs covered her eyes as her drenched ponytail stuck to her back. She dropped onto the floor, taking a rest. She saw one of her heels lying beside her. The other was not in her sight but she didn’t care. It was the silence that she wanted to break. She slowly pushed herself up as she dripped.

When she stood up she noticed the horrendous sight. Dead bodies of the aliens were everywhere and many were not in one piece. They were slowly dissolving. The body of “Juniper” was dead as well. Tifa knew that was not the real Juniper, but she didn’t care about that. It was the body that was lying in front of her that made her heart drop. She fell to her knees right in front of her father. He was motionless as she turned his head to see his lifeless handsome face. “Dad,” she whispered as tears began to form in her eyes. “Dad…daddy.” His body was in one piece but it had no life in it. He was gone. “Daddy,” Tifa quietly cried as she put her face into his chest. She couldn’t comprehend losing him, it just couldn’t be possible.

“Tif,” she heard a faint voice cry out. Tifa shot up and looked to see her mother lying to her left. Tifa set down her father’s head and quickly crawled to her mother who was barely alive.

“Mom,” she whispered to her as she rested Elmyra’s head on her knees. Her mother’s face was weak but she tried her best to give her daughter a smile. “Mommy,” Tifa said like she did when she had a bad dream as a small child.

“My Tifa,” Elmyra breathed. “You are so strong. You have to keep fighting.”

Her mother’s words hurt Tifa as if they pierced her heart. “No,” Tifa protested, “you’re going to fight with me.” Tifa tried her best to hold back her tears, but she was failing miserably.

“You have to stay strong,” Elmyra continued, “no matter what happens, you can’t give up hope. I…love you.” Her mother spoke her last words as she closed her eyes and went to sleep. She would never wake up again.

“Mom,” Tifa could barely speak. “Mom please.” She rested her face on her mother’s head. Her shoulders shook as her heart broke into pieces. “No!” Tifa’s voice echoed through the catacombs. Her parents were gone. They would never be there anymore. Her mother wouldn’t ever make her breakfast again. Her father wouldn’t kiss her on the forehead when he came home from work. They wouldn’t be there when she went to the prom, for her graduation, for her wedding, for anything.

“Why!?” She yelled out as she sobbed. Her hands were shaking, her throat was dry. She felt like she couldn’t breathe. Her vision was blurry from the infinite tears that ran down her rosy cheeks, but her eyes burnt at the same time. She didn’t even jump when she felt a hand gently touch her shoulder. Tifa looked up to see the blurry face of Kuki. She gently put her arms around Tifa to stand her up. “It’s okay,” Kuki hoarsely said, but Tifa didn’t believe her.

Kuki led her away from the countless bodies. Tifa could see figures of kids who must have been KND operatives. Kuki led Tifa to Mandy who then also helped escort Tifa away. Since Tifa was in such a state, she didn’t take Mandy’s actions by surprise. Tifa could hear the voices of the kids behind her and Kuki’s sobs that joined her own.


Tifa sat on the cabin porch as Bubbles and Blossom kept taking kids out of the catacombs one by one. Every time Bubbles came on to the surface, she gave Tifa a sad stare before she went back in the pipe to bring out another kid. The sky was getting darker and the air cooler.

Tifa wrapped her arms around her knees as she rocked back and forth. She rested her head on her knees as she silently cried. She heard the screen door open behind her and felt Courage put his paw on her shoulder. She could hear Muriela and Eustace whispering in the house. Mandy was out in the desert yard getting all the people together, the captives and the KND operatives. Tifa had to close her eyes when Bubbles emerged with Tifa’s father and Blossom with her mother.

A scamper was parked in front of the barn. Tifa heard people scramble into it. When she was carried out of the catacombs by Bubbles, she overheard how Blossom was able to escort the scamper safely to Nowhere, just in case any aliens attacked. She also heard people talk about fusions and how the body of the imposter Juniper must have been one of them.

Now it was time to leave. Some kids were going to stay but Kuki walked from the scamper over to Tifa. “It’s time to go,” she told her softly. Tifa didn’t even bother to look at her. She simply nodded her head. Kuki had to help her up again and led her to the scamper as Courage watched with sadness. She saw her parents on stretchers in the scamper. Tifa stopped before Kuki had her enter. Mandy appeared as she blocked the doorway. “What’s the matter?” Mandy simply asked. Tifa looked at Kuki. “She doesn’t want to be in there,” Kuki told her. Mandy understood and nodded. She turned to strap herself in next to Cantara Crowfalcon. With all that was going on he had on a calm yet stern posture.

“I could carry her,” Tifa heard Bubble’s soft voice next to Kuki. “We will be in front of the scamper at all times,” the familiar voice of Blossom said. Tifa felt Kuki draw apart from her. Bubbles picked up Tifa and carried her in her arms. She rested her head on Bubbles’s shoulder. She felt Blossom put her hand on her shoulder. Most of the KND operatives stood, there would have to be several trips before they all were able to leave Nowhere.

Tifa felt Bubbles ascend and fly away. She heard the engine of the scamper behind them. Blossom was by their side. The wind of setting sun would have given Tifa chills, but she was cold already. The trip was fast. They were back in the village in Devil’s Bluff. Bubbles let Tifa on her feet but did not let her go. Blossom returned to Tifa’s side as the scamper landed behind them. People were coming out of the huts built into the canyon wall. “Tifa,” the voice of Violet said as Tifa saw her and Rayleen holding hands as they walked out of the nearest hut. Cloud was following them. They stopped when they saw the state she was in. They had anxious expressions.

Tifa heard the door of the scamper open. Kuki and Mandy came out with Cantara following them as he helped carry one of the stretchers. Tifa didn’t look at her parents as they passed right in front of her. She looked straight ahead into her friends’ eyes. Violet put her hands over her mouth and Rayleen closed her eyes as tears ran down for Tifa’s parents. Cloud looked at Tifa as if he wanted to wrap his arms around her.

Bubbles and Blossom led Tifa to her friends. Bubbles gave her a hug before she drew apart from her and Blossom rubbed her back. The Powerpuff girls took off with the scamper to head back to Nowhere. Mandy walked around checking in with people while Kuki tried to do the same but she kept her eye on Tifa.

Tifa stood alone in front of her friends. The girls were waiting for Tifa to run to hug them but Tifa didn’t. “I want to be alone,” she quietly told them. Violet took a step forward. “Please,” Tifa said as she tried to hold in her tears. “I just want to be alone.” Violet and Rayleen looked at each other before they slowly walked down to join Kuki. Cloud didn’t move. Tifa didn’t even look at him.

She forced herself to move right past him and walk to the hut that her friends came out from. There was no door, but a curtain. On both sides of the entrance was a symbol. One was a sun and the other was a crescent moon. Tifa would have appreciated the historical beauty but she simply didn’t care. She entered to see candles lighting an earthy house. There were several beds in the house and a table to her right. She slowly walked straight to one of the beds. “Tifa,” she heard a voice say from behind her.

Tifa turned to see Cloud slowly walking to her. She looked into his hurting eyes. He hurt to see her hurt. He put his hands on her shoulders. “Are you okay?” He asked nervously. She shook her head. She wanted to be strong and hold everything in at the moment. Cloud decided to pull her into his arms. Tifa finally broke down. She sobbed into his chest as he held her close. Both of their hearts were in pain.

“It’s not fair,” Tifa cried, “How could they do that?”

“What?” Cloud asked her in disbelief.

“How could they leave me alone? If they stayed with me, they would be alive right now. How could they think about taking action when they had a daughter at home?”

It was hard for Cloud to answer her questions. “How can you blame them Tifa? They fought not just for the planet but for you.”

Tifa slowly looked up to him as he continued. “They had you in mind the entire time I’m sure. They loved you, they still do.”

Tifa admired his words. She saw his face through her teary vision. His face hadn’t been that close to her face before and she wanted to be closer.
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Chapter 25. Keeping Control

Tifa awoke to feel the tough bed beneath her. The beds in the hut weren’t too comfortable. The pillow was thin and the sheet was itchy, but Tifa didn’t mind, she had other things going on in her head. She couldn’t believe it had only been three days since she woke up alone in her house. She slowly sat up and looked around the room. The other beds were empty but the sheets were messy. Her friends must have woken up and let her sleep.

Tifa spent most of the previous night just lying in bed and sulking. She pulled the sheets off of her legs and turned to sit with her legs dangling over the bed. She ran her fingers through her hair. It wasn’t in a ponytail. It hung over her shoulders. The band that held her hair up was around her wrist. She looked back at the small table stand that was right next to the bed. Her blouse and skirt were messily placed on it with her mask. Her sword was in its scabbard lying on the floor. She was in her pajamas that she got back when she stood at City Station. Her pink shorts and spaghetti strap were thin and soft.

