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 FusionFall Vol. 1 Drums of War

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PostSubject: FusionFall Vol. 1 Drums of War   Tue Jun 16, 2009 11:18 am

Vol. 1
Drums of War
Earth today

Earth, an advancing planet that isn’t usual in the slightest. Earth is ever growing and continually and advancing in technological ways and physiological ways.

The daily lives of its inhabitants are never once normal. The days are filled with new adventures, discoveries and challenges that face the unknown, and many other risks.

Two children created a life long bond with, as most people know, The Grim Reaper. The children went on many adventures that explored the weird and unnatural. But, Time passes and the friendship weakened as one wanted to use Grim to bring rot, ruin, and destruction to the world to concur it as the other, dimwitted as he might have been, wanted to keep the world in its natural balance. The friendship eventually was brought to being a rivalry and both fought over Grim till he fled.

A ten year-old boy invented amazing advances in technology with out his parents noticing. Even though his sister often ruined his gadgets and a tortured soul from school started a goal in life to destroy the boy’s inventions and future in producing them, the boy kept creating and when he finished college at seven-teen, he started his own company to help civilization and he became the father of the future. But his rival was just as smart and created a company of his own.

A group of rebellious kids that feared the facts of growing up started an organization the fight agents teens and adults to make life easy. The kids developed simplistic, but powerful weapons to cease things such as constantly having to clean their rooms and eating disgusting and horrible food for dinner. Wars raged between kids and adults while almost no one noticed. The adults fought with, almost, super-human abilities, but the kids worked as a team and fought and won many battles because of this.

Two teens discover an abandoned robot in a junk yard and repair it for their personal use. A woman comes to them to collect the robot to save the universe from a war in the future, but because of the teen’s modifications, she can no longer control the robot properly. She trains one of them in controlling it properly and they kept saving the universe from Alien attacks.

A professor that has always loved science tries to create the perfect little girls, but the experiment goes terribly wrong when an extra ingredient is added. Instead of little girls, He created super powered little girls that pledged to use their powers to fight crime and the forces of evil.

While traveling the continent, a boy found an Alien watch that allowed him to transform into many different alien species. But, an evil galactic dictator wanted the watch to take over the galaxy. The dictator perused the boy across the country. His plans foiled one after the other till one lead to his own demise.

A boy was forced to abandon his Imaginary Friend that was his best friend at the age of eight. But the boy instead took an alternative and enlisted his friend in a “Foster” home and the two became more then inseparable. Both of them went on adventures with the other Imaginary Friends inside the home.

Three boys with the same name, but spelt differently, attempt to scam the kids in their “Cul-De-Sac”. They went on numerous adventures which included running away from three girls that had fallen in love with them. Their adventures normally ended up in some embarrassing way that two of the three boys would laugh about in the future.

A teenage girl had a great power thrust upon her as becoming a protector of a magical world that is invisible to humans. She became stressed easily because she barely had time to hang out with friends or do homework, but she began to understand the importance of the world that she guarded.

A small dog, that was abandoned as a puppy, finally found his home outside the small city of Nowhere with an elderly couple. Just when the dog got steeled down, wired things occurred in Nowhere and they threatened the dog’s new home. It went on for months, one weird occurrence after another, and it has kept happening for a long time.

A samurai from Ancient China was about to deliver the killing blow to a great demon, but the demon had just enough strength to send the Samurai into the future where the daemon’s word is law. The Samurai traveled for many years, undoing what the daemon’s power had done. And he is still traveling today.

But of all the heroes, there is one that made the biggest difference in the world and this is their story.
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FusionFall Vol. 1 Drums of War
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