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 Shot through the Heart: secrets

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PostSubject: Shot through the Heart: secrets   Wed Jun 03, 2009 11:03 pm

Here are some secrets and Easter Eggs I plugged into the story Very Happy
Things tagged with *** at the end are spoilers

- Artemis' buddy number spells out HIM, her favorite nano and NPC

- The 3 green apples is a recurring theme in all my stories. I always work 3 green apples into my writing no matter what. You first read about them in Susan's fridge in her cabin. Symbolically they don't mean anything.

- Susan's name means 'lilly' which both suits her AND Mandark by both being delicate. They also share the same first name.

- Artemis and Alse both represent friends of mine as they're player characters, SpeakerSpeedy and HollowHikari, both deviantART artists whom I met off of FusionFall. They rock.

- My stories are very spiritual and religious despite the fact that I myself am an atheist. They most often mimic bible stories, prayers, religious morals and/or contain beliefs about the soul. For example, the nanos.

- Mandark cannot hold a nano alive more than 24 hours because Mandark wasn't born with a soul; Dexter does have a soul.***

- The dream Dexter had about inventing a medicine to help burn victims is based on SpeakerSpeedy's story about Dexter's canon friend Douglas E. Mordecai III who gets burned in a horrible accident and becomes a pyromaniac, forever scarred.

- Susan has a serious fear of needles while I myself LOVE getting injections and giving blood tests.

- Lou was chosen to be Susan's uncle because he is a villain with a good heart, he has ties to the KND in some way, he needed to become a sympathetic character and Susan's nickname 'Sue' rhymes with 'Lou'.

- The Silverbullet family tagline is 'Silverbullet's never miss' even though so far Susan is the only gunner.

- Susan went to highschool with Mandark and Sugar ***

- I avoid racial terms in my stories such as 'black' 'white' or 'asian' because there is no such thing as race. I'd rather describe actual colors than perceived nonsense.

- Susan believes that Fuse's coming was a good thing. She shares this opinion with Artemis to a degree. ***

- Lou's last name in the fanfiction is Smith. His actual last name or looks aren't known.***

more to come as I go!
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PostSubject: Re: Shot through the Heart: secrets   Wed Jun 03, 2009 11:08 pm

Yay, trivia! I love trivia for some reason. xD;;

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PostSubject: Re: Shot through the Heart: secrets   Thu Jun 04, 2009 10:54 am

Very interesting...

Its like when Wierd Al puts the number 27 on all his music videos!

I might make something like that myself that some people would notice, kinda symbolic like that ball with the star on it in every Pixar film and your 3 green apples...
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PostSubject: Re: Shot through the Heart: secrets   Fri Jun 05, 2009 8:14 am

lol needles
i like the rhyming thing Dancing Chicken idk
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PostSubject: Re: Shot through the Heart: secrets   

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Shot through the Heart: secrets
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