Her feet hurt from being bare most of the previous afternoon. She looked up when she heard footsteps and saw sun light enter the room. Mandy was walking to her. She had clothes in her hands. Tifa gave her an unconvincing smile. Mandy sat next to her on the bed. “Here,” she simply told Tifa. “I had more of these clothes.”

Mandy handed her one of the pretty white blouses. This time the ribbon on its chest was a light green. She also got brand new white heels, and the green designs on them matched the blouse. Mandy also gave her a brand new white skirt. “I think that you deserve it. You are more useful than most of the kids here, and that goes for the rest of your team.”

Tifa looked down at her clothes as Mandy spoke and got up to walk out. Before she left she turned around. Tifa looked up. “I’m sorry,” Mandy said with a blank expression, “about your parents.” Then she left. Tifa slowly stood up. She took a deep breath and grabbed her mask and scabbard. She walked out to the bright morning sun in the canyon. Sitting to her right on one of the hut’s porches were her friends. They looked at her with worried eyes. Tifa simply gave a weak smile before she walked down to the left to one of the small huts. She saw Mandy, Juniper and Kuki talking to a peculiar man. He had on a dark coat and face paint. “I must know where my staff is,” he told the girls.

“We don’t know Hex,” Mandy irritably told him. Tifa entered the small hut to see a few girls washing their faces around a big tub of water. They looked up to smile at Tifa. She couldn’t find any more smiles to respond. Tifa washed her face, hands and feet before she put her clothes on.

“Here she comes,” Violet told Rayleen and Cloud as Tifa walked towards them in her new clothes and her mask on with her sword strapped around her waist. “How are you doing?” Rayleen asked Tifa when she got to the porch. She didn’t answer right away. Violet didn’t know what to say to her. Cloud got up and moved close to her. “Let’s go,” she answered as Cloud put his hand on her shoulder.

The others nodded. Tifa led them to scamper that was resting a few huts down. Ace Biodrone and Wulf Aeroangel were already in it. “Hey guys,” Wulf said as they strapped themselves in. He was in the row in front of them so he turned around on his seat and Ace simply turned his head. “Hey,” Rayleen said. The boys could tell that something was wrong. They looked at each other and turned around. Ace whispered something to Wulf, who then nodded his head and whispered, “Oh.”

Kuki stepped into the scamper with Cantara behind her. They sat next to the other boys. Kuki gave Tifa a smile before she strapped herself in. “Everyone buckled in?” Numbuh 688 asked as he started the engine. “We are secure,” Cantara answered.

The scamper lifted off the ground and took off. Tifa couldn’t stop thinking about her parents as she sat in between Violet and Cloud. They were taken to Eternal Meadows the previous night to be buried along with other lost loved ones. Tifa didn’t want to go to their burial. She hurt enough as it was. She silently cried as the scamper flew over the canyons.


Daisy limped out of the cabin and smelled the nature surrounding Mt. Blackhead. Her blonde hair covered half of her face, only revealing one of her golden eyes, but that was how she wanted it. Her green shirt and skirt couldn’t have been cleaner. She washed them in the river down the hill the afternoon before. She had on sandals instead of her heels that she normally wore. Since she hurt her ankle she couldn’t wear them without hurting. She was able to walk normally though but she still had a limp.

She slowly walked to the giant purple tree that had a face on it. She sat down in front of it and leaned on its trunk. She felt the life that was in it but it was silent. She brought chips and juice with her. She happily ate as purple leaves occasionally fell in front of her. It looked like it was raining purple snow. She didn’t mind being alone. Sometimes she preferred it that way. She thought about her friends and hoping for the best and also about her own parents.

She just found out the day before that her parents were involved in the war also. Like many of the kids, Daisy was excited when she was picked up by the KND the morning of the invasion. She forgot about her parents. She was relieved when learned how her parents were helping in the city. They actually volunteered at City Station. She laughed thinking that they could have been in the same building when she was back in the city.

From where she was facing, she was able to see the entrance that led down the slope. The number of people arriving was increasing. Many more kids were walking around than the previous day, and she heard that more were supposed to come from Devil’s Bluff, the captives of the catacombs and her friends. She couldn’t wait to see them. She didn’t mind being in their company any time. People began to walk up the slope of the base’s entrance. More were arriving.

Mac and Wally walked to them to greet them. Coco followed Mac as she chirped at the newcomers. Daisy recognized two of the kids, a boy and a girl, in the big group of people. The girl had green hair in a pretty loop style. She wore a thick jacket. The boy also had green hair and he had on a green armor suit with a jacket on. It was Rayleen’s friends Rosie and Green. Daisy quickly ate more of her food and stood up. Rosie and Green spotted her in the distance and the look on their faces made Daisy realized that they remembered her. So they started to walk to the purple tree.

Daisy waved and Rosie waved back. “Hi hi,” Rosie said as she approached Daisy.

“Hey,” Green greeted.

“Nice to see you again,” Daisy replied. The three sat down. Daisy offered them the chips that she didn’t finish. “You can have the rest,” she said.

Green shook his head but Rosie said, “Thanks,” as she started to eat.

“So it was Daisy right?” Green asked.

“Yeah, and you’re Rosie and Green?”

“Yeah Rosie Caster,” the green haired girl happily said. Green nodded. The three started to chat as the sunny day warmed them. Daisy told her about her adventure through the wilds. “And did they find Rayleen?” Green asked.

Daisy took a moment to answer. “I don’t know,” she finally said. “I know that almost all of the captives were saved but I don’t know the details except that they are gonna arrive soon.”

“Almost all?” Rosie asked noticing the flick of fear in Daisy’s voice.

“Yeah. Unfortunately one of those fusions I’ve been hearing about killed two people. The fusion was of Juniper Lee.”

“That’s awful,” Rosie sadly said. Rosie and Green then went on telling Daisy about how they helped out in the city and then journeyed to the wilds from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. That was the closest the scamper they were in could land. The group they were in had to travel to Mt. Blackhead by foot. The skies above the forests were too dangerous.

The three of them grew real comfortable with each other. It wasn’t until the amazing figure arrived. Green and the girls saw more people arriving on feet, but leading this group of people was a girl in white and a black blind fold over her eyes. She had big wonderful white wings that matched her white hair. The feathers looked as soft as silk. Daisy was captivated by the sight. She remembered seeing the girl back in the city.

It was Rosie who was not impressed. Daisy noticed that she looked uncomfortable. “Are you okay?” Daisy asked her. She noticed something moving under Rosie’s jacket on her back. That’s when Daisy remembered how Rosie had big bat-like wings. She didn’t feel it was appropriate to ask her about them at the moment.

Rosie decided to change the subject. “They call her The Fallen,” she quietly began as if she was careful. “Well she called herself that because that’s all she remembers.”

Daisy grew interested in the angel’s history. Green added, “She told some people about herself, and then it spread around. She only remembers falling from the sky not that long ago before the invasion. I don’t know if she meant it literally or something.”

Daisy could believe it. The Fallen had wings to prove it. Green continued, “Some people call her an angel, some call her a god. She doesn’t know what she is though, like someone or something wiped her memory.”

“I feel so free around her,” Daisy said. “Like being around her brings light.”

“For you,” Rosie said but she sounded like she was talking to herself. Daisy gave her a curious stare. Rosie seemed to not like The Fallen. The wings under her jacket seemed to be squirming as if they wanted to spread. “I’ve had it under control,” Rosie whispered and still she sounded as if she was talking to herself. “I won’t let it come out.”

Daisy questioned if she should say anything or do anything. She looked at Green. He carefully whispered in Daisy’s ear, “She acted like that back at Mojo’s volcano. We had to leave when The Fallen arrived. I have no idea why she acts like that.” Rosie rubbed her head and then took a deep breath. She then weakly gave Daisy a smile. Daisy wasn’t reassured but she simply looked back to the angel who was examining the base. Kids were excited as they ran everywhere, checking the area out but The Fallen was calm as she watched the children who passed her stared at her in amazement.

The scamper that came into view in the sky caught Daisy’s eye. It slowly descended on to the platform by the entrance. Daisy anxiously paid attention to who came out. She grew excited seeing Kuki open the door and come out with three boys trailing behind her. Kuki walked down to greet Wally, Mac, and Coco. She saw Cloud come out of the scamper with Tifa, Violet and Rayleen behind him. “It’s them!” She excitedly told Rosie and Green. She stood up to wave to get their attention. “They have Rayleen!”

