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 The Forum Rules

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PostSubject: The Forum Rules   The Forum Rules EmptyFri Jun 05, 2009 4:30 am

Here are the current rules:

Bashing: Do not be rude to other users, if you have an issue with somebody
Like cussing out other users for example. There is no word blockers or filters, its true. But I can put in word blockers if I start seeing people doing this. And personally I would rather not have to, because when you start having to do that in a forum, it tends to block out words that are normal and weren't intended to be blocked. So please guys keep it clean and friendly!

Cussing: Cussing at a user directly is not allowed, however putting them in a story, or
saying them as a general statement is acceptable, as long as it's not used repetitively.

Spam: I am aware that sometimes the button will be clicked twice and duplicate a post, and that is perfectly fine. I will go back and erase the 2nd post for you, you know enless this thing gets overcrowd, which I highly doubt.
The thing that will get you in trouble here is bumping threads, you know the kind that actually just say "bump". Those will get me mad. But if you only forgot to say something in your last post it is perfectly fine.

Harassment: Will not be tolerated at all. If somebody is offending you through the use of Private Messaging and so forth, tell me the name of the message that contained the offence and I can hunt it down and punish accordingly.

Theft: Do not steal anybody else's works, be it art, writing, animation, or anything else. If I find out you have posted something here that is somebody elses, and it is not both credited and with permissions of the owner, you will likely be banned.

Staying On-Topic: You can go off-track a little sometimes, but it can't be so much to where people are confused, or if it never gets back on topic for a large amount of time. If you have something to say to somebody that is unrelated, that is what General Discussion, and the PM system are there for.

I will post more if I think of some.


The Forum Rules Greenganon-o
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The Forum Rules
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