Cloud saw Daisy and told the girls something. Violet and Rayleen looked in Daisy’s direction and smiled, but Daisy felt worried when she saw the look on Tifa’s face. Something was wrong. “Come on,” she told Rosie and Green. They all stood up, but Rosie whispered to herself, “You can do this.”

They met up with the others half way, but they were still underneath the shade of the big purple tree. They all exchanged greetings, but Tifa stood quiet when she gave Daisy, Rosie and Green a sad smile. The looks on Cloud, Rayleen and Violet’s faces gave Daisy the hint not to mention what was going on with Tifa. She nodded to them letting them know she would ask later.

The Fallen noticed Tifa and the others and started to walk from the entrance. Unfortunately an action by such a pure figure unleashed a dark force. The closer the angel got to them, the more Rosie shook. She stumbled back as her body trembled. The others all looked at her in shock.

The Fallen stopped when she saw what was happening. One by one, kids were turning their attention to Rosie who was shaking even more.
“No!” She screamed as she grabbed her head in pain. She then fell back onto the floor. She shook on the ground as her eyes turned an evil red. Everyone watched her as her dark wings tore from her jacket and spread out on the floor. Nobody knew what was going on.
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Chapter 26. Possessed

Everyone watched Rosie as she trembled on the ground. They didn’t know what to do. Tifa felt like she was dreaming. The Fallen calmly watched over the scene. Rayleen and Green were finally able to break away from the hypnosis and ran to Rosie’s side. Rayleen was careful when she kneeled down to attempt to hold Rosie and Green bent down to hold her arm, but her wings constantly flapped. Then Rosie flew straight up with those red eyes burning into the spectators’ eyes. Rayleen and Green were pushed onto their backs, and something was stirring inside Green’s jacket but the winged girl had everyone’s attention.

Rayleen and Green stood on the floor as they looked up to Rosie, wide eyed. Tifa watched in horror. Rosie had her dark wings spread out and she was about ten feet in the air. She had stopped shaking. “I have control of her,” Rosie said with a chilling voice. It sounded like Rosie’s voice along with a low voice were talking in unison.

The Fallen felt that she should approach the floating figure. “What are you?” The angel asked in a soothing voice. Everyone knew that Rosie wasn’t in there anymore. “For the time being,” she responded, “I am Rosie Caster.”

“Explain yourself!” The Fallen yelled out calmly. Rosie laughed. Tifa got chills. “I have possessed this body,” Rosie spoke, “to get to you.”

Tifa could hear whispers and murmurs from everyone around her. There were so many people at Mt. Blackhead but all they could do was watch in fear.

“Me?” The Fallen questioned Rosie.

“Yes,” Rosie spoke in a mocking voice, “the girl thought she had control of me. But once you were near I was able to gain control of her. Your light attracts my darkness and I was close to you back at Mojo’s Volcano but unfortunately the girl did have strong control over me and she left as soon as possible. ”

“Reveal yourself!” The Fallen spoke.

“Not yet,” the demon spoke as it laughed, “why not use up this body’s resources first?”

“How did you get control of her?” The Fallen asked.

“Well,” she began, “you may have fallen.” She laughed when she spoke those words. “But I rose. You may call me…The Risen.” Once again she laughed at the words.

“Well I am here,” The Fallen said as she spread out her wings and approached The Risen. “Take me on you demon.”

Rosie’s face grimaced at the angel’s words. Then a smile slowly grew on her face. “Suit yourself.” The Risen then dove at The Fallen but the angel was too fast for her. The Fallen jumped into the air and flapped her wings as she ascended. The Risen was able to put her feet out to stop her dive. She landed right in front of Tifa and the others. Tifa noticed the red eyes of the demon quickly glance into hers. Tifa felt darkness fill her.

The Fallen was high in the air as The Risen flapped her wings and rose to throw punches at the angel. Everyone watched the skies in terror. The winged ladies flew around Mt. Blackhead as they fought. “Let’s get outta the way,” Violet said as she ran to pick Rayleen up from the ground. Green got up by himself as the tentacles everyone remembered went still under his jacket. Cloud put his arm around Daisy’s waist to help her run as he pulled the reluctant Tifa away. They made their way to the big crowd of screaming people who were close to the entrance.

“Oh no,” Kuki breathed. Coco was going crazy as she laid eggs. Mac tried to calm her down. Wally had to brush the bangs out of his face to watch the sky. Some people were staying away from Green. They were afraid that the tentacles he had could spur out any moment revealing another demon, but Tifa didn’t feel the same kind of darkness that was in Rosie. There was a hero in Green, not a demon.

Tifa quickly turned around to watch the battle. The winged figures were going back and forth throwing punches at each other. The Fallen got the upper hand when she threw a punch that hit The Risen right in the stomach. The demon then descended to land on the porch of the cabins that Tifa and the others rested the day before. The people who were watching from those cabins had to run away screaming. The Fallen floated in the air and then she dove. The Risen put up her hands and stopped The Fallen. The angel put her feet on the ground, still hand to hand with The Risen, then she swung the demon around and threw her. The Risen smashed into the fence post and quickly recovered from rolling.

Both of them stood still as they took positions. The Risen eyed a tree not too far from her left. She swiftly jumped to the tree’s side. Tifa saw her evil smile as the demon grabbed the trunk of the tree. The tree wasn’t as big as the other trees that had tree houses built in them but it was still pretty big. The Risen pulled the tree out of the ground. Everyone around Tifa gasped as the demon threw the tall tree at the angel. The Fallen stood where she was and when the tree was right in front of her she threw a punch and the tree split into a dozen pieces. Wood and leaves flew everywhere. The Fallen stood tall, untouched.

The Risen scowled as she rose into the air again. She then landed on the platform of a tree house. The Fallen flapped her wings as she flew to fight the demon on some more. The big purple tree covered the view of the people who watched at the entrance. Tifa could see the other people on the other side of the base gasp and shriek as they were able to see the fight. Tifa couldn’t handle it. Something inside her pushed her forward and she ran across the base’s grounds. “Tifa!” She heard multiple voices call behind her. She couldn’t tell if anyone was going after her but she ran as fast she could. She ran to the nearest tree and climbed the small step stools that were built to get up into the tree houses.

Tifa climbed up and had her hand on the handle of her sword that was strapped around her waist. She could hear her heart beat and deep breaths as she ran to the edge of the platform. She saw the battle that was going on in the tree houses behind the purple tree. They were throwing punches but most of them were blocked. The Fallen then swung around and kicked The Risen. The demon fell off of the tree house and landed on her stomach on the grassy floor. The Fallen watched her from above. The Risen pushed herself up and looked up to the angel.

The Fallen then stepped off of the platform with her foot out to stomp The Risen. The demon quickly launched off the ground and barely missed the angel’s foot that smashed a crater into the ground. The Risen flew back towards the entrance but she passed in front of Tifa. She didn’t know what was controlling her but Tifa ran and jumped off of the platform. She landed on the back of the demon who then attempted to shake off Tifa. She held on for her life.

The Risen slowly descended and landed face down back in front of the purple tree where the battle began. The tree watched the girls as its eyes widened in shock. Tifa pulled Rosie’s body around and sat on her stomach as the red eyes stared into Tifa’s soul. Tifa then pulled her sword out of its scabbard. She lifted it up with the edge pointed down. She felt how much she wanted to run it into the monster’s body. But Tifa froze. It was hate that was pulling her. The hate she had for the ones she lost, the hate for the war.

She wanted to release everything she had inside. Tears dripped from her face. The Risen’s eyes began to change. Rosie’s beautiful green eyes returned to normal as Tifa’s tears fell onto her. “It’s the only way,” Rosie whispered. Tifa felt lost and numb.

“Kill me,” Rosie whispered peacefully. “Kill me…it’s the only way.”

“No,” Tifa said as she cried. Her entire body was shaking. Tifa was about to release her sword but then Rosie grabbed her arms with both hands and pulled them down with the sword still pointed to her body. Tifa could feel the sword run right through Rosie’s chest. She saw Rosie’s eyes turn back red as the demon yelled out an awful scream then Rosie was back. She gave Tifa a weak smile and closed her eyes. She was motionless and her wings lay flat.

Tifa pulled the sword from her body and pushed away from Rosie. “No,” she whispered at first. Then she yelled. “No!” She threw her sword to the ground, she fell to her knees and looked at her hands. She grabbed the mask from her eyes and pulled it off. She let it fall to the ground. “What did I do?!” She felt like a monster. She felt the darkness in her.

Tifa felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up to see The Fallen through her teary vision. The angel pulled her up to look at her through her blindfold. Tifa turned to see people gathering around. Rayleen ran to Rosie’s body and kneeled down to pat her lifeless hair and Green stood behind Rayleen with a hand on her shoulder. The big group of people gathered around the scene but most of them didn’t get too close. Cloud, Violet and Daisy were staring at Tifa with fear in their eyes. Rayleen looked up from Rosie’s body to give Tifa the same kind of eyes.

“Do not blame Tifa for Rosie’s death,” The Fallen spoke. “Rosie sacrificed her life.” Everyone felt reassured when the angel spoke. They knew that she spoke the truth. But Tifa didn’t feel close to being reassured. Rosie was gone just like her parents. More and more life was being taken away. People in the crowd began to cry. They knew that Rosie was an innocent heroine.

Kuki slowly walked to Tifa with an arm out to reach for her, but before she could someone yelled out from the crowd. “Look!”

Everyone turned their attention to Rosie’s body. It started to float in the air with her arms and legs limp. It was as if she was lying on air. Her wings shriveled up and disintegrated. Green shuffled back and Rayleen slowly crawled backward as they looked up. A dark aura began to glow off of Rosie’s body as if it was black steam. Then a mass of dark aura began to come out of where her heart was. It formed together like a ball. Rosie’s body slowly descended back to the floor.

The aura then began to take form as it remained in the air. It expanded into a shadow and took a humanoid form. Slowly a body faded into the darkness until the entire aura was gone and a girl floated in mid air. She was in all black just as The Fallen was in all white. Big black wings spread out on her back. But they weren’t the devil-like wings Rosie had, but wings like The Fallen but black, as if they were big wings of a crow, but the sight was still beautiful. The girl’s pitch black hair was just like the angel’s white hair, in pretty buns that formed. Rosie wore it the same way too. And just like The Fallen, the girl had a blindfold over her eyes.

The girl in black descended and landed in front of Rosie’s body. She turned to stare at The Fallen through her blindfold and began to walk towards her. She stopped a few yards away from the angel who was holding Tifa. The girl in black began to laugh. But her voice was deep and captivating. This was the other voice that spoke in unison with Rosie’s, the voice of a demon.
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PostSubject: part 1 of chapter 27   Fri Jul 31, 2009 5:52 pm

K so this was the first part i had in the series finale back on the FusionFall forums. I hope that for those who werent repelled away froom my story by the length, that you guys enjoy the end if you havent read it b4. thanks again and yeah

Chapter 27. A Speck of Light in a Sea of Darkness

“Are you what possessed Rosie,” The Fallen asked her. The demon stopped laughing and spoke with her luring voice. “Of course,” she said. Everyone was watching again, too afraid to move. Tifa realized that Rosie’s sacrifice was for nothing, and people began to whisper to each other as they realized the same thing.

“You are a coward,” The Fallen said. “You have to take the body and spirit of an innocent life to get to me.”

“No,” the demon said. “I just used my powers, the powers that are strong enough to possess souls. But now I show you my true form just as you are in yours…and use my powers to rid the world of you.”

The Fallen let go of Tifa and pushed her behind her, covering her with her wings. The angel then beckoned Kuki away, who then stepped back. Tifa tried to look over the wings to see what was happening. The demon began to laugh. “You don’t remember a thing,” she said, “Do you…Lunette?”

Tifa tried to read the angel’s expression. “Lunette?” The Fallen asked the smiling girl in black. “Is that my name?”

The demon laughed before she spoke again. “Yes it is. And I am Umbrea. I have lived in your shadow too long.” She laughed again before she continued, “But yes I am a shadow nonetheless. We complete each other Lunette. Together we can form a god far more powerful than we can ever be ourselves. But I don’t want to need you to be strong. I want you gone. Banishment from the heavens wasn’t enough. You began to spread your wretched light even here on Earth. I rose to rid you of your existence. Finally darkness will rule.”

The angel Lunette carefully listened to the demon Umbrea’s words. But Lunette was more than an angel and Umbrea was more than a demon. Everyone else felt the tension between the majestic figures. “I can finally rule,” Umbrea said then she put up her right hand and put her palm out with her fingers pointing to the sky. The dark aura began to glow from her hand. Slowly it grew around her body. The smile on Umbrea’s face slowly became serious. “I will reign.”

Then she released all her aura and it all launched at Lunette. Lunette pushed Tifa back and put up her own hand. Lunette didn’t know what she was doing exactly but she felt the light deep inside of her. Lunette released a white aura just as Umbrea did with her darkness. Both of their powers met half way as they clashed. Everyone stood still as they watched the girls' powers push against each other. It looked like two geysers, one black and one white, of energy. Tifa was captivated by their powers. Both darkness and light filled the base. They were equally matched but there was more light surrounding them than darkness.

Every person watching the battle had light in them. They had hope and they cared for each other. Everyone’s relationships grew stronger since the war begun. It all made Lunette grow stronger. Slowly her white energy pushed back Umbrea’s darkness. The girl with black wings tried to summon as much darkness as she could but Lunette’s aura over powered hers and Umbrea was launched back and stumbled on the ground. People cheered and more light filled the air, but not the light from the sun, but from the people’s hearts.

Umbrea pushed herself up and stood with shaky legs. She sneered at the crowd’s cheers. “With all the hope surrounding us, you will never be as strong as me,” Lunette spoke proud words.

“Yay,” Kuki cheered as she hugged Wally. Coco hopped up and
down as Mac threw his fists in the air. Tifa looked at Rayleen and Green who were now together in the crowd with Violet, Daisy and Cloud. They all had weak smiles on their faces. But Tifa didn’t feel as cheerful as the rest. She still felt pain, not only for her parents but for Rosie who Umbrea stood in front of.

The vibes Tifa was releasing attracted Umbrea who moved her eyes to examine Tifa’s hurting soul. Tifa stepped around the white wings to stand next to Lunette.

Umbrea took a moment to absorb Tifa’s pain. “A broken heart is the easiest to possess,” Umbrea said which made the crowd go silent. Umbrea’s entire body began to glow with her dark aura. She then began to fade into pure darkness as if she was a shadow again. The darkness then launched itself towards Tifa. It was too quick for anyone to react. The beam of dark aura that was Umbrea shot right into Tifa’s heart.

Tifa launched back on the ground and instantly shook from pain. But it wasn’t physical pain, but mental. Tifa was blind with pain and sorrow that filled her mind and soul and ran through her veins. She flailed on the ground like she did back when she was on top of Mojo’s observatory. Umbrea was wrapping her darkness around Tifa’s body.

Tifa began seeing visions of the sorrow and pain in her life. She was filled with the sadness of losing Buttercup and the fear that she felt when she was falling with the alien back in front of her house. She was now in a pool of burning fusion matter as she reached out for Violet who slowly sunk underneath the goo. She saw Daisy’s unconscious body that lay on the floor in the Nuclear Plant. Now Ultimos was lying in a stretcher giving Tifa a weak expression.

Tifa was filled with more pain as she saw Rayleen being carried away by a flying alien that flew over Mojo’s volcano. Now Tifa was lying down, covered in fusion matter as it burnt through her skin, afraid of not being able to live on and see Cloud again. Umbrea was able to put her through the physical pain again. The burning went away when she felt scared that she lost her friends as she cried in Gwen’s shoulder.

Her heart broke as she saw her father in her arms. His lifeless face made her shake even more. She now saw her mother close her eyes as she fell into an eternal sleep. This was the worst feeling of all. Tifa would have preferred the burning sensation of the fusion matter. She would take any other pain more than the feeling of her heart breaking and being filled with darkness.

No one knew what to do. Tifa’s friends ran to her side but Lunette held her hand up before they could reach her. They stopped and Violet, Daisy, and Rayleen started to break down. Cloud shook from fear. Everyone else whispered to each other, afraid of what was going to happen. Lunette kneeled down and put her right hand on Tifa’s trembling body. She put her left hand on Tifa’s forehead. “Fight it Tifa,” Lunette said with a soothing voice. “You have to fight it. Remember the light in you. There is much more light than there will ever be darkness.” Lunette’s hands began to glow to help Tifa.

“Tifa,” Violet whimpered as she held on to Daisy’s and Rayleen’s hands.

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PostSubject: part 2 of Ch. 27   Fri Jul 31, 2009 5:53 pm

Tifa awoke to see she was standing in mid air. She looked around her to see sky everywhere. She looked to her feet. Sky even was below her. The sky was pitch black but there were clouds out that were as bright as day. Tifa was scared and lonely. This was her mind and her spirit was stuck in it.

She noticed her sword wasn’t around her waist or anywhere for that matter, but her mask was on her face. Silence surrounded her as she floated in the air. Tifa looked behind her to see even more blackness and clouds. When she turned back a figure stood in front of her as if it appeared out of nowhere when her head was turned.

Umbrea stood right in front of her with a vicious smile as Tifa could feel her evil glare from behind her blindfold. Umbrea’s beautiful black wings expanded to their full length. Black feathers slowly fell down to the sky. Umbrea then quickly snatched the mask off of Tifa and squeezed it in her hands. Tifa’s eyes glowed with sorrow and fear. Umbrea was feeding off of her.

“You are mine now,” Umbrea spoke as her words filled Tifa with chills. Tifa could feel the pressure of Umbrea’s presence pushing her spirit down. The black sky of Tifa’s mind seemed to become darker as the white clouds began to disappear. Tifa’s heart broke piece by piece as Umbrea used her aura to pierce into Tifa’s soul, to possess her.

The clouds disappeared completely and all Tifa could see in the black abyss was Umbrea who seemed to get taller and taller. This was the end, she would have complete control of Tifa. Rosie was strong enough to bury Umbrea deep in her mind to an extent, but Tifa had too much darkness in her to fight off Umbrea.

“You’re weak,” Umbrea said to break Tifa even more. “You’re pathetic. You weren’t able to save your parents and you killed Rosie, and innocent soul.” Umbrea laughed as Tifa fell to her knees on the invisible floor. “They are dead because of you. You deserve to be in their place.”

Tifa wanted to die. She wanted Umbrea to take her life then and there. Her thoughts spoke out loud without her lips moving. “Just kill me,” she said as she cried her heart out. “Take me. I don’t want to live!”

Umbrea smiled as she continued with her malicious words. “Your friends are better off without you there to put them in danger.” Umbrea was able to learn about Tifa’s life through her memories. “And that Cloud…you don’t deserve him…he will die just as your parents did.”

Tifa spread her arms out and threw her head back. “TAKE ME!”

Umbrea had her completely broken, it was just too easy for her. “With pleasure,” Umbrea smiled as she put her arm out the way she did when she released her black aura. Umbrea’s hand almost reached Tifa’s head before another hand grabbed it. Umbrea’s eyes widened to see what was holding her.

Tifa felt the light of Lunette behind her. She had her gorgeous white wings fully spread as she protected Tifa. Umbrea quickly pulled her arm away from Lunette’s grasp. “You fool!” She spat. “Don’t you know what will become of us with your light and my darkness together? I cannot even risk it in this insect’s mind.

“Tifa,” Lunette said as Tifa let her arms down and lowered her head. “You have to fight it. You have to fight the darkness. Don’t let her win.” Lunette’s light was starting to fill Tifa. The white clouds slowly reappeared. “Find the light in you. I cannot help you completely. I do not have complete control of these powers that I contain. Find it!”

Tifa tried her best as she stared into space with dazed eyes. Slowly the horrible memories left her mind. The darkness was leaving her and light was beginning to fill her more. She remembered her time in the Kids Next Door. Fighting with her team were some of the best memories she had. Now she saw Daisy in front of her as they talked in the tree house in Sector V.

Tifa was now putting her arm around Violet as they walked to Endsville. She remembered how happy she was that they were together. She now leaned against the wall of one of the buildings in the Nuclear Plant. She talked and laughed with Ultimos and Him as they ate. Tifa now was reunited with Rayleen as they walked around City Station, catching up on their lives.

Cloud was smiling from behind the counter of the City Station lobby. This memory made Tifa feel warm with comfort. She remembered being in the hospital surrounded by friends and heroes. These memories gave Tifa the strength to stand up. Umbrea stared at her with distaste as she started to shrink. Lunette stood behind Tifa the entire time.

“You won’t win,” Tifa whispered to Umbrea. Tifa remembered how she felt knowing all her girls were safe. They were alive and well as she walked through the canyons. Now she stood with Mandy, Kuki, and Bubbles. Her heroines gave her confidence that shone through Tifa’s spirit. She would never forget the friends she made. The brother and sister, Cookie and Autumn, smiled at her as they walked to the Nuclear Plant. Edwin Dragon sat on the bed next to Tifa as he gave her company. She was at the concert with Green who fought like the hero he was. Rosie fought alongside of him with great power. She sat next to Proto who showed her his artificial hand. Numbuh 688 smiled at her from behind the wheel of the scamper. Cantara’s strong presence, along with Ace and Wulf’s drive, mixed in her mind.

All the faces of friends and heroes flashed before her. “I will win,” Tifa said as she took steps forward and Umbrea began to step back in the air. Tifa now saw Cloud. She was in his arms. His gentle blue eyes and gold soft hair made Tifa smile. She actually smiled for the first time in what felt like a life time. She would live on to have Cloud in her life. She would live on for everyone, for her parents.

Tifa sat in between her mother and father in the catacombs. “I’m proud of you Tif,” her father said as her mother smiled down to her. She returned from her memories. Tifa now stepped towards Umbrea who stumbled back. “You will not control me. I am strong.”

Umbrea now looked scared as she shrieked and disappeared. The black sky began to turn into a bright blue. Tifa felt Lunette’s hand on her shoulder. “I am strong,” she told herself.


Everyone watched as the dark aura around Tifa left her body and formed into Umbrea who stumbled to her knees in front of Lunette. Umbrea slowly and shakily stood up. Tifa was unconscious. Lunette stood up to face Umbrea. “You have lost,” Lunette said. “You will not take control of anymore of these people.”

“Where there is light,” Umbrea breathed loudly, “there will always be darkness. I will always be around as long as you are.” Umbrea spread her wings and flapped them. She rose into the air and above the trees. Everyone watched her as she flew away into the sunlight.

The darkness was gone and the environment became lighter on the peoples’ bodies and souls. They talked amongst each other as they watched Lunette. She walked away from Tifa’s peaceful body and bend down to brush her hand on Rosie’s body which was still in front of the purple tree. Violet and Rayleen ran to Tifa’s body. Cloud helped Daisy over to them. Violet brushed the bangs out of Tifa’s eyes. Rayleen got the mask from the ground and put it back on Tifa.

Cloud was worried as he stood with Daisy. “She is fine,” Lunette called back as Kuki joined the group watching over Tifa. “She just needs rest.” They felt comforted at the words of Lunette who now put her hand over the wound in Rosie’s chest. “I could sense her spirit still here. She has a chance.” Lunette’s hand illuminated with light as it filled Rosie’s body. Everyone turned to watch Lunette’s body shine with light along with Rosie’s. It was day time but the light brightened the grounds even more.

“Wow,” Mac said from the crowd.

“Crikey,” Wally gasped.

“Coco,” Coco whispered as the Rosie’s wound healed before their eyes. As the light began to fade, color filled her once lifeless body. Rosie flung her eyes open and gasped for air as the light faded away. Gasps filled the crowd as they were stunned at the sight. Rosie slowly sat up as she looked around her with tears falling on her cheeks. She was back to normal, without the darkness possessing her.

Tifa’s friends looked over at Rosie who smiled to them. The mood around Mt. Blackhead was calming down. A breeze lightly blew through the trees as if cooled off the excited people. Their worries were getting blown away.


“You did a good job dear,” Elmyra told Tifa as they sat down in the sand. The beach was bright and cool. The salty air filled Tifa’s senses as the waves gently washed their feet. “You were strong,” Vincent added.

Tifa didn’t look at her parents. She simply stared out to the ocean that reflected the sun’s glorious rays. She didn’t have her mask on and her hair was blowing free. Elmyra ran her fingers through her daughter’s hair. Vincent rubbed her back. “It was so hard,” Tifa whispered.

“I know Tif,” her father said. “But I knew you could do it.”

“I’m not alone,” Tifa smiled.

“You will never be,” her mother assured her. Tifa knew they would always be standing by her side. They enjoyed the silence as they watched the birds fly over the water.
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PostSubject: part 1 of Ch. 28   Fri Jul 31, 2009 5:56 pm

now this is the conclusion to the story, if you guys even made it this far xD

Chapter. 28 Only Time Could Tell

Tifa peacefully woke up to find herself in a bed. She sat up thinking she would have a headache from the previous incidents, but for some reason she felt…right. She was in a well lit cabin that felt very homey. The bed she was in felt far more comfortable than the bed back in Devil’s Bluff. She felt her face, realizing she had her mask on and her ponytail still intact.

Tifa stood up and slipped on her heels that were lying on the floor. Also laying next to the bed was her sword. There was a mirror across the room next to a closet. She walked to it and noticed how much her skin shone. It didn’t literally shine but her complexion was magnificent. Her whiter skirt and blouse matched perfectly with her skin, and the light green ribbon mixed well too. There was a sink next to the door. It made up part of the miniature kitchen. Tifa washed her face after she took of her mask, but she wasn’t washing the dirt like she did back at the canyons. She was washing herself as a whole, body and mind.

Tifa walked back to the bed after putting her mask back on to pick up her sword and strap it around her waist. She turned around and walked to the door. The sun snuck into the cabin and momentarily blinded Tifa. After she adjusted she looked out to the grounds of Mt. Blackhead. She stepped out onto the porch and walked around the pieces of the tree that Lunette broke apart during the intense battle.

She looked to her left towards the entrance of the base and the scene looked like it did before the event. People were walking around carefree as they chatted. Tifa wondered whether she even dreamt about the winged ladies. “Tifa,” an eager voice called out. She turned to see Violet hurrying towards her from a group of people talking a little away from the row of cabins. Ace and Wulf were in the group and they waved to Tifa. She gladly waved back. Tifa smiled and the look on Violet’s face looked relieved.

“How are you feeling?” Violet asked her as they finished hugging.

“I’m feeling well,” Tifa truthfully answered. Violet was able to feel the truth from her words. She told Tifa how it had been a day later since the battle between Lunette and Umbrea. Tifa was unconscious for the rest of the previous day. They laughed at how she went to bed early for the last two days.

The girls walked over to the purple tree that seemed to lure in many people with its beauty. Rosie and Green were sitting next to its roots talking. When they saw Tifa they smiled and stood up. Tifa froze in her tracks, she didn’t know what to feel…Rosie was alive. The vibe surrounding Rosie was different, better and lighter. Tifa quickly ran to her and pulled her in for a hug.

“I am so sorry,” she told Rosie. Tifa didn’t question her about how she was alive, all she cared about was that she was alright. Rosie drew apart from her with a smile.

“Did you forget how it was me that pulled you sword down into my chest?” She teased her.

“But it was my arms,” Tifa said back. The group laughed. “Where is everyone?” Tifa asked Violet.

“Oh,” Violet replied. “Rayleen and Daisy aren’t here. Rayleen was taken to go get her memory back.”

Tifa’s eyes widened. She totally forgot Rayleen didn’t remember their entire past. “Daisy went with her to keep her company,” Violet went on. “And Cloud is here, he’s talking to Samurai Jack at the scamper.”

“Oh,” Tifa said, “excuse me.” Violet smiled as Tifa walked away
towards the entrance of the base. People looked at her as she passed by but she didn’t mind. As she was walking she felt something. She could feel someone watching her. She stopped and turned around. Up above the purple tree floated Lunette. She looked down at Tifa and smiled as she descended down to her. The kids around the area watched.

“Thank you,” was all Tifa could say.

“You don’t need to thank me,” Lunette said. “You fought the battle yourself.”

Tifa smiled as she went on. “Your powers…how did you-”

“I don’t know,” Lunette quickly said. “I just felt it deep inside of me. I guess I am less human than I thought I was. I think I was only able to bring back Rosie because her spirit was still in the air. She has a strong spirit that fought death.” Tifa didn’t feel that much surprised about Lunette bringing Rosie back from the dead. Tifa knew Lunette was far more capable of bigger things.

Tifa took a moment as she thought about the people who could be saved in the future by Lunette, and she also thought about those who could have been saved, like her parents, but she put it aside realizing that war had no boundaries. “Are you going to try and find Umbrea?” She finally asked.

“I will,” Lunette answered. “I will like to know more about whom exactly I am, but I will also want to stop her from spreading darkness.”

“Do you have any clue what she was talking about when she mentioned what you two could be… together?”

“I don’t know,” Lunette admitted. “But that’s a whole new story to be discovered.”

They shared smiles before Lunette spread out her wings and rose into the air. She flew away over the trees and out of sight. Tifa watched the sky even after she disappeared. Tifa would never forget her and couldn’t thank her enough. She felt the light Lunette left behind and then turned around and walked to the entrance. A scamper was parked at the landing port as a tall man in what looked like a white robe talked to Cloud.

“It will be an honor to fight with you, Jack,” Cloud said as he gave the samurai a bow.

“We will be assembling the army in Forsaken Valley,” Jack said. “You will join me to pick up other soldiers along the way.”

Samurai Jack turned around to enter the scamper. Cloud saw Tifa as she walked up and he smiled. “You’re awake,” he said as he hugged her.

“Yeah and I’m feeling fine,” she said as they drew apart. “Everything will be fine.”

Cloud smiled at her words before he spoke. “Yesterday was the most thrilling thing I’ve ever witnessed. Can you believe it?”

“Yeah I can,” Tifa simply answered. “This world never stops revealing secrets. We will just have to get used to it.”

Cloud grinned before he continued. “Well, Samurai Jack and Mandark need reinforcements in the Darklands. And…well…Father recommended me along with many others to send over there.”

Cloud took a moment to read Tifa’s expression. She looked please. “I don’t want to leave you alone though.”

“Cloud,” Tifa began, “I won’t be alone…ever. You need to go where you are useful.”

“Well what if you girls came with us once Rayleen and Daisy return.”

“They are needed here,” said a voice. They turned their heads to see Wally walking up to them. Violet and Kuki were right behind him. “I just got word from Numbuh One. He wants you girls to fight in the city and suburbs. You’re going to lead you own individual teams.”

“Individual?” Tifa asked him.

“Yeah,” Violet said, “they say we can apply our skills in more than one place.”

“But there is also another mission for you Tifa,” Wally said. “Dexter has asked of your assistance in a project he is undergoing.”

“Other kids have already been used in his project thingy,” Kuki said, “and more will do it too after you. He wants good soldiers. And after seeing the really crazy thing that happened yesterday and all that you’ve been through, well he really feels you are great.”

Tifa was pleased to be included in such a project. “Dexter will tell you about the project when you get to Tech Square,” Wally said.

“Well you should eat something first,” Kuki suggested. “Then head to Tech Square.”

“I’ll go with you,” Violet said. “I’m supposed to meet Numbuh One at City Station anyway. He’s going to assign me to my next post…and my team.”

Tifa smile and nodded and then looked at Cloud. Kuki and Violet looked at each other and turned around to walk away. “C’mon Numbuh Four,” Kuki said as she pulled him away.

“What?” He asked confused. “What’s wrong…oh…yuck!”

Mt. Blackhead was being filled with even more people. As Violet followed Kuki down the slope of the landing port, she saw someone particular in a group of people entering the base. Violet smiled and waved to Charmcaster. The magical young lady seemed to be bugged by the kids around her. When she saw Violet she simply nodded. Violet was happy enough to get a nod from her.

Tifa said to Cloud once the others left, “Thank you…for being there…and sticking with me this entire time.”

“I wouldn’t have wanted to do anything else. Be careful,” Cloud said.

“I won’t,” Tifa admitted as they laughed together. “You fight your best.”

“I will,” he replied. He put his arms around her and pulled her in. Tifa placed her hands around his neck as she pulled his face closer. They shared a moment.


Tifa and Violet were in the scamper with only Numbuh 688 who was flying the aircraft. They were flying over the suburbs and heading to the city. The aliens in the wilds were slowly decreasing so they were able to fly over them safely. The girls held each other’s hand. Cloud left right after he and Tifa shared a moment. The girls left not too long after that. They had a tough time leaving Kuki but the girls knew they would see her again.

Tifa noticed the view they were flying over. “Wait,” she told Numbuh 688, “can you land here? I’ll just take a few minutes.”

“No problem,” he said and the scamper began to descend. Tifa opened the door after she unstrapped herself. She stepped out onto the grass with Violet behind her. Tifa walked through the gates of the cemetery in Eternal Meadows. Violet followed her.

Tifa looked around at the gravestones and trees that she remembered adventuring through four days before. Again the cemetery was quiet but this time Tifa saw several kids here and there, putting flowers on graves or just talking to their deceased loved ones. She didn’t know how, but she felt something leading her deep into the cemetery. She followed the path about half way into the cemetery when she saw an area to the right of the path that didn’t have as many gravestones as the rest of the cemetery. This was the area for the unfortunate lives that the future had death in store for them. And this was the area that newly deceased people who were just buried.

Tifa walked from the path to the area. She saw workers putting tools away and carrying shovels. She followed down the grassy trail as she passed gravestones of strangers. She stopped at two gravestones that she recognized.

Tifa kneeled to brush her hand over the names on the stones of her parents. Violet put her hand on Tifa’s shoulder as both girls cried silently. Tifa took off her mask and put it in her skirt pocket. She didn’t feel weak when she cried. After being attacked by Umbrea, she made sure she still had hope inside. She just needed to let all of the sadness go. She needed the rest to be washed away.

Tifa stood up. “I held them in my arms when they died,” she said to Violet as they both still stared at the graves. “But I will always be in theirs.”

Violet put her arms around Tifa as they girls hugged and cried into each other’s shoulders. They laughed when they drew apart staring at each other. They laughed because they were happy for what they had. They had each other. But the smile on Violet’s face slowly became a frown.

“What is it?” Tifa asked her.

“It’s just…I…,” Violet took a deep breath as she began to cry harder. “When I was taken by those aliens and joined you after you saved me…I didn’t even think about where my parents were…I found out at City Station that they were missing.”

Tifa never knew this. She grabbed Violet’s hand as she continued. “But I was too afraid to go look for them. I didn’t think I could without you helping.”

Tifa stared at Violet with sympathetic eyes. Tears ran down Violet’s face. “Yesterday after the incident with Lunette and Umbrea I found out they were safe. After I was taken the morning of the invasion, they joined an army of adults in hopes of finding me.”

“Do they know you’re alive?” Tifa asked her.

“Yes, I sent them a message yesterday after I found out…but…it’s just…you went after your parents…and you lost them. I was afraid to look for them…and…I…”

Violet couldn’t hold herself together. Tifa cried to see Violet breaking apart. Violet had to sniff and wipe her eyes before she continued. “I don’t deserve my own team, I don’t deserve to have fought by your side…I am…a coward.”

“Violet,” Tifa said sternly as she wiped her own eyes. “It is good that your parents are safe…you have shown so much courage. You have fought at your best in this war.” Violet couldn’t stare into Tifa’s eyes. “Look at me,” Tifa demanded Violet. The girls took a moment before they stared into each other’s teary eyes. “There is no one on this entire planet that I would rather fight with.”

The girls held each other and cried. They didn’t cry from sadness, they cried from joy as the wind blew around them.
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PostSubject: part 2 of Ch. 28   Fri Jul 31, 2009 6:01 pm

The girls stepped off of the scamper, waved goodbye to Numbuh 688 and walked to the fountain in between Dex Labs and Mandark Industries. The mist of the fountain cooled them off as they sat down on its edge with their backs to the water. They looked to the tall building that Dexter owned. Tifa thought of what could possibly be in her next mission.

“You should go in and check up with Dex,” Violet suggested. “Daisy and Rayleen should be here soon if Kuki remembered to let them know where we were going.”

“Yeah,” Tifa said, “I’ll be back.” She stood up and walked up the steps that led to the street and crossed it. When she was at the sliding door entrance, she looked back to Violet who smiled at her. Tifa smiled and nodded. They gave each other courage.

The room she entered look like the lobby of a five star hotel. Tifa giggled, thinking what Dexter was thinking when he decorated the room. It just didn’t seem like him, but then again it could have been his mother who decorated it, or even his sister. Speaking of the devil…

“Oooo,” a girl in pink said as she walked through the door opposite of the entrance. She had two blonde pig tails and made her way over to Tifa as if she was a ballerina. She walked on her tip toes and put out her arms as if she was keeping balance. “You must be another one.”

“I’m sorry?” Tifa asked.

“Hee hee,” the girl giggled. Tifa knew that the girl must have been Deedee, Dexter’s sister.

“Dexter wanted me,” Tifa said.

“I know,” Deedee said as she turned around and walked back behind the counter that was next to the door she entered. She picked up an electronic clipboard from the counter. “Let me see, what is your name?”

“I’m Tifa, formerly of the KND.”

“Oh yeah, those delightful kids from down the lane.”

Tifa grew a little smirk. It definitely was Deedee. “No, the Kids Next Door.”

“Yup sure,” Deedee said as she looked down the list and started to hum.
Tifa waited a moment before the door next to the counter opened up again.

A boy with a white lab coat and red hair looked at Tifa through his glasses. Behind him was a robotic woman. The boy looked at Deedee. “Aw Deedee,” Dexter complained as he took the clipboard away and handed it to the robot. “I told you to go back home with mom and dad,” he ordered in his funny accent.

He got in back of Deedee and pushed her away down a hall to the right of the room. Tifa could hear Dexter’s voice echo from the hall as he argued with her. He came from the hall and returned behind the counter. He pushed up his glasses from the rim of his nose.

“It is good to see you Tifa,” Dexter said. Tifa remembered meeting him years ago when she was in the KND. “I have heard the things you have done these past few days.”

He smiled at Tifa before he continued, “I have gathered other kids like you. Some have already gone through my project.”

“What exactly is the project?” Tifa asked him.

“Well,” Dexter began, “over the last few days, before the invasion, I received messages. Messages from the future.”

“The future?” Tifa began to become interested.

“Yes,” he said in a darker note. “Unfortunately the future does not look good for this planet…Fuse will win.”

Tifa gasped and put her hands over her heart. “It can’t…we can’t…no,” she stammered.

“But the future can always change,” Dexter said, “So I have sent soldiers to the not too distant future…to the time when Fuse sets foot on Earth and sits in his lair.”

Tifa felt her heart pumping. She didn’t know what to think of this Fuse, but he was the reason for all of what happened, for the pain that everyone was going through, for her parent’s death. She felt hate fill her as she thought of the monster, but she shook it off knowing that this is what helped Umbrea take over her. Tifa promised she would try her best to stay in the light.

“We need to spare lives such as yours,” Dexter went on, “and send you directly to defeat Fuse himself. You will meet others that will join you on this mission. And I would also like you to help the others who are in need.”

“I would gladly help,” Tifa said as she stood up straight. “I will do anything to end this war.”


Tifa walked out of Dex Labs and saw Violet sitting on the fountain’s edge with two other girls. Tifa slowly made her way across the streets and down the steps. Her best friends looked to see her coming. Rayleen got up quickly and made her way to Tifa. They stood in front of the fountain as Violet and Daisy still sat. Rayleen’s green eyes were so familiar but Tifa saw a different glow in them.

“So,” Tifa began, “how does it feel…to have your memories back?”
Rayleen smiled before she talked. The wind gently blew around them. “I feel…the same.” Rayleen answered. Tifa didn’t know how to take in her answer at first. “I feel just as comfortable and happy to be around you girls when I did without the memories.”

Tifa smiled and tried to hold in her tears. Rayleen went on, “I remember the Kids Next Door and all the times I was with you girls. I remember our childhood memories…but I don’t think I ever needed them. I’m with you now and that’s all that matters.”

All of the girls couldn’t hold it in anymore. Tears ran down their cheeks as they smiled. Violet and Daisy stood up to join Rayleen and Tifa. They were all facing Tifa. The setting sun brightened their faces as it disappeared in the west. “Rayleen,” Tifa said, “you’re right. You didn’t need your memories. What matters is what we have now.”

The girls laughed with each other as they enjoyed what they had, for it may not ever be the same again. “Oh,” Violet said changing the mood, “what does Dexter want you to do?”

Tifa told the girls about the mission to the future. Tifa felt excited but worried at the same time. The girls felt the same but reassured Tifa like they always did. “We will be there,” Daisy said. “For you it will take seconds, but it’s us that have to wait!” The girls laughed and Tifa felt more comfortable than ever.

“So,” Rayleen said with a sly smile, “we’re being called heroes now.”

“What?” Tifa asked her in disbelief.

“Yeah,” Daisy said, “many heroes are rising from this war.”

“Heroines,” Violet corrected her as she put a finger up.

“So you know what that means?” Rayleen asked. The girls looked at each other then back to Rayleen. “We need heroine names.” The girls felt the excitement of being heroines. The good days were coming back.

“So we aren’t going by our code names?” Violet asked.

“No,” Tifa replied, “that was then. We need something for the present and for the future.”

“So Tifa,” Rayleen said, “I mean Numbuh 1.1 what will your name be?”
Tifa smiled at her old codename. She addressed Rayleen. “No not those names Numbuh 1.4.”

Rayleen went on teasing them. She turned to Violet. “Think about a heroine name Numbuh 1.2 and make it a good one.”

Violet laughed then turned to Daisy. “Numbuh 1.3, you also need to think of a name.” Daisy laughed and nodded. The girls stood quiet as they thought of names. “Oh oh,” Violet said as she hopped up and down with her hand raised. “How about Ultra Violet?”

The others stared at her. “Nah Numbuh 1.2,” Rayleen bluntly said, “that’s cheesy.”

Violet pondered some more. “What about Violet Ultrablaze?” The girls actually thought this was a good name for her. She showed the fire in her, which many did not think she had. Tifa smiled at Violet who returned one of her own.

“So Numbuh 1.3,” Violet said to Daisy, “what about you?”

Daisy giggled and stood up straight and put her hands up. “Okay. What about Daisy the Jinx!” She looked at them excitingly. “That makes you sound bad,” Rayleen said.

“Maybe…Jinx Daisy,” Tifa suggested. Daisy thought about it for second and then smiled. “I like it. The word play makes it sound like I will bring the bad luck to anyone who gets in my way.” She threw up a fist. She then turned to Rayleen. “What about you Numbuh 1.4?”

Rayleen already had her answer. “I’m wild…everyone knows that…and I tend to feel it in waves and also influence people with it in waves.”

“Just say it,” Tifa teased her.

“Wild Wave,” Rayleen simply answered with a half smile. The girls didn’t argue with that. It fit her perfectly. “Besides that was my name when I was in a band last year.” The others smiled. Rayleen didn’t tell them she was in a band but the girls weren’t surprised.

Tifa scanned her best friends, “Violet Ultrablaze, Jinx Daisy, and Wild Wave.” She smiled at her heroines. “What about you Numbuh 1.1?” Violet asked her.

Tifa actually wasn’t thinking of one. She turned around to look at the sky to the west. The sun was gone from the sky but its light still shone, making the sky a beautiful mixture of pink and orange. She remembered the same feeling she had back at the Nuclear Plant. The sky looked the same and it was around the same time of day. She was looking at the last light of the day, the last light before the night to come with its darkness. It was twilight. She had been the light, the kind of light she wanted to be when she made the promise to Ultimos.

She took out her mask from her pocket and put it on. She turned around to face her heroines.

“Call me Tifa Twilight.”

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PostSubject: part 3 of Ch. 28   Fri Jul 31, 2009 6:02 pm

Tifa was at the entrance to Dex Labs. She turned around to wave to her heroines who stood at the fountain. They waved back with tears in their eyes. Tifa would see them very soon. She knew they would survive the future. Before she turned around to enter she looked up to the north. Planet Fusion was closer than before. Tifa thought about how she would help take it down, but she also thought about Cloud. She felt that he was doing to same. And he was.

Cloud watched the sky in the Precipice in the Darklands. He watched Planet Fusion, thinking about his heroine, Tifa. He promised himself he would see her again. “Come on Cloud,” Cantara Crowfalcon called out to him.
“Yeah I’m coming,” he said as he ran to the soldier. They joined Mandark’s army who had many tanks that fought the aliens on the ground. Cloud saw Mandark’s giant black ship fly overhead. He pushed himself to his best with Tifa in his mind.

Tifa turned around to walk into the lobby. Dexter and Computress were waiting for her behind the counter. “Oh Tifa, someone wants a word with you,” Dexter said when she reached the counter. He grabbed a high tech cube and pressed a button on it. A hologram of a screen appeared, but it was the face she saw that surprised her.

“Oh Tifa!” Bubbles smiled.

“Bubbles!” Tifa yelled with happiness. From the screen, Tifa could see Bubbles was back to attending to the mayor. “Let me see,” the short man said as he peeked from under Bubbles’s arm. “So you’re Tifa,” he said as he fixed his monocle. “What I hear about you makes me want your protection. Would you ever mind coming to City Hall to assist me?”

Bubbles shook her head silently in protest.”Sorry Mayor,” Tifa said smiling to Bubbles. “I have an important mission. Maybe in the future.” That was a very ambiguous statement and Tifa hoped Mayor would forget.

“Anyway,” Bubbles went on. “I just want to wish you good luck. I am confident that you will succeed. I’ll see you later…and I do mean later.”

Tifa giggled. “Thank you Bubbles for helping me. I will definitely make it up
to you for all that you have done for me.”

“I’ll hold you to that,” Bubbles teased. The girls waved to each other and the screen disappeared. Dexter put the cube somewhere behind the desk.

“Are you ready?” Dexter asked Tifa. She nodded and he led her to the door behind the counter. She followed Dexter and Computress down a long hallway. Tifa thought she heard a girl giggle as the doors close behind her but she put it aside.

The hallway led to a spacious control room. A window showed another room that had a peculiar machine in the middle of it. There was a door that led inside the dome-like contraption. Dexter walked forward as Computress stood behind him. He turned around to speak. “Take this.” He handed her a high tech watch. It looked like it could do anything with its entire buttons, well except tell time. “Our future selves will be able to communicate with you and you can also communicate with anyone else who has one of them.”

“Is this new?” Tifa asked him as she strapped it around her right wrist. “Yes,” he answered, “and I would tell you about its functions in the future because we must not waste time. Computress will let you know once you are in the future.” Tifa mentally laughed thinking how there was no time, but she was travelling time…she just shook the confusing thoughts away. “Tifa, if you are ready you can follow Computress to enter the room.”

Tifa nodded and took a deep breath. She was ready for anything. She then followed Computress into the other room. Computress led her to the machine and opened its door. “Please enter and Dexter will go through the regulations,” she said. Tifa walked into the small contraption. In it was a seat with straps. Tifa sat down on it as Computress strapped her legs and wrists, and then walked out and closed the door. Tifa heard it lock. She stared at Dexter’s logo on the door as she waited. She was slightly shaking.

She took a deep breath to calm her nerves. She had never done a mission this big. Time travel seemed to only be in stories, but look at what was happening in the world. Anything was possible.

A hologram appeared in front of Tifa. It was Dexter, and Computress was beside him. “Just a moment Tifa,” he sounded as if he was in the contraption with her. She saw him move his fingers that pressed buttons that weren’t visible to Tifa.

“The process has had a one hundred percent success rate,” Computress said somehow noticing Tifa’s nerves. “You can relax.” Tifa nodded her head but time traveling wasn’t exactly her forte.

“You will arrive in the exact seat you are sitting in now,” Dexter said. “The future me will meet you…well if I remember your arrival time.” He laughed when he said that. He went back to pressing buttons and checking screens before he continued.

“Excellent,” Dexter said. “Bio-scan is complete. Let’s make sure your communicator is functioning.” Dexter kept pressing buttons.

“All communications systems are functional Dexter,” Computress added as she checked her clipboard. “I will able to reconnect with the volunteer upon arrival in the future.”

“Affirmative,” Dexter replied but Tifa heard the giggle of a girl. Dexter continued as if he didn’t hear it. “Alright I’m powering up the main engine now. You may feel a little bump, Tifa.”

Tifa heard what sounded like some type of engine turn on and then her seat slightly started to shake. She thought she saw Deedee poke her head in back of Dexter. But she was too nervous at the moment and heard Dexter speak again. “Wow, are you seeing these readings? A fine day for science indeed!” While he said that she saw Deedee sneak behind Dexter and Computress.

“Um Dex,” Tifa tried to say but Dexter went on when she spoke. “Prepare for launch.”

Tifa closed her eyes and took more deep breaths and hoped Deedee didn’t mess around with anything. “3…2…1.”

Tifa’s heart jumped every time he counted down to the next number. Her heart beat and deep breaths were so loud that she didn’t hear what happened next.

“Ooo what does this button do?” Deedee said.

“Deedee! No!”


Tifa felt everything shake and her body felt like it was moving through a weird gravitational force. The inside of the metal time machine faded away and Tifa saw herself moving through a peculiar tunnel. All sorts of colors and sounds filled the tunnel she was in as she moved at the speed of light. Tifa took in the exciting yet calming environment.

Tears ran down her face as she thought about the past. It would be easy for her to physically skip time but her mind would always face the struggle of losing the ones she loved. Her best friends ran through her mind. She saw their smiling faces. Light filled her as she felt her girls and Cloud in her heart. She thanked all the heroes who helped her and she wished she would be able to rise to their level one day. Lunette was with her in spirit guiding her with light.

“I am Tifa Twilight,” she said. Her voice echoed through the tunnel and spoke back to her in many different tones. Waves of soothing force moved past her as she thought of her parents. “I will be strong,” she said, “and I will be a heroine.”

Tifa raced through the end of the tunnel with the past behind her and the future waiting for her.

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Great to have this on here! ^_^


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Up to 149 pages for the entire thing!
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The Adventures of Tifa Twilight Season 3